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Can you write about lance (from voltron) getting angry? like snaping, because I feel like we haven't seen lance truly angry yet, all the times we have seen him mad, but it seemed more agitated to me, and so I would love it if you wrote about lance snapping, just him being so sick of everything and someone makes a bad comment at the wrong time and he just snaps and he is terrifying, please? (p.s can it be super angst?)

Sorry if this is quite what you wanted, but here you go anon!

I image Lance as someone who would let himself get beat up but would kick someone’s ass if they dared to touch his friend, as well as being quietly intimidating since he often is loud and the contrast shows how serious he’s being.

Warning for some light swearing!

Lance made his way towards the kitchen, he was up a bit earlier than usual, though not overly so. He had gotten enough scoldings from Allura to know he needed to get his shit together. He often feels like he’s holding back the team and he is willing to make double the effort to become useful.

As he approached the entrance to the kitchen, he heard the muffled sounds of his teammates talking. Hoping Hunk was working his magic and preparing something other than the bland food goo, he sped up a tad. His fantasies of Hunk’s cooking ended abruptly when he got close enough to clearly make out what one of the voices was saying

“-know he’s trying, but he has to step it up! He’s lagging behind all of us.” He heard Shiro say

Lance stopped in his tracks. Shiro, Lance’s hero, just openly spoke about some of Lance’s biggest insecurities.

He spun around to go back to his room, however, dozens of cheesy soap operas and cliché scenes of drama being started from someone misinterpreting, mishearing, or misunderstanding made him stay.

He pressed his back against the wall, and he slid down it until he was sitting. He was a couple feet away from the doorway so while he could make out what his team was saying, he still had time to react and get up if he heard footsteps.

“I say we make him train more,” was Keith’s less than helpful input in lance’s opinion. He has trained a lot on his own, but he just wasn’t improving fast enough.

“Guys, Lance tries really hard, lay off a little,” Lance appreciated Hunk’s support and confidence in him, though it didn’t make Shiro and Keith’s comments sting any less

“Hunk, we know you’re the closest to Lance, but doesn’t that make your opinion a little more biased?”

“Lance isn’t at the same level as us, and he needs to get there.”

Hunk desperately tried to defend him but Lance knew it was a lost cause at this point, the more he listened to, the more he got frustrated. He contemplated getting up and leaving to calm himself down in his room now that he knew this wasn’t a misinterpretation; he was the subject of the conversation, more specifically, his inadequacy.

“Shouldn’t you get back to cooking or something? Shiro and I were discussing this and you kind of butted in,” Lance snapped to attention at that comment, did Keith seriously just say that?

Before Lance even processed what he was doing, he stormed into the kitchen, walked up into Keith’s startled face, his own looking furious, “What the hell did you just say?” his tone was even in a terrifying way

Keith seemed to understand it was a rhetorical question, Shiro seemed unnerved by Lance’s uncharacteristically serious tone.

“Lance, it was nothing-”

“That’s bull, Hunk, and you know it. That was entirely uncalled for.” Lance turned back towards the other two presences in the room, “Listen and listen well. If you even breathe another word that belittles, demeans, puts down, or even suggests Hunk did anything wrong when he hasn’t done a damn thing, then you’d better hope and pray I am as far behind in training as you suggest I am.” His tone was chilling, his eyes locked onto Keith’s, his icy glare effectively putting out the fire in Keith’s.

Keith soon snapped out of it and seemed to contemplate something before speaking, “So are you saying that if we insult Hunk you’ll be more motivated to train harder?” that was the wrong thing to say.

The ice in Lance’s gaze melted, being replaced with a fire that could burn anyone it was directed at, “If you dare to suggest what I think you are, my position on the team will not be your main concern.” his voice had started low, rising with every word, “Are we clear?” his words were short and tight, intimidating everyone in the room.

Nods from both Shiro and Keith were enough for Lance, he wasn’t going to let it go right away but he knew they understood.

“Alright, good,” Lance questioned if he should address what had spurred Hunk being dismissed and decided he would if only a little.

