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Headcanons for Madara/ Tobirama how would they meet their s/o ( that's not a shinobi) and how would they realize they're in love? ^ω^

Madara Uchiha and Tobirama Senju Meeting and Realizing They Are in Love With a Civilian S/O

Madara Uchiha

Originally posted by shisuithegreekgod

• Madara is a very private person; when he’s in the village he prefers to spend his time in his home. However, as co-founder of Konoha he takes the expectations of public appearances very seriously and makes stops in civilian districts to quietly check up on them every once in a while. He never lingers long and doesn’t stop for idle chit-chatting, but on one such visit with Hashirama by his side, his keen eyes caught a flash of hair in the sunlight. Noticing the direction Madara is looking in, Hashirama drags him over in spite of his protests to “make new friends.”

• Madara exchanges meaningless pleasantries with them, but assumes his usual air of casual indifference pretty quickly and allows Hashirama to take over the conversation. Though he is mostly silent, he notices details like the graceful way they move their hands when they gesture, their pleasant smile and their sunny, friendly disposition which is a stark contrast to his own personality. Later when he’s home alone, he dwells on these little details and finds himself intrigued and before he retires to bed, he makes a note to find them and speak to them again.

• Madara visits the place where he first met them frequently, and when he finally sees them again, he wastes no time in cornering them. He doesn’t mean to intimidate them, it’s just his default setting and considering his lack of experience navigating a delicate situation like this, he pretty much just demands that they accompany him. He says something like “You will allow me to treat you to dinner. Tomorrow night at 7. I will meet you here and accompany you.”

• Though he doesn’t show it outwardly, waiting for his s/o to show up for the first date was nerve wracking. He almost left early to spare his dignity, but something stops him. When they show up after all, instead of feeling relieved he gets even more nervous. As a result he spends most of the date listening to them talk over dinner rather than talking himself, but he minds his manners and finds himself enthralled by the easy manner that comes with the civilian lifestyle. After that night, he meets his s/o every night. Sometimes he talks about battles and shares some insight about his lifestyle as a shinobi, and sometimes he sits quietly and listen to them talk about their life and family, but to his surprise he never grows bored.

• Madara spends most of his time with his s/o, and though he never asks, most of their belongings gradually shift to his house from their many nights spent together and eventually, so does his s/o. They bring a kind of peace, trust and companionship that Madara secretly relishes, and though Madara may never outright say “I love you”, he does his best to show them in small ways like making sure the family they come from is protected at any cost, picking up on household chores when he knows his s/o has had a long day, and divulging personal details to them that he wouldn’t tell another shinobi.

Tobirama Senju

Originally posted by fuckyeahnaruto

• During his time as Hokage, Tobirama frequently came in contact with civilians. After all, they were part of his village and as such, they were his to protect. He probably first met his s/o while he was overseeing the construction of a new building in the village and they were a part of a large group of civilian laborers on his payroll. He noticed their enthusiastic dedication to every task assigned to them no matter how tedious or challenging it was, and followed behind them to watch them work for the better part of the day. He even offered to help them once when they were carrying a stack of bricks, but was shot down politely in spite of their obvious struggles. He scolded them for overdoing it and took half of the stack to carry himself.

• Tobirama spends more time than he would like to admit glaring intensely at them. Though he looks angry, he’s really just lost in his own thoughts and admiring their dedication to the village his brother had dreamed of. He spent so much time staring that his s/o caught him in the act and walked over to him to ask him if they had upset him somehow, and even apologized for not immediately accepting his help earlier – that threw him for a loop because he doesn’t realize that he’s the poster child for Resting Bitch Face Syndrome.

• He is pretty flustered at having been caught staring by a civilian (oh God he could hear Hashirama laughing from his grave), so Tobirama sounds snappish when he tells them that he isn’t angry with them and probably for the first time in his life acts on an impulse to invite them out to dinner. Almost immediately after he does he kicks himself mentally and tries backpedal, but only ends up more flustered. They just laugh and graciously accept, then go back to their duty.

• After their first date, Tobirama seeks them out often. He brings his s/o lunch and sits with them, and most of the time they talk about their dreams for the future of Konoha. On days where his s/o isn’t working and he has a little free time, he invites them to his house for a quiet dinner that he prepared himself and he finds himself drawn to them and enjoying their company.

