Focus Features has acquired North American rights to Sarah Gavron’s Suffragette, starring Meryl Streep (Into The Woods), Carey Mulligan (Far From The Madding Crowd) and Helena Bonham Carter (Cinderella).

It’s going to be positioned as an awards contender with a fall release. 

It is also currently the 7th film directed by a woman with studio distribution slated for 2015. The last time this happened was half a decade ago in 2010.

The other 6 are: 50 Shades of Grey (Sam Taylor-Johnson) Jupiter Ascending (Lana and Andy Wachowski), McFarland (Niki Caro), Hot Pursuit (Anne Fletcher), Pitch Perfect 2 (Elizabeth Banks), The Intern (Nancy Meyers).


What is kweliTV?

kweliTV will be an interactive streaming TV network and app that will offer the largest selection of documentaries, news programs, original docuseries, educational content and independent films and movies for the black consumer in the US and abroad—all on demand.

When are you slated to launch?

We’re slated to have our official launch December 2015. Our beta is available now!

Why are you only offering “black” content?

We’ve seen how other streaming networks try to be all things to all people. It doesn’t work. Someone will get the short end of the stick. We got tired of piece-mealing from one streaming site to another for black-related content. So we decided to create our own network. Also, we’ve read the studies, black people want more black content that’s positive, educational and speaks to their culture and heritage. And you know what, it’s about time that we own our content and voices. Our mission is to fill that void.

Hundreds of Pirate Bay Copies Emerge, Is The Hydra Alive?

A few days ago The Pirate Bay showed signs of life again when the domain name started waving a pirate flag. While this created plenty of mystery, there are still no torrents to be found on the site.

For now, it’s Pirate Bay supporters carrying the Kopimi spirit and keeping the “Hydra” seemingly alive and kicking. Chop one head off and new ones will grow back, making the beast stronger and stronger.

This week, most of the Pirate Bay copies have been growing from Isohunt.to’s OpenBay project. Thus far nearly 400 Pirate Bay clones have launched and the people behind the initiative say that OpenBay is currently the most popular project on developer platform GitHub.

“Since it’s launch The Open Bay has drawn a lot of attention. As a result it’s placed as #1 on GitHub. During recent weeks 372 Open Bays have been created,” the Isohunt.to team inform us.

Testament of Youth Being Shopped Around at American Film Market Conference for Possible Distribution Stateside

It has been confirmed that Testament of Youth is being screened at the annual American Film Market Conference in Santa Monica, California, which runs from the 5th to the 12th of November. The AMC Conference is a huge annual event; the place to go if you want to find funding or distribution for a film in North America.

Undoubtedly, Protagonist Pictures is looking for a buyer for US distribution of the film, and perhaps for other countries as well.

Its showing is at 8:45am (Pacific Standard Time) on Saturday, November 8th and is for industry professionals only. (x)

Hopefully this means we will hear word soon on whether the film will be released in theatres in the US.

On Leaks

by Zack Zarrillo

I got scolded a lot over the first four or so years of running PropertyOfZack. A lot has changed in the past two years, both for myself (management, record label(s), etc) and for our scene (thinning out of bands, streaming advancements, the growling wallets of ten-yearification). But one thing that has not changed is how a lot of individuals on the “industry” side of the music industry act regarding information leaking out onto the internet.

A condescending remark commonly directed towards me when I would leak info onto PropertyOfZack was that I didn’t understand how it would affect them because I wasn’t a member of the actual music industry. Well, turns out™, I am now. No one’s job is easy, including those that are publicists – the middlemen (and women) between a record label or band and the media. However, something that tons of record labels, bands, and especially publicists (example: Another Reybee Production) still do not understand in 2015 is that they only get paid in 2015 because of the internet. And the internet is a wild beast, and if you are stupid about how you poke the beast, you will be bit. I can’t tell you how many times over the course of five years that I was repremanded by publicists, not for leaks that I myself pushed forward, but for reposting leaked information that had already been published on major websites, often sites much bigger than PropertyOfZack.

There are really only two kinds of frequent leaks. One is 99% avoidable, the other is not.

Album Information/Song Leaks

Avoidable! A fun thing about being a manager, publicist, or record label-er is coming up with rollout and marketing plans. Album announcements often come with a new song. Those new songs often leak onto the internet before the record label and band announce the album – sometimes as much as a day or more before the song was meant to go live. Why is that, I’m sure you’ve wondered? Why would a label purposely lose money on pre-orders, YouTube revenue, etc. when so many of us want to throw cash at them to pre-order a new album? As always, the answer is distribution. If you are a record label and you know that your band’s new single is premiering at 2PM EST on a Tuesday, do not tell iTunes/Amazon/Spotify/Google Play to make that song available at midnight Tuesday. Instead, have them wait until midnight Wednesday. Even if someone in America does not notice a new song, someone in Australia – 12 hours ahead of you! – will. That song then gets on YouTube. Websites then post about these songs because…they were made available on the internet by record labels. Publicists then threaten websites because the labels made a mistake but do not want to take an ego hit, and then there’s bad blood (and we know that bandaids don’t fix bulletholes by now). This happens as often as seven times out of ten with certain specific labels. I – someone who is currently in charge of not one, but two, record labels – have to set distribution release markers all the time. It’s not that hard, it just takes some brain power. There are always exceptions. There are always fuckups. But for the internet’s sake, be aware that the internet exists and you’re trying to make money off of it.

