distracting myself with good looking guy

So last night, myself and another girl were asked to leave a D&D game, before it even started, because the DM (another woman) didn’t like how we looked. Both of us were made up, hair done, cute outfits, with a lot of pink D&D accessories. She assumed we were very “feminine” so that we could flirt with all the guy players, and try to get advantages, or distract them. We were told we had to change into “normal” clothes (t-shirts or sweatshirts), and “uncake our faces”. We both left but became really good friends really quickly afterward.

I talked about this in a few select social media places after it happened, and something unexpected started when I woke up this morning. A lot of women had contacted me with stories of similar things, from both male and female DMs. It’s now 1:30PM here, and I’ve talked to 29 women, all with their own experiences that all fell under this particular umbrella.

Their experiences included:

- Being talked to like they’re a bimbo by everyone at the table.
- Having one or more guys at a table want to “help them” play, despite having even more game experience than they did.
- Being blatantly ignored by other female players.
- Having their character hit on endlessly by most of a table.
- Being hit on themselves, despite saying “no thank you” or showing obvious disinterest.
- Being touched a lot, either on the arm, shoulder, back, or in more inappropriate places by male gamers.
- Being told they’re “trying too hard to be a woman”, included trans women being told this by other women.
- Having the DM solely target their character in battles and with traps, after turning the DM down for a date or affection, and not stopping until the character is dead.
- Having it insisted upon them that they have to change their “girly” dice, bags, binders, clothing, etc to “fit in”.
- Being told they aren’t a “real nerd”, “real gamer”, “real geek”, “real fan” because they don’t fit the “look” — this is the most common one I heard.
- Being told by a table full of guys that their below-10 roll was in fact “rolling like a girl”.
- And of course, the “gold digger” argument. That a woman who glams herself up before a game is clearly only hunting for the nerdy guy who also makes a lot of money, and who is pretending to like these things to get at his bank account. 12 separate women told me this one, each of them were kicked out of their games with this being the explanation. None of them dated or flirted with anyone at the table at any point.

The common theme here was that all of these were public play games, either at gaming stores, or at conventions. You have to sit at a table with people you don’t know, and one would expect at least common human decency here, but instead this sort of thing happens. It’s not okay for people to be treated this way by anyone, for any reason, and I was mortified by the sheer amount of women coming forward to share in such a short period of time.

So I worked away at this picture, as I express myself in really dumb fashion sketches. 

It’s the club jacket for our Glam Girl Gamer Gang. 

Girls of all types, from all backgrounds, all sizes, all places in life deserve to be respected as a fellow player. THIS INCLUDES ALL GIRLS WHO LIKE “STEREOTYPICALLY FEMININE” THINGS.


Judgey and English

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A/N: Okay this one is reeeeally long but i got carried away and I didn’t want any part of the request to get missed out because I tried to squish it into less than 2000 words

Request:  could I maybe request an imagine where the reader is new and she moves to riverdale from England and she starts off as a waitress at pops and befriends Jughead because she’s all little and sassy and sarcastic. Then maybe she could become a river vixen and reggie and the football team all take an interest and juggy gets all jelly because he’s developed a subconscious crush on her 

Word Count: 3,249 (god.damn.)

Warnings: Bad pick up lines, some brief angst

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Breaking her broke me || D.H.

A/N: this is a little bit angsty maybe? I got inspired by Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Happier’. It’s one of my favs!

Word Count: 1.7K

POV: Dan


Originally posted by lester-nerd

It’s been 5 months since I broke her heart. I called it quits and I thought I was fine.

But then I caught myself staring at the ceiling at 4am and missing her sleeping next to me. I missed the warmth of her body and that she used to always wrap an arm around my upper body.

I really thought I would be fine with breaking her and ended up breaking myself.

“Look, before we start. I’m sorry to say this but I really feel like we need to end this little thing we got going on.” I told her although I didn’t feel sorry at all.

We were at her flat, she thought we were going to have a fun movie night on a Friday evening. In reality I just came over to break up with her.

She sat up straight after previously having lied down on the sofa in the living room right in front of the TV. Y/N quickly removed the bowl of popcorn from her lap. We were face to face and I could see a flash of panic in her eyes as she was holding on to something that was never really hers.

