district 6 transportation

The signs as Districts from the Hunger Games

Aries: District 7 (lumber)

Taurus: District 4 (fishing)

Gemini: District 1 (luxury)

Cancer: District 12 (mining)

Leo: District 9 (grain)

Virgo: District 10 (livestock)

Libra: District 3 (technology)

Scorpio: District 2 (masonry)

Sagittarius: District 11 (agriculture)

Capricorn: District 6 (transportation)

Aquarius: District 8 (textiles)

Pisces: District 5 (power)

The signs in the districts (Panem/THG)

Aries: district 13

Taurus: district 7 (lumber)

Gemini: the capitol

Cancer: district 11 (agriculture)

Leo: district 5 (power)

Virgo: district 8 (textile)

Libra: district 1 (luxury)

Scorpio: district 12 (coal)

Sagittarius: district 6 (transportation)

Capricorn: district 10 (livestock)

Aquarius: district 3 (technology)

Pisces: district 4 (fishing)

  • Aries: District 2 - Weapons and Masonry
  • Taurus: District 11 - Agriculture
  • Gemini: District 1 - Luxury
  • Cancer: District 10 - Livestock
  • Leo: District 7 - Lumber
  • Virgo: District 9 - Grain
  • Libra: District 8 - Clothing and Textiles
  • Scorpio: District 12 - Mining
  • Sagittarius: District 6 - Transportation
  • Capricorn: District 5 - Power
  • Aquarius: District 3 - Technology
  • Pisces: District 4 - Fishing

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mom which districts do you think seventeen would be in if they were in the hunger games? (if it would be to long to do all together, can you do performance unit please) thanks if you answer!

  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: District 9 - Grain / Occupation: Harvester 
  • Jeonghan: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Tailor 
  • Joshua: District 5 - Energy + Power/ Occupation: System Analyst 
  • Jun: District 1 - Luxury / Occupation: Jeweler 
  • Hoshi: District 3 - Technology / Occupation: Inventor 
  • Woozi: District 12 - Mining / Occupation: Baker 
  • Wonwoo: District 7 - Lumber/ Occupation: Carpenter 
  • DK: District 6 - Transportation / Occupation: Conductor 
  • Mingyu: District 2 - Masonry / Occupation: Blacksmith Apprentice 
  • the8: District 10 - Livestock / Occupation: Rancher 
  • Seungkwan: District 4 - Fishing / Fisherman 
  • Vernon: District 8 - Textiles / Occupation: Teacher 
  • Dino: District 11 - Agriculture / Occupation: Gardener 
the signs as hunger games districts
  • Aries: district 2 - masonry
  • Taurus: district 3 - technology
  • Gemini: district 6 - transportation
  • Cancer: district 9 - grain
  • Leo: district 1 - luxury
  • Virgo: district 11 - agriculture
  • Libra: district 12 - mining
  • Scorpio: district 7 - lumber
  • Sagittarius: district 5 - power
  • Capricorn: district 10 - livestock
  • Aquarius: district 8 - textiles
  • Pisces: distrct 4 - fishing
So...{Mod Maple OOC}

I highkey wanna write a Hunger Games/ Hetalia crossover fic-

I just don’t know who to put in what district-

I already know what I want the arena to be like, and a lot of the arena events that are going to happen-

I just need a bit of help deciding who should be from where.

Here’s what I have so far-

District 1 (Luxury Items)


{Male} Feliciano Vargas (Northern Italy)

District 2 (Masonry)


{Male} Ludwig Bielschmidt (Germany)

District 3 (Technology)


{Male} Kiku Honda (Japan)

District 4 (Fishing)


{Male} Heracles Karpusi (Greece)

District 5 (Power/Electricity)



District 6 (Transportation)


{Male} Lovino Vargas (Southern Italy)

District 7 (Lumber)


{Male} Matthew Williams (Canada)

District 8 (Textiles)



District 9 (Grain Production)



District 10 (Livestock)



District 11 (Agriculture)


{Male} Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo (Spain)

District 12 (Coal Mining/ Production)


{Male} Ivan Braginsky (Russia)

I might eventually open it so y’all can submit OCs to be tributes (Though fair warning, they’ll probably be killed off earlier in the story (as mine will too-)). But for now, I’m open to suggestions for canon characters to be tributes!

