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Shelby Rabara as Magna Bane & Alexandra Daddario as Alexandra Lightwood

Taron Tidbits - Just A Dance

It’s a lazy evening. Taron hasn’t been home but an hour and as you return to the living room from the kitchen you pause in front of a large window and peer out over the Marina. Looking down you notice tiny droplets of rain beginning to disturb the pale blue water below.

A flash of lightening reflects in the earth’s mirror, drawing your eyes up onto the sky. “One alligator…two alligator…three-”. Thunder crashes in the distance and as it fades you hear Otis Redding serenading you from the stereo. “Darling yoooouuu send me.” The music is soft and low, you can only make out the words because Taron has played it so many times before.

The sky lights up again as his fingers sweep across the skin of your hip just underneath the hem of your t shirt. Soon you are enveloped in his arms and a comforting warmth stretches itself down your back as he presses his body against you from behind. Your curves fitting together like perfectly aligned puzzle pieces. He lays a single sweet kiss on your neck, the skin of his lips sticking just a bit as he slowly pulls away.

Grabbing your waist he turns you to face him, pulling you close with a slight pressure on the small of your back. He wraps his free hand around yours. You lay your palm down on his shirt, feeling the strength of his chest before slowly running it up over his shoulder, resting it’s side into the crook of his neck and stroking the fuzzy little hairs on his nape with your fingertips.

Taron is not subtle about his intentions as he sways from side to side. His movements are inviting and you easily follow, resting your cheek on his shoulder. The cotton of his shirt is soft, almost fighting against the hard, muscular frame beneath it. Adjusting your head, the tip of your nose brushes against his jaw and you inhale deeply before setting your cheek down again. The scent of his cologne invades your body, not the crispness of a fresh spritz, but the worn scent that comes when the bottom notes have engrained themselves into a man after a long day.

He begins to sing softly in your ear and your eyes slip shut. His voice is low and growls just enough to tell you he is tired, that he has been talking all day. A tiny smile breaks across your face as you listen because despite this, he still sings to you.

The sound of the rain takes over as Otis and Taron finish their song. It’s pounding on the roof now, and you continue to dance as the storm creates a rhythm of it’s own. Taron hums, stopping every so often to lay a kiss on the crown of your head and the two of you stay in front of the window as the sun sets, moving together in a steady calm while the winds rage outside.

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if you can see them, featuring lyrics from simon curtis’ “flesh”, disturbed’s “want” and blue stahli’s “ultraNUMB” <3

A promise is a promise.


Fairy Tail and it’s characters do not belong to me. It belongs to the wonderful Hiro Mashima. 

Rated: T for some language.


 Hello and welcome to another story of mine~! This story was inspired by umjustkatie and her post, “At Juvia’s funeral, Gray leaves a note with his answer at her grave.” So it inspired me and I wanted to write the story portion to this. I give her full credit for the idea :)

Hope to see you at the end~!


Let the story begin.


Magnolia was always a magnificent city filled with lively people. The weather and atmosphere even more so. Usually there wouldn’t be a single cloud disturbing the beautiful blue which lasted for miles on end. Coming to think of it there had been such rare occasions where the city elapsed into such bitterness. Barely times where the greedy clouds fed upon the sky.

Magnolia had been admired by many newcomers and even the locals themselves.

But peeking outside the window now, Magonolia didn’t posses it’s usual charm. Familiar vibrant blue was replaced with sickening grey. The streets were laced with emptiness, not a person in sight. The frequent locals who enjoyed their daily strolls along the cobblestone pavements were absent.

Continuing to look outside you’d expect it to rain but countless hours later and nothing came down. That had been the worst part of the day, the skies were dark but the soothing reminder of the rain was lacking. The reminder that she was okay, that she was here.

Gray lifted his head slowly from his pillow, and turned to look at his lacrima. The clock had been blurry at first but after blinking away his grogginess the numbers clearly read 13:21. The gears in Gray’s head clicked reminding him what the day had in store. “Shit.” Was all he had to say.