Her eyes grew even wider in shock as the meaning of my words started to sink in. She had just given me all of her, she had let herself fall. But I wasn’t there to catch her.

She gave me her heart just so I could break it.

“What do you mean?” she asked in a breathless voice, by now her heart was beating so fast she could hear her heartbeat in her ears.

Her hand was still resting on my thigh and she could still taste me on her lips from when I greeted her with a kiss.

“I never really wanted any of this. I’m not the relationship kind of guy.” I bluntly explained, remaining completely emotionless.

She quickly removed her hand as if I disgusted her.

“Are you serious, Dan? If you are joking, I swear I’ll-“

“I’m not joking, Y/N.” I interrupted her, this may be a joke to me but I wasn’t joking.

“I don’t get it, Dan! We just spent the last 4 months together, and now you tell me that you are not ready for a relationship?!” She asked me outraged and unable to believe this.

She was staring into my brown eyes hoping to get a reaction.

“It’s not that I’m not ready for a relationship, I just don’t want one.” I stated, shrugging my shoulders. Still feeling no regret. I had done this before: being with a girl just to have some fun with her and eventually break her heart.

“Why did you spend all this time with me then?” Her voice was nothing more than a growl as anger and rage started to fill every vein in her body.

Her mouth hung open as she stared at me in disbelief and disgust.

“I guess, I thought you are pretty.” I admitted, eyeing her body up and down once again. She was indeed attractive.

Her eyes were by now overflooded with tears at my words. She was so unbelievably mad and sad at the same time.

“You made me fall for you because you think I am pretty? All you did was play me!” She shouted, hitting me with one of the pillows on the couch.

“You could have said no.” I told her, basically handing all of the blame over to her. She was the one who fell for me, right? I didn’t do anything.

“How was I supposed to say no when you were the one guy I had been waiting for all my life?” She asked me still crying so hard that her eyes were puffy and red.

“If you really want to, I think we could still have sex from time to time.” I offered with a smirk and watched with amusement how her face went from mad to absolutely pissed.

“Get out of my apartment! I never want to see you again!” She lowly growled, nearly pushing me off her couch.

I could tell that it was definitely time to leave if I wanted to make it out alive. As I walked out of her door I heard her heart shutter into a million pieces. It sounded like the most tragic symphony in my ears.

“You are a heartless asshole, Dan Howell!” She shouted after me, as I stepped out onto the street, turned her my back and walked away.

I thought I would never see her again, I thought she was just one of the many girls I had been with, but forgetting her was not that easy. For the first time in my life, I actually missed a girl I broke up with.

I couldn’t break her without breaking myself.

Why was she different? Why did thinking about her hurt?

After I broke up with her, I went back to my old single lifestyle again. I went to bars, drank a little bit more than I usually would and mainly hung out with my guy friends in order to not think about her.

What did she do to me? I thought to myself as I stared out of the window and saw the city lights rush by in front of my eyes.

As I got off the bus, it was raining heavily. The sky was pitch black and rain drops were running down the windows of the empty shops I walked past. Typical British weather.  

It was a Friday night and I was on my way to a local pub where my friends were waiting for me. It has been a month since I stopped seeing Y/N and I was still struggling. And I was unable to admit that.

So, I acted like everything was fine. Nobody even knew that I used to date her.

I turned left and walked until I stood right in front of the neon signs of the pub. I quickly pushed the door open and headed inside to escape the rain that seemed to represent my mood.

There were a ton of people in the old looking bar. Loud music was playing as mostly guys were chatting, playing darts and of course drinking beer.

I barely feel regret, but as soon as my feet hit the dirty floor of the pub and I let my head swerve in order to find my friends, I felt like somebody had thrusted a sharp knife into my chest. I instantly regretted coming here.

Y/N was in the arms of another man. He was a tall handsome guy that was whispering something in her ear. Her eyes lit up and she started laughing, making him smile down at her.

I thought I felt miserable before but having to witness that I realized how much I had lost when I left her.

Glad that Y/N hadn’t noticed me walking in, I headed over to my friends, trying to not look like my heart just broke all over again.

“Hey, mate there you are!” One of my buddies greeted me with a pat on the back and immediately ordered a pint for me.

I sat down on the corner table and although I tried to distract myself by downing my beer and chatting with my friends I couldn’t stop myself from glancing over my shoulder to look at her.

