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am i the only one slightly disturbed whenever i read fics where yuuri calls victor vicchan in bed like,,, that's what u call ur dog how is he comfortable in calling out his dog's name while doing some rumble tumble


Imagine they’re in bed one day after doing some rumble tumble, as u call it, and Victor is like “You know, I love it when you call me Vitya/Vitenka, but why never Vicchan??”

Yuuri sucks in a breath. Should he tell him? Is today the day he tells him? “Just… I don’t like that name as much.”

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“We speak of this no more.”

The bell is late, or early depending on one’s perspective, and Myra is carefully pulling on her pants. She tries to be quiet, she really does, as to not disturb things. But alas one can not slip much by Elezen ears. By the time the redhead stirs she’s got her top tugged on and is almost to the door when he questioningly calls her name.

Aw shit.

“Look, Marc’, mate. This is all kin’a…” she gestures vaguely and then sighs, running a hand through her hair. “I’s too sober fer this. An’ this…jes’ les’ agree t’speak’ve this no mores aye?”

Before he can say anymore she’s scooping up a large snowman mascot head underarm and heading out the door into the cool evening air.

Gravity Falls Year One: Day 24: Sock Opera


(Sorry it’s so blurry! You know how tumblr is with larger pictures and such.)

The twitter version should be a lot less blurry though!: https://twitter.com/INCmii/status/826198665895301120

Sock Opera is definitely one of the best episodes to look at, not to mention one of the more disturbing ones. Because, y’know, Bill. But regardless, it’s still one of the coolest episodes, that really seemed to stick with not only me, but with everyone else who watched it! Really happy I got to draw something for it!

TITLE: A cure for nightmares


AUTHOR: latent-thoughts

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki hears you having a nightmare in the Avengers Tower and the only other Avenger in the tower is Bruce and he knows you hate disturbing Bruce so he offers to help calm you down and surprisingly you accept his offer of help.

RATING: Teens and above/PG-13


You had gone to bed after going through your usual ritual of meditation, as thoroughly as you could have. Still, the nightmare came for you.

You knew it was a dream only, and still, you couldn’t break free of it. It was horrible. Monsters and destruction, death and hurt, all packed into your conscience courtesy of the nature of your work.

Working with the Avengers, living in the Avengers’ Tower, and facing almost daily threats to life would do that to anyone.

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“She likes to sing,” the father continues on the subject of Frances Bean. “She’s practicing her vocals. And she seems to be fascinated with the acoustic guitar, which kind of disturbs me. One of my favorite things to say to her is, ‘Leave that stupid rock'n roll music alone; you’re going to be a classical musician, rock'n roll is dead.’ I’m sure I’ll let her do whatever she wants. But Courtney and I both hope she isn’t too interested in rock music. I just couldn’t imagine what rock music will be like for a kid 20 years from now.” - Kurt

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What about team nice dynamite playing surgeon simulator on a real person

Oh jeez that gets awfully bloody awfully quickly. It’s definitely  one of their nastier games, which considering who they are and what they’ve done is really saying something.

The idea is probably born in Caleb’s office. Michael’s grumbling his way through stitches, reluctantly laughing as Gavin makes a nuisance of himself while he waits, opening draws, playing with tools, theorising about what everything does, miming out increasingly disturbing looking operations until Caleb finally banishes him back to the waiting chair under the threat of a first-hand demonstration.

Still, the idea is planted and not even a week goes by before Michael and Gavin decide to rob a hospital, pick up a few tools of their own, and play doctor. They get everything from scrubs and gloves to speciality instruments and various medications, alongside a few of their own concoctions and no small number of personal knives. Their ‘surgery’ is an abandoned warehouse; not even one of Geoff’s, just somewhere private where no one will notice them making a mess. And boy do they make a mess.

Their first involuntary patient is a very bad man indeed, cruel and nasty and just generally lacking in heart. So they take his out. Dig around for a bit, surprised by the effort it takes to get through the ribcage, wondering at the sheer amount of blood, the various strange bits and pieces they rummage through, organs they examine then toss to the floor to continue their quest. Astonishingly the patient does not survive, but they manage to extract the heart before it stops beating so at the end of the day they call it a successful endeavour.

