just a friendly reminder that saudi arabia and the united states are the biggest supporters and funders of ISIS and al qaeda and are the biggest supporters of terrorism in the MENA region either through their own wars or by supporting terrorist organizations like ISIS and al qaeda

and that saudi arabia is the center of sunni wahhabi extremism and terrorism and that the united states (canada is too tbh) is the biggest arms distributor to saudi arabia 

by selling weapons to saudi arabia, the united states is directly supporting shia genocide, ISIS, al qaeda, religious persecution of religious minorities in the MENA region, a saudi coalition of bombing yemen (especially shia communities in yemen) and islamization of the region

barack obama was a huge arms distributor to saudi arabia and i wish all of you cared when he sold billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia as well. he was an ally to terrorists. just because donald trump has agreed to sell MORE weapons to saudi arabia does NOT excuse obamas connection to terrorism or make it ~a lesser evil~

hillary clinton also KNEW of saudi arabia’s connections to terrorism, specifically ISIS, and her emails proving so are on wiki leaks

all modern US presidents are war criminals who are connected to terrorism in the MENA region, NOT just donald trump and all you neo liberals who praise obama and hillary but condemn donald trump for doing the SAME thing are NOT allies to religious minorities in the MENA region who suffer the absolute most as a result of wahhabi sunni and US backed terrorism

The @funimation dub of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is out and they fucked it up

T: But I’ll let you know this one.
T: I love you, Miss Kobayashi!
K: Are you planning to eat me?
T: I don’t mean that way! I mean sexually!
K: I’m a woman, though?

Funimation dub:
T: However I can certainly let you know one thing I like.
T: It’s you, I love you, Miss Kobayashi!
K: You’re gonna eat me?
T: No, not like that, like sexually!
K: I’m not into women or dragons.

In response to people asking why this was changed to have Kobayashi saying she’s straight, the dub writer on Twitter said:

1.Proactive language (not reactive) is character appropriate for Miss K.  
2.Confusion with sexuality is at odds with timeline/dub culture.
3.Didn’t want the implication that Miss K finds something “wrong” about lesbianism. She doesn’t; just not into it personally.

It’s almost like certain people don’t understand how character growth and character development work….
Babies, be patient. Characters and stories have to start at A before they can get toZ. (½)
Sometimes the journey is scary and challenging. That’s what makes it interesting and fun! Enjoy the ride!! You’re only on episode one. (2/2)

another western release to avoid i guess

anonymous asked:

You should do more things like the Kanej + if the other one died post, but with the other SoC ships

Well, you asked for it. 

Wesper + if the other one died 


  • would probably stop inventing all together
  • because Jesper always interrupted his working processes by stealing kisses from him, effectively distracting Wylan from his work 
  • so whenever he tries to bury his grief by working, Jesper pops up in his mind despite his best efforts 
  • he breaks the flute Jesper gave him for his birthday in half and tosses the pieces in the Ketterdam harbor 
  • Marya Hendriks has to hug him daily as he cries into her shoulder 
  • he grows distant from the rest of the Dregs, shuts himself up the Van Eck mansion to become a hermit 
  • he lugs a sledgehammer into the huge library and starts breaking down the bookshelves, scattering the bound books everywhere
  • because no one’s going to read to him every night now, no one’s going to curl his hair while slipping the words off their tongue like silk
  • he loses his sense of curiosity and wonder, one of the many things Jesper admired about him
  • and when Kaz greets Wylan, he notes how similar the two of them are now, down to the mannerisms, values, and closed off emotions
  • Wylan throws himself into the brutal and gritty work of a Barrel gang, abandoning his usual role of pyrotechnician
  • and when Kaz leaves Ketterdam to start a new life with Inej, Wylan becomes the new leader of the Dregs, and the Barrel gangs whisper how he’s sometimes more ruthless than Kaz ever was