“Dan, are you okay? You look a bit-“ my best friend Phil asked slightly concerned.

“I’m good.” I interrupted him, taking another sip from my cold drink.

“You sure?” Phil tried again, clearly not convinced.

“She looks happy, doesn’t she?” I mumbled turning around to look at her once again.

“That girl at the bar?” Phil wanted to know.

I just nodded. “She looks happier.” I quietly admitted, watching her smile and chat with her new guy.

“I bet one day you feel it too.” My best friend told me, seeming to understand what was going on.

After one pint too many I saw Y/N’s new boyfriend leave her alone to go the toilet. I couldn’t stop myself from getting up from my chair and walking towards the bar.

“Dan what are you doing?” Phil shot me a warning look, but I had already made my decision.

With a few steps I crossed the room until I stood right in front of Y/N. She noticed me for the first time today. Her eyes grew wide as she saw me stop right in front of her.

“Dan?” She sounded surprised and for a minute we just stood there face to face, not knowing what to do.

There was a battle going on inside of me. I didn’t want to ruin her happiness, but I had to tell her. My heart was beating rapidly fast and I had never seen such a beautiful person before. Honestly, it hurt. Seeing her hurt and it was all my fault. I broke her, I broke me, I ruined everything we could have been. But how do I put all of those feelings into words?

“I miss you.” I just simply told her and meant every word like I had never meant anything before.

She swallowed hard, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Babe, do you know this guy?” I deep voice behind me stopped me from intensely looking at Y/N.

Her new boyfriend protectively wrapped an arm around her waist.

“I once thought I knew him.” Y/N explained not looking away.

I immediately started to feel even worse. She was referring to when I played with her feelings.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I can tell that you are happier now. And I’ll accept that.”

With that said I turned around instead of waiting for a reaction and just headed out of the door without saying goodbye to her or my friends.

It was raining even heavier by now as I started walking to the bus station. I kicked a stone with my foot out of despair: I didn’t know how to deal with all of those emotions. I wasn’t used to liking somebody that much.

I was thankful for the rain since it hid the fact that I was crying.

I passed a street lamp and it light up my face. A single tear rolled down my cheek.

“Dan, wait!” I heard somebody shout and her voice made me instantly spin around.  

Riverdale Imagine: SURPRISE! (Jason x reader)

A/N: This is the prequel to the Guilty? mini-series that I have written this week. The story of how Jason and the reader got together in the beginning. I hope you guys enjoy!!

Summary: When Jason returns to Riverdale after a 3 month work placement in NYC, the reader realizes that her feelings for him never left, but she is convinced that he doesn’t feel the same way.

Approx. 1270 words

It all began at Christmas, at Cheryl Blossom’s famous annual Christmas Party to be exact. Since I was her best friend, I always helped her organise it but the night always belonged to Cheryl, she was one hundred times better in the limelight than me anyway. Cheryl’s parents had gone away to one of their holiday homes for the weekend – Mrs Blossom disapproved of Cheryl’s parties and always managed to be hundreds of miles away when they took place – and Jason was returning from his three month work placement in a business firm in New York. How he had managed to get the permission for a whole term out of school was a mystery to me, but I was excited to see him again. Being best friends with Cheryl naturally made me best friends with Jason also, and the fact that I hadn’t seen him for three months was killing me. Holding the Christmas Party on the day of Jason’s return to welcome him home had been Cheryl’s idea – she had always been melodramatic – and we had spent the day decorating the house and planning the surprise. Cheryl was going to pick him up from the train station while I waited with the rest of our school-year at Thornhill.

The moment I saw him climb out of Cheryl’s car all my feelings came flooding back like a tidal wave as my stomach started doing flips. I had fancied Jason ever since we were little, we had shared our first kiss in a game of truth or dare in the 5th grade, but I thought I had gotten over my hopeless feelings since he had been away. I caught Jughead’s eye from where he was hiding behind a rose bush – he was my other best friend and hated parties but usually came if I forced him – he rolled his eyes and gave me a knowing smile, making my cheeks colour. As Jason got closer to the house, I could see him properly in the porch-light and I was surprised by how much his appearance had changed since the end of the summer when he went away. It seemed that puberty had descended upon him like an angel. He was taller, but his shoulders were broader also, and his previously-lanky frame was now more muscular, I could see his arms straining against the fabric of his t-shirt. I bit my lip as he reached up and ran his hand through his strawberry-blonde hair, I just wanted to reach out and touch his face –

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#45 Three Days To Love (Harry Styles Series)

Hello guys! 