• It would take months or even years for Tobirama to come to grips with his own feelings, because he tries his best to smother them in their infancy to avoid unnecessary complications. In spite of his efforts he finds himself smitten at first, then as he gets to know them on a more intimate level those feelings of infatuation transform into something deeper and more complicated. He would realize he loves them in a simple, quiet moment where he gets out of bed in the middle of the night to get dressed and leave, then turns to take one last look at their sleeping form bathed in moonlight. Instead of leaving, he climbs back into bed and falls asleep next to them, content for once to just leave things be.

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How are u able to go to Japan and Korea that is AMAZING do u have any travel planning tips??

my mom has to travel on business a lot so i actually just join her on her trips!! and i get to take advantage of the free hotel and breakfast since her company pays for it lolol. i have to pay for my airfare and any shopping etc tho 

travel planning tips!!! 

  • i discovered the ‘5 4 3 2 1′ packing guide last year n i love it
  • i think this tip only works for urban/metropolitan cities but research the different “districts” of the city you’re visiting and what they’re known for (ginza is fancy $$$, shimokitazawa is hipster, etc.) and then look up which district your hotel is in + the districts nearby!! make a rough list of places you wanna hit up in each district 
    • im honestly not too big on the whole touristy landmark thing and i always just look up shopping and food places. omg. so many food places. i love food. 
    • look for lists that are recommended by locals!!! BLOGGERS ARE UR FRIENDS. omg there are hella travel blogs out there that recommend places and also review their experience so it can help you decide where you wanna go 
    • talking to the concierge of your hotel is also good because they def know the area well and could give you hella tips!!! 
  • planning out where to go and when: ok so personally i don’t like having everything planned out to a T (i used to but that always stressed me out) so now i’m much more lax about things. it depends on how big the city is but when i was in tokyo i planned to hit up like 2-3 districts a day. i would only decide which districts on the day of!! since i already researched each district and had a rough list of places i wanted to check out, i’d just wake up and see where i felt like going and then i’d be on my way. 
    • i’ve found my pattern is usually:
      • beginning of trip: check out immediate/nearby district 
      • middle: check out the ones that are farther away 
      • end of trip: work your way back to your own district 
    • idk if there’s any benefit to this but i got to know my surrounding area pretty well and i liked it!!!
  • travel apps!!! every city usually has their own metro/subway schedule app. learn how to use it and it is ur bfffffff
    • usually if you go on the app store and search “[CITY NAME] travel” it will yield lots of cool/useful stuff!!! when i was in tokyo there was one that would tell me nearby food places and i also set it to ping me whenever a good ramen place was nearby lolol
    • you could also check out if there are “listening tour guides” so that while you’re walking around the city there’s someone telling you about the history behind where you are and if there are nearby landmarks or otherwise infamous places you should check out!!
    • this is our main objective when we travel right?? ok here’s what u do:
    • go on instagram. search up the location of where you’re going. browse through the results feed and look out for any super photogenic pictures. put that location on your list!!! and then check out that place yourself and get an even prettier pic lmao boom rake in those likes hunni
    • tip: for waterside places you should plan to go during golden hour/sunset and you’ll get way prettier pics
    • also make sure to check the weather!!!! so u can plan around that just in case things are, you know, a-brewin’
  • MONEY. make sure you are acquainted with how the currency works where you’re going. so that u are not always A Mess™ when you’re paying for shit. it should take you only like maximum 15min in your hotel room memorizing how every bill and coin looks like if you’re really focused. 
    • also look up what the “common” bills are. i was in shimokitazawa and this guy wouldnt take my Y10000 and i was so emo 
    • before you leave make sure you look up conversion rates and see if it’s more beneficial to convert at home or at your destination!! try not to go through the atm at your hotel cuz they be tryna milk u and rip u off 
  • look up the etiquette/customs of your area so that you’re respectful of the people you meet along the way and so that you don’t accidentally offend anyone!! 

i hope these help!! as always, people are free to add on and share their own tips ♡

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Hi! As someone wishing to expand their musical horizons, I was wondering if you could recommend some Kpop artists/groups you think are good? I'm just getting into Kpop and there are so many awesome artists I have no clue where to start!