For the next sorry contestant, who had the misfortune of witnessing something he shouldn’t have and running his mouth in the wrong company, there is a very delicate eye surgery, followed by a far less delicate experimentation to determine which vaguely eye-shaped objects found laying around the penthouse would make the best replacements.

There’s a dirty cop working for the wrong gang whose night ends with his brain on the floor, a noisy thorn in Geoff’s side who involuntarily donates his kidneys to science, a brief foray into dentistry leaves a crook without their teeth, an arms-dealer who got a bit too touchy loses an arm, and in a move that’s more petty than anything else, a wanna-be conman who thought he could manipulate Gavin of all people gets to accidentally teach them just how quickly a person can bleed out when they’re missing their tongue. 

With all the compassion of serial-killers, the selfish amusement of egocentric children and the in-built bravado born from the unwavering support of a best friend the only end in sight for this awful new game is the inevitable moment Team Nice Dynamite gets bored and moves on to something else.

The rest of the FAHC doesn’t know what they’re up to in their spare time but have seen enough shared looks and whispered plans to know they’re doing something, have witnessed more than enough of that particular brand of nasty delight to know it’s something devastating. Still, when casual inquiry reveals nothing more than a pair of matching grins, somewhat secretive and entirely wicked, it’s generally agreed that it’s best to just sit back and wait for the mayhem to roll in.

Which is all well and good for a while, but eventually Jeremy and Ryan are bored enough, curious enough, nosey enough to give up on patience and track them down. It’s not particularly difficult, they’re not really hiding, but what has been seen cannot be unseen and Jeremy, for one, desperately wishes he’d left Ryan to investigate on his own. Ryan stands in silence, reaction hidden behind his mask though Jeremy fancies that there’s something upsettingly amused in the way he surveys what is undoubtably a makeshift surgery, eyes sharply interested as they flick around the room, to the blood on the floor, the walls, to the body on the table, the wailing heart-monitor and an IV bag filled with something oddly glittery.

Jeremy is feeling slightly less impartial. Maybe it’s just the surprise of it all; he was expecting another firework bomb, maybe a kidnapped cop or the makings of an elaborate prank, anything other than the cold, still, Dexter-like vibe of this particular undertaking. It’s almost too much, too disturbing, even with everything the FAHC have done, everything he himself has done. Perhaps it shouldn’t be, maybe it’s no worse, not really, but in the shock of landing in what looks like a horror movie torture room Jeremy can’t help but think that this is something else, that this is terrible.  

Then Gavin tears through, squawking up a storm and holding two eyeballs up over his head like they’re watching Michael, who’s roaring with laughter and whirling something pink and fleshy around like a lasso as he gives chase, and just like that the moment is thoroughly broken. Ryan snorts, turning on his heel and heading out the way he came but Jeremy can’t quite make himself leave, can’t even stay silent, not when Michael slides through something unnamable, wiping out into a tray of instruments and going down under a bombardment of misplaces organs like the worlds goriest slapstick routine.

The sound has Gavin finally catching sight of Jeremy, eyes widening in shock before he grins, wild and disastrous as he crows out a greeting, calling for the illustrious Doctor Dooley to come in and save him from the heavy-handed fumblings of Doctor Jones, and honestly at that point there’s really little else Jeremy can do but start looking around the room for a spare pair of gloves.


My top favorite bands (tho i listen to a shit ton, this is narrowed down) are: 

All Time Low 

The Maine 

Mayday Parade

Twenty One Pilots


Disturbed  ( Just saw them in concert in October!!!) 

Crown The Empire

A Day To Remember 

Forever The Sickest Kids 

Soooooooo send suggestions and ill tell you if i heard of them, or already listen to them, etc. (: 

I think the thing that gets me most about this Cars 3 trailer is that when we see it we’re so desensitized like oh yeah a car crash I hope the guy in there is ok.





