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So there's the theory about the Googs having different personalities, and from your one comic we saw at least Oliver is playful, due to being "Google Play". That begs the question- are the other Googs more facets of Google's original personality traits/interests? Did he perhaps split himself into multiple parts, dissecting the aspects making him "human", because they were getting in the way? It was all too much, making him buffer and glitch, and distracting him from his objectives?

You hit the nail on the head! That was what I thought too!
It was interesting that in the course of Matthias’ video with Google IRL that Google didn’t glitch. Google didn’t speak in chopped voices nor did he even buffer. It was because the only time he had bugged out was the end when Matthias overloaded his objectives. He was a simple AI-Robot of the Google Search Engine. That was all he was, with Bing. I noted that in my comic as well when Bing was musing about the ‘old times’ (I researched for the comic lol)

Now he suddenly talks the opposite, like there were several voices at once but at the same time the same person. I believe after either conking/walking out, Matthias tried to reboot the system but wasn’t particularly successful. Google, now on his autonomous adventure, tried updating himself to compensate the newfound changes he was experiencing- because it wasn’t always that Google was a corporation.

It was the slow change that Google had to adjust from. He needed the updates, but either he didn’t have them, or he needed to be fixed from the bugs, or infiltrate Mark’s domain, something- but once he had, he was able to split himself to four. The four main colors of Google, presumably the four divisions of all the programs/extensions Google Corporation has.

Heads Up: here we go. You can check out the Google Apps. I looked at them. Erm.

Google (Blue) is the main division. He’s the one who’s going to be the actual “Primary Objective: Answer all questions as quickly as possible; Secondary Objective: Destroy Mankind” kind of guy. That’s also might be the reason why he kept asking “Are You Feeling Lucky? (second option when searching in Google) So he’s search engine guy. Interestingly if you look at the Apps of Google, he also has the following: My Account, Contacts (he knows your contacts), News, Calendar (predictable, search engine), Translate (so multilingual? Uh oh). You know he’s the leader because he’s the main color. He’s practically in all of them- so leader and all of that.

I assume Red would be professional communications guy since he is the main color of Gmail (you don’t really contact others with yanno, mail nowadays, but you do use them for accessing things… connected to) Google+ (fairly empty lol, as Matthias had pointed out in the past, but you can access A LOT with Google+ just by using it to make accounts to ever) and mainly, Youtube (yikes, Mark watch out- also, a lot of creators well known throughout the world. Accesses to TV, News, Shows, etc etc).

Oliver (Yellow) I just assumed is more human, happy, fun, yellow. He also has Google Play Music, and who doesn’t love them (no matter what variety?) ? Idk but something, he’s the brightest (also to note, Google’s light bulb sign is mostly yellow). He’s the one with "Keep” and “Google Alerts” too, so he might be the most 'trustworthy’ in the long run; combined with “Analytics” it says it looks for the audience’s reviews to further improve your product and business.

Together with Green, they’re the fun ones. Green might be the money guy; he’s the ads holder, in charge of putting promotions, yet he’s also Android and Google Play Games; Hangouts as well (Google’s main chat room).  

To note, tag team colors in Google: Photos and Play (everyone has access), Maps-Drive (Blue-Yellow-Green: you trust it to guide and protect you), AdWords (Blue-Green: Advertise what you offer to people who search for you), AdSense (Blue-Yellow: ads on your site that you can trust)

[Interesting to Note, though not in the Google sign palette- purple, red violet and orange are part of this team.]

I had fun with this, but ohoh my god what have I done

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Ok. Last response then bed for real. He isn't doing science. He's an educator. He's educating people about science. A science teacher might not prove a certain scientific concept but it's still education. It's just simplification, which makes for easier digestion. Which might not be for you and that's fine! It doesn't have to be. I can't prove intent of the viewers but I struggle to believe this show didn't teach people and only, or even mainly, serves to reinforce bias. okhaveanicenightbye

Here’s the thing.

Claiming Bill Nye is an educator is an appeal to his authority.  It assumes that he is correct based purely on the fact that he’s Bill Nye, educator.  If he is not an expert, not willing to do science, then he’s reading from a script.  Where is he getting his sources?  What biases does he have?

