district 3 music

ok so i had the best day of my life

I met District 3

because of my banner

I’m gonna tell you all what happened because yano, yolo.
I made a banner saying “District 3, be my runaway.” and i was shaking it so much with my little cousin when the lads ran past. They didn’t even see it, so i was gutted tbh. Then this man, who was security, came and asked to see my banner, i thought it was going to be taken away or i was getting kicked out! The man asked to see the banner, scanning over it with this camera torch thing, then said, “Ok, congratulations you won the district 3 banner competition, you can meet district 3.” so i screamed and freaked the fuck out basically, there were tears and the people next to me thought i was so cute. He went on to tell us that when Rylan sang Spice Girls, we needed to go to the side of the stage. So we did and I was so scared tbh, i thought i’d faint or say something stupid. Then we saw some union j girls who won their banner competition. We thanked the man for choosing us and he said that he didnt, the boys did, we saw a monitor where the lads had basically scanned the crowd and picked their favourites. Which happened to be us! Rylan came off stage and waved to us and we were just like “hey mate!" Then we met the lads, I hugged Dan first and was in complete shock, then Greg came over and was like "I’m gonna give you the biggest hug!” and literally squeezed the shit out of me! then Mickey said he wanted to huggin loving so we had a hug and he squeezed me too. They commented on my banner saying how much they liked the pillow case, i had to tell them it was a sheet, not a pillow, which made me sound like a bitch so i was excessively apologizing for. Then we had pictures and they signed my banner, with loads of doodles and messages! Then we had more general chat and they followed me on twitter (Greg followed, Dan followed on the band account and Mickey didnt have his phone) then Greg took a photo on his phone of us all, then we had more hugs and then they left, but they started doing press-ups which was hilarious!! Then union j said “Hey District 3 girls!” to us and then left with District 3.