So, I was so inspired by SNL and soldier Harry that I have written something along those lines. I have so much planned and I’m finally writing again! 

I hope you like this one! 

“Are you sure?” She asked me again.

 "Am I sure about what?“ I asked packing my bag and finalizing the checklist. 

"Sure that you want to meet him. Sure that he is safe and not some creep!” Her doubts coming to the front.

 "He is not a creep, Ashley! He is in the army and we have both Skyped him, remember?“ I laughed. 

"Yeah, 6 months ago though! And once! And you only talked to him so many times and only have corresponded through letters and…" 

"Babe, he is the army. And we have corresponded as closely as we have been able to, whenever he is around, right?” I assured her. 

“Are you sure you want to spend the day and well, the night with him? I mean, we are here on a holiday and you’re here with me and that’s what your parents know! If you happen to die or something, what will I tell them! That we lied to them and you went to meet your boyfriend, who you are meeting for the first time in a year!” This did sound crazy. 

“I have talked to him for two years now! And we started dating only 9 months ago. We haven’t been able to meet because we never were in the same place, you know that. When he was in town, I wasn’t and he only comes home for a bit. He is on an off for three days for me and I can’t believe my luck that our parents agreed to send us here. I am so ready to meet this guy. I have loved him for a long time and even though our relationship isn’t conventional enough and questionable, I really don’t care at the moment,” I told her. “Do I make sense?”

“Yeah, you do. Okay! Alright…go. But, you’re texting me your location all the time. I will be right here. Have a relaxing day, and keep a track of your texts, okay?” She hugged me.

“I promise! Okay, wish me luck!”

I sat on one of the benches in the park. I was early, 30 minutes to be exact, but that’s just because I didn’t want to be late. I was in my best dress, the one I thought I looked nice in at least. It was not too dressy, but not too casual. I was so nervous. In two years, we were meeting for the first time. Taking our friendship to a relationship was a big risk, but we figured that, I wasn’t falling for anybody else and he didn’t have any other interests except me, so we just fell.  It wasn’t strictly planned or asked, it was just said.

 I remember how my friend got me his contact from her boyfriend. I had been cribbing about being lonely forever and, she just proposed this to me. I, intially found it absurd, but having no interest in the guys around me, planned to give this a try. It panned out nicely. I don’t think either of us took it too seriously in the beginning. We were just corresponding through hand written letters. But, slowly as the letters increased to topics we both couldn’t stay away from, and the months passed, it suddenly just happened. Then came the first call, then skype, exchanging actual photographs of ourselves to talking on call, and taking a deep breath when we heard each other’s voice. It was surreal, but also so real. We actually had real conversations through our letters. Not conversations like my friends had about going to gyms or sex, or booty calls or sex, it was so much more. Yes, there were a couple about sex, but they came a lot letter, where I knew I was getting frustrated for sure.

I looked at my phone, switching on the front camera, to check the little makeup I had applied was still there. I tried to play around with my hair, but they were a little long now, and since I never had hair this long, I was not used to experimenting. So, I just left them open, and fixed my dress. I had fifteen minutes left, and I shifted on my seat, keeping my bag close, and fixing my heels, looking around an almost empty park.  In our last call, last night, he texted me the location of where to meet since, he knew this place better. It was so strange, we had each other’s number, but we didn’t text last night. He had his phone for three days before he had to submit it back, three days with me.

 I was so nervous. I played a song on my IPod, but shut it back down, since I couldn’t get myself to concentrate. What if he doesn’t come? What if he us a bad guy wanting to kidnap me? No. That’s not possible, okay.

I texted Ashley, about how nervous I was, and went through my mails, since I had work to respond to, and it was a good distraction as well.

 "Jade?“ I heard his voice, and I stopped typing. I slowly looked up to the man standing next to my bench. I literally, scanned him. From his boots, to his brown checked pants, to the white shirt, unbuttoned a couple from the top, his tattoos peaking through his shirt. His hand, held his coat jacket. He dressed up for me, with a bouquet of white roses, my favorite in his other hand. My eyes traced up, to his full lips, lips I had dreamt of kissing again and again, his lips smiling to show a dimple on his cheek, to his eyes, sparkling green, staring at me in question, a little frown coming up, since I was not responding. 