  • he leaves Kerch for good and drifts to Novyi Zem 
  • because he can no longer wander Ketterdam’s streets without thinking about the golden haired prince who used to wait for him at the Van Eck mansion
  • he takes Marya with him because he can’t bear to leave her alone to grieve in the huge estate
  • because no matter how much he hurts, he can’t imagine how agonizing Wylan’s death must feel for his mother, who’s lost him twice now
  • he buries his guns on top of a hill near his father’s farm, but vows that he’ll use his powers for good
  • Jesper’s heart shrivels when he realizes that Wylan never got to see him using his Grisha powers to help others
  • never say Colm Fahey isn’t a good father; he tries to help Jesper get through his heartbreak, because he knows all too well how it feels to lose someone you love dearly 
  • Jesper scours Novyi Zem for more Grisha and constantly contacts Nina and Kuwei if he thinks said Grisha needs training in Ravka 
  • Jesper himself goes to Ravka one day to see what exactly he could do if he pushed his powers 
  • Jesper trains vigorously with Kuwei, intent on developing his magic to its maximum potential
  • and when he sees the occasional flash of golden hair in the hallways of the Little Palace
  • his breath catches and he reaches out a disbelieving hand
  • “Wy-” 
  • before the truth hits him a second later and his chest aches like someone’s put a clean shot through his heart

“A .wav file (pronounced ‘wave’) is the file an artist sends to a digital distributor for music. A .wav file allows for all of the sounds that have been produced in a track to be able to be heard when someone downloads it. The .wav file is what is played when you press the preview button for a song on iTunes. The .wav file is then compressed into an mp3 file for the buyer. 
The fact that BTS tweeted a photo of a downloaded .wav file may indicate a possible release of a song or track. As I stated earlier, the .wav file is sent to a digital distributor (CDbaby, for instance is the number one distributor in the US music market) and the distributor sends the file to he set up on iTunes, Spotify, virtually any streaming or downloading service for music. 
Our boys could possibly be dropping a song/track ☺️” - @minfreakingyoongi


Ask writers and editors what’s the most annoying feature of online communication and they’ll likely tell you it’s the abuse of the exclamation point. But our linguist Geoff Nunberg says people have been complaining about the overuse of the exclamation since Victorian times. In Geoff’s opinion, the mark gets a bad rap:

“The written language provides us with a dozen or so punctuation marks to clarify our meaning, but only one that conveys our feelings about what we’re saying. Yet the exclamation point gets no love at all. Apple computer forbids its distributors to use it in their ads. …Manual typewriters didn’t even give it a key of its own. You had to type a period, then backspace and then type an apostrophe, by which time any spontaneous excitement would have fizzled away.”

After Years Of Restraint, A Linguist Says ‘Yes!’ To The Exclamation Point

Photo credit: adekvat /Getty Images/iStock

The armistice between Taylor Swift and Spotify is good for everyone

Let’s answer the main question right out of the gate: the reason Taylor Swift brought her albums back onto Spotify and to platforms she’s overlooked in the past few years, like Amazon Music and Pandora Premium, isn’t because Katy Perry released Witness (although it may have something to do with the timing) or because Swift’s last album, 1989, sold 10 million copies (this is the official reasoning for the release) — it’s because of the new licensing deal between her distributor Universal Music Group and Spotify, and the realities of releasing music in 2017.

The new deal between UMG and Spotify allows for artists to choose to window new albums (or make them unavailable to free users) for up to two weeks after their initial release — a huge win for the label, and a sticking point for Swift. Streams from paid users pay far better than streams from ad-supported users on Spotify, and Swift is nothing if not fully in control of her content and her finances.

In 2014, the last time Taylor Swift released an album, people still bought albums. She pulled her catalog from Spotify the week 1989 was released, stating the service doesn’t pay artists fairly and doesn’t give them enough control over their content. “I’m not willing to contribute my life’s work to an experiment that I don’t feel fairly compensates the writers, producers, artists, and creators of this music,“ Swift told Yahoo at the time.

The experiment isn’t an experiment anymore.

