150628 - “Pure Love” Movie starts production with rising stars in lead

Director Lee Eun-Hee’s melodrama Pure Love started prodution in Goheung, Jeon-nam province on June 22.

The director’s debut feature will star with teen actress as Kim So Hyun, who is best known for her rolles in TV dramas (Who Are You: School 2015, Moon Embracing the Sun), and the K-pop boyband EXO’s D.O. (Do Kyungsoo), who debuted in Boo Ji Youngs’s 2014 social drama Cart.

According to the press release distribuited by the production house, Jupiter Film, Pure Love focuses on first love experiences of the two leads, through the exploits that are illustrated in a letter delivered to a radio station.

In addition to the young actors, veteran actors also have joined the production: Park Yong Woo (Swiri, Papa) will play the radio DJ who finds the letter and reads it on his program; a mysterious woman who has the key to the development of the whole story will be played by actress Kim Ji Ho (Unbowed), Le Beom Su who recently appeared in NEW’s upcoming title The Beauty Inside will also make a guest appearance in the film.

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  • by: DFC

bookwork, 2014

“The most beautiful and perfect book in the world is a book with only blank pages”.
The new art of making books (1975) - Ulises Carrión

VOLUME is the first of a series of experimental publications involving the book form as the specific meaning of its realization. The publication inquiries the book as an autonomous and self-sufficient medium, a volume in the space in which the physical aspects (dimensions, weight, page numbers, sequentiality an so on) and the modes of fruition become the content of the book itself. The data made visible by VOLUME show the continuous physical and perceptive variations acting in/on the book during the reading process.
In collaboration with Roberto Arista. Printed and distributed by LULU