OKAY let’s get this started as I drag you into kpop hell.

Fantastic groups, I’ll break them down into boy bands and girl band just to make it easy.

Boy Bands: (and done in no particular order)

  • Bigbang
  • SHINee
  • BTS
  • Super Junior
  • NCT-127 (they are super new but not too bad)

Girl Bands: (and done in no particular order)

  • Girls Generation (My intro group to kpop)
  • Red Velvet
  • F(x) (they might be breaking up, not sure)
  • 2NE1 (no longer a group so no new content)
  • Twice
  • Blackpink (they are new but not too bad either some say they are the new 2NE1.)

So songs to try out from each of these groups: I’m going to pick my favorites and good gateway songs to them.

  • EXO: Wolf, Growl, Playboy, Monster, and Heart-attack. (Now with EXO there is a M and K for the older songs, as they use to sing both songs in Korean and Mandarin. Newer stuff is only in Korean as the majority of the Chinese members left except for precious baby Unicorn-Lay. Check out the members that left, Kris, Luhan and Z.Tao all very good I miss them. I LOVE CHANYEOL only living human that I would kiss and marry.)
  • Bigbang: Bae Bae, Fantastic Baby, Bang-Bang-Bang, Zutter (the music video IS FREAKY), Good Boy and Last Dance. (Bigbang has been around for a very long time they are almost the oldest boy band around in the kpop world they all sing solo as well so listen to T.O.P and G-Dragon too!!)
  • SHINee: Lucifer, Dream Girl and RingDingDong (this song will be stuck in your head for hours and giggling at the name) (also check out Taemin and Jonghyun’s stuff)
  • BTS: Dope, No, Run, Not Today, and War on the Hormones.  (Their music videos are always so awesome!)
  • Super Junior: (they are not my top favorite but they have been around forever and a day) Sorry Sorry Sorry and Mamacitia are my favorites from them. (They are also broken into Mandarin and Korean sub groups, listen to Zhoumi and Henry)
  • NCT-127: Firetruck, Cherry Bomb, and Limitless. (They are new and I just recently started listening to them. Mark and Ten are cute.)

Girl Groups:

  • Girls Generation: I got a boy, Gee, Genie, Mr. Mr., Dancing Queen and Lionheart. (They are bubble-gum music for sure it’s peppy and happy all day, cutesy and fluffy.)
  • Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb, Ice Cream, Rookie and Russian Roulette
  • F(x) Red Light District, Pretty Girl (Check out Amber’s music she is aswesome!)
  • 2NE1: Fire, Hate You, Come Back Home, Goodbye and Crush. (Check out CL’s stuff, seriously want to marry her.)
  • Twice: I just started listening to them: Knock-Knock, Cheer Up, and T.T (Momo is so freaking cute)
  • Blackpink: I only know a few songs as I only just decided to give them a second chance. Whistle and Boombayah

So I hope that helps some!!


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You break me, I systematically destroy your entire life.

I apologize up front for the rather lengthy post, but it’s all true and was my greatest revenge.

It all starts about 10 years ago. I was happily engaged to a girl who I knew for about 9 years but had only been dating for about 1 year. Let’s call her “Nancy McF*ckingC*ntbag”

All was good, she had her dream engagement ring, we had a nice house together, both had steady jobs and the wedding plans were coming along nicely. About two months prior to the wedding we found out we were going to have a baby! Such happiness had never been felt before. Wedding plans continued and the big day was only 28 days away.

I come home from work and find that Nancy isn’t home. I call her to see if she got held up at work and to see what time she might be home. But Nancy wasn’t at work, she was at her grandmother’s house, in another state. Nancy calmly told me that she no longer wanted to get married and that she was not coming home.

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Title: Falling ~Part 1

Protagonists: Vixx, Reader, Catcher, Inspector

Word Count: 21,776 (Entire fic, presplit)

Warnings: Rated M, Angst, Violence, Mild Smut, Language, Sub!VIXX, BDSM themes, Foot Fetish, N/Reader, Hyuk/Reader, Mafia/Gang!VIXX

Summary: You were fallen apart, the lines between VIXX and you were blurring and that was dangerous. But you didn’t know exactly who you could trust at the moment and things just seemed to keep going against you.

