distractions are paramount

anonymous asked:

What helped you overcome self-harming and eating disorders?

This is a very difficult question. Time, so much time, I mean years and years of slowly building some small piece of self acceptance on which to build some sort of hope to keep you going, and perseverance, distractions, and perspective. It took me years to realise that opening my skin as a means of punishment for god knows what was an utter waste of time and wasn’t going to change anything, and would seem like the most stupid and irrational thing 30 years from then, even though it seemed vital at the time. I started thinking of myself as a tiny part of the huge world, instead of living inside my own head. I just focused on what was happening around me, instead of within me. Distractions were paramount, material things or activities or leaving the house and living, I mean really living, with other people. It sounds so cliche but instead of hurting myself I started trying to reach out to other people, rather than trapping and isolating myself in my shell. I don’t really know, it took ages but I feel a million miles from self harm now. There’s no quick fix and I guess most of all I was lucky enough to nip it in the bud and not fall too far into it so it was a thousand times easier I haul myself out when I felt ready to do so