Gray’s hand moved to his face wiping away and waited for the incoming pain that would soon settle within his chest. This has been a routine for him every single morning now. To wake up from hours of ceaseless sleeping, sit in bed for countless more and get up to drench himself with a cold shower. Only today would be an exception to that routine.

His arms were currently occupied under and around his deflated pillow which now moved from under it to lift himself up. The blood rushed to his head causing him to grip his temple tightly. Now in a sitting position Gray leaned over in his arms and peeked towards his window trying to soothe his pounding headache. It was covered with a thick black curtain blocking out whatever light tried to desperately come through. He had been a simple guy with simple furniture and a simple dark palette of colors decorating his apartment and bedroom. Never anything too extravagant for his tastes.

He reached over to push aside the thick fabric bracing for the light to flood past it. The light made him squint and look over to the side waiting for them to become adjusted. Finally after becoming accustomed Gray’s dark eyes gazed outside to find nothing new. Missing locals, grey skies, no rain and a bitter Magnolia.

His slim fingers let the fabric go falling back into place and surrendering his room back to the darkness.

“Gray-sama you mustn’t leave your house in such gloom!” Juvia’s voice echoed inside his head. He imagined her running over to all his closed curtains and frantically opening them. This made him frown no matter how much he was chuckling in the memory.

Gray lifted off the bed and made his way to the bathroom also nothing special just standard. He opened the shower door, stripped his boxers, necklace and turned the water on. Gray didn’t bother in waiting for the water to warm he chose to soak himself in cold in hopes to numb the pain.

He reached over for the shampoo to smother into his hair, sloppily spreading it around and washed it out doing the same for his body then stood there hand against the tiled wall letting the water run down his bare back and shoulders. The water was in fact not helping this time.

Gray turned the knob, opened the clear shower door grabbing a towel to wrap around his waist and another to scrub his hair with. He continued to clean up by brushing his teeth and heading back into his room to put some clothes on. All black for the occasion he reminded himself. In result he dug through his closet and found a good pair of pants but not an appropriate black shirt. Maybe he just missed something so Gray dived back in searching a couple more minutes later coming up with nothing no matter how many times he looks at everything and tears apart his closet.

Frustrated he started to pace around his room murmuring “Really..”

For a moment Gray gave up on the idea and would worry about it later. Right now he would put on the pants and grab something downstairs to eat. Grabbing the pants Gray put them on and walked to the bathroom to grab his necklace finally heading into the kitchen. The ice mage headed straight for the fridge opening it and peering inside. He forgot again, he hadn’t bought anything in two weeks. Could this possibly get any worse?

All of a suden a knock came from outside his front door. Gray looked over his shoulder kicking the fridge door closed and waited for a moment. A second knock came from the door along with a shout, “Gray! Come on open up!” A moment of silence passed until Gray heard the same voice. “Please..” it murmured.

Gray walked up to his door already knowing who lied behind and started to fiddle with the lock. He swiftly opened his door, which had been a dark green color to meet his long time rival Natsu.

Natsu stood in the door way wearing all black, a dress shirt and everything. Something Gray had failed to do. The expression on Natsu wasn’t exciting either. He sported bags under his eyes probably from lack of sleep Gray quickly guessed and his pink hair was untamed. In his hands were a pair of black clothes neatly folded on top each other which was probably for him.

“Yo, Erza sent me here to make sure you had the proper clothing. But it already looks like you found some pants..” Natsu spoke softly with a weak smile.

Gray didn’t say a word only looked at Natsu and grasped the clothes. He turned on his heel and closed the door in front of him to come back out minutes later with the shirt on and him locking his apartment. Gray glanced over to Natsu and gave a small nod to signal his thanks for the shirt.

Both silently walked together hands in pockets through town. Gray took notice of things he never seen before in shops, for example some markets replaced their carts and booths. Some shops repaired signs and repainted doors, all he never took notice before until now.