A Hunger Games District for Each of the Signs
  • Aries: District 2 (weapons, soldiers)
  • Taurus: District 10 (livestock) they are the bull so duhhh
  • Gemini: District 9 (grains)
  • Cancer: District 11 (agriculture, farming)
  • Leo: District 5 (power district)
  • Virgo: District 8 (textiles)
  • Libra: District 1 (luxurious, classy)
  • Scorpio: District 12 (coal, mining, fire)
  • Sagittarius: District 6 (transportation industry)
  • Capricorn: District 7 (wood, trees, carpentry)
  • Aquarius: District 3 (electronics, helps program the Games)
  • Pisces: District 4 (located on the coast, does fishing)
signs as Hunger Games districts
  • Aries: District 5, specializes in electrical power
  • Taurus: District 10, livestock
  • Gemini: District 1, luxury items
  • Cancer: District 8, textiles
  • Leo: District 12, coal mining
  • Virgo: District 3, production of electronics
  • Libra: District 11, agriculture
  • Scorpio: District 6, transportation
  • Sagittarius: District 2 - stonecutting, fighting, and weapon making
  • Capricorn: District 7, lumber and paper
  • Aquarius: District 9, producing grain
  • Pisces: District 4, swimming and fishing
Hunger Games Themed Book Asks
  • The Arena: Which book would destroy all others in its genre?
  • The Capitol: Who is the most frivolous character you’ve ever read?
  • District 1: Which book has the most luxurious cover?
  • District 2: Which book is heavy as a brick?
  • District 3: What technology have you read in a book that you wish was available to now?
  • District 4: Which book makes you think of water, oceans, and the creatures in their depths?
  • District 5: Name a character who has an electrifying personality.
  • District 6: Which book transports you to another time or place?
  • District 7: Which book would you be most likely to burn as kindling?
  • District 8: Which character has the biggest and best wardrobe?
  • District 9: Which book gives you food cravings?
  • District 10: Who is the most unforgettable animal friend from a book?
  • District 11: Name a character who experiences a lot of growth.
  • District 12: Which book has a deep, dark, and dangerous setting or tone?
  • District 13: Name one little known book that blew you away.
If each district of Panem had a patron Greek deity...
  • District 1: Luxury: Aphrodite
  • District 2: Masonry: Hades
  • District 3: Technology: Hephaestus
  • District 4: Oceans: Poseidon
  • District 5: Energy: Zeus
  • District 6: Transportation: Hermes
  • District 7: Lumber: Artemis
  • District 8: Textiles: Hestia
  • District 9: Grain: Demeter
  • District 10: Cattle: Pan
  • District 11: Agriculture: Persephone
  • District 12: Medicine: Apollo
  • District 13: Weaponry: Ares

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Imagine the avengers as contestants in the hunger games.

District 1- Luxury: Natasha & Maria (bc I think it fits)

District 2- Masonry: Steve & Bucky (to the end of the line)

District 3- Technology: Tony & Bruce (science bros)

District 6- Transportation: Thor & Loki (bc of the Bifrost)

District 10- Livestock: Clint & Sam (bc birds, you know)

Since seeing Mockingjay Pt. 2 last night all that’s been running through my head has been a Hunger Games/TMFU AU. Haven’t developed much and prob won’t go any farther with it but I need to write it down to make it go away.

Elizabeth and Alexander- cruel tributes from District 1.
Illya- probably from District 3 it’s known for electronics (he poked fun at Napoleon’s poorly made American bugs). After his father is taken away for some slight to the Capitol he has to apply for tesserae to help his mother support them, as no one would hire them for fear of upsetting the Capitol.
Napoleon- I’d say Napoleon would be from one of the richer Districts…. District 2 is in charge of fighting and weapon making. However, District 2 usually has Careers volunteering for the Games and Napoleon would not be volunteering for it. Either he was forced to volunteer or the drawing was rigged (and no one volunteered after him).
Gaby-little chop shop girl comes from District 6. It specializes in transportation after all.
Waverly- former victor and/or a sponsor for Gaby (and later Illya and Napoleon). He has a plan to destroy the Capitol and stop the Games.
Rudi- sponsors Alexander and Elizabeth.

So they all get thrown into the Games and I’m not smart/creative enough to figure out why in this AU but Napoleon is tasked to protect Gaby, Illya is tasked to do the same. At some point they go from fighting each other to working together.

Signs as the Districts of Panem

Aries: District 12 (Mining)

Taurus: District 10 (Livestock)

Gemini: District 6 (Transportation)

Cancer: District 1 (Luxury)

Leo: District 2 (Masonry)

Virgo: District 3 (Technology)

Libra: District 11 (Agriculture)

Scorpio: District 5 (Power)

Sagittarius: District 7 (Lumber)

Capricorn: District 9 (Grain)

Aquarius: District 4 (Fishing)

Pisces: District 8 (Textiles)



Ok so basically I was watching Mocking Jay Pt2, and I began to think about the hunger games and the Gladiator fights, and how similar they are. The gladiator fights in the Roman Empire were the slaves fighting against each other to stop the people from rebelling, the Hunger Games is very similar. All the people in Panem are like slaves for the Capital. They work and provide for the Capital, but get little in return, so the kids sent off to the Capital are almost (yes I understand they are not actually slaves of the capital, and a lot of slavery is a lot worse then what they were going through) like the slaves put into the Gladiator fights. The Capital does this to stop rebellion, like the Empire did it to stop rebellion. Also after further thought I realized that there were 12 Districts, and 12 gods. Each god represents a District.

District 1 (luxury) // Venus (Aphrodite in Greek)

District 2 (masonry) // Juno (Hera in Greek)

District 3 (technology) // Minerva (Athena in Greek)

District 4 (fishing) // Neptune (Poseidon in Greek)

District 5 (power) // Vulcan (Hephaestus in Greek)

District 6 (transportation) // Apollo

District 7 (Lumber) // Vesta (Hestia in Greek)

District 8 (Textiles) // Mercury (Hermes in Greek)

District 9 (Grain) // Ceres (Demeter in Greek)

District 10 (Live stock) // Mars (Ares in Greek)

District 11 (Agriculture) // Diana (Artemis in Greek)

District 12 (Mining) // Pluto (Hades in Greek)