Here’s a disturbing thought: What if Mob and Ritsu’s dad casually tells his sons one day that their beloved mum, before befriending him, beat the shit outta him when they first met? What if he tells his sons that his own brother got brutally beaten up by his devoted lover he’s now married to when they first met? What if he tells his sons the story of how his own mum got her ass kicked by her loving husband when they first met? What if he laughs aloud and accidentally reminds himself and his sons that getting the shit beat outta you by the future love of your life  before becoming friends is pretty much tradition on his side of the family? What if he tells them that this fateful family thing goes waaaaaaay back? What if Mob and Ritsu get pensive looks, prompting their dad to pat their shoulders and say, “Ah, I recognise those looks anywhere. You’ve both found them, haven’t you? Well then, don’t keep me waiting. Tell me boys! Who the lucky one that’ll put a ring on your finger?”?


Hairstyle swap!

Everyone still looks great what the hell. Also we should start a new trend called #LetShiroHaveLongHair because the man looks great and he deserves some luscious locks


Imagine~ Kai getting into bed with you when he can’t sleep in the prison world.

Everything was peaceful in the world, especially when there were only two people to disturb the night. And one of them happened to be in a deep sleep, drifting off slowly into dream world. 

The other however was struggling, tossing and turning; a thin layer of sweat coating his body. Memories which he had suppressed fighting their way to the surface. 

He jolted awake, looking for any form of comfort in his distress but only to realize he would only have to go a few rooms to his left. 

Kai lifted himself off the bed, his thoughts fighting each other in his own mind. Right now he needed something to put them all at rest and she was only a few moments away. 

The small pitter patter of his feet gradually grew nearer to where you were sleeping, peacefully with nothing to disturb you. Or at least so you’d thought. 

The wooden door creaked open, Kai trying to keep it quiet in attempts to not disturb your slumber. His eyes landed on you and he could immediately feel his thoughts begin to ease. 

Gradually, he walked towards you, his eyes not leaving you once. At the sight, his thoughts seemed to slip back into the darkest parts of his brain however some remained at the surface, only to be suppressed when a thought more important entered his mind. 

The soft comforter coated your body, only allowing Kai to see your face but he didn’t mind seeing as it was all he needed to see to help put his mind to rest. 

He slowly lifted up the duvet, showing your arm which was lying limply at your side. He pulled it up slowly, replacing your arm with himself before placing your arm against his torso. 

He could hear your slow breathing and he chose to focus onto it, his thoughts slowly subsiding. You stirred lightly in your sleep, feeling a warmth which didn’t belong to you so could only belong to one other person. 

“Kai?” you breathed, still in your sleepy state. Your eyes fluttered open to be met with the sight of Kai Parker, exactly who you’d imagined it to be. 

He glanced down at you, upset that his attempts to keep you asleep had failed. “Go back to sleep.” he whispered, not confessing to what he was doing in your bed so late in the night. 

Curiously, you pushed yourself up onto your elbows so you were eye level with the siphoner. Your eyelids drooped over half your eyes but you could see him clearly. 

Dark circles rimmed his eyes and a layer of sweat glazed his forehead. Your eyes burned into him, waiting for answers he wasn’t willing to give. 

“What’s up?” you rasped knowing Kai wasn’t going to speak up without a push. His eyes met yours and it was only then you’d realized how red they were, it was as if he’d been crying. 

“Couldn’t sleep, that’s all.” he replied with a small smile. Your voice, even in it’s most distant form, made Kai feel secure in himself and that’s all he really needed right now. 

In an attempt to help you go back to sleep, Kai sunk himself into your warm bed. He lay on his side, making sure to leave plenty of room for you. 

You followed his actions, pressing your head against his arm which was lying loosely across the bed. 

The room was silent, the only sound filling the air being the sound of you both breathing. Kai’s heart, which had been beating like a hummingbird, was now beating slowly as his mind focused on her breathing once again. 

His glance remained on you even as your eyes fluttered to a close. The warmth of his figure radiating onto you. 

As your breathing became slower so did his, and with that you both drifted off into a deep sleep.