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What Panem district do you think the 104th kids would be from and who could/would have been a Victor?

Just as a note, when I was researching the districts, there wasn’t much about some of them, and so I apologize if there isn’t a huge amount of diversity in numbers.

Eren comes from District 2. He is not as directly involved in the District’s main industry of masonry as his father is a doctor, however he has knowledge of both trades that help him out in the arena. He is trained to fight from a young age, coming from a Career District. He’s known for his agility and sheer willpower. Could potentially be a Victor, due to that willpower and fighting fire. The only reason he isn’t a sure winner is that he is still reckless and could act without thinking in a way that will get him killed.

Mikasa comes from District 2. She grew up very close with Eren, but is more skilled working with her hands due to her parents’ occupations as masons. She is also trained as a Career and stands out immediately. She would definitely be a Victor. She’s just too good when it comes to combat and strategy, and easily eliminates the competition. The only thing that could break her would be ties to other competitors. If she gets too close to someone, develops feelings platonic or romantic, then it will be hard for her to fight against them and it will be agonizing to lose them and only that could cost her victory.

Armin comes from District 3. He’s incredibly adept at using technology of all sorts, and his greatest weapon is his brain. He’s also worked at increasing his speed and is very fast when he has to be. He gets far in the competition due to his strategizing and ability to work calmly in tense situations. However, he is most likely not a Victor. While his strategizing and cleverness outweigh most of his competitor’s combined, when it comes down to brute strength, Armin’s at a serious disadvantage.

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The signs as Districts from the Hunger Games

Aries: District 7 (lumber)

Taurus: District 4 (fishing)

Gemini: District 1 (luxury)

Cancer: District 12 (mining)

Leo: District 9 (grain)

Virgo: District 10 (livestock)

Libra: District 3 (technology)

Scorpio: District 2 (masonry)

Sagittarius: District 11 (agriculture)

Capricorn: District 6 (transportation)

Aquarius: District 8 (textiles)

Pisces: District 5 (power)

The signs in the districts (Panem/THG)

Aries: district 13

Taurus: district 7 (lumber)

Gemini: the capitol

Cancer: district 11 (agriculture)

Leo: district 5 (power)

Virgo: district 8 (textile)

Libra: district 1 (luxury)

Scorpio: district 12 (coal)

Sagittarius: district 6 (transportation)

Capricorn: district 10 (livestock)

Aquarius: district 3 (technology)

Pisces: district 4 (fishing)

  • Aries: District 2 - Weapons and Masonry
  • Taurus: District 11 - Agriculture
  • Gemini: District 1 - Luxury
  • Cancer: District 10 - Livestock
  • Leo: District 7 - Lumber
  • Virgo: District 9 - Grain
  • Libra: District 8 - Clothing and Textiles
  • Scorpio: District 12 - Mining
  • Sagittarius: District 6 - Transportation
  • Capricorn: District 5 - Power
  • Aquarius: District 3 - Technology
  • Pisces: District 4 - Fishing
the signs as hunger games districts
  • Aries: district 2 - masonry
  • Taurus: district 3 - technology
  • Gemini: district 6 - transportation
  • Cancer: district 9 - grain
  • Leo: district 1 - luxury
  • Virgo: district 11 - agriculture
  • Libra: district 12 - mining
  • Scorpio: district 7 - lumber
  • Sagittarius: district 5 - power
  • Capricorn: district 10 - livestock
  • Aquarius: district 8 - textiles
  • Pisces: distrct 4 - fishing

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mom which districts do you think seventeen would be in if they were in the hunger games? (if it would be to long to do all together, can you do performance unit please) thanks if you answer!

  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: District 9 - Grain / Occupation: Harvester 
  • Jeonghan: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Tailor 
  • Joshua: District 5 - Energy + Power/ Occupation: System Analyst 
  • Jun: District 1 - Luxury / Occupation: Jeweler 
  • Hoshi: District 3 - Technology / Occupation: Inventor 
  • Woozi: District 12 - Mining / Occupation: Baker 
  • Wonwoo: District 7 - Lumber/ Occupation: Carpenter 
  • DK: District 6 - Transportation / Occupation: Conductor 
  • Mingyu: District 2 - Masonry / Occupation: Blacksmith Apprentice 
  • the8: District 10 - Livestock / Occupation: Rancher 
  • Seungkwan: District 4 - Fishing / Fisherman 
  • Vernon: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Teacher 
  • Dino: District 11 - Agriculture / Occupation: Gardener 
signs as Hunger Games districts
  • Aries: District 5, specializes in electrical power
  • Taurus: District 10, livestock
  • Gemini: District 1, luxury items
  • Cancer: District 8, textiles
  • Leo: District 12, coal mining
  • Virgo: District 3, production of electronics
  • Libra: District 11, agriculture
  • Scorpio: District 6, transportation
  • Sagittarius: District 2 - stonecutting, fighting, and weapon making
  • Capricorn: District 7, lumber and paper
  • Aquarius: District 9, producing grain
  • Pisces: District 4, swimming and fishing
Hunger Games' districts - Zodiac Signs

Aries - District 2, Masonry (loyal to the capitol, good at fighting and physical work, one of the strongest, district of career)

Taurus - District 10, livestock. (good with animals, produces all the food, nourish the entire Panem = maternal role)

Gemini - District 3, High technology (most intelligent, good at creating, one of the most rebel district)

Cancer - District 9, Grain. (first to be killed in the arena, ahah, let’s say they are not the type to be aggressive.)