In 2016, streaming became the dominant revenue driver for the music industry — when 1989 was released, it made up 27 percent of the revenue. Spotify grew from 10 million paying customers in 2014 to 50 million this year. Swift can’t ignore that.

Even Adele, a notorious hater of streaming, admitted that she would eventually catch up with the times shortly after she released 25 at the end of 2015, despite holding the album off streaming services for seven months. “I know that streaming music is the future, but it’s not the only way to consume music,” Adele told Time back in 2015. With an older audience used to buying albums, Adele might be able to stand on this for another release. Swift doesn’t have that luxury.

Make no mistake, Swift is one of the shrewdest businesspeople in the music industry, and she will get every dollar she’s earned. But in 2017, keeping your catalog off streaming services won’t help you maximize your earning potential or appease your fans.

You could argue Swift won both of her corporate fights in the music industry. She got Apple Music to pay artists during its trial period, and Spotify agreed to a two week windowing period for new albums. (The latter had far less to do with Swift and more to do with Spotify trying to stay afloat as a company charging toward an IPO, but a win is a win.)

While Spotify may have lost the initial battle, it didn’t lose the war, and frankly neither did Swift. This is a calculated armistice that allows both sides to retreat to their base and claim victory. 1989 is finally on the world’s largest streaming service, and Swift will get paid more and have more control over her content going forward.

The real winner here is the Swift fans and Spotify users, who can finally listen to the most popular artist in the US without hassle.

-The Verge (x)

Are the expiration dates on the condom box and the wrappers supposed to be the same?

Someone asked us:

Condoms have an expiration date printed on the box and the foil wrap, should they match, or are they different dates?

The expiration date for a batch of condoms should be the same on the wrappers and the box they come in. The reason the date is printed on the box is so that distributors and stores can make sure the packs of condoms they’re selling haven’t expired. And obviously the dates are printed on the wrappers too, because people might throw away the box or only carry a few condoms at a time.

If you do encounter a box of condoms with different expiration dates on the wrapper, you can contact the company to make sure they didn’t make a mistake. But if the date on the wrapper hasn’t passed yet, the condoms are still good.

-Kendall at Planned Parenthood

nct 127 goes to the beach


  • w h y
  • overpacked and tried to carry everything but couldn’t even make it to the car (johnny: do u need help)
  • almost dropped the cooler on his foot three times
  • wacked doyoung in the face with the parasol (taeyong: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT / doyoung: i almost dIED)
  • doyoung guilt trips him into buying them overpriced beach food
  • doesn’t eat any himself bc it’s unhygienic (taeyong: u are all ingesting sand)
  • claimed the spot under the parasol and is using the cooler as a table
  • forgot to bring a chair and hates himself
  • sAND
  • trying to read but the wind keeps messing with the pages
  • refuses to go into the sea so the others brought the sea to him and poured a bucket of seawater over his head
  • his toWEL N O (thank god he brought like 14 spares)
  • will not take off his shirt


  • surprisingly enthusiastic
  • sings/raps Starships for the entire car ride (taeil: let’s go to the beach, each. let’s go get away. they say, what they gonna say? / ot8: pls shut up / taeil: bAD bitches like me, it’s hard to come by)
  • screams when ocean comes into view
  • yells again when they actually get on the beach
  • takes the parasol away from taeyong and proceeds to use it to threaten the kids until they reach their spot
  • does the run-away-from-the-waves game and pushes everyOne
  • nopes out when they gang up on him
  • brought sandwiches and won’t share
  • aqua shoes


  • berMUDA SHORTS (johnny: *poses* what y’all think? / yuta: almost as ugly as ur face)
  • wears sunglasses and won’t take them off even in the water
  • a wave slaps them off his face and he ropes everyone into an elaborate rescue mission
  • they are lost forever
  • buys shitty neon ones from the beach gift shop (johnny: i can pull off this look / ot8: u cannot)
  • “look how far i can dive!!!!”
  • eats and doesn’t wait 30 minutes to get back into the water
  • regrets and hibernates on a towel for the rest of the day
  • becomes the sunscreen mom


