Why D.C. and Puerto Rico are denied statehood

First, racism.  Period.  With a side of colonialist contempt for self-determination.

Second, looking at the electorate and voting practices in each would-be state, that would be four more Dems in the U.S. Senate and two more in the House of Representatives.  Six votes in the Electoral College.

When you read that the GOP is going to eliminate the Senate filibuster to ram Trump’s nominees through over Democratic opposition, it’s easy to see the pattern of winning by gaming the rules. Just look at the boundaries of congressional districts.  Doesn’t get any more blatant than that.

Katie Hilton topping out the classic ‘Three Pocket Slab V3/6A’ at the lower tier of The Roaches.

I think the most honest part of climbing or what I take away from it is the overcoming of your personal demons. I see it all the time, like the other day, Just before this picture was taken. Kate was on the same move scared to trust a tragic foothold, unknowing of how good the next hold is but she still made the move.

I think we’ve all experienced that feeling as a climber, that sort of fear of the unknown that throws us into a panic where we fight or flight, and when people choose to fight, it always makes me respect them beyond belief. the fight takes over you, just complete fear but something takes over where you perform at your physical best. It’s the main reason I’ll tell people not to get so angry or frustrated with climbing. Because in those moments you’re letting yourself get in the way of something you can do. Be calm, perform and learn to trust in yourself, because at the end of the day you are all you have.

Location | Erzsébetváros district, Budapest, Hungary

Erzsébetváros (Elizabethtown) is the 7th district of Budapest, It is considered the most densely populated district of Budapest with 54.000 inhabitants. In 1910 it had however more than 150.000 inhabitants. From the 50s and until the 90s its population decreased rapidly, as a result of young people and families moved to the newer districts outside the city. Since 2005 gentrification has started to kick in and more people are moving into the old city.

Here from an area inside the district located just north of Keleti railway station.

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MPU Holiday Event #6: “Alert”

“Are you really going to stay up all night?”

Melinda crosses her arms when she asks, straight-up judging him, and Nick scowls without really looking at her.  Their whole living room twinkles thanks to the lights on their tree, and the hooks on the mantle work hard to hold up the kids’ overflowing stockings.

Just another Christmas Eve, aside from the second shot of Baileys in his coffee.

Melinda waits for another couple seconds before she sighs, trudging over to the couch like a woman on death row.  "You don’t need to stay up,“ she says, flopping down next to him. "The boys—”

“Claim we put the fear of god in them, but do you trust them?”  She studies him for a moment, her own special blend of an answer, and he shrugs as he hands her his coffee mug.  "I know we should probably leave them alone—let ‘em open all their gifts before dawn, whatever—but I don’t want them ruining Beth’s Christmas. Not after last year.“

Even behind the mug, her expression hardens.  "I still can’t believe they didn’t read the tags.”

“Why bother with names when you can just destroy the whole house?”  She snorts at that, her mouth almost curving into a smile. “You can go to bed, you know. Lemme handle the whole 'constant vigilance’ part of the evening.”

“And risk you falling asleep on duty?” she retorts, resting her temple against his shoulder.  "Yeah, not gonna happen.”