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Rogue of Mind
icetsuki asked classpect-analysis: What information could you give on Rogue of Mind? Thank you very much btw, this is really fantastic of you! You’re absolutely welcome. Always nice to get requests for these things. Rogues take their aspect from some and give to others, ensuring a distribution that benefits the team. Mind is all about logic, decisions, and intelligence. So the Rogue of Mind would take knowledge from some people and distribute that knowledge to the entire team. The Rogue of Mind would start off acting more like a Heart player, tending towards impulsiveness and not really acting on their surprisingly strong intelligence. They would also have trouble making clear decisions, tending to waver from one choice to another. However, as they progress through the game, the Rogue of Mind would slowly become more of a leader to the team. They would be able to distribute the knowledge of one player with the entire team, leading to more unity within the team. Each player could walk a mile in each other’s shoes, as the saying goes. They would also quickly become more confident in their intellectual prowess, and become more and more capable of staying one step ahead of the enemy’s plans. A god tiered Rogue of Mind would be a brilliant and capable leader for the team. They would be able to steal the plans of their enemies and distribute them to their team, allowing the team to stay one step ahead no matter what their enemies did. They could be able to steal the outer self of someone, allowing someone else to see from their point of view, making them very good at solving disputes. They could also be able to distribute intelligence and creativity to their team, allowing everyone to think as well as the Rogue of Mind and come up with the most effective plan as a team. Long story short, the Rogue of Mind would make an incredibly smart leader who could guide any team to a victorious plan.

it seems pretty clear that the collapse of the ‘kek’ meme into innocuous absurdity and the evaporation of any interest it inspired exactly coincided with the appearance of the ‘kekistan’ variant. a nation state? nothing could be more immediately dismissible, nothing could inspire less fear and less interest. the meme was so devastating one would almost suspect a cathedral functionary had come up with it as sabotage, if that level of competence weren’t vanishingly implausible. adopting the framework of nation states and ethnic grievances, even in an ironic way, is fitting into a rapidly obsolescing, but still perfectly legible frame of reference. a massively-distributed autistic compound-intelligence centered on a cultlike devotion to an ancient amphibian chaos god arising from the foulest swamps of the internet? that had potential, not least because international networks (the bad kind, i.e. those not mediated by the mechanisms of cathedral hegemony, or the ‘international community’) are what they are actually afraid of (with good reason). sad!

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POWERED: A Yogscast AU

Character File 1

Age: Unknown
Power(s): Voltage-induced self-teleportation; internal self-sustaining electrical dynamo
Detriments: Skin-surface voltage of up to 90,000 volts; assistive breathing device (dehumidifier) required at humidity >7%; voltage ‘bleeding’ occurs at humidity >80%; no direct control of voltage
Origin of Powers: Unknown
Threat Level: HIGH
Notes: Unregistered; range of teleportation unknown; internal dynamo charges at 45V/second; teleportation discharges most or all of stored voltage; record of criminal underground power dealing; Swedish foreign national

Designation: Section L Project 41, Model N, Version A (L41-NA)
Year of Manufacture: 2033
Attributes: Titanium chassis, hand-directed laser-pulse rifles, magnetic resonance flight systems, 60 terahertz processor
Detriments: Distributed intelligence; finite power core (expected standard operation lifetime: 10 years); rampant and unassailable interpersonal attachment protocol
Power Source: H-He Fusion Core
Threat Level: SEVERE
Notes: Advanced personality matrix; threat recognition software; first fully functional L41 prototype; physical and intellectual property of YogLabs Section L; on contract to YogLabs Powered Individual Division (YLPID); net worth 250 billion dollars

Acidiferous Mucogen
Age: 32
Power(s): Skin secretions of pH 1-3 (variable both by intention and condition); high tolerance of acidic conditions; flight by gravipolarization
Detriments: Extremely low tolerance of basic conditions; limited physical strength; osteopenia
Origin of Powers: In utero mutagen exposure
Threat Level: MODERATE
Notes: Employee of YLPID; extensive background in chemistry, engineering, and computing; interim caretaker of L41-NA unit

Later this week: Character File 2

February 21: Prologue

February 24: Chapter 1

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Demonstrates flocking capabilities of a swarm network: each “dumb” particle is programmed with behavioral simple logic to align with neighboring particles and avoid set obstacles. This swarm of 200 particles become a “superorganism” much like a slime mold, ant colony, flock of birds, or a fish vortex.

Rendering shows the paths created by each particle that avoids the red orbs and eventually align together at the end. Software: Maya+brainbugz plugin


He would preach heretical ideas no one else had dared to entertain, let alone risk discussing. He espoused the virtues of forgiveness, compassion, and equality among all bloodlines. He distributed his message intelligently, careful to preach only to those receptive, never attracting unwelcome attention. But his growing movement could go unnoticed by the authorities for only so long.