Lance locked eyes with Keith “What you say cuts deep,” he glanced at Shiro “Both of you. I looked up to you both, but I can take it. I know my faults, I know where I need improvement, and Hunk’s right, I do try…”

Lance’s voice had gotten soft as it trailed off, his eye’s having found themselves trained on the floor directly in front of his feet, he could feel the pitying gaze of the other three “All you are doing is vocalizing thoughts I’ve had a thousand times over,” Lance shook himself out of it and looked up again, Shiro and Keith stood in front of him ”but what I can’t take is you putting down my best friend when he has done nothing wrong.”

Lance had just about burned out, getting angry was exhausting. He was done with being frustrated for today, he turned on his heel and stalked out of the room, initially heading back to his room before opting to go to the only place he knew he couldn’t be disturbed. Blue.

Fentrix Playlist: 

I Can’t Decide - Scissor Sisters

Witchy Woman - Eagles

Crazy Train - Ozzy Ozbourne 

Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore

The New Black - Moon Taxi

River - Bishop Briggs

Flesh - Simon Curtis

Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At The Disco

Crazy In Love (REMIX) - Beyonce 

Outta My Mind - B.o.B feat. Nicki Minaj

Forsaken - David Draiman

I Know I’m A Wolf - Young Heretics

You Are My Sunshine- Jamey Johnson

Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

The Wolf - Fever Ray

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Topless - Breaking Benjamin 

Down With The Sickness - Disturbed 

Ultra Numb - Blue Stahli 

Soul Hacker - Fear Factory

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool

Scream - Avenged Sevenfold

Bad Moon Rising - Mourning Ritual 

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

I Miss The Misery - Halestorm

Mayhem - Halestorm

Blood - In This Moment

Big Bad Wolf - In This Moment

Sick Like Me - In This Moment

(( OOC: Here’s what I’ve liked so far, feel free to add… Thanks for the suggestions guys! :D 

also, just as a side note… The only reason I enjoy this (terrible) ship is because they’re both absolutely rotten people… but in no way do I think this is a relationship to look up to. Don’t aim for this children. ;) )) 

Loved You Then

“I haven’t seen you in years yet it feels like you never left,” you say with a breathy laugh, unable to meet gazes with his. You twiddle your thumbs over your lap, trying to find a distraction. “It was hard—strange—going on without you.”

Jaehyung’s expression softens, surprised at your response. “Well,” he sighs, “nobody said it was going to be easy.”

Synopsis: A bittersweet reunion between two childhood friends — two hidden lovers — who have been split apart for four years.

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Pairing: Jaehyung x Reader ft. Younghyun // childhood friends!au

Genre: light fluff and angst ^^

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: just wrote a very small scenario for my baby jaehyung :’) this doesn’t really have much to it, i just wanted to test the waters ^^ my goal was 10k, but the plot lacked a lot of depth and detail so i cut it out to a couple of small scenes

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Everyone Wears Crop Tops, A Lot Of Feelings