"I am Jade,” I nodded, sitting up straight, and keeping my phone inside my wallet. 

“Am I late?” His voice sounded so much more delicious in person. His accent more prominent than it sounded on call. “I swore I was early,” he said.

 "No, no I am just really early,“ I stood up, standing right in front of him, as his eyes did the same thing to me and I did to him. I noticed how I was shorter than him, trying to remember this height. Our eyes met again, after we had imprinted each other in our brains, and he smiled so wide, and bright.

 "That’s good, then,” We couldn’t say a lot. I was a chatterbox, he still remained quiet. But, somehow the Skype sessions didn’t prepare me for this interaction. “I, I…umm, I got you this,” he said, giving me the bunch of flowers. 

I took it from him, as gracefully as I could. Trying not to embarrass myself, and I thanked him for it. “You’re way beautiful in person than I could ever imagine.”

 "Ditto,“ He smiled. "Is that your bag? Let me take it,” he picked it up from the bench and started walking towards the exit of the park with me. “So, umm, like I told you, my aunt has an apartment in this town," 

"Which she doesn’t use,” I said, remembering our conversation.

“Yes, she doesn’t live in town. I got it all ready for us, so umm, we could keep your bag there, and go around town?” He asked.

 "You talk way slower in person, than your calls,“ I said, looking at him. He was so beautiful. He stopped, a frown coming up, "That’s good though, I talk really fast," I laughed. 

"You do, it balances out, I guess. I like you laughing,” He said and I blushed. “I think we have a lot of firsts to get through today." 

"Yeah, that is true. I have a habit of saying things on my mind though, I am trying to control it, and am getting better, but it’s pretty instinctive,” I said, realizing it was the exact thing I was doing. 

“You write what you exactly think as well,” He smirked. 

“Are you teasing me?” I giggled. 

“Me? No,” He hand my bang on his shoulder, as he took my hand to cross the road. I swear, I felt a spark and we both stopped at the foot path. Our first touch. I tightened my hold around his fingers, and he did the same, looking at me, and then we crossed the road. 

Not letting go of our hands, he explained how the house was right next to the park, in the lane we were walking towards. “Harry?” I asked, stopping a bit. 

“I like you saying my name in person,” he said. “What happened?" 

"Nothing, I wanted to say your name in person." 

"Jade,” He smiled. “Here we are,” we stopped in front of a small house, and climbed up the stairs. He kept my bag down, and still didn’t let go of my hand, which made me feel so warm. He opened the door of the house and picked up my bag, as we walked in. 

“Wow, it’s a beautiful house,” I remarked, as I saw the beautifully furnished apartment. 

“Thank you, my aunt is a home designer. She uses this one as a show piece." 

"You sure we can stay here?” I asked, not wanting to touch anything in this place. 

“Yeah, don’t worry. I took permission and everything!” He laughed. He led me inside the house as I saw his muscles flex. It was so weird. When you are with a person you don’t notice the little intricacies of the person and, with him I was trying to remember everything and ingrain it. 

“I’m going to keep your bag here,” He kept it on a desk. “Do you need anything from it?” I nodded, finally letting go of his hand, noticing we both sighed and then taking out my wallet. “Do you want water?” He asked. I nodded and he went into the kitchen. I quickly texted my location to Ashley, and followed him inside. “There you go,” He handed it to me. “I have food planned. Preparations are made, and we’ll have dinner at home,” He said, looking proud. 

“I’d hope so. You do boast a lot about your cooking,” I teased. 

“Soon enough, you’ll know why!” I kept the glass in the sink. “Do you want to rest for a bit, or want to go out?”

“Whatever you like,” I shrugged. 

“Let’s go to the beach?” I nodded and we walked out.                                                                                                                                                                                      He took my hand again, and we walked out the back door. “This is the ideal house,” I laughed. For a while we didn’t talk just taking each other in, I guess. “I can’t believe, I’m here with you,” I said after a while. “I’m sorry, I can’t stay silent for a long time and I just want to hear your voice,” I said.

 He laughed, “and hear you laugh. Hear you shout, scream, get angry, scold, tease, there’s so much to do, and we don’t have time!" 

