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You should do more things like the Kanej + if the other one died post, but with the other SoC ships

Well, you asked for it. 

Wesper + if the other one died 


  • would probably stop inventing all together
  • because Jesper always interrupted his working processes by stealing kisses from him, effectively distracting Wylan from his work 
  • so whenever he tries to bury his grief by working, Jesper pops up in his mind despite his best efforts 
  • he breaks the flute Jesper gave him for his birthday in half and tosses the pieces in the Ketterdam harbor 
  • Marya Hendriks has to hug him daily as he cries into her shoulder 
  • he grows distant from the rest of the Dregs, shuts himself up the Van Eck mansion to become a hermit 
  • he lugs a sledgehammer into the huge library and starts breaking down the bookshelves, scattering the bound books everywhere
  • because no one’s going to read to him every night now, no one’s going to curl his hair while slipping the words off their tongue like silk
  • he loses his sense of curiosity and wonder, one of the many things Jesper admired about him
  • and when Kaz greets Wylan, he notes how similar the two of them are now, down to the mannerisms, values, and closed off emotions
  • Wylan throws himself into the brutal and gritty work of a Barrel gang, abandoning his usual role of pyrotechnician
  • and when Kaz leaves Ketterdam to start a new life with Inej, Wylan becomes the new leader of the Dregs, and the Barrel gangs whisper how he’s sometimes more ruthless than Kaz ever was


  • he leaves Kerch for good and drifts to Novyi Zem 
  • because he can no longer wander Ketterdam’s streets without thinking about the golden haired prince who used to wait for him at the Van Eck mansion
  • he takes Marya with him because he can’t bear to leave her alone to grieve in the huge estate
  • because no matter how much he hurts, he can’t imagine how agonizing Wylan’s death must feel for his mother, who’s lost him twice now
  • he buries his guns on top of a hill near his father’s farm, but vows that he’ll use his powers for good
  • Jesper’s heart shrivels when he realizes that Wylan never got to see him using his Grisha powers to help others
  • never say Colm Fahey isn’t a good father; he tries to help Jesper get through his heartbreak, because he knows all too well how it feels to lose someone you love dearly 
  • Jesper scours Novyi Zem for more Grisha and constantly contacts Nina and Kuwei if he thinks said Grisha needs training in Ravka 
  • Jesper himself goes to Ravka one day to see what exactly he could do if he pushed his powers 
  • Jesper trains vigorously with Kuwei, intent on developing his magic to its maximum potential
  • and when he sees the occasional flash of golden hair in the hallways of the Little Palace
  • his breath catches and he reaches out a disbelieving hand
  • “Wy-” 
  • before the truth hits him a second later and his chest aches like someone’s put a clean shot through his heart

Ci sono baci che non valgono niente. Per essere veramente bello, un bacio, deve significare qualcosa. Deve essere con qualcuno che non riesci a toglierti dalla testa, deve farti dimenticare di riprendere fiato.