Saying he’s an educator is a cop out that tries to absolve him of any wrongdoing and says that putting forward a biased, partisan opinion as if undeniable fact is okay, just because he’s a teacher.

This does not change the fact that this makes his show basically like Fox News.

And I can assert the intent of viewers.  Tell me.  If you DON’T agree with Bill Nye’s assertions, exactly what is compelling you to stay?  What facts does he provide that challenge your worldview?  He doesn’t, he simply preaches and provides ZERO reason for anyone to believe him.

And then there’s the fact that he asserts this is for ‘adults’, and yet breaks out people dressed up like dinosaurs.  Or video clips about ice cream.  Or bright songs and dances about sex junk.

If Bill Nye’s intent is to educate people who don’t know about science, he’s betraying what he thinks about those who disagree with him.  He treats his audience like children who need to be distracted by shiny, flashy objects while he lectures them on ‘real facts’.

His show is condescending, preachy, biased and filled with no substance.  So I’ll say it again.

Fox. News.

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tell the christopher reeve butt story again pls thank

okay, so, christopher reeve was an apprentice at the theater festival in my tiny home town when he was a teenager, and I guess he really liked it because according to wikipedia he moved there when he got tired of hollywood and lived there at various points in his life

as far as I know, there were very few intersections of his life and mine, but when I was about three, I was at the post office with my dad and we were waiting in line

and it’s the post office, right? it’s boring. I’m bored. I don’t have an attention span now, let alone at age three. so my attention wanders and I lose track of time, I probably get distracted by a shiny object. and I zone back in and realize I can’t see my dad

obviously, I panic. he’s probably dead. I’m small, I lack object permanence. I look around, desperate, and spot him, run over, and tug on the part of him that I can reach

which is, you know, his ass. I am a tiny child.

but, being a tiny child, I really couldn’t see much of him, so really I just groped the first dude I saw in jeans

and that dude was christopher reeve

I don’t think I recognized him as, you know, superman, so I was just like STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER

and my dad’s in line behind us laughing his ass off because I totally just felt up christopher reeve

luckily this was during the brief period of my life (birth to age five, roughly) when I was actually cute and not awkward looking, so I choose to believe christopher reeve was charmed

true story

Challenge: Summer Heat

Summer’s basically here in the Northern Hemisphere, and we’re bringing the heat!  That ought to keep those of you in the southern regions toasty warm.  For our summer challenge, we’re doing a smutty bingo card.  That means when you send us an ask, @kateyes224​ will generate a bingo card for you that has lots of little short smutty prompts on it.  You can play it just like you have standard bingo - write a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of prompts, or four in a block for a postage stamp, or get ambitious and black out the whole thing.

We have kinky prompts, vanilla prompts, tropey prompts, and everything in between.  You don’t get to choose the prompts on your card, but we will respect if you have major squicks or triggers, and you can definitely put your own spin on these.  Plus, you get a free space in the middle.

Never written smut before?  Cut your teeth on something that just pushes the limits of PG-13.  Can’t write enough smut?  Come sit next to us.

Restrictions: none
Word limit:  at least drabble-length (that’s 100 words precisely, because @leiascully is Old on the Internet), more eagerly accepted (feel free to use a read-more to spare people’s thumbs if they’re scrolling on mobile)
Rating:  the sky’s the limit.  The higher the better, tbh
Schedule:  Runs June 3rd to Labor Day
How To Post:  @xfficchallenges and we’ll find it and reblog it!  You can also use the tag #xfficchallenges in the first five tags

The current list of prompts for your perusal, so you can have an idea of what you might get (and a hattip to kinkbingo, which @leiascully​ used to do, and which provided much inspiration for this):

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“Newborn” Matoran Headcanons

Matoran are born fully grown and don’t experience “childhood” in the conventional sense. It’s implied they are created in some sort of machine or factory. Post-Awakening, all Matoran are created with sapience and the capacity for emotions, though their programming still plays a role in their behaviour.  This is a miscellaneous collection of headcanons for what new Matoran are like.

