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I totally forgot I have this in my stash. Um.. okay. I have this Hunger Games Au for so long, due to school, I avoided my stash completely. Until I (stalked) @kazliin I found a post about this au I remembered again.

’So here, unlike Katniss, Yuuri knew the stunt he pulled (double dress and mockingjay). Also this is catching fire/quarter quell

I’m rushing to school so if you’re curious of my own idea, here. This is a translated FAQ I I get from my fic (not in english, the fic):

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We Protect Each Other Ch 1

Katniss wins the 72nd Hunger Games at 14 years old with heavy sponsor support from a wealthy Capital family and slowly realizes that a path has been set before her. She is a piece in someone’s game and she needs to protect her new friends just as much as they need to protect her. Maybe even the good of the country?

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❤Thank you @javistg for your amazing Beta Reading and advice!

I’m running in the woods. These aren’t my woods back home but I still have my bow, so maybe I’m hunting somewhere new. Suddenly, I hear the screaming, and I realize I’m back in the arena.

No! I can’t be there again. I can’t do this. This is pure hell.

I hear someone coming. I wonder if it’s that gigantor from district 2. I shudder at the thought.

I start running. They’re chasing me. I wish I had an opportunity to shoot. They’re too close. Way too close for comfort.

I smell the strong aroma of roses and blood. It makes my stomach churn. Keep running, don’t get distracted!

Suddenly, an arm tightens around my waist and pulls me away from the danger. Then a smaller hand, no, maybe the same size as mine fits. I know I’m safe.

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Imagine: Being chosen as a tribute for the games and your mentor, Haymitch, falls for you.

Request: Anon “Hi!! I love your writing!!!! I was wondering if you could write something for Haymitch from thg being in love w a tribute please?? Thank you 💖”

A/N: Thank you anon! <3 Idk if you wanted this to be a tribute from his Games or if you wanted it to be someone he was mentoring, so I chose the latter, I hope you don’t mind! Also, sorry for the sad ending whoops…

“And the female tribute for District 12 is…” The capitol representative waves her hand through the bowl in front of her. It’s not going to be you. It’s not going to be you Y/N. You’ll be 18 in a month and then you’ll be free from this. It’s not going to be you. You keep telling yourself this in attempts to calm your nerves, “Y/N Y/L/N!”

Your heart stops. No…NO! The Peacekeepers lead you up to the stage.

You were in the train on your way to the capitol, when your mentor, Haymitch Abernathy sat down next to you. Haymitch was the first and only District 12 victor. He won a few years before you and until today, you’d never spoken to him.

“Are you scared?” He asks.

“Not at all,” You say sarcastically, “I’m actually looking forward to getting killed.”

“I’ve never met a District 12 girl with a tongue as sharp as yours,” He chuckles. He looks you up and down, “We’ll have to make sure you stay alive.”

With that said, he walks away, picking up a bottle of alcohol as he leaves.

Haymitch’s POV

I watch as Y/N changes from a simple, small girl to a toned, strong, and even more beautiful one. I’ve grown quite attached to Y/N over the past few weeks, I know I shouldn’t be, I know she probably won’t make it back but I can’t help myself.

It was the day of the Games, I was walking to the room with the glass tube that’ll lead Y/N to the Arena. Tell her, you might never see her again, just tell her Haymitch! I see her standing there, she holds herself with confidence, but the fear is clear in her beautiful eyes. Tell her, tell her, tell her. She turns her attention to me, “Haymitch…”

“Shh, you don’t have say anything,” I say as I notice the sound of her voice breaking. Tell her!

“I-I just need to say, thank you for everything,” She says stepping closer to me. Tell her Haymitch, come on.

“You don’t need to thank me Y/N, you are one of the best tributes I’ve seen thus far. My money’s still on you,” She gives me a small smile. Really…? That’s the best you can do, I mentally facepalm myself, just tell her.

“Thank you,” She whispers. She takes me by surprise, pressing her lips to mine, she gives me a chaste kiss before quickly pulling away, “I’m sorry, I just had to do that.”

