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“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash


More from The Family.

I wanted to draw Peter and Ingrid interacting. Oliver can be a bit of a Dude in Distress sometimes, but at least Peter and Ingrid have each other to worry with.

There’s a difference in how people can contact Ingrid. As Ingrid’s husband Oliver can just speak to her and she will hear him most of the time (but not always respond), Ingrid has given Peter a seal he can draw and burn if he wants to get in contact, and Morris has his own general rituals for sending messages to demons and otherworldly creatures, but she has a much easier time speaking to him than most humans and can even do it across great distances.

And yes, the cult will be a thing.


Teen Cyclops is caught in Medusa’s hair tendrils and nearly chokes but luckily, Magneto is nearby to save his ass.

And what the hell is that atrocious dialogue from Magneto?! Magneto is an OLD MAN and he shouldn’t sound like a teenager!

- All-New X-Men v2 18

Miraculous Ladybug and the 'Distressed Dude' trope

I’ve been watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir (otherwise called Miraculous Ladybug) more or less since it debuted on UK digital terrestrial TV. And while it’s not perfect, I’ve come to like it a lot, not least for its gender politics.

The heroine, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, is a quiet girl whose transformation into millennia-old legacy hero Ladybug gives her a significant confidence boost. And her spear counterpart, Adrien Agreste, is a poor little rich boy who turns into the destructive Chat Noir - heroic, but also notably more arrogant than Adrien’s regular personality.

But the show is quite clearly rooting for Ladybug. While both heroes face a range of dangers, it’s consistently Adrien who gets put into the sort of abject peril conventionally associated with ‘damsels in distress’. In 'Antibug’, he’s tied to a long pole and dangled high over a busy street. In 'Dark Cupid’ he’s brainwashed, and Marinette must tie him down and eventually reluctantly kiss him to prevent him destroying her. In 'Copycat’, his evil double chains him down to the floor. And in 'Pixelator’, it’s Adrien who ends up trapped in the villain’s featureless pocket dimension.

But Adrien isn’t gratuitously helpless - he still gets to have characterisation even when he’s helpless, and he’s not generally denied agency otherwise. Even so, Marinette as Ladybug is always sure that she’s not just Adrien’s equal, but his superior - she confidently rebuffs his romantic advances, and proudly demonstrates her excellent command of her powers.

So there we have it - the heroine’s skill, character and agency are consistently central, and her male opposite number needs rescuing quite often, but not so often as to weaken him as a character. Nor is he made to appear 'unmanly’ in any negative way, even though he is notably more delicate than many male heroes, and has quasi-villainous powers that could easily be turned to an unhelpful queer-coding. Conversely, Marinette does not need to imitate conventional masculinity in order to be the better superhero.

2 things I like in Nier: Automata

1) Regardless of the fact that Yoko Taro is a shameless pervert and that the camera can be manipulated by the player to get naughty shots, I do like that in Nier Automata, they didn’t overtly steer the camera (much) during cutscenes to get cheap shots.

With fanservice-y dressed characters, it’s quite easy to do that, focusing on boobs and crotches (i.e. Bayonetta), but they didn’t since it doesn’t fit the grim tone. Although I’m quite aware that the outfits are already toeing the line, haha.

2) Aversions of expectations and gender roles. 2B is the sexy, badass, stoic warrior who actually has a good reason to be so. 9S is the cheerful yet dude-in-distress who’s useful. A2 is also a sexy, badass, stoic warrior.

Those were the first impressions. Turns out 2B does have emotions, and she reveals them quite suddenly when 9S is in danger, and although it’s surprising that she does that when they’ve only met, it’s actually really good because her reactions are actually hints to her true nature and to the rest of the story.

9S is a cute, happy boy, who may grate on you initially, but he’s endearing. And he’s actually a racist, who disregards machines as conscientious despite numerous evidences. And he gets rescued a lot. But he really, really gets to you, especially in his latter character development in 3rd Act.

A2 is strange, because you only get to play her in the last act (and I’m hoping Taro makes a DLC featuring more of her to get more of her character), yet she still manages to win you over. She’s tough chick who went through hardships, but still goes on because she needs to.

There are other characters, but I can’t list them all but haha, they really stick to you, from pacifist Pascal to madwoman Jackass (that name really sticks out), they all work so well because none isn’t used for simple fodder.

In other words, Taro actually wrote them like real people, with complex relationships and complex thought processes while mixing and smashing tropes and stereotypes. You can’t really put any of them in one box as their definite characteristic, and that multi-faceted approach to both men and women is one of the things that makes this game awesome.

look I’m not saying Marinette and Alya have literally zero facial recognition skills but Adrien ID’ed Nino in a hot second despite the full facepaint, weirdo hood-thingy, and EXTREMELY DISTRACTING (and build-obscuring) bubble-suit while our favorite girls cannot recognize each other in a tiny domino face mask and bodysuit when they HAVEN’T EVEN RESTYLED THEIR HAIR. 