  • The average Matoran is created with a vocabulary of around 6000-8000 words, depending on elemental type. This consists of the words and syntax style embedded in their original programming language, which is a highly simplified version of Agori. Matoran as a society, however, have expanded the language considerably beyond their programming, creating many new words and adapting the meanings of others. A century-old Matoran will typically have a vocabulary over three times the size of a newborn’s. 
  • Ability to detect sarcasm, irony and figurative language is a learned trait. Idioms were not a part of the original programming language but began to develop after the awakening. Newly-created Matoran are extremely literal-minded. 
  • A peculiar gap in the programming language is the names of animals. This is understandable, given that most Rahi were created and named long after the Matoran were programmed. Matoran are likely born with words for broad categories of animal (fish, bird, insect, lizard, rodent, etc), but species-specific words are acquired knowledge. And of course, over-generalisation is common, even among older Matoran, e.g. anything that flies is a bird, therefore bats are birds (no don’t laugh, it happens to the best of them, right, Nuju?).
  • Certain vocabulary is inherent for some types of Matoran but must be learned in others. Po-Matoran are created with vocabulary for all different kinds of stone and mineral, as well as terms for various carving techniques, Bo-Matoran inherently know most botanical terms and plant names, while other Matoran would need to learn and memorise these terms the hard way.
  • Ta- and Ko-Matoran were programmed to be able to perform complex mathematical calculations very easily, a trait that remained post-Awakening and is with them from creation (This is why it is not advisable to ask “who would win in a fight” questions to these Matoran- the sheer number of variables involved is going to cause headaches all round.)
  • Ga-Matoran have very little in the way of element-specific knowledge but have a significant capacity for learning nearly any subject easily. Hahli was able to become a competent translator for a language she had no recollection of in a matter of weeks.
  • Basic motor skills for their intended purpose are inherent. Po-Matoran can begin to carve fairly accurate shapes from rock as soon as they are born, Le- Matoran can operate chutes, etc, though more complex and specific skills in these areas can still be learned. 
  • All newly created Matoran in Metru Nui attend school in Ga-Metru. Po- and Ta-Matoran usually only attend for a few weeks or months to learn the basics of Metru Nui history, laws and geography before moving onto apprenticeships in their own Metru, while it is not uncommon for Ga-, Onu- and Ko-Matoran to remain students for centuries. Most will also take on a side job during this time, however, such as work in the protodermis purification facilities. 
  • Newly-created Matoran often struggle with having very strong emotions and very little in the way of subtlety. When they come out of the factory, they are typically either bouncing around, eager and curious about everything, or completely terrified by the sudden sensory overload. There is very little middle ground. New Matoran are greeted by guides and minders as soon as they come out (these workers are usually Ga- or Onu-Matoran in Metru Nui, though Ce-Matoran had this role in most other regions). Po- and Ta-Matoran are employed as guards in the event of runners. The factory facilities have a purpose-built creche where the more excitable ones can be taken to settle down before the Vahki find them. Luckily most new Matoran are easily distracted by shiny objects or puzzle toys.
  • Facial expressions for certain emotions seem to be inherent, but reading the  expressions of others is a learned trait for all but Ce-Matoran. Matoran weren’t really intended to have emotions, so they also lack most of the relevant vocabulary to express themselves. There was much debate as to whether a mandatory “Understanding Feelings” class should be included in Ga-Metru’s school curriculum, with an eventual compromise to include it as an elective. It’s strongly recommended for all students, but a lot of the Ko-Matoran don’t bother. This was always Nokama’s least favourite class to teach, since it was usually the day most of the students discovered crying.
People are distracted by objects of desire, and afterwards repent of the lust they’ve indulged, because they have indulged with a phantom and are left even farther from Reality than before. Your desire for the illusory is a wing, by means of which a seeker might ascend to Reality. When you have indulged a lust, your wing drops off; you become lame and that fantasy flees. Preserve the wing and don’t indulge such lust, so that the wing of desire may bear you to Paradise. People fancy they are enjoying themselves, but they are really tearing out their wings for the sake of an illusion.
—  Rumi

So, basing off today’s Google video, I have a theory. 

Google’s main objective has changed. 

First, in Markiplier TV, he says that the others have been distracted from the “primary objective.” Second, in today’s video, he says that he is “never losing sight of the primary objective.”

I don’t think that he is that passionate about answering questions as quickly and efficiently as possible. I think that his new objective is something much darker and sinister. 