Author’s Note: I think this hit the character limit and thus had to be split into two separate pieces, which we didn’t want. Holy crap. Here’s Part 2. If you like or reblog the second part, please do so for this part. They’re meant to be a whole, but I was forced to split them. Anyway, I got a request a while back for Mafia!VIXX with a Domme!Leader, and the more I thought about it, the more I felt like it really needed an extended universe, so I proposed the idea of doing a collaborative universe to Vinter and Alex. I’d already talked to them about possibly doing a collab before, and they liked the idea, so the Trust-verse was born! We’ve actually had a lot of fun working on this and have grown attached to the characters. I might post a sequel to “Falling” after the other two fics are out. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

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Gardonia!! Are you alright?? There was that horrible earthquake in one of the Boros districts and I'm just checking on everyone to make sure they're okay!!! -Ivaria

I heard about that, I am fine except for this terrible headache I have had all day.
I couldn’t stay at work it got so bad…

A thought came into my mind, which is surprising by itself.

So I was replaying the Flooded District in Dishonored and checked that pit-cell next to Corvo’s with the dead Overseer. Franklin was his name, if I’m not mistaken. And next to the Overseer we could find a Daud’s letter, where he had been mocking the poor guy, making light of his faith. I had never really regarded this letter before, but this time one sentence caught my eye. It read:

[…] what do the Strictures tell you about being imprisoned in a cell you could easily escape, were your legs not shattered?

Taking into account, that Corvo’s legs were okay (not to mention his supernatural skills) and the pit-cell where he was being held was identical to the one with Franklin, did it mean that Daud wanted for Corvo to escape?

The Beginning

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: @hoffkk

Request by: Anon

Prompt:  Can you please write a Joshaya famfiction where Maya is disappointed and crying over Kermit Coz she saw him with his new family. She runs away and coincidentally meets Josh over there and later Josh comforts her even though he was busy with his friends. Maybe it can be a day after Maya’s 18 bday. I know it’s really specific but I hope you accept my request.


It had been only two days since Maya’s 18th birthday, and her birthday money was already burning a hole in her pocket.  Itching to spend it, Maya hit the streets of New York’s shopping district.  

She checked out a few vintage clothing stores and a couple music shops, then took a break to grab a smoothie.  As she walked down the street, slurping up the ‘Very Berry’ goodness, she glanced through some more windows.

One store in particular caused Maya to slow to a stop.  It was a jewelry store.  She loved to spoil herself with some bling every now and then, so she couldn’t resist taking a closer look.  As she peered through the window, deciding whether she wanted a pair of shooting star earrings in silver or gold, something else caught her attention, causing her to drop her smoothie on the street, splattering purple liquid everywhere. Her father.

He was older, his hair was a bit shorter, and he no longer had a mustache, but it was definitely Kermit Hart AKA runaway dad.  The dad she hadn’t seen since middle school when he tried to reconnect, but she turned him down.  That day was one of the worst days of her life right after the day he actually left, and today was quickly heading in a similar direction.

Her heart raced as she watched Kermit intently as he smiled down at the little girl next to him.  The girl was about 8 or 9 years old, had long blonde curls, and Kermit’s piercing blue eyes… the same eyes Maya had.  The girl beamed at Kermit, admiring the silver locket he had just clasped around her neck, mouthed something like “Thanks, daddy!”, and jumped into his arms.  As they hugged, Maya felt a wetness on her cheek and started to hyperventilate.  When he went to place a kiss on her forehead, Maya couldn’t take it anymore and turned away, running down the street the way she came.  If she had had bags she would have dropped them in her mad dash, but luckily nothing caught her interest until the earrings, so she used her free arms to her advantage and used them to wipe away her tears and move faster down the sidewalk.

Maya managed to weave her way through the people pretty well, until her tears blurred her vision too much causing her to smack right into someone.  As she wiped her eyes for the umpteenth time, she felt a pair of strong arms, wrapped around her, holding her in place.

“Sorry.” She said with a sniffle, then tried to move, but the person wouldn’t let her.

“Maya?” Said a familiar voice before she felt the arms around her extend and push her back a step as if the person was trying to get a better look at her.  "Maya what’s wrong?“

Finally looking up and meeting the eyes of the person in front of her, she saw the boy of her girlish, childhood dreams and close personal friend: Joshua Matthews.