Leo - District 1, Luxury. (Loyal, original, fierce, career and fond of fashion.)

Virgo - District 12, Coal. (Resisting, hard-working, dull district according to the other Panem’s resident.)

Libra - District 8, textiles. (urban type, not made for the brutality of the games, sewer)

Scorpio - District 13, Nuclear. (rebuild himself after his “death” like a phoenix, secret, organized, need of vengeance)

Sagittarius - District 11, Agriculture. (one of the first district to rebel, daring, solidary)

Capricorn - District 5, Power. (Like Foxface : intelligent, discrete and loner)

Aquarius - District 7, lumber. (like Johanna Mason: original, sarcasic, brave and rebellious)

Pisces - District 4, Fishing. (good with water, seductive, charming and secretive like Finnick.)

If each district of Panem had a patron Greek deity...
  • District 1: Luxury: Aphrodite
  • District 2: Masonry: Hades
  • District 3: Technology: Hephaestus
  • District 4: Oceans: Poseidon
  • District 5: Energy: Zeus
  • District 6: Transportation: Hermes
  • District 7: Lumber: Artemis
  • District 8: Textiles: Hestia
  • District 9: Grain: Demeter
  • District 10: Cattle: Pan
  • District 11: Agriculture: Persephone
  • District 12: Medicine: Apollo
  • District 13: Weaponry: Ares
Signs as the Districts of Panem

Aries: District 12 (Mining)

Taurus: District 10 (Livestock)

Gemini: District 6 (Transportation)

Cancer: District 1 (Luxury)

Leo: District 2 (Masonry)

Virgo: District 3 (Technology)

Libra: District 11 (Agriculture)

Scorpio: District 5 (Power)

Sagittarius: District 7 (Lumber)

Capricorn: District 9 (Grain)

Aquarius: District 4 (Fishing)

Pisces: District 8 (Textiles)

It's Just A Game (Open Starter for Woodsjunie)

District 3. Technology. Female Tribute. Pepper Green. Age 15. 5’ 8". Good with her head. Liked to read. Scored an 8 in the evaluation. Was very excited to be a part of such a historic event.

That was all the viewers at home knew about Pepper. All they knew about the girl they were sending to her death. They didn’t know how hopeless she was. How her mother had died years before. How she was afraid of knives. How she didn’t want to kill. How she didn’t want to die….. How she didn’t have much of a home to return to anyway. All they knew was what the Capitol had told them…. and that she, and the others, were being lifted up at this very moment. How the bloodbath was about to start. And then Pepper was above ground…. and blinded by sunlight. She was in a forest, she realize, the cornucopia just a sprint away. She spotted a backpack and weapons. Weapons galore. A knife. The knife and the backpack. Yes… yes those would be good. Not that Pepper had any real hope but…. well. She didn’t want to die, now did she? She looked around at the other tributes, scanning over their faces. Her eyes fell on that meek, sickly girl from District…. 7? Right. The lumber district….



Ok so basically I was watching Mocking Jay Pt2, and I began to think about the hunger games and the Gladiator fights, and how similar they are. The gladiator fights in the Roman Empire were the slaves fighting against each other to stop the people from rebelling, the Hunger Games is very similar. All the people in Panem are like slaves for the Capital. They work and provide for the Capital, but get little in return, so the kids sent off to the Capital are almost (yes I understand they are not actually slaves of the capital, and a lot of slavery is a lot worse then what they were going through) like the slaves put into the Gladiator fights. The Capital does this to stop rebellion, like the Empire did it to stop rebellion. Also after further thought I realized that there were 12 Districts, and 12 gods. Each god represents a District.

District 1 (luxury) // Venus (Aphrodite in Greek)

District 2 (masonry) // Juno (Hera in Greek)

District 3 (technology) // Minerva (Athena in Greek)

District 4 (fishing) // Neptune (Poseidon in Greek)

District 5 (power) // Vulcan (Hephaestus in Greek)

District 6 (transportation) // Apollo

District 7 (Lumber) // Vesta (Hestia in Greek)

District 8 (Textiles) // Mercury (Hermes in Greek)

District 9 (Grain) // Ceres (Demeter in Greek)

District 10 (Live stock) // Mars (Ares in Greek)

District 11 (Agriculture) // Diana (Artemis in Greek)

District 12 (Mining) // Pluto (Hades in Greek)

So this was going to be like, a 400-word fic TOPS...

and then it sort of snowballed and Johanna and Katniss started talking and man, I don’t write dialogue, and then like, eight hours later, it’s done and I can’t even. I don’t know where this came from, seriously. And it’s HAPPY. It’s a HAPPY piece of writing that was meant to be published on Christmas (even though it has nothing to do with the holiday) but it was 2:30 am when I finished it so whoops.

Title: Impossible

Fandom: The Hunger Games

Pairing: Joniss

Word Count: 3,550

Spoilers: Post-Mockingjay

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Now what if, stay with me here, BigBang was suddenly thrown into The Hunger Games. Who goes where? I see TOP coming from District 1 (luxury, all that high class furniture), GD from the Capital (he looks like he'd fit in just fine), Dae from District 7 (lumber, since he reminds me of a lumberjack), YB from District 4(fishing, so he can always be shirtless), and Seungri from District 3 (technology, since he so insta-savvy).


And fucking YG will be President Snow.