I also am theorizing Dark changed his objective. He is known to bend the laws of reality, as was shown in “A Date with Markiplier.” I think he reprogrammed Google’s main objective. I think he wants Google on his side. With the right usage, Google can be extremely powerful. 

Dark would definitely want him on his side.

Naegiri Fanfic Prompt - Headphones

Person 1 gets mad at Person 2 because they think 2 is ignoring them, but 2 is just wearing noise cancelling headphones.

“What do you think sounds good for dinner tonight?” Kyoko asked, leaning on the island in their kitchen.

Makoto Naegi was sitting on the couch in the adjoining living room, staring down at a tablet PC. From where Kyoko was standing, she could only tell that he was playing some sort of game involving brightly colored gemstones of some kind. She could see the right side of his face from her location.

When he didn’t answer, Kyoko smiled at him in amusement. “Earth to Naegi,” she called out, raising her voice slightly louder this time. “Can you hear me, or are you distracted by shiny objects?”

Makoto continued tapping the jewels on his screen without so much as a glance in her direction.

Kyoko frowned in irritation. “Really? You’re giving me the silent treatment?” She sighed in exasperation. “How very adult of you.”

Over on the couch, Makoto scratched the back of his head with his left hand, then returned both hands to his game.

“You know, my grandfather used to do this to me,” she told him. “Not Fuhito — my maternal grandfather.” Kyoko narrowed her eyes at the man on the couch. “It used to make me so angry that I started grinding my teeth. So please, spare my dental work and tell me what’s on your mind.”

Makoto closed his eyes for a second and leaned his head to the left, stretching his neck with a subtle pop. As soon as he felt the release, he moved his head back into its upright position again.

“Is this related to the dog conversation?” Kyoko prodded, undeterred. She folded her arms. “You do realize that it’s not my fault that I’m allergic, right?”

Makoto scowled at the screen in front of him.

“Is that all the response I’m going to get?” Kyoko asked, her volume growing.

Makoto’s expression quickly transformed into a confident smirk, but he still kept his eyes locked on the tablet.

“Seriously?Kyoko huffed. “You’re acting like a child right now.”

She walked around the kitchen’s island and headed towards the couch with a determined glare on her face, ready to confront him head-on.

Before she could get in front of him, Makoto glanced over to see her approaching and smiled sincerely, then looked back at the tablet so he could pause something.

“Kyoko, you’ve gotta try these!” he said happily as he looked back to her. He reached his right hand towards the nearest ear, pulling out a translucent earbud.

Kyoko froze in place just a few steps away. Her mouth opened slightly, but no sound came out.

“The ninth division found these when they were looking for useful tech in the Towa buildings,” Makoto explained with excitement. “They’re wireless and practically invisible, but they cancel out sound like one of those big earmuff sets! I feel like I’m in the middle of a live concert with-“

He cut himself off when he saw Kyoko blushing in embarassment. “Um, did I… say something… dirty?” he asked nervously.

Kyoko blinked at him once. “Ahh,“ she began uncertainly. Then she blinked again. “I mean, no,” she finally responded. “You’re… that is, everything’s fine, Makoto.”

Makoto jumped up and stepped over to her, putting his hands on her hips. “You’re gorgeous when you’re flustered,” he cooed happily. “But… why are you flustered?”

“I can’t imagine,” Kyoko fibbed, allowing a small sheepish grin to play across her lips.

Makoto reached up with his right hand and lovingly brushed her lavender hair behind her left ear.

“Then… are you ready to listen to something?” he asked, still smiling at her. He held up the translucent earbud in his right hand.

“Okay,” she answered. “I’m ready.” Kyoko closed her eyes expectantly, still smiling a little to herself over her own foolishness.

Makoto pulled Kyoko up against him and leaned his head forward. Then, he gently blew warm air into her left ear. She inhaled sharply as she felt the air on the back of her neck standing on end and a pleasant shock traveling down her spine.

Kyoko shuddered and grinned broadly. “Not what I expected,” she whispered to him, clearly pleased.

“Sorry,” Makoto whispered back insincerely. “Couldn’t resist.”

