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16.12.05 fancafe - bts_rap monster

The critical point  
BTS received a daesang  
MMA album of the year, and MAMA Artist of the year  

It’s really ridiculous right. Nowadays we’ve experience ridiculous things a few time on earth right. As I talked about it several times with my mouth, whether this dream is reality or whether reality is a dream it makes me feel pleasantly dizzy  

Even though I don’t want to be hung on modifiers and titles, but Daesang….Daesang and the name artist of the year seemed like a different kind of weight I can’t explain  

the past and the present, what is BTS’ strength? Where do you get that attraction? How could you do this well?… I get a lot of questions like this…I answered through my own belief and distress but I don’t know what the truth is exactly. And ironically, I heard the thought that “unknowing” is our strength.  

Even though I just said it, we don’t really know exactly yet. Why are you saying such nice words…that what we do is meaningful. why do we receive so much love. I honestly do not know. And it’s strange but I think it’s better. I think it needs to be known about our gratitude to our fans, members, stages and music.  

every morning - when this is going to bed and when I’m waking up - I start or finish the day with gratitude. With appreciation to the entire world, Ah, If we mistook only one step away we could’ve have fallen from this far away cliff but with the support of many different people and the faith in each other we rose. Ah, I am grateful for the weather today. I am grateful for the clear sky. I am grateful for the dark clouds on a rainy day. I am grateful to my friends and family and the people who love me. Ah, I am thankful, I have to be thankful  

Maybe, if we had known form the beginning the path we took was a cliff, we would have run away when we were trainees and hidden somewhere. If not maybe I wouldn’t have started (become a trainee) in the first place. Even though there’s no history, my life wouldn’t be the same would it? So, I am thankful. I’m sorry and grateful. To me. To the world. Also to people.    

My heart is still the same. No matter what position the world defines us in, I want our eyes to match at the same level. If you lift me to show me the world, and sometimes I would give you a ride. Would it not be nice. Because “understand” starts from “under” then “stand”. And because we are all the same human being. (who) feel happy and sad, fear and overcome, laugh and cry.  

I feel that from now on the path we have to go is different world, a new world. Ah, now no matter what we can pick ourselves up. I want us to witness ourselves and see where we go. Don’t wonder until we can fly wherever together. And achieve a lot of things together. I have a vague belief that in the future, we will accomplish many things that we could never have imagined. I thought that vague wasn’t always good but there’s also no vague in the world that feels good like this.    

Yes, everyone. It’s daesang, I also had this ambition but it was just a sparkly dream I couldn’t carry it out, thank you for carrying it out with me. Thanks to you guys I also feel and know everyday what person I am becoming. Yesterday I walked through a creek and picked up the leaves. It reminded me of when I was a child I had red maple leaves and I put them like bookmarks and also sent them in letters to my dearest friends. It’s like this nowadays. Because you have a red maple leaf in your heart too. Let’s see what kind of people we are and treasure it. Thank you for today. Thank you 

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“It’s not that she’s brave because she doesn’t know any better, she is brave despite knowing how scary it is” - Seo Jung Hoo, Healer (ep 5)

Ps. For any of you who think Chae Young Shin is a damsel in distress, she is the exact opposite. She is strong willed and brave, she faces her fears (like the elevator scene) and does her best to protect Bong Soo even though she has PTSD when seeing violence (personally, that’s why I think Healer got attracted to her in the first place). Plus, she is funny, rational, and really adorable (dancing and singing lol). She simply rocks, you go gurl! 

Tumblr Tagging Etiquette

While there are no Tumblr laws about tagging, there are some traditions which go a long way to dash pleasure and preventing dash pain.

What tags should do

  • place your post in the search results of the relevant subject matter
  • entertain
  • express your creativity
  • help with your own post filing

What tags should not do

  • intentionally cause discomfort or distress for people of different pov’s
  • be used for passive aggressive taunting, condescension, etc.
  • bully, threaten, demean or insult
  • bait & switch

How do you do good tagging?
Tag your posts and reblogs with the primary subject matter and/or your own creative comments but not with a tag which will attract people who do not share your enthusiasm or ‘shove it in the face’ of people you know will disagree/find it upsetting.

For example:
You watched an episode of WWE and a wrestler was acting like a punk with your fave. Write up a rant, an opinion, a review and rip the punk a new one. When you’re ready to tag, put your favourite wrestler’s name in the tag. Maybe put WWE in the tag. Do NOT put the punk’s name in the tag. Tagging the punk means that everyone who likes him and watches his tag is going to see you go off on him and be very upset that you are dissing their favourite. Don’t stop posting your opinion! But don’t rub it in the faces of people you know it will upset either.

Why this little Tumblr etiquette reminder today?

There are fandom and sub-fandom rumblings which are tainting what should be happy times for many. Some fans are unhappy with announcements and that’s absolutely fine - but it’s not fine for them to crap all over the people who are happy.

Okay. No more beating around the bush.

Richard Armitage has been cast as The Tooth Fairy in Hannibal. Some of the many reactions I have seen today:

  1. Extreme joy and excitement to watch
  2. Happy for the actor but queasy about the subject matter
  3. Perfect role for Armitage
  4. Lee Pace got him the role
  5. He got the role because Lee wasn’t free
  6. He stole the role from Lee
  7. So cute for Richard and Lee to rehearse together

The first three opinions should be tagged Richard Armitage. The last four shouldn’t.

Why? Because it’s rude to insult an actor to his fandom which 4-6 do.  It’s not polite to tag # 7 with Richard Armitage because his fandom is not united behind the Richard & Lee romantic relationship and the fandom in general should not be forced to read posts more accurately tagged Richlee or Armipace or Richard&Lee or something other than Richard Armitage. And the same courtesy extends to fans/supporters of Rich & Lee as a couple -  those opposed to Richlee should not tag their posts Richlee (or any other pairing tag) or tag anti-Richlee posts with just Richard Armitage.

The Richard Armitage tag should be safe for fans of all opinions, beliefs, preferences, and predilections. 

Express your self.  Share your views and your excitement over all that excites, inspires and captivates you.  And respect the dash space and tags of people who think differently than you, just as I would hope they will do for you.

Everyone wins when posts and reblogs are tagged to accurately attract the appropriate target audience instead of  taunting, punishing, or 'sticking it’ to people who we know will be upset by it.

For more on Tumblr etiquette click HERE