  • noah enlists blue’s help to make cute crop tops for everyone as a gift (lbr he just wants everyone to see everyone eles in crop tops). gansey offers to help but blue refuses because “he’ll end up making them polo shirts somehow”
  • so. noah gives everyone their shirts and tells them to wear them to their next cabeswater outing. he plans a picnic. they’re all sitting on the ground in cabeswater, just actually hanging out for once, and they’re all losing it.
  • blue’s shirt is one of those crop tops with strips of fabric (like fringe?) at the bottom and says, in block letters right across the front, “i hate boys.” “not me, right?” gansey asks. he’s sitting next to her, and blue smacks his leg. “no, it’s mostly referring to ronan.” ronan flips her off, but they’re both grinning.
  • gansey doesn’t hear any of the conversation after blue smacks him. when she moves, the fringe on her shirt swishes and he can see more of her stomach. its more enticing than orla and her orange bikini. he is Undone. the barest glimpse of blue’s stomach is enough to basically incapacitate him. 
  • blue smacks his leg again when she sees him staring, but she’s secretly pleased.besides, she’s been staring, too. not only is gansey wearing a normal, non-polo shirt that hangs just right on his collar bones, it’s a crop top.  she and noah decorated gansey’s with the words “glendower is my boyfriend” and it rides up high on his stomach. which is. toned. he was on the crew team, really, blue should have realized what that meant, but the polos don’t exactly show off what he looks like.
  • both of them are thinking of things they could do besides kiss.
  • ronan can’t remember why he let himself be talked into this. how he ended up in a black crop top emblazoned with “let’s get this straight – i’m not” in rainbow colors. he’s pretty sure it had something to do with noah’s enthusiastic presentation of the idea. noah is smiling at him now, and ronan mouths “i’m going to throw you out the window again.” he can’t remember why he agreed to this. sure, seeing gansey in his crop top didn’t hurt, but gansey’s not even here to admire anymore, he and blue have wandered off somewhere together. 
  • looking back, he’s pretty sure noah got him into this by saying something about adam. adam in a crop top. but adam’s not even here, he had to work. 
  • and then, adam is there, grinning because he finished work early. he looks like he’s run straight from work. he’s breathless, and there’s sweat running down his stomach and ronan wants to punch a tree. 
  • listen. l i s t e n. adam parrish is the most beautiful person in probably the whole world. he has really nice muscles (boy works three jobs), not that ronan is looking at them or anything, and his coca cola crop top (come on guys it was one time) exposes his stomach in amazing ways. when he put on that crop top on the way over from work, all of henrietta felt a disturbance. blue and gansey, wherever they were in the forest, felt a disturbance. noah died again. ronan thinks he might have died because obviously this is what heaven is. 
  • “hey” says adam, and he smiles self-consciously. “where are blue and gansey?” he’s looking at noah, because ronan is sort of in the shadows. noah just winks at him, so adam turns to ronan.
  • “lynch, do you know where they…” he trails off in the middle of his sentence because ronan is staring right at him and he is looking at ronan and his question doesn’t really seem that important anymore because the tattoo (adam: baby bi bi bi) 
  • its not like he hasn’t seen ronan’s tattoo before. he has. but this seems more intimate for some reason. maybe because they’re in cabeswater and they are the magician and the greywaren, maybe that makes something different. maybe its the crop top showing off ronan’s tattoo and blatantly advertising his non-straightness. whatever it is, adam stares. eventually he sits down next to ronan, so close their shoulders are touching.
  • noah is having an amazing day. his friends are happy, and attractive. he leans against a tree, fiddling with the edges of his crop top.
  • blue made his by herself. she wouldn’t let him see until she was done. it says: remembered. 
JeongHan and Her Being Embarrassing: SEVENTEEN


Would walk past you two as if he’s completely used to this disrespecc in the dorms.


Would ignore everyone and just continue what you two were doing.


Would calmly walk up to you two and hand JeongHan the Holy Bible while sending you a blissful smile, then turning around with no words and walking back to his room.


Would take pictures for blackmail.


He’d go out through the door and into the city when he saw you coming into the dorms.


Would call JeongHan all the pet-names that you had call him by just for the fuck of it.


Would outwardly tell you two to stop cause he was supposed to be resting and not see something cringe worthy.


“There is a ban, from now on, over the fact that if you want to meet with your girlfriend, don’t do it in the dorms. Thank you.”


Would go out to the city together with Hoshi.


Would sit down between you two, ignoring you being all lovey-dovey because the cuteness was too much for him to look at.


Would be very disgusted.


Would just stand in the middle of the room with a very disturbed face, turn blue and then speedwalk to catch up with Hoshi and MinGyu.


Would be very disgusted pt.2.

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♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes (for bluesey)

As Gansey parks his Suburban in front of Monmouth Manufacturing, he casts a look at his phone and wonders if it’s too late to call 300 Fox Way and ask for Blue. 11.41 pm does seem like an inappropriate time to disturb them but Blue is still yet to have a phone so he has no other means to contact her. If it were up to him, he would have remedied that already, but every time he brings up the subject, Blue glares at him dangerously, and he’s either too intimated or too lovesick to push the issue.