Both mages took a right at the end of the street moving into the forest away from the city to find themselves in front of the cemetery. Natsu glanced over to Gray who was still ghostly white, had he eaten these past couple days? Natsu dug through his memory of Gray’s where a bouts and behavior until laying eyes on a familiar blonde walking towards them.

“Natsu, Gray..” Lucy approached the two slayers, Erza and Wendy close behind her. “Lets head over to where everyone is.” She spoke, slowly linking hands with Natsu and glancing at Gray with worried eyes. They had all been distressed about him and silently trying to help in every way they could but would always end with Gray shutting the door in their faces or locking himself inside never to be seen again no matter how many times they’ve knocked.

They all followed Erza who weaved her way through to find the whole guild huddled together. Gray moved his way to the front slowly to finally see a casket inside a huge dug up whole. The casket was beautiful and sleek made of mahogany, decorated with a huge bouquet of white roses symbolizing innocence, purity and charm. Qualities she definitely possessed.

Gray sucked in a huge breath and clenched his teeth looking down in hopes to try to hold back the threatening tears. 

The funeral began.


A note lay crumbled in his hand.

And the sky still dark, continues to eat away all emotion and hope. It laughs down at him tauntingly with the hope that it’ll rain to reassure him. Maybe she never left? No, he didn’t mean it that way. She would never leave him, she risked her life for his, breathing out her last words to live on happily. That he needed to find his happiness and claimed that she found hers. 

“You were my happiness.” The words echoed inside.

It had been two hours later and everyone left him so he could have a moment alone. He thought back to how Natsu laid a comforting hand on his shoulder, how Erza and Lucy were persistent in having him talk to them if anything were to happen because they were concerned. He thought back to Wendy giving him a warm hug the tears slipping down her cheeks but smiling delicately up to him.

A hug that reminded him of Juvia. How he buried himself in her chest learning the truth about who truly killed his father. He remembered how she wanted to take the burden off his shoulders no matter how much pain in would cause her in the end. She had been there for him countless times doing everything in her power to see him smile. And why? Why go through the trouble to make Gray happy?

He continued to stare at the tombstone carved with her name. The realization struck him harder than it ever has before. She was gone. Nothing could bring her back now.

His hands clenched to the point where his nails broke into skin. Tears finally escaped not being able to hold back any longer. Teeth were gritted to the point where another headache began to make itself know.

“I lost you too..” Gray choked out dropping to his knees, hands over his drenched face. Where was she to hold him now?

The memories pained him, all the great moments they created. From the moment they became enemies to performing successful union raids, to living with one another for six months. Where had it all gone?

Gray looked down to watch his hand shakily take out the crumbled note he wrote after putting the shirt Natsu gave him on. It had been his answer. The one he promised to tell her after the war. Something to motivate them to live. Even though she wasn’t there to hear it, it didn’t mean that he couldn’t keep his promise.

Clumsily wiping his face he grasped the note and held it towards his heart clutching it tightly. Then slowly unfolded it smoothing out all the wrinkles in the paper all caused by him and placed it on her stone. The stone carved with the name of Juvia Lockser.

Gray lifted himself up from the ground staring down once more and smiled. Faint but still counted as a smile. He wanted to tell her so many things.

One of them being how she didn’t know that she was his happy ending.

“I love you.”

Author’s Note:

Oh hoho! Looks like I stayed up a little longer and brought you guys the story a little earlier than announced ;D

But anyway, I hope you guys liked it! I know it was super sad but I really wanted to write this. I had so many ideas of how to go forth with this story. Also I know Juvia won’t die, I know she has a death flag hanging over her head but I believe she will be alive and well to hear Gray’s answer :) Alright as always I apologize for grammatical errors, spelling and if the story moved to quickly. Still a newbie when it comes to writing some stories. I might add more too this story maybe make a prequel or sequel because it could go both ways.

Please tell me what you think and if you would like progression with the story :D

- Dani