In my moment of shock, I don’t have a chance to respond. Before I know what’s happening, Y/N is being lead into the tube and up to the Arena. I stare at the empty tube, instantly regretting not having the courage to tell her how I felt. I might not ever see her again…


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A/N: My ms2sl submission. I’m so excited to be part of such a meaningful effort. Thanks so much to the organizers for making fundraising to fight cancer such a delight! This story is canon-divergent in that none of our District 12 favorites were reaped. There are quotes borrowed directly from canon sprinkled about throughout the story. Everlasting gratitude to Xerxia for her amazing support and incredible betaing skills.

Rated E for sexual content.

Trigger warnings: I’m always so worried about missing trigger warnings, but here are my best guesses: discussions of/allusions to reluctant prostitution (both male-female and male-male) and forced sadomasochistic activities (none depicted); guys stripping for money.

Also on AO3.

The sound of the gravel under my feet felt impossibly far away. The shivering had started a few hundred feet back and now I couldn’t stop shaking. Anguish for what I was about to do, trickled like ice water through my veins. I thought I might be sick, felt the bile clawing its way up my throat, but squeezed my eyes shut and swallowed it back down. I forced my small, measured steps forward; if I stopped now, I’d never get my feet started again. Desperation, true desperation, forces us to do unthinkable things. We do them because the alternative is so unendurably heartbreaking that there really is no choice.

I thought of Prim, lips blue, the sound her shallow, labored breaths making me lightheaded with terror. She had caught the pneumonia from Mrs. Fairborne and it had taken up residence in her frail lungs like it would go down with the ship rather than be fought off. And Prim’s malnourished body scarcely had any fight left.

My mother had tried everything in her arsenal of knowledge, but the fathomless blackness that seemed to swallow the blue of her eyes told me everything I needed to know.

“What does she need?” I had asked quietly from the kitchen table as my mother stared vacantly into her empty teacup.

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THG Poster Quotes (2012-2015)

The Hunger Games (2012) - “The world will be watching” & “May the odds be ever in your favor”
Catching Fire (2013) - “Remember who the enemy is” & “Every revolution begins with a spark”
Mockingjay: Part 1 (2014) - “The courage of one will change the world” & “Fire burns brighter in the darkness”
Mockingjay: Part 2 (2015) - “Nothing can prepare you for the end” & “The fire will burn forever”

The 100 - 75'th Hunger Games AU idea!

Inspired by this gifset created by rebelleleader.

The new Tributes will be drawn from the previous pool of Victors so lets observe some of the ‘previous pool of Victors’.