"Josh, I- I’m so sorry.” She apologized, quickly smoothing out the front of his leather jacket.

“It’s fine.  I’m more concerned about you.  What happened?”  He asked again.

“Josh?  You coming, bro?” a deep, masculine voice called out.

Following the voice, Maya saw Josh’s college pal, Andrew, and another guy she’d never seen before crossing the threshold of a nearby comic book store.

“You two go on ahead, I’ll meet up with you guys later.” Josh said with a nod then returned his attention to the blonde in front of him.

“Look, Josh, it’s nothing, really.  You should go with your friends.” Maya told him.

“They’ll be fine. Like I said, I’m more concerned about you.”  He reiterated his former statement, taking in her puffy, red eyes and sad expression. Clearly something was wrong and Josh wasn’t just going to leave her like this.  He was more mature than that.  Plus, she was a friend.

Maya tried to smile, but it only cause more tears to trickle out the corners of her eyes, which cause her to relapse into a full out sob.  In response, Josh pulled her back into his chest and rewrapped his arms tightly around her.  As she soaked his grey tee shirt that peeked out from his jacket in tears, Josh rubbed soothing circles on her back, silently encouraging her to let it all out.

Once Maya’s tears and breathing slowed a bit, Josh led her across the street to a 50s themed diner and got them a booth in the back corner for privacy.  Sitting next to each other, Maya attempted to fix her smudged eye make-up while Josh ordered some drinks.  It wasn’t until the hot chocolates were sat in front of them, that they actually spoke.

“So… you wanna talk about it?” Josh asked.

Maya was silent for a long moment as she stirred her hot chocolate around in her mug, then finally she said, “I saw my father.”

“Oh.” Josh said, not knowing what else to say.  He knew that her father had left when she was young and that things were complicated where he was involved, but he didn’t know any of the details. Therefore, he figured it best to remain silent and let her elaborate.

“He didn’t see me.”  She went on. “But I sure saw him… with his new daughter.” She finished, keeping her eyes focused on the warm drink in her hands.

“Are you sure–” Josh began, but Maya cut him off.

“Yeah, it was definitely his daughter.  She had his eyes.  My eyes.” Maya confirmed.

“Wow.  That couldn’t have been easy for you to see.” He surmised.

“What hurt most about the whole thing was that he was actually being a good father.  He bought her a necklace, hugged her, kissed her… and I just… I lost it.”  She explained, then met his eyes  with her own tear-filled ones and asked, “Why couldn’t he be that father for me? Why wasn’t I good enough?” A tear came loose and streaked down the side of her face as she added, “What’s wrong with me, Josh?”

Sliding closer, Josh took Maya’s face in his hands and wiped away the tears with his thumbs.  As he did so, he looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Listen to me.  There is nothing wrong with you.  Nothing.  Okay?  It wasn’t you that wasn’t good enough for him, it was him that wasn’t good enough for you. He couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a father and husband, so he left.  But that’s on him, not you, Maya.  You can’t blame yourself.”

She nodded her understanding and he dropped his hands, moving them around her once more for another hug.  After a long moment, he pulled back and rested his hands on her upper arms.

“Thank you, Josh. You really are a great guy.” She half smiled, still clinging on to his leather jacket clad forearms.

“And you’re an amazing girl, Maya.  I don’t know how anyone could ever want to leave you.” He said sweetly, offering a small smile of his own.

“Yeah, well, I guess I just have that effect on older men.  They tend to distance themselves from me.”  Maya said somewhat pointedly, the comment clearly not just referring to her father, but to Josh too.

“Not anymore.” He whispered huskily, then leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers. The kiss was short, but also slow and full of promise.

Josh new this probably wasn’t the best moment for their first kiss, but he just couldn’t help himself. He had to show her just how important and worthwhile she was, despite what her father’s actions might have insinuated.

“Wow.” Maya said pulling away to look into his eyes.  "That was–“

"Just the beginning.”  Josh finished.

“Of what exactly?” She queried, arching one of her thin blonde brows.

“Of us… an official us.” He clarified.  "If you still want that.“

Hecks yeah she wanted that, but she didn’t want to answer until she was sure it was what Josh really wanted too, and that he wasn’t just saying and doing these things to  be nice and make her feel better.