"Well, I am glad we don’t have that wall to break. I kind of knew you’ll take care of the communication gap. We can take off our shoes here.”

 "What if someone steals em?“ I asked. 

"No one would, really, it’s safe.” I stepped on the sand, feeling it in my toes, "I like sand,“ I told him. "When I was young, we had a backyard where my grandma just left this part of the land to play with mud and sand, always saying it gives you character. I loved it! I talk a lot don’t I? Tell me when you get annoyed?” I asked, shying away. 

“I don’t think that’ll happen, Jade. I have waited so long to just hear you talk.” He took my hand, again as we walked towards the water. “I love the beach. There is something really calming about it. Want to sit?” I did at once. “I thought, you’ll crib about getting your dress dirty,” He laughed. I just looked at him, “you aren’t really like anyone else, are you?” He said, putting my flick back behind my ear. I put my cheek in his palm, quite instinctually.

“I like your suit." 

"Thank you.”


We spent the afternoon chatting. Somehow I didn’t have to think of topics. They just came up and we took it from there. It felt nice to know that, he was the same in person to the guy I was talking to for so long. In the couple of hours, all our boundaries of not knowing each other just fell apart, quite like the Sand we were surrounded in and, we sat close to each other. His fingers playing with my hair, mine playing with his fingers. “Are you hungry?” He asked after a while. 

“Hmm, where are we eating?” I asked. 

“C'mon, get up. We have to walk a bit. There is this nice seafood restaurant here.” He knew the things I was allergic to, like shrimps, and how much I loved prawn. He ordered wine, which I knew was his favorite. 

“Oh! I got something for you!” I remembered. “I opened y wallet and took out the little piece. It was a ring. I knew he liked wearing them, whenever he could. 

"Hey! Where did you find this from?” He asked, shocked.  

“Is it similar to the one you had?” I asked. 

“Yeah! It’s so similar. Thank you, Jade,” He looked at me with a look of such adoration in his eyes, I swore, I was all puddle inside. We ate food, talking about his childhood and mine, and so much more which just added to one another. 

“I am paying,” I told him, as he called for our checks. His thumb was brushing my collarbone, “you’re making me dizzy,” I told him. 

“Really?” He smiled. “We are splitting, come here,” He said trying to take the bill from me. 

“No! You are making dinner, and I want to spend on you." 

"Why can’t we split. C'mon, let’s split. We ordered a bottle, listen to me!” He said, and I couldn’t help rejoice the tone. 

“Are we having our first argument, Mr. Styles?” I asked, cheekily. 

“In person, yes.” He said, distracted by my smile. 

“I’ve paid though,” I said, shrugging. He frowned, leaning back. 

“Not fair, Jade,” he huffed, I came forward, showcasing my chest as his eyes shifted, and kissed his cheek, slowly, relishing this moment.

“Deal with it, Mr. Styles,” I whispered in his ears. His hands climbed up and held my hair in a fist, pulling my face, directly in front of him. His eyes shifted to my lips, as I gulped.

 "Your bill, Ma'am,“ The waiter called and, we sat up.


Please tell me if you liked it and what do you think about it! It will mean a lot. Thank you so much and I love Harry so much.




I Won’t Love You Any Less

Group/Member: BTS/Namjoon

Words: 654

Genre: angst

Summary: Namjoon has an inner struggle with his feelings

Request: anonymous, 3000 followers challenge

Song: I Won’t Love You Any Less by Nat & Alex Wolff

A/N: I was tearing up as I wrote this. Like, why do I do this to myself? Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Unnie

Originally posted by mn-yg

One week. That’s how long it’s been since he saw you. Since he heard your voice. Since so much as even a text was sent between you two. One week ago was when that fight happened. At this point, he doesn’t even remember what started it. Was it something you did or said, or was it him? He honestly couldn’t care less at this point. All he wanted is for you two to be together again. No matter who was the cause of it, he knew his life was royally fucked when the words “take a break” left your lips. Still in the heat of the moment, he agreed and walked out the door. Now he wished he had stayed and tried to work things out.

“Hyung, do you wanna come?” He looked up at Taehyung, dressed from head to toe in Gucci.

“Come where?”

“The party, remember? We talked about it two weeks ago when y/n-“ He stopped immediately. “Never mind, you can stay here if you want.”