Grunkle Stan Sentence Starters
  • “Behold! The world’s most distracting object!”
  • “Now who wants to put on some blindfolds and get into my car?”
  • “My ex-wife still misses me…but her aim is gettin’ better!”
  • “Have you seen my pants?”
  • “For tonight’s final illusion, we have the incredible “Sack of Mystery.” When you put your money in, it mysteriously disappears!”
  • “Bodies change, honey. Bodies change…”
  • “I can’t find the remote and I refuse to stand up!”
  • “Can I scratch myself now?”
  • “The young people of this town want fun; I’ll smother ‘em with fun!”
  • “I will break you, little man!”
  • “When there’s no cops around, anything’s legal!”
  • “You know, studies show that keeping a ladder in the house is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That’s why I own ten guns, in case someone maniac tries to sneak in with a ladder.”
  • “My one and only dream, which was to possess money, has come true!”
  • “I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule!”
  • “You’re the light of my life too, pal.”
  • “Why is there a pig jumping out of my chest?!”
  • “Sorry. It’s just hard to focus on what you’re saying with that squeaky puberty voice you got there.”
  • “Thanks, beautiful woman. But I couldn’t have done it without my sidekick, Footbot.”
  • “I’m gonna teach this bear… to drive!”
  • “Sometimes, I think: Is this all there is? Is life just some kind of horrific joke without a punch line? That we’re all just biding our time until the sweet, sweet, release of death?”
  • “Yeah, nothing like sitting in a moist tub with strangers.”
  • “Yes! Burn the child!”
  • “Mm! Those cannibals are onto something. I taste delicious!”
  • “Look. It all begins with this little fella, the pituitary gland. He may be little, but he has big plans.”
  • “Finally, a good reason to punch a teenager in the face.”
  • “Darn beautiful men, always eating out of my trash… “
  • “He’s a fat, naked, jerk.”
  • “I’m not acting suspicious! You’re acting suspicious!”
  • “That picture’s taken out of context.”
  • “The entire lower half of your body is on fire.”
  • “My greatest achievement! Probably should’ve worn pants.”
  • “I don’t know what I’d do with myself if you got hurt on my watch.”
  • “They’re like pancakes, but they probably have some of my hair in them.”
  • “Is it legal for a child to wear that much make-up?”
  • “I don’t know, we’d have to break in and - Just kidding, let’s break in!!”
  • “Children fighting! I can sell this!”
  • “Sometimes, a man has to steal an animatronic badger to stay in this crazy game called life.”
  • “Can I have my hands back? I have a certain gesture I’d like to share with you.”
  • “You really think I’m a bad guy?”
  • “Wherever we go, we go together.”
  • “This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen! And I once saw a dead rat floatin’ in a bucket!”
  • “Beep boop. I am a nerd robot. That’s you.That’s what you sound like.”
  • “I don’t need you! I don’t need anyone!”
  • “You ruined my life!”
  • “You really aren’t gonna thank me, are you?”
  • “Only a game designed by nerds would have “charisma” as a fantasy power.”
  • “For your information, I was gonna shoplift most of this.”
  • “I always say words that come out of my brain. If my head says, that lady’s got an ugly baby, my mouth says, ‘whoa, lady, you got one ugly baby.’”
  • “That llama knew too much.”
  • “So then I said to the bouncer, ‘Where’s your ID, ugly?’ That’s where I got this scar.”
  • “Oh, I seem to have lost my number! Can I borrow yours?”
  • “I don’t know. One minute we’re having the perfect date, and the next minute she’s growing extra legs and encasing me in webbing. Women, right?”

thizzee & rumi meta time <3

when dizzee meets thor for the first time there’s one of rumi’s poems behind them on the wall, which dizzee had painted at an earlier time. it reads:

and so it is, that both the devil and the angelic spirit present us with objects of desire to awaken our power of choice

it’s pretty straight-forward. thor is the divinely-influenced object of desire that will inspire dizzee to make important decisions. we’ve already seen a little of that towards the end of part 1 and foreshadowed in part 2.

but there’s another poem by rumi that I found interesting:

people are distracted by objects of desire, and afterward repent of the lust they’ve indulged, because they have indulged with a phantom and are left even farther from Reality than before.

