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BEEP: Saito > Chizuru 21 / 11 / 14 A long confession text that wasn't ultimately sent. During their special ops mission, Saito had typed a well thought-out a text to the unexpectedly lovely undercover geisha, but every time he started to hit "Send" he was interrupted. Chizuru's phone was lying on the tatami mat nearby, blowing up with FB Messenger notifications. From men harassing Chizuru. Sending her pictures of their... shortswords. She really ought to be more careful with privacy settings.

Okaaaaaaaaaay. So we are going seriously AU here:  forget letters, this is the Edo period with cell phones! And we are not going to think about that too hard, right?  👘⚔️ … with cell phones … 

For those who want extra visual context, please see the Hakuouki Anime OVA, Episode 2. The setting is the Sumi, a restaurant located in Kyoto’s red light district. Chizuru has dressed up as a geisha in order to spy on Choshu rebels. Most of the Shinsengumi captains have found either reasons or excuses to be in the building.  

Saito and Yamazaki have volunteered to watch over Chizuru. Unfortunately, nobody expected Chizuru to be so lovely in her geisha attire or considered her effect on impressionable clients and Shinsengumi alike.

Memories of Unspoken Love ~ Saito Hajime

Yukimura-san - 

Saito hesitated, then nodded to himself. Yes, it was appropriate to use the honorific given the subject he intended to broach.  Besides, if he hesitated over every word then this text, expressing his sincere (but polite) admiration for her, would never get sent.  Seeing her this evening looking so beautiful had shaken him, but had also strengthened his resolve.  He took a deep breath, trying not to waste even more time dwelling on her shapely neck or the way that the fine material had somehow emphasized her delicate bones or–

He stared down at the one word (plus honorific) printed on the screen.  He could do this.

I am sending this to tell you that I admire your courage

Did he dare write his honest thoughts?  Some of them, at least?  Saito wiped a faint sheen of sweat from his palms, something he rarely had to do. 

–your courage for undertaking such a potentially troublesome task.

He couldn’t bring himself to say “and beauty”.  It was probably too forward in any event.

I realize that you may not have wanted to dress in such attire this evening; it may even be that you dislike it.  However, I want you to know–


Saito stared at the small pouch beside him.  Chizuru–ah, Yukimura–had apparently left her cell phone in her bag, whether by design or by accident. Well, hopefully it would not ring or beep too much and he could–

#Beep!  #Beep! … #Beep! … #Beep! #Beep!

This was ridiculous–or?  Maybe Yukimura was in trouble and she or somebody else was trying to signal him?  Or it was some other emergency? Either way, he couldn’t concentrate on his text with such infernal noise.

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Like the dawn (you broke the dark)

(Hunger Games AU)

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This isn’t happening.

Alec watches, dumbstruck, as the peacekeepers pull Max from the crowd. The little boy is too frozen in shock to move. It’s his first reaping, the odds were in his favor, he’s not the one who was supposed to be picked.

This. Isn’t. Happening.

“No!” Alec yells, catching the attention of people around him, of the remaining peacekeepers and the adults gathered on the outskirts of the plaza. He’s sure his parents are watching him but he can’t spare a second to look for their faces in the crowd. He leaves his designated row and steps out of the line of other eighteen-year-olds - this is his last year before he is safe. “Max!”

His little brother looks back at him while he’s being pulled towards the podium and his face is an image of terror that Alec will never be able to forget. He doesn’t even comprehend that he’s running after them until a pair of peacekeepers crash into him, stopping him from going any further.

“Alec!” Max calls out, his voice high and scared and Alec acts on instinct. He acts on the need to shelter and protect, on the love he feels for his youngest sibling.

“I volunteer!” He shouts, a little desperately, stopping the others from dragging Max away from him. The peacekeepers holding him back release their hold and Alec stumbles a little when they do. The plaza is silent, every single person focused on him. Alec can’t think about them now, not when the relief of saving Max’s life washes over him. “I volunteer as tribute.”

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What are your top 5 favourite everlark headcanons?

my headcanons, or fandom-created headcanons? my headcanons are probably largely influenced by fandom, anyway.

  1. even though they were already so beyond dating after the war, Peeta really felt it was important to court Katniss during their “growing back together” phase. to take her on dates around the district, get dressed up for her and bring her flowers or other little offerings and gifts to woo her. and Katniss acted put out about it but actually really loved the romantic overtures.
  2. Peeta was still pretty horrified about having nearly choked Katniss to death after his hijacking, so even though he’d been rehabilitated and was mostly confident his episodes would never get that bad again, in the first few months after his return to 12, he would lock himself in his house away from her whenever he had an attack and avoid her for the rest of the day. she finally got fed up with this and forced him to let her stay with him through his next episode to comfort him, so he could see that she wasn’t scared of him, that he wasn’t capable of hurting her. it was always her touch that could bring him back from an episode.
  3. Katniss and Peeta just had a private toasting within a couple years after the war, to honor their commitment to each other. later, once the justice hall was rebuilt and a working, local legal system re-established, Katniss went and picked up the documents for them to make it official, surprising Peeta.
  4. Peeta ran the new bakery in town, and Katniss helped him at first so she could feel useful in the rebuilding of the district. but eventually she wanted to use her skills to contribute something else, so she helped start up an apothecary like her mother’s. she couldn’t handle being an actual healer, nursing sick or dying people, but she harvested the herbs from the woods and made the medicines.
  5. Peeta and Katniss didn’t have their first child until sometime in their early to mid-30s, so that was 10+ years of hot, amazing sex. the first few years were a little messy and unpracticed because they were both virgins, but still wild and desperate, fueled by lingering fears they were going to lose the other somehow and a primal survival instinct.