“No, it’s okay.” Namjoon said, standing up from his bed and moving to his closet. “I’ll go. Might be good to distract myself for a while.” He said as he sifted through his clothes.

But distracted is far from how he found himself when he was at the party, watching you with another guy. You hadn’t seen him yet, but you were the first thing he saw when he walked through the door. He grabbed drink and found a corner where he could hide from people as he watched your every movement. Every time you brushed your hand against the other guys arm. Every time you leaned in closer. Every time you gave him the look Namjoon knew all too well. He saw every single one.

He wanted to be angry with you. He wanted to scream at you. How could you be with another guy when he’d spent the last week wallowing in self-pity and barely leaving his bed? Was this even the first guy? Or had you spent your time with as many as possible since you were no longer tied to Namjoon.

He wanted to be upset. He wanted to find the nearest object and just punch it until he felt better. He wanted to go outside and scream until his throat was sore and no sound could leave him. He wanted to crawl into his bed and cry out everything he’d kept bottled up for the past week.

He wanted to feel guilty. He wanted to wonder if he had pushed you to this. Were you so upset by the fight that you were using another guy to distract yourself, much as Namjoon thought this party would? Was this party the first time you had left the confines of your room, much like it was for him? He wanted to regret anything that was said between the two of you all those nights ago.

He wanted to be nostalgic. He wanted to be able to move on without harboring any negative feelings about your relationship. He wanted to walk away with a smile on his face as he remembered all those nights that you would cuddle up to him as he read to you. He wanted to know that he would be okay and not be hung up on you.

He wanted to feel all of these things. But he couldn’t.

Seven days. That’s how long it took for you to find yourselves in the arm of another man. Seven days is how long it took for him to realize that no matter how much you fight, no matter if the two of you never reunite, no matter how many guys he had to see you with, he would still love you just as much as he always had. Even as he watched you take the guy by the hand and lead him upstairs, all he felt for you was love.

I got my baby back / gd


Hiii ! Can you do an imagine where the reader and Grayson broke up for like 2 weeks after a big fight and he just try to fix things with her and get angry when he see her with a friend guy in the male while he was with Ethan :)

Of course, i love that idea <3

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Grayson’s POV

Its been 2 weeks since I lost Y/N. All she wanted to do was hang out with her friends, and I just wanted to spend the day with her. It was a pointless fight that turned ugly. All i want to do is win her back. I decided to text her.

Gray: Hey Y/N. I’m really sorry for everything. I miss you.

No reply.

I sighed and rested my head in my hands. What if she already moved on? “Hey bro, want to hit the mall today?” Ethan asked from my doorway. I nodded. I need to distract myself from Y/N.

Ethan drove us to the mall and we were talking at the food court when he stopped and looked behind me with a weird expression on his face. I turned around, confused. Y/N was there with another guy. She was smiling and laughing, touching his arm. I clenched my jaw and turned back to Ethan. “I’m going to go over there.” I said about to storm over there but he grabbed my arm. “Do you really think that’s such a good idea?” Ethan asked. “That’s my girl over there Ethan. I’m not letting that guy take her from me.” I said. I gave Ethan my drink and walked over there. Y/N didn’t notice me but the guy did.

“Hey buddy, what are you doing talking to my girl?” I asked, putting my arm firmly around Y/N’s waist. He didn’t say anything. I saw Y/N give him an apologetic look before he walked away. “What are you doing? That was my friend Shane.” Y/N said irritated, moving in front of me. “He was flirting with you.” I said. “So? We broke up remember?” She said crossing her arms. “I have been meaning to apologize for that. I miss you baby.” I said grabbing her hands. She didn’t pull away, she just looked up at me. “Be mine again.” I said, cupping her cheek. She stayed quite, then suddenly pushed her lips to mine.

“I missed you too.” She whispered onto my lips before kissing me again.

I got my baby back.

I am sorry it was short but i really wanted to post this. I plan to post longer imagines again.

Requests are still open!!


Lacrosse Girl (Part 2)

Summary: The reader is a girl who wants to play lacrosse at Beacon Hills.  Since there is no girls’ team, the boys’ team is her only option. Coach has a couple of rules but let’s her try out anyway.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: just over 1400

 A/N: part 1, part 3

It was Saturday and I was lying awake at five a