"Wait… do you really mean that?  I mean, you aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and realize that this moment was a mistake and try to take it back, are you?” Maya asked seriously.

Josh answered quickly, wanting to set her straight and put her mind at ease.  "Look, Maya, this moment may not have been planned or expected, but it wasn’t a mistake.  I promise you that.  You could never be a mistake, and that kiss… that definitely wasn’t a mistake, it was–“

"The beginning” Maya finished with a sweet smile and a hopeful twinkle in her eye.

Josh’s boyish grin appeared at her words and he retorted, “Exactly.”

Maya’s smile grew, then she released Josh,  raised her mug and said, “to beginnings.”

Josh mimicked her movements and replied, “To beginnings.” then clinked his mug against hers.

She took a sip of the warm, brown liquid to seal the deal, then nuzzled into Josh’s side and placed her head on his shoulder.  His arm came up and around her back in response, welcoming her closeness as he took a sip of his own.

And just like that, they began to be them and began their beginning… sipping on hot chocolate in the middle of a 50s diner in the middle of shopping district in the middle of one of the worst days of Maya’s life that she would from now on also consider to be one of the best.  Yes, it was definitely the best worst day of Maya’s life.

Fic: “Perception”

Rating: G
Tags: Berena, UST, Friends to Lovers, Serena!fic
Summary: Serena falls in love with all five senses, even if she doesn’t quite realize it.
Author’s Note: For my lovely and patient Berena secret santa recipient, @wonderwanda​! I expected this to become much more like what she requested than it ended up (more Chekovian domesticity; less UST and cluelessness), but I hope it will do! (I also expected this to be done on time, so there you go.) Enjoy!

Also on AO3!

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  • Rossi: Only one victim?
  • Hotch: It's what he did to her that concerns me.
  • Garcia: [passes a folder to Reid] Morgan sent this late last night.
  • Hotch: He and Prentiss are waiting at the district.
  • Reid: [checks the folder] Body seems posed, left arm raised. Oh, it's a first. I see your concern.
  • Garcia: What?
  • Rossi: The photo wasn't all he took.
  • Garcia: Reid, what?
  • Reid: Her lips have been removed.
  • Garcia: Oh my god
  • Rossi: Maybe a trophy
  • Reid: [chewing on a muffin] Maybe he ate them?
  • Rossi:
  • Garcia: Okay, now I have that memory burned in my mind for the rest of my life.
  • Reid: You asked

Like everyone else in the world I’m playing pokemon go. Like everyone else playing that lives in a rural area, the lack of poke stops and pokemon kind of sucks. My office isn’t much better. But one of my co-workers tipped me off about the historic district a few minutes from our office being a gold mine.

Let me tell you, it was beautiful. There must have been 30 poke stops and three gyms in a half mile radius. 

So I’m walking down the strip, and I see a bar with a poke ball on its sign. The bar owner and one of the waitresses are sitting at a table outside playing. The outside tables are within range of three poke stops. They look up, and let me know very enthusiastically that their bar is filled with pokemon and that I need to go inside and catch more. I told the owner I couldn’t buy a drink since I’d be driving home soon, and she said she didn’t mind at all if I didn’t buy anything, but I HAD to go catch the good pokemon inside. Like she really, REALLY wanted me to go inside.

She told me she’d take me around personally, even through the back, on one condition: I had to show her my collection and anything I caught in the bar. So she did just that. She took me around through the bar, the stage, the back stage, the storage rooms, even the kitchen. There was a goldeen, a staryu, a zubat, and an eevee. And oh yeah, a really cool bar. 

She was just so excited about everything I caught, everything she caught, and was just to welcoming to anyone who wanted to come in and play. Definitely made a mental note to come back with friends.

I’ve had more conversations with random people since I started playing this game. Businesses that are smart enough to take advantage can do very well with this. I’m exploring areas I’ve never been to before, finding new places to hang out. And man, people are just being so nice! Tell me again how this game is bad thing?

don’t you know that you’re toxic?