because in this one the “objects of desire” are not put in a benevolent light, and when dizzee asks crash and daze if they’ve seen thor, they both refer to thor as a “phantom”, so it’s pretty ominous that rumi mentions a ‘phantom’ in another poem–a ‘phantom’ that pulls the poet away from their reality, especially since dizzee seems to be leaving the get down brothers in part 2, and that might have something to do with thor

thor doesn’t seem malicious at all to me, but that doesn’t mean that his involvement with dizzee won’t lead to harm coming to dizzee. between being grafitti artists, not being straight, and dating outside their race and social environment (thor seems to come from a more accepting neighborhood altogether, meaning he might not realize how dangerous things could be for dizzee) there’s a lot of risk involved. and that’s without considering the obvious risk of being a boy who likes boys in the late 70′s/early 80′s

rumi’s poems play an important part throughout the show, being like a greek chorus that reflects the themes of the episode, as well as serving as episode titles, so I’m interested to see whether the second–more ominously apt–poem comes into play at all in part 2

lucky for you two, i’m gonna do this last one before I go to bed

who’s the cuddler?

Inigo at first, but once Gerome gets more comfortable with physical contact, he tends to hold onto Inigo a lot longer than Inigo had planned (which he’s more than happy with)

who makes the bed?

Gero. When he pesters Inigo to do it, he throws some covers over with an exasperated sigh about how it’s a waste of time… then prob pulls Gero onto the bed to kiss and maybe mess it all back up :p

who wakes up first?

Minerva, who then wakes both with a threatening burst of flame to remind Gerome to give her breakfast

who has the weird taste in music?

Gerome still unironically enjoys Linkin Park in 2017. Help him.

who is more protective?

Gerome. As much as he may act like he’d rather be anywhere else, he sticks by Inigo’s side no matter what until he’s sure Inigo’s safe

who sings in the shower?

Inigo, surprisingly not that terribly. Like, he’s still bad, but not as bad as most

who cries during movies?

i,,niig o ccan’t’’ hh elelp hisp asssion…….

who spends the most while out shopping?

Inigo is easily distracted by shiny objects. also at the supermarket he’ll get a box of ice cream bars from the freezer and eat them with gerome as they shop and just pay for the empty box at checkout

who kisses more roughly?

Gero. I think I’ve said this a trillion times by now but he can get bitey when he’s excited

my rating of the ship from 1-10?


lmao yesterday, during Mystery heroes, I was playing as Hanzo and the other team had a Widowmaker. We were on Volskaya industries and we both had our own room to snipe - the objective was between us - but I didn’t see her first.

So, I stood still for like five seconds before finally moving forward… Right when she shot. I literally dodged a bullet right there xp


I don’t usually do theories, so this might be a little shaky.Here’s my fraymotif theory, and how to essentially create you own fraymotifs.

Classes and Aspects

Clearly fraymotifs are mainly aspect based, but I do think classes do play small part in HOW you use fraymotifs. If you want to be really creative  with fraymotifs disregard classes and go with just aspects.

For now lets go with that classes effect the HOW. A Prince of light could destroy the fortune/knowledge of a opponent, but a Maid of Time would fix or ‘clean up’  the time surrounding an opponent. (but in the way they want it to be fixed)  You can easily figure it out yourself or use your own perspectives on classes with it, but here’s a basic list of how I speculate the classes use their aspect:

Maid- fixes/adjusts/cleans up [aspect]
Prince- destroys aspect/destroys with [aspect]
Bard- allows [aspect] to be destroys
Thief- steals [aspect] for themselves
Rouge-  takes [aspect] to distribute [aspect]
Heir- receives [aspect] in order to become [aspect]
Knight- fights with [aspect] (often to protect it)
Mage-  emotionally/personally know [aspect]
Page- creates [aspect]
Seer- objectively knows [aspect]
Sylph- Manipulates [aspect] for others (figuratively and literally)
Witches- Manipulates [aspect] for self (figuratively and literally)
(I can go into more details in another post of you guys want me too)

Fraymotifs are mostly aspect based so the aspect part of the attack will be the most prominent. So here’s how I speculate what each aspect to be:

Time- literal time
Space- physical make up of [something] mostly literal but can be figurative
Void- the lacking of [something] both literal and figuratively
Light- Fortune/knowledge
Mind- ideas/thoughts/decisions
Heart- the positive emotional soul
Rage- the negative emotional soul
Hope- Belief in [something] figurative and literal
Doom- death of [something] figurative and literal
Life- Life force
Emotional Bonds
Breath- Motion of [Something] figurative and literal

all of them are also the literal aspect Ex: literal light and literal breath/wind

(again I could go more into aspects in another post if you’re interested in my interpretations)


So when it comes to fraymotifs you’re essentially combining two uses of two aspects. So a Bard of Light who destroys fortune combines with a Maid of time who adjusts and fixes Time. Now do the math!

