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West by Midwest Photography.

The Mission and The Castro

Wrdsmth is a LA based wheat paste stencil artist who leaves large and small messages around Los Angeles that can be viewed by drivers to inspire their day. He was in San Francisco several months ago. In May we showed one of his messages in the Upper Haight. These were found on Valencia and in the Castro.

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i heard that you were really busy and i hope you've been doing well! are you still going to continue dragon district? :3 it's been a while since we've heard about zao...

yeah! i know it’s been a few months, but i just recently started the draft for chapter 19. sorry for the long wait q n q but i’m doing well, thanks!

i definitely plan to finish the fic. i’m honored at how popular it got. zao rlly loves you k

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In a medium founded on expanding one’s imagination and perception of reality, no genre does it better than science fiction. We’ve come a long way from the days when Georges Méliès took us to the moon, for today’s filmmakers look far beyond our universe and into the deepest corners of our soul to reflect the current society. With the latest entry in the Star Trek franchise arriving in theaters this week, we’ve set out to reflect on the millennium’s sci-fi films that have most excelled.

The 50 best sci-fi films of the 21st century so far.

Like everyone else in the world I’m playing pokemon go. Like everyone else playing that lives in a rural area, the lack of poke stops and pokemon kind of sucks. My office isn’t much better. But one of my co-workers tipped me off about the historic district a few minutes from our office being a gold mine.

Let me tell you, it was beautiful. There must have been 30 poke stops and three gyms in a half mile radius. 

So I’m walking down the strip, and I see a bar with a poke ball on its sign. The bar owner and one of the waitresses are sitting at a table outside playing. The outside tables are within range of three poke stops. They look up, and let me know very enthusiastically that their bar is filled with pokemon and that I need to go inside and catch more. I told the owner I couldn’t buy a drink since I’d be driving home soon, and she said she didn’t mind at all if I didn’t buy anything, but I HAD to go catch the good pokemon inside. Like she really, REALLY wanted me to go inside.

She told me she’d take me around personally, even through the back, on one condition: I had to show her my collection and anything I caught in the bar. So she did just that. She took me around through the bar, the stage, the back stage, the storage rooms, even the kitchen. There was a goldeen, a staryu, a zubat, and an eevee. And oh yeah, a really cool bar. 

She was just so excited about everything I caught, everything she caught, and was just to welcoming to anyone who wanted to come in and play. Definitely made a mental note to come back with friends.

I’ve had more conversations with random people since I started playing this game. Businesses that are smart enough to take advantage can do very well with this. I’m exploring areas I’ve never been to before, finding new places to hang out. And man, people are just being so nice! Tell me again how this game is bad thing?