Check Your Checks

External image

The Glenurquhart

About half-way down Loch Ness, the stamping ground of that modern dragon known as the Loch Ness Monster, stands the battered old stronghold of Castle Urquhart, overlooking a wide and rugged glen from which is derived the name of the greatest single development in woolen designing - The Glen Urquhart Check - or as it is known in the vernacular of the American woolen trade, The Glen Urquhart Plaid. Originally when the design received the endorsement and approval of the Lady Caroline, Countess of Seafield, for use in her Glen Urquhart estates, it was known as the Glen Urquhart Tartan. The Countess herself was a famed handloom weaver, and for this reason it is possible that tradition has give her credit for creating the design. However there is evidence that the actual designer of the 1st Glen Urquhart check was Lizzie Macdougall, who spun and dyed the blue and white yarn of the original web to be woven by William Fraser. Fraser had some difficulty in following Lizzie’s instructions and she had to draw a diagram with a stick on the muddy front of his “but and ben.” While this original plaid was navy blue and white, it was ultimately superseded by the black and white glen as we know it today. For the sake of the record the first Glen Urquhart Check was designed in or around the year 1848.

External image

The Small Glenurquhart

The Small Glen Urquhart Check is interesting for many different reasons. Sometimes incorrectly described as the “Small Glen” which is a valley in Perthshire far removed from the native Glen Urquhart, or the Small Glen Urquhart, the alternate two and two sections show stripe down and stripe across. This is caused by the fact that the four and four section in both warp and filling starts and ends with the same colour, light in the warp , dark in the filling. The fact that the four and four section has the same colour on both sides, disposes of the objection sometimes raised to the standard Check which starts with four ends of black and finishes with four ends of white.

External image

The Prince of Wales

The Prince of Wales, one of the most handsome of the District Checks, owes its name to that of the heir to the British Crown. It follows the lines of the Small Glen Urquhart in that the two and two section is stripe down and stripe across on alternate blacks. Carried out on a red-brown and white ground the four and four section of the glen is boxed in with six ends on either side of navy blue. This pattern assumed fashion importance with the succession of Edward.

— John McKay, 1949



The following is going to sound like I believe I am an authority.  I am not, and I do not.  Even so, I thought it might be useful to share how I categorize my plaids.

To me, there are 5 basic categories of plaid check:  Glen, District, Gun Club, Shepherd (or houndstooth) and Tartan.

  1. GLEN PLAID.  This is the best known.  Here’s where I could give you a gorpy definition of glen plaid based on warps and wefts.  But you can google just as well as I can; that’s not the point of this guide.  Basically, think of it as both vertical and horizontal lines that, where they intersect, form a houndstooth pattern (jagged lightning bolts).  Often there is an overcheck – a windowpane superimposed on the field pattern (brown in the far left).  BTW, “Prince of Wales” is a very specific colorway of glen plaid check – quite striking, but it’s technically not correct to call all glen plaids “POW” checks.
  2. DISTRICT CHECK.  Much rarer.  Straight edged and unbroken lines both horizontal and vertical, with no pattern change at intersection, and characterized by a contrast color every few bars, the net effect of which is a larger windowpane on a smaller graph check field.
  3. GUN CLUB (or TATTERSALL)This is my personal favorite.  Like district check, but with all repeating colors at regular, smaller intervals, which eliminates the distinct windowpane over graph check effect in a district check.  Third from the left in the middle picture is a district check in retrospect, which is why it appears there as well.
  4. SHEPHERD (or HOUNDSTOOTH) CHECK.  Here, either the field is all houndstooths with a distinct overcheck over the field (basically, a district check but where the intersecting field grid lines are houndstooths, not perfect squares), or the color bars are jagged edged in a houndstooth pattern where they intersect (basically, a gun club, but with houndstooths rather than perfect squares where the color bars intersect). 
  5. TARTAN PLAID.  This is most associated with kilts and clan tartans.  The differentiating feature here is that the color bars vary in thickness both within color and direction.  So, for example, in blackwatch (left jacket in bottom right picture), you have just green and blue, but the green check lines vary from thick to thin.  Often there is a distinct, thin overcheck superimposed on a field of intersecting bars of varying thickness.

    Hopefully this is either entertaining, helpful or both.  Incidentally, these are all from our personal rotation, some of which may be hitting ebay as BIN in the coming weeks (because, well, we’ve overspent a bit lately…)