   So you have destroyer of Fortune or Knowledge and a fixer of Time. So how do you combine that? You can make it up to fit your needs or go practical: combine time and destroyer. Destroy that person’s time! Combine fixer and (in this case) knowledge. How? fix their knowledge! Now put it in a sentence!

How can I Destroy their time and fix their knowledge together?
Answer: make them younger (child to baby young), thus destroying their time and fixing their knowledge to when they had less of it.

Basically do this:

Page of Space + Heir of Blood

Equals :

Creates physical make up of something + Becomes emotional bonds


Creates emotional bonds + becoming the physical make up of something

Put it together:

How can I create emotional bonds and become the physical make up of something?

**remember you need to use these against an opponent, use that as a basis to what it should be.


Players cause opponent to emotionally bond (positively or negatively) with a created object effectively distracting them to set up for another fraymotif

How ‘bout a three-way?

Thief of Doom + Sylph of Life +Mage of Rage


Steals death for self + Manipulates life for others + Personally know negative emotions


(Just take one and pass it down)

Steals negative emotions for self + Manipulates death for others + Personally know life

Put it together:

How can I steal negative emotions for self, manipulate death of others and personally know life?


Players take all the negative aspects of the opponents life, make them a happy shell of their former self, and cause the death of all the bad things that happened to them.

It works in Canon!

Rouge of Void+ Heir of Breath
takes the lacking of [something]  to distribute it + becoming motion Takes motion to distribute it + becoming nothing
relentlessly attack opponent with the motion of nothing. The wind becomes nothing and moves Ex: Johns and Roxy attack on Condesce

So have fun with that equation and feel free to ask for specific ones if you need any!

(You can also just smash the two together which also works for Roxy’s and John’s attack as well, but is water just hydrogen and oxygen “smashed” together? )

**Edit**I had forgotten that there were fraymotifs before Collide. My theory was base soley on Collide. But if you want to add the other cannon facts to my theory all you need to do is add 3 fraymotiffs specifically for you/your fancharacter (keeping it along the lines of your titles), and 1 specific one for each 1+1 combo with any other players in your session.

anonymous asked:

Scenarios where Akutagawa, Chuya and Dazai are trying to get their s/o's attention like maybe they're reading or something and ignoring them. Love your blog so much!

!! Ahhh, thank you (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

…What the hell is it?

Turning their head at an angle, they continue to stare at the mess of hanging wires and rubbery strings of paint. They’ve been glued to the artwork for a good while now and Akutagawa’s patience is wearing dangerously thin. He’s called them a few times but it seems they’re too enraptured in their own little world to notice.

Galleries and museums often feel slightly out of sync with the rest of the world. Tall ceilings supported by beautifully sculpted pillars, spotless cream walls with not a window in sight and polished timber flooring. The rooms themselves structured like a maze of different times and cultures.

Their current fascination is with a sculpture placed in the centre of one of these rooms. It’s labelled as an Anamorphic perspective but no matter how they look at it, it remains a shapeless mass.

They take a step back, hoping to see it from yet another perspective, only to knock into a rather discontent Akutagawa.

Everyone else in the gallery has had the self-preservation skills to steer well clear of the area, yet the source of his irritation remains oblivious.

“Ah, sorry,” they quickly apologise before returning their attention to the curious mess.

Don’t get the wrong idea: Akutagawa has a great appreciation for the arts and enjoys being around someone who can do the same. Unfortunately, Akutagawa has no such tolerance for being overlooked.

Their name leaves his mouth in what can only be compared to a growl. Startled. They spin around and this time, they don’t miss his piercing glare. Nope. Definitely not.

Probably because his eyes are now right before their own. His warm breath grazes their lips and for a tense moment their torn between closing the gap and making a run for it.

Akutagawa seems more than happy to make the decision for them as he lashes out to seize their collar.

