district lines party

Taylor Caniff Imagine

The team and I were finally able to relax on the beach for once.I played volleyball and the team was like sisters. We lay in a line on a large towel listening to Y/F/N’s I pod. After a few hours we decided to start a game of volleyball. I grabbed the ball out of the bag as the girls chose our teams.

“Y/N, you serve!” Y/F/N shouted. You served the ball and after a few passes your side was in the lead.

“Hey, can we join?!” A deep voice shouted to you. The voice came from a tall, tan boy with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. A group of boys stood behind him. Your friends closed in behind you to see what was going on. “Hey, I’m Cam, this is Nash, Gilinsky, Johnson, Shawn, Aaron, Matt and Taylor.” Cam recited. You introduced yourself and the team. 

“Perfect! Eighteen.” Y/F/N squealed. You started the game once again. It was your team versus the guys. Of course you beat them, your team is boss. You ran over to a picnic table in the shade to grab your water when you felt a pair of arms wrap around you waist, you turned around wide eyed.

“Hey beautiful.” It was Taylor. He was wearing a mint blue bandanna that matched his muscle tee.

“Excuse me?” You chuckled. He was attractive but you couldn’t let him get you that easy.

“You heard me. There’s a District Lines party tonight and you’re coming.” He announced.

“Really I don’t remember putting that in my agenda.” I smirked inquisitively.

“I’ll pick you up at eight thirty.” He said about to walk away.

“Umm I don’t think so.” I said.

“How about this if my boys win this next round you come with me, if not then you can go about with your life.” He says.

“Fine.” I huffed. But we won the first time, why not the second time. I watched as the went and told his friends. Some of them laughed others just nodded and smiled. 

“Okay girls let’s do this, and don’t go easy.” You say as you look sternly over at Taylor. 

And of course the girls got cocky and we didn’t win. I was going to a party with Taylor. 

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