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Great fanfiction story

I found this fanfiction. It’s called “Heart of the Matter” by ValmureEld


This is an example:

“Oh yes,” Regis said, nodding. “Your heart is slightly larger because it is stronger. The walls are thicker, the stroke volume much greater. The distribution of cardiac arteries is ingenious, allowing for a much more effective dispersal of oxygen. That heart, your heart, is a powerhouse of efficiency. Couple that with the remarkable blood you posses and it is the very core of what makes you capable of such feats. Your body is twenty times more efficient than the average man’s. That’s saved your life on countless occasions, allowing you to fight another day and ultimately live to end up where so few do: in the company of a good family. You lived to  fall in love with Yennefer, and to watch Ciri grow up. You don’t find that beautiful?”

It’s short but I think it’s worth reading.

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- Head, neck and face (ENT and otolaryngology also included here)
Innervation of the tongue, palate, pharynx & larynx with mnemonic
Extrinsic muscles of the tongue
Lymphatic drainage of the tongue
Memorizing how to draw the nasal septum
How to draw the tympanic membrane
Parotid tumors mnemonic
- Upper extremity
Hand of Benediction and clawing mnemonic
Supination and Pronation of  Forearm
Why do we feel temperature with the back of our hand and why not the front?
- Lower extremity
Peroneal nerve branches mnemonic
Gluteus maximus is innervated by the inferior gluteal nerve
Sciatic nerve distribution and Sciatica
An artery is always palapated against a bone
- Abdomen
Left testicular vein drains into (Mnemonic)
Peritoneal ligaments of liver
Cell mnemonics
Which cell secretes what? Gastrointestinal mnemonics
- Neuroanatomy
Coronal section of the brain highlighting lentiform nucleus, caudate nucleus & internal capsule
Ventral and dorsal view of the brainstem highlighting cranial nerves (Diagrams only)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
♥ Location of synthesis of neurotransmitters mnemonic
Embryological origin of brain mnemonics
Parasympathetic ganglia mnemonic
Fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus
Vestibular nerve, pathway and mnemonic for the receptors
Cochlear nerve, pathway and mnemonic
Spinal cord organization mnemonic
Cerebellum mnemonics
♥ Lateral medullary syndrome and lateral pontine syndrome mnemonic
♥ How to remember the difference between Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area
- Ophthalmology
Layers of the cornea mnemonic
Refractive indices of the eye mnemonic
Prolate and Oblate ellipse mnemonic
Tropia vs Phoria
Myopia and Hypermetropia mnemonic
Progression of visual field defects in Glaucoma mnemonic
Difference between Iris repositor and IOL dialer
- Embryology
Steps of mitosis mnemonic
♥ Aortic arch derivatives mnemonic images
Nervous system origins mnemonic

A Failing Heart Gets A Hand

This image was made using a specialized computed tomography (CT) scan of a patient’s thorax in 2013. It shows an amazing piece of medical technology called a ventricular assist device

This implanted device was helping a patient with a weakened heart survive while the person waited for transplant. The machine pulls oxygenated blood from the left ventricle and pumps it out through a connection in the aorta, the main artery that distributes blood to the body.

The picture, which won the Wellcome Image Awards this year, was taken to ensure that the device was implanted properly. The blue parts indicate the pump and the white lines are cables connected to it and to an external control unit through a port in the patient’s abdomen. Anders Persson created the image from a series of X-ray slices taken with two different low-radiation energy sources in a process called dual energy CT angiography.

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