  • criticises everyone’s beachwear
  • shouldn’t fuckin talk because he is wearing a neoprene suit, a bucket hat, aviators and palm tree themed flip flops
  • still looks good tho?????
  • offers to carry the cooler for three seconds (yuta: what did you pACK??? / taeyong: do u want to die of dehydration bc i will let u)
  • didn’t know what anime towel to bring so he brought all of them
  • No Exposure but is still scared of getting sunburned
  • throws seaweed at anyone in reach (mostly donghyuk)
  • laughs when mark trips
  • oooooooohhhhs loudly when someone’s shirt rides up
  • keeps trying to force taeyong to go into the water
  • is flirting with death bc taeyong is about to f i g h t him


  • doesn’t want to go
  • says so several times
  • loudly
  • quietly singing along to Starships with taeil
  • donghyuk calls him out and gets hit
  • is sporting a red blotch on his cheek bc taeyong hit him in the face with the parasol
  • will hold the grudge for the next 20 years
  • forces taeyong to buy them ice cream and becomes everyone’s favourite
  • tries to turn his screaming into singing when his foot touches seaweed
  • has goggles and keeps putting his head underwater to see what underwater looks like
  • can hold his breath for a really long time and takes joy in freaking people out
  • freaks out when donghyuk and mark try to outdo him
  • becomes the second (more forceful)  sunscreen mom


  • boy is he READY
  • hyPED
  • sunscreen distributor (has a small makeup bag dedicated to sunscreen)
  • Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen
  • lathers up and chases mark with the spray can
  • giggles loudly when first going into the water bc cOLd
  • keeps laughing
  • seriously won’t stop laughing
  • swallowed water by accident bc someone (yuta) pushed him and stopped laughing to expel his lungs
  • “i like long walks on the beach:)”
  • picks up a huge wad of seaweed and waves it around like “oHMygOd guys look how grOSS”
  • throws it at donghyuk
  • manages to steal a sandwich from taeil but has to eat it in the water bc taeil was not fucking around


  • “wanna know what beach is in chinese?”
  • laughs at the english word
  • does his own version of the squidward dance when they reach the beach
  • offers to carry a single towel
  • drops it and blames it on the wind
  • steals three of yuta’s anime towels and manages to get all of them sopping wet (yuta: hoW??)
  • just steals more towels
  • aqua shoes make squelchy sounds and now he won’t sit down
  • “he’s like a dolphin”
  • so smooth and graceful in water????
  • get’s bored and badgers taeyong for food


  • “it’s beach not bitch”
  • almost wore bermuda shorts but was threatened into plain ones
  • got sand in his eyes almost the moment they stepped onto the beach
  • forgot his sunglasses and spends the rest of the day squinting
  • why is sand so slippery
  • brought three extra t-shirts just incase
  • wore a white shirt and regrets it because yuta and donghyuk keep ooohh-ing
  • donghyuk keeps pushing him which really isn’t necessary bc he can fall on his own thank u very much
  • brought a beats pill and everyone keeps stealing it (ot8: bingeul bingeul round)
  • impromptu rave under the parasol
  • has an underwater-rolls contest with donghyuk and winwin
  • gets sabotaged by a wave
  • forms an artistic swimming and diving duo with donghyuk and keeps doyoung on his toes by staying underwater for as long as possible
  • has one of those board-thingies but the ocean hates him
  • kinda forgot the sunscreen thing and now his cheeks and nose are red


  • will not stop saying beach/bitch
  • gets hit but he’s unstoppable
  • jeju island boy ayy he’s reADY
  • looks like he was born on a beach
  • laughed the loudest when doyoung got hit in the face
  • laughs even louder when mark slips after two seconds on the beach
  • naruto runs to an empty spot
  • is the first one in the water
  • screeches when there’s a big wave
  • loUD and traitorous
  • no one is safe (not even taeyong)
  • pushes mark and he’s like w h y i can do this by myself
  • picks the seaweed out of mark’s hair (donghyuk: shut up u look like u were attacked by a octopus it’s making me uncomfortable)
  • h a t e s seaweed so so much
  • comes out of the water for two minutes to eat
  • feeds the seagulls and then leaves taeyong to deal with it
  • mark and he are exhausted by the end of the day and have to be carried back to the car


The Disney show Star vs. the forces of Evil, probably Disney’s next great animated show after gravity falls, released the episode “just friends” in late February which along with important plot points, it featured the first LGBTQ+ kiss in children’s television, not only that but also the second, third, fourth, and fifth.

