Catbells by Manadh Photography

The answers we received for WKM really truly amazing, funny and as well as incredibly heartbreaking.

The fact that The Colonel was so remorseful about killing us wasn’t a big shocker, as we fall we can see it on his face, the shock, the regret. See that’s not what gets me— what fucking gets me is that I completely forgot this was taking place at night and I didn’t realize that William had been sitting on that chair the entire night. Like during that time he probably took off his coat and his red scarf and in an act of kindness in an act of remorse he drapes his coat over your body, puts his scarf under your head as a makeshift pillow and just sits there. 

FOR TEN FUCKING HOURS he sits there and holds Damien’s cane, his best friend, his brother in every sense but blood itself. The Colonel sits there and just mourns for everything he has lost. And the regret for killing you, Us, someone he knew that Damien had been fond of, that saw us as his friend too. Probably thinking ““What have I done!?”

And then the KICKER— That wasn’t what drove him over the edge. But Us, the viewer standing up after ten hours of complete and utter stillness. The Colonel’s world shatters and his psyche breaks, thinking that “no this wasn’t my fault, it was all an accident, no ones dead, not really, my friends are still alive. It was all a joke.” 

and that right fucking there is what gets me. 


“Okay, so what kind of utter idiot tries to climb the fells clothed like this? Those shoes … Jesus. You’d be lucky if you only sprained that ankle of yours and didn’t break it.”

“It wasn’t my intention to do any climbing until the case required it.”

“The case? So you’re … what? A policeman?”

“Consulting Detective.”

“Never heard of that profession.”

“I invented it.”

“Did you now? What exactly do you do?”

“When the police are out of their depth, which is always, they consult me.”

“The police don’t consult amateurs.”

“Actually, they do, doctor. Army doctor, too. Been sent here to the Lake District by your therapist for a change of air and some physical exertion to combat your PTSD from a traumatic event in … was it Afghanistan or Iraq?”

“How do you know all this?”

“I didn’t know, I saw.”


“Well …”

For this month’s @sherlockchallenge: Alternative Meeting