Tour Date Leaks

How do they happen? Well: Booking agents book tours for bands. A week to two weeks before tours are meant to be announced, booking agents send tour posters, lineup information, etc. to the promoters with whom they booked those tours. At the same time, managers typically send itineraries, admats, and other information to the other managers that have bands on the tour. This means a ton of information gets sent out to potentially 50+ parties in the matter of a few days. Those parties undoubtedly share that information with others, and those others without a doubt share that information on the internet, or at least with someone else who will put it on the internet. This sucks and there is no real way around it, but it’s a matter of keeping information as close to the chest as possible until it’s go time.

I used to always post leaked tour dates on POZ until it stopped mattering to me. It took years (thank you, Merrick) for me to realize that it actually hurt bands to post this information early, rather than helping them just because a few readers of the site were excited about the news. But, in defense of the bloggers, information is information. And once something is out of the peanut-butter-that-can-kill-you tube, you can’t put it back in.

Leaks suck, but they’re never going to stop. That comes as someone who has reported on leaks; leaked things; fought to keep leaks from happening; and planned around leaks. Just be smart. People are so often not smart.

Launching today: Your own subscription network, powered by VHX

Streaming video services are more popular than ever, but it’s incredibly expensive and difficult to launch one. It’s easy to forget that it’s taken Netflix almost 20 years to get to where they are today. 

In everything we do, we’re working to make it easier for people to build businesses selling video directly to their fans. Over the last three years we’ve helped thousands of filmmakers, studios, and distributors sell their work from their own websites, from a $5 comedy special, to a $10 feature film, to $40 for every episode in a series, and everything in between. We’ve heard the requests for tools to charge customers every month — especially from people selling webisodes, TV shows, catalogs, and classes.

So today, we’re launching
VHX Subscriptions. Now, anyone can launch their own streaming video service at no upfront cost, and charge fans monthly or annually for unlimited access to their videos. Upload your work, set a price, and start selling instantly, all from your own website — powered by the world-class watching experience and customer support we’re known for. 

Like the rest of our platform, this feature is open to anyone, you get full access to your customer data, and it’s free to get started. We can’t wait to see what the video-making world does with it. Check out our demo site, or see it in the wild with Black&Sexy NOW. And, don’t hesitate to email us or tweet @vhxtv with questions!

Filament Zine is a music journal. An attempt to document the independent contemporary music scene in Greece and the people surrounding it. Musicians, designers doing artwork for music releases and people running independent record labels or non-profit live performances fill out Filament’s 8-song-questionnaire. 
Τhe project began the first day of 2014.

To Filament Zine είναι ένα μουσικό λεύκωμα. Μια προσπάθεια καταγραφής της σύγχρονης εγχώριας ανεξάρτητης μουσικής σκηνής και των ανθρώπων που δραστηριοποιούνται γύρω από αυτή, μέσω ενός ερωτηματολογίου. Στο Filament απαντούν μουσικοί, εικαστικοί που επιμελούνται artwork για κυκλοφορίες και άτομα που τρέχουν ανεξάρτητα record labels ή διοργανώνουν live μη κερδοσκοπικού χαρακτήρα. 

Το εγχείρημα ξεκίνησε την πρώτη ημέρα του 2014.

>504 Pages
>245 Contributors
Check: http://filamentzine.tumblr.com/

Prime Mover - Publisher: Katerina P. Trichia

Designed by Maria Paneta 


A strange attractor (Valtetsiou 31, Exarhia)

AKIRA MUSHI (Fokionos 2, Syntagma)

Βιβλιοπωλείο Ναυτίλος (Harilaou Trikoupi 28, Exarhia)

☞Βιβλιοπωλείο Φαρφουλάς (Mauromichali 18, Exarhia)

Fotagogos (Kolokotroni 59B, Entos Stoas Kourtaki, Syntagma)

Habeat Records (Pallados 21, 2nd Floor, Psirri)

Lotus Record Shop (Skra 7, Thessaloniki) 

Noise Record Shop (Dimitri Margariti 5)

Read Editions (Stefanou Tatti 6, Thessaloniki)

Vinyl Microstore (Didotou 34, Exarhia)

☞Mail Order here.

Phidippus johnsoni - A Big, Beautiful Jumping Spider

Phidippus johnsoni – A Big, Beautiful Jumping Spider

Different perspectives of the same individual.

A very nice female example of her species…

These large salticids are abundant here in Port Angeles and are one of six species recorded within Washington State (other species linger at locations just outside of our borders). I’ve only seen Phidippus audax (actually an introduced species) and this one, Phidippus johnsoni. The other species I’ve seen is…

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Trans women in need:

I’ve finally gotten together enough clothing that I feel comfortable letting go of my skirts/dresses/fitting tops/etc without being worried that I won’t have enough clothes to last  through the week. I’m going to gather pictures later and post them all to display for and distribute to transwomen in need. I prefer if you’re in my area because I’m mostly financially independent and cant afford lots of shipping, but if the need is dire of course i can and will find the money to help you. 

Okay so yeah, all the pictures of clothing will be posted here.
Luck and love to all of you~