  • CLARKE GRIFFIN, District 1. The 74'th Games - Volunteered for the games following her father’s execution and after President Sydney made it clear that if she didn’t do so her mother would be the one to pay for it. The other tribute was Wells Jaha (son of the district’s mayor), who himself volunteered to make sure that she survived (he died rather early in the Games). Almost from the very beginning Clarke partnered up with Octavia, the girl from District 12 and continued to do everything in her power to protect her until the very end of the games (because she knew what Octavia meant, the girl who had escaped the power of the capitol for such a long time because of the humanity that had remained intact in her mother and brother, Clarke could recognize a flame that’s about to ignite perfectly, but to keep that flame burning Octavia had to survive the Games), And unlike all previous alliances this one didn’t break even when they were the last two left. Poisoned berries are just so convenient aren’t they? After returning the first person she spoke to was Bellamy who thanked her for keeping his sister alive… and then called her a Career Princess (she disliked him immediately). But after they were both reaped for the 75'th Hunger Games they made a deal that Octavia would survive. The partnership that grew from then on was impressive in every way possible.
  • OCTAVIA BLAKE. District 12. The 74'th Games - She had been hidden her entire life. Her mother and her brother had carefully kept her isolated to make sure that no one knew she existed and so couldn’t be entered into the Games. After Bellamy returned as a Victor from his he became even more protective (but it kept her safe for 9 more years). Eventually though when Octavia was 15 a mistake was made and she was discovered. Her mother “had an accident” and she was pulled as Tribute the very next year (everyone in their District knows the Reaping was rigged… and here they did a mistake, because Octavia’s very existence is a symbol of Rebellion, two Victors had kept her hidden from the Capitol and out of the Reaping for 15 years, but instead of hiding it and dealing with it quietly they wanted the punishment to be public, so what was broadcast were further acts of rebellion). The other tribute was Atom (he was caught in the Acid Fog and then mercy killed by Clarke). The berries were her idea.
  • CHARLOTTE. District 11 - Won the games when she was 12 by pulling at the heartstrings of the other Tributes. Killed herself as soon as she found out about the rules of the Quarter Quell (she was the only female Victor (this further destabilized the Capitol’s control because it forced them to change the rules again and to reap two male District 11 Victors)).
  • FINN COLLINS. District 8 - The only tribute to go through the games without killing anyone (he won by clever alliances and… well, luck). This does not actually make him all that liked by the other Victors whose hands are far more bloody.
  • MONTY GREEN. District 3 - Won by following the footsteps and advice of his Mentor Raven.
  • JASPER JORDAN. District 5 - Predicted to die during the first dash of bloodshed in Cornucopia instead survived until the end.
  • JOHN MURPHY. District 6 - Went savage during his games after almost being hanged to death. Unlike almost all other Victors Murphy enjoys killing and looks at being reaped during the third Quarter Quell as the height of opportunity.
  • BELLAMY BLAKE. District 12 - Has protected and hidden his sister her entire life. Was reaped when he was 15 and has one of the higher kill counts during the last 25 years (he was strong and handsome and as the son of Aurora (a previous Victor) very interesting in the eyes of the Capitol, so the Gamemakers never allowed him to be far from the central action). Like his mother he was forced to accept President Sydney’s 'offer’ after winning. As the only living District 12 winner he acted as his sister’s and Atom’s Mentor during the 74'th Games. Despite the initial hatred for Clarke (because he didn’t trust her partnership with his sister) he grew to admire her and now considers himself in her debt (exactly because of that partnership). During the 75'th Hunger Games he and Clarke have a deal, they will protect Octavia at all costs (what he hasn’t told her is that he will also do everything to protect Clarke herself and is actually using every Rebel contact at his disposal to make sure that both his sister and the Princess remain alive).
  • RAVEN REYES. District 3 - Youngest person to ever survive the games (at age 11) by manipulating the technology of the Arena to her benefit. Refused President Sydney’s 'special offer’ when she turned 16 because they’d taken enough from her already and they had no one to threaten her with anyway, She’s the one responsible for the safe communication between Rebels.
  • LINCOLN. District 7 - Since winning has remained silent during every interview he’s been forced to attend.
  • ANYA. District 7 - Her entire family was killed by the Capitol after her refusal of the 'offer’. She volunteered for the 75'th games after the name that was drawn was one belonging to one of the girls she kept alive through their Games. She seems to have great unexplained hatred for Clarke and the Blake siblings. But she too is part of the Rebellion.
  • AURORA BLAKE. District 12 - All Victors know that despite all the seeming benefits afforded to them their children’s names will still be entered the Reaping, so though she was unable to keep her first pregnancy hidden, she managed it during her second one, Accepted the 'offer’ given to the unluckily attractive Victors after Bellamy was born. Was killed in an “accident” after the Capitol found out about Octavia.
  • MARCUS KANE. District 2 - An older Career Victor who’s true loyalties are very hard to guess.

Okay, wow. This got rather long. It’s just that… I SEE THIS SO CLEARLY.


Then he reads the list of past District 12 victors. In seventy-four years, we have had exactly two. Only one is still alive. Haymitch Abernathy, a paunchy, middle-aged man, who at this moment appears hollering something unintelligible, staggers onto the stage, and falls into the third chair. He’s drunk. Very.

always looking for something different

prompt from @lushatrocity: So, I actually thing thg would make for a great au - and I’ve always found the idea of Bellamy as her mentor intriguing (especially if she volunteered for Octavia).

Sorry it’s so incredibly late and I hope you like it!

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Bellamy’s heart stopped when he heard her name called – so much that he almost missed what happened next.

“I volunteer!” Called a low, raspy voice from somewhere in the middle of the group of girls.

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