So his only options are to call their landline, or wait until tomorrow morning and drive over to surprise her with his early return from D.C. A surprise visit does sound nice, but after a month of absence, he doesn’t think he can wait a minute more to see her again. He’s ready to abandon his less beloved (but more reliable) car in favor of the Pig waiting for him faithfully in the parking lot, and whisk her away to wherever she wanted to go if she only said the word.

His heart wins out over his manners, and soon, he’s dialing the familiar number even before he’s out of the car and up the stairs of Monmouth. 

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I absolutely adore that headcanon that went around a while ago where the layout of the Fenton household is constantly shifting and changing

but what if we took it a step further

what if the WHOLE OF AMITY PARK was affected by the portal, being in such close proximity to a tear between dimensions and effectively SOAKING in all the ectoplasmic radiation it’s been pumping out over the years

so this quaint little town starts to develop a few rather odd… quirks

like the water fountain in the park turns strange colours on occasion and smells (and tastes as Tucker discovered on a dare) strongly of burnt sugar

there’s this one road on the edge of town that, though it appears to be straight, somehow loops back on itself so that you end up back where you started, but only if you’re wearing shoes, this odd detail was discovered when Paulina’s heel broke as she and Star were writing a school paper on the landmark and she had to continue barefoot

the local shopping mall has its strange traits too, the glass ceiling of the food court shows an odd stormy red sky no matter the weather outside, except for once every seventeen days when it randomly turns into an aurora borealis-esque light show for differing periods of time, Kwan has these days marked on his calendar and sometimes skips school to see it, sometimes Danny joins him

a lot of the stores reach much farther back than physics says they really should, clerks always remember to clear the back of the shops on Monday afternoons, some of the stores like to revert back to regular size on Tuesdays

the parking lot behind the bowling alley is a favourite of Ida Manson’s, she and the elderly of Amity frequent the spot on Saturday mornings as the strange gravity shifts do wonders for their aching joints, being able to dance and leap like they’re light as a feather makes them feel young again

the walk to school could take someone five minutes one day, and an hour the next, Lancer has added ‘spacial disturbances’ to his list of acceptable excuses for being late

there’s this one tree in the park that every child feels compelled to climb, because halfway up they discover that they’re suddenly climbing back towards the ground upside down, their friends have to grab hold of their arms to stop them from falling into the sky until they climb back down the tree again and gravity goes back to normal

the Mansons lobby to have the tree cut down after catching their daughter climbing it, Sam and the neighbourhood children protest by climbing the tree and hanging upwards from the lower branches like reverse bats, the parents refuse to let the tree be destroyed until their childrens’ sense of gravity is restored

nobody goes down the slide at the Nasty Burger playground any more, the last three kids to do so still haven’t stopped screaming, nobody can figure out why

a majority of the residents of Amity Park overlook most of these strange occurrences, or put police tape around the dangerous ones and ignore them, they live in a town where ghosts attack regularly, changes like these have become not only unsurprising, but expected

and then the animals start to mutate, dogs are born with unnaturally coloured fur, fish are leaping out of their tanks and floating above the water, cats slip behind one object and come out behind another across the yard, some herbivorous animals gain a craving for meat and all of the local pigeons decide that flying in a spiral shape above the public library for three hours every morning is a productive start to the day

even plants start to grow into weird shapes and sizes, fruits with strange tastes and colours become a trend at local Sunday markets, seeds grow without even being planted or watered, root vegetables are found on above-ground vines, berries start growing out of the painted wood of a backyard fence

and then the children start to change

the only trend among the human mutations that local doctors can find is that every person identified had been a child or young teenager whose body had yet to finish developing when the ghosts had first started attacking (or, more accurately, when the portal had first been opened)