(I am cutting most of Paris a break on not spotting Marinette despite her complete non-disguise of an outfit because most of Paris does not know her, I am cutting her classmates a break because she actually doesn’t seem to be super-close to any of them aside from in the “ah yes we have gone to the same school for an amount of time“, it’s not like they do a ton of hanging out socially or anything and they also don’t see Ladybug up close and personal too often, but BEST FRIENDS AND OBSESSED WITH LADYBUG, ALYA, FFS

so obviously Nino spotted ADRIEN in a hot second and has known from day one that the new kid/his new BFF is a supercat. 

he did not out him when he was the Bubbler because dude, that would totally RUIN his birthday, he politely pretends to believe all his weird excuses for disappearing/running off, he makes sure to bring him the homework/copies of his notes on akuma-attack days, and he is a constant back-up alibi whenever anyone is like “where was Adrien again?” he also pretends not to notice the purring and acts like it’s totally normal when the other sneakily sneaks over to rub up on him for attention/pets. 

(really quite frankly Nino would probably roll with that even if Adrien WEREN’T a supercat, the guy is clearly affection-starved) 

and one day Chat Noir is going to flirt with dude-in-distress Nino Lahiffe and it is going to be a fucking TRIP for EVERYONE involved. 

Even if you don’t care about Secret Wars, you should be reading Planet Hulk.  Why?

Because it’s pretty much an AU fanfic of gladiator fighter Steve Rogers

invading a continent of Hulk-people

with his trusty dinosaur friend

to rescue Bucky Barnes.

Hey! Men!

Don’t worry about a lack of representation for dudes in the new Ghostbusters movie guys! You have Chris Hemsworth’s character! He’s a man!

He’s a Strong Male Character, he doesn’t need a woman to make him feel complete! I mean, yeah, he seems to be wearing a lot of unnecessarily tight clothes, but that’s just because he Feels Comfortable In His Own Skin! He’s pretty bright for a dumb blonde to? That makes him super relatable! He’s not a Dude in Distress! He doesn’t need a woman to save him! He is Fiesty! He can Hold His Own against the Ladies! He’s not loud and over bearing, he’s a cool, empowering male character! There may even be some ROMANCE! You guys like romance right? He’s practically one of the girls! He’s just as strong as the women! He’s TECH SUPPORT! THAT’S ALMOST AS GOOD AS BEING A REAL GHOSTBUSTER RIGHT???

[ffxv] visualize success (do u even lift, bro?)

Word Count: 1046
Characters: Prompto Argentum, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Gladio (briefly)
Pairings: promptis
Warnings: none

Noctis finds the determination to grow stronger one fateful day when he realizes he’s not shredded enough to carry Prompto in his arms for an indefinite amount of time. (ft. two high schoolers trespassing to pet a dog, a missing shoe, a hot day, and Oh Prince Noctis.)

not exactly a request, but based off a convo w @queen-tabris which became: 

noct: gladio i wanna train hard enough so i can carry prom in my arms
gladio: well i guess that’s something

-cara, visionary of our time

anyway, hope u enjoy & here are the details for requesting fics!

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Ships Meme

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Five ships for which I will go down in flames:

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1. Naru (aka Kazuya Shibuya aka Oliver Davis)/Mai Taniyama: Ghost Hunt

These two dorks. 

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Don’t ask for logic. Logic has nothing to do with it, darn it! Explanations, I have only context and my hopeful interpretations. And those freaking scenes all the shippers adore, darn it! Pet coins and ceilings falling and that smile. Plus stuff in the manga I’ve already raged about. And all the stuff I haven’t gotten around to yet.

2. Zuko/Mai: Avatar the Last Airbender

These two dorks.

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“I don’t hate you.” “I actually kind of like you.” That gloomy girl who sighs a lot and the angry jerk. “I’m saving the jerk who dumped me.” “I love Zuko more than I fear you.” Oh yes, I will go down with this ship. Fight me.

3. Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye: Fullmetal Alchemist

These two dorks.

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What’s better than a battle couple? Absolutely nothing. It’s not official, but we all know it’s unofficially official. I ship these back-to-back badasses like crazy.

4. Kyohei Takano/Sunako Nakahara: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge/The Wallflower

These two dorks.

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Another battle couple, in the most humorous ways imaginable. A radiant creature of light and a creepy goth chick. Nosebleeds and Belligerent Sexual Tension = Love.

5. Yakumo Saito/Haruka Ozawa: Shinrei Tantei Yakumo/Psychic Detective Yakumo

Plus these dorks.

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Tsundere boy and the awesome chick who puts up with him and thinks his red eye is pretty, when everyone else is terrified of it.

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Rescuing each other for the win. C’est l’amour.

Bonus: Marinette Dupain-Cheng (aka Ladybug)/Adrien Agreste (aka Chat Noir): Miraculous Ladybug

I couldn’t get away without adding these dorks.

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I got sucked into this show, and the obliviousness is killing me. The stinking love square needs to get sorted out. Because of umbrellas and showers and valentines and puns. Plus, battle couple. With the Distressed Dude. What’s not to love?

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I tag whoever wants to do the thing, as usual. Feel free, my friends.