But sadly this progressive episode has been quietly pulled from streaming on the Disney XD website, then replaced with the pilot episode. While the episodes before and after it remain available. It has also been removed from the re-run streaming list for the Disney XD tv channel.

It still remains available for streaming on iTunes and Google Play, assumably because these are both third party distributors.

If they did pull the episode because of people complaining the LGBTQ+ content is not kid friendly we need to make a stand. The worst case scenario is they pulled the episode to give them time to edit the episode to remove the gay couples or just replace them with straight couples. Showing that even in this day and age LGBTQ+ individuals are still viewed as not natural or even perverse.

Eddie Redmayne’s ‘Early Man’ to Be Released by Lionsgate in North America
Lionsgate has acquired U.S. rights to Aardman Studios’ upcoming prehistoric comedy adventure “Early Man,” starring Eddie Redmayne. Directed by Nick Park from a script by Mark Burt…
By Dave McNary

“Early Man” opens in the U.K. on Jan. 26, 2018, and in the U.S. on Feb. 16.

“Wiggle The Piggies”

Written for @impalaimagining‘s Cheesy pickup lines challenge. I chose the prompt:  “I need a picture of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.”  Also written for @jensen-jarpad‘s Celebration challenge. 

Dean x Reader AU

Word Count: Just about 1100

No warnings (weird I know), well, maybe the title, cause that is a little weird. I drew from a bit of personal history on this from my time in the liquor industry, tending bar and working for my parents in their liquor store. It was a fun time in my youth when I was about 23-24 yrs old. So consider this is a blast from the past too!


You loved your job at the liquor distributor. It was just another office job, but every couple of months, you were invited to work the occasional events that were hosted by the manufacturer. This particular event was for Maker’s Mark bourbon. The top shelf events usually drew a higher class clientele than others, like Bacardi or Cuervo.

This event was formal, but not black tie, and you had the perfect dress to wear. It was classic black, sleeveless and had just enough shine that it shimmered when you moved. As you were on the clock tonight there was only a touch of cleavage, leaving more to the imagination. You had spent more time on your hair and makeup than you normally would have, but were pleased with the results. Giving yourself one more look in the mirror, you winked at your reflection before leaving the bathroom. You dug your black open toe heels out of the closet and a slinky shawl, then grabbed your keys and clutch, ready to head out the door.

You were just pulling into your parking spot at the hotel when your phone dinged. Checking it quickly, you saw it was a text from your friend and coworker, Laura, telling you about all the hot guys this event was drawing already. Texting her back your reply that you were headed inside, you locked up your car and made your way to the main ballroom.

You were taken aback at the expense these companies went to when it came to entertaining. The room was ablaze with twinkling lights and the room had been decorated exquisitely. The table linens were black, accented in gold and red. Each table had a Maker’s Mark bottle in the center, acting as a candle holder with a gold and black ‘40′ on each bottle. 

This wasn’t just the launch of their new product line, but also the 40th anniversary of the first bottled run of Maker’s Mark. This was a big shindig and it was the who’s who of the liquor industry in Minneapolis. It was your goal to move up in the company and tonight would be ripe for exposure. Everyone getting a sample would pass by your table. 

You strode gracefully to the table that had been set up for tasting near the back of the room. You and Laura were there to serve guests samples of the new line tonight, along with Maker’s Mark. You had to admit there were more than a few attractive men at this event, but you had to remind yourself that you were here to work, not find the next Mr. Right Now.

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