mutations range from purely harmless to downright disturbing, a teenager with blue eyebrows, a child with horns growing from the back of their left hand, a little girl whose hair drips down her back as though it’s made of liquid, an older boy whose teeth all fell out and grew back seemingly normal but turned out to be diamond hard and capable of biting through solid steel

the mutations only grow as the years pass, the older children developing dangerous abilities that could rival some of the local ghosts, kids being capable of duplicating themselves, a girl spotted flying to school, someone with green skin seen at the local supermarket, it’s even said that the Fenton’s kid can knock buildings over just by screaming at them

the Guys in White stop trying to protect the town, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t need protecting, it needs CONTAINING, but they soon discover that this is a far more difficult task than first assumed

because the overpowered youth of Amity Park have grown accustomed to a new-found sense of freedom the likes they’d never experienced before

and they don’t like being contained

Taron Tidbits - Just A Dance

It’s a lazy evening. Taron hasn’t been home but an hour and as you return to the living room from the kitchen you pause in front of a large window and peer out over the Marina. Looking down you notice tiny droplets of rain beginning to disturb the pale blue water below.

A flash of lightening reflects in the earth’s mirror, drawing your eyes up onto the sky. “One alligator…two alligator…three-”. Thunder crashes in the distance and as it fades you hear Otis Redding serenading you from the stereo. “Darling yoooouuu send me.” The music is soft and low, you can only make out the words because Taron has played it so many times before.

The sky lights up again as his fingers sweep across the skin of your hip just underneath the hem of your t shirt. Soon you are enveloped in his arms and a comforting warmth stretches itself down your back as he presses his body against you from behind. Your curves fitting together like perfectly aligned puzzle pieces. He lays a single sweet kiss on your neck, the skin of his lips sticking just a bit as he slowly pulls away.

Grabbing your waist he turns you to face him, pulling you close with a slight pressure on the small of your back. He wraps his free hand around yours. You lay your palm down on his shirt, feeling the strength of his chest before slowly running it up over his shoulder, resting it’s side into the crook of his neck and stroking the fuzzy little hairs on his nape with your fingertips.

Taron is not subtle about his intentions as he sways from side to side. His movements are inviting and you easily follow, resting your cheek on his shoulder. The cotton of his shirt is soft, almost fighting against the hard, muscular frame beneath it. Adjusting your head, the tip of your nose brushes against his jaw and you inhale deeply before setting your cheek down again. The scent of his cologne invades your body, not the crispness of a fresh spritz, but the worn scent that comes when the bottom notes have engrained themselves into a man after a long day.

He begins to sing softly in your ear and your eyes slip shut. His voice is low and growls just enough to tell you he is tired, that he has been talking all day. A tiny smile breaks across your face as you listen because despite this, he still sings to you.

The sound of the rain takes over as Otis and Taron finish their song. It’s pounding on the roof now, and you continue to dance as the storm creates a rhythm of it’s own. Taron hums, stopping every so often to lay a kiss on the crown of your head and the two of you stay in front of the window as the sun sets, moving together in a steady calm while the winds rage outside.

Hmm… This was a trippy scene. The Witch fled through a window, and it lead to these doors.

I recognize the hanging clothes against the sky as being one of the Witches Homura destroyed by tossing a pipe-bomb into its crotch. Very memorable, on account of Homura tossing a pipe-bomb into a Witch’s crotch.

None of the other scenes remind me of past Witches, but two things do stand out enough to warrant talking about.

This is definitely supposed to be Madoka. Pink color scheme and pink bows, the floofy… waist… thing? There also seem to be roses sticking out of this figure in various places. I have absolutely no clue what this is supposed to mean.

Then there’s this, which is all kinds of disturbing. A blue doe (Sayaka?) being stabbed with a fork, bleeding from its gut and mouth… And then there are three figures with dotted lines on their scalps, almost like they’re about to go under some sort of brain surgery. Madoka, Mami, and Kyouko? Man, I don’t even– what the heck…

Who wants to bet these two things pertain to stuff later on in the movie, and I’ll retroactively understand this? But then, liveblogging this movie is a feat lasting multiple days, so who knows?