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I have faith in the teens of today that they will not take dating tips and life advice from fanfiction. I didn’t go out and date a middle aged librarian because I read Giles/Xander Buffy fic, and I trust the intelligence of modern teens to follow a similar trajectory with fandoms like Overwatch and Voltron and Marvel.

Fanfiction is fantasy. It’s a safe way to travel the twisting paths of desire and sexuality and need and identity. It is not reality. 

It’s important to emphasize this and be diligent with warnings, and yes, discuss and criticize in some cases, but let’s not assume that people writing fantasy relationships are actively harming real teens without sitting down and thinking hard and long about whether it’s true or not.

Painting every creator with such a broad brush does a disservice and makes it harder to identify the truly egregious issues.

Even if you believe every morally ambiguous piece of fiction, from dirty One Direction fic to Twilight, should be shunned, censorship almost never works. Better to engage with their readers and again emphasize that these works are purely fictional than to try and restrict them.

The Alternate Mary Timeline

“Her perfume…which brings insight to me and disaster to you.”

That perfume line in Mary’s first scene, as has been pointed out many times, is the inverse of what goes down in HLV. In Cam’s office, Sherlock smelled Claire de Lune and John even pointed out that Mary wears it, but Sherlock dismissed that – a mistake which resulted in his near-death.

He wakes up and immediately gets to work trying to figure her out. Mary Watson, who are you?

Six months later, he still doesn’t know for sure.

So on the plane, he’s running a simulation. The primary purpose (he tells himself) is to figure out how Jim might have faked his suicide. But whether he wants it to or not, his brain is running other simulations as well. 

In regards to Jim, TAB is a Victorian reimagining of the current situation. Victorian!Sherlock and Victorian!Mycroft discuss how he already fought Victorian!Moriarty at the falls, and how he is presumed dead. If he has indeed risen from the Reichenbach cauldron… The start of TAB is the same as the end of HLV in that Sherlock believes Moriarty to be dead, but is now seeing signs that he is not.

In regards to Mary, TAB is a reboot. She’s married to John but has not shot Sherlock. In fact, Sherlock and John (especially John) are oblivious to her secret agent life. They’re married, things are tense, but for all they know, Mary is still ‘just’ a nurse. The state of the Watson marriage at the start of TAB is the exact state of the Watson marriage at the START of HLV, with one notable exception – Mary’s not pregnant.

So essentially, when Sherlock says “the stage is set,” in Mary’s case, he has set the stage pre-shooting and deleted her pregnancy. And that’s why his Great Explanation of how the bride/Jim ‘came back from the dead’ doesn’t make sense. Because it took him that long to realize just how intertwined Mary’s case is with Jim’s. You can’t reboot half the simulation, change an important element, and then expect accurate results from the system as a whole. The conditions have to be consistent.

Once Sherlock wakes up, he claims to have concluded that “Moriarty is dead, no question.” But what did he conclude about Mary?

I’m going to narrate this as I imagine high-as-hell Sherlock’s deductions in his mind because I enjoy producing literary criticism by way of satire. (A distressing trend in the modern metaist.) Also I’ll be frank: this is a hot mess, because this episode is a hot mess, a gloriously hot mess, and there are still several loose threads because I think they’ve withheld just enough to keep us guessing about Mary, and I ended up with some conclusions but a lot more questions. \ (•◡•) /

Anyway. From the beginning!

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