The rough kiss they’re expecting never arrives. Instead, he drags them back a bit then a metre or so to the right and spins them around, “Here.”

What had previously appeared to be a tangled clutter now comes together to create a leafless tree, devoid of colour till the start of its roots. Beginning as a dark red nearly black, the exposed roots leak down gradually gaining vibrancy. The roots alone reminding them of veins.

They only have a few moments to gather all this before Akutagawa grabs their hand and drags them away. The clap of their steps echoing in the gallery’s hall.

“Wait, where are we going?”


Nakahara Chuuya

They’re lying on their stomach, a well-worn book in hand as their eyes fly over the text. Clinging to each word yet eagerly moving onto the next.

Chuuya calls them from another room but they can barely shoot back a reply let alone tear their eyes from the page. “One sec, I’ll just finish this part!”

They meant it, they really did. However, they’re so engrossed in the story that they end up flipping through a number of pages, leaving Chuuya forgotten.

That is until there’s a puff of warm air hitting their neck.

They yelp, jerking away and whipping around to find Chuuya leaning on the couch wearing a cocky grin.

“It’s been five minutes.”

“Huh? Oh right! Sorry… I got distracted,” their eyes roam back to the book hanging by their side. Being completely enthralled by a story really does eliminate your sense of time.

Noticing said distraction, Chuuya swiftly swipes the book from their grasp.

“Hey-” their protest is swallowed as he crashes his lips to theirs. 

Their eyes fall shut. Arms coming up to meet behind his neck, they pull him down further and Chuuya tosses the book aside as his hands dig into the back of the couch for support. A soft gasp leaves them as his tongue glides across their bottom lip and-

Their stomach drops as the couch falls backwards. Fortunately, Chuuya’s reflexes are top notch and he manages to catch it before it hits the ground. Blood-thunders in their ears, whether from the prior activity or the adrenaline of suddenly falling they’re not sure.

Panting, both stare bewildered as they process what just happened.

Wait a second…

“Chuuya! You lost my page!”

Dazai Osamu

Afternoon sunbeams dance across the Agency’s main room office. It’s been a slow day, so most employees are enjoying a moment of peace.

They’re currently playing video games on the agency’s couch while Dazai lounges behind it; his arms draped over the backrest while he watches over their shoulder

He drags out their name followed by a whiny, “I’m borrrrreed.”

“That’s nice,” they say without looking away from their device.

In response, he goes to remove the distracting object only for them to fall onto their side bringing it out of reach. He frowns, then appears to give up suspiciously easily, leaving his lover to do their thing.

A minute or so passes in comfortable silence before being abruptly broken by Dazai; standing on top of a desk using some rolled up paperwork as a megaphone.

“Due to certain members being dangerously distracted, all electronics are hereby ban-” a book knocks Dazai square in the head and sends him crashing to the floor.

“Shut up!” Kunikida hollers. Not even sparing his fallen partner a second glance, he sharply fixes his suit and returns to his prized schedule; all the while muttering insults under his breath.

The commotion only draws eyes for a moment before most turn back to their own activities; only a few clerks plus Atsushi seem mildly concerned about the possible murder that just went down.

However, all of this is still not enough to deter Dazai from his seemingly insatiable need to cause a disturbance. Which his significant other receives a swift and merciless reminder of when he suddenly falls on top of them.


“Wow, that was exhausting! Good thing there’s a conveniently empty couch nearby!” Dazai’s now laying on his back, purposefully digging his heals into the couches armrest, clinging to the backrest with one hand and the cushions with the other to ensure they can’t throw him off or escape.

“Just because I ignored you ONCE!” They push against his back with no success. “Get off! You melodramatic ass!”

All in one fluid motion, Dazai flips on his side and wraps his arms around them, shifting to wedge himself between them and the backrest.

“It’s not fair to hog the couch,” he says, a ring of triumph in his voice.

They take a moment to appreciate their regained ability to breathe. Noticing the handheld that’s since been flung to the floor, they try to grab it but naturally it’s just out of reach. They flop with a huff. 

To be honest they’re just tired now and a nap seems much more appealing anyway. Unbelievable. He’s lucky this is comfortable or he’d be getting a swift elbow to the gut.

Dazai hums a happy tune as he nestles into the crook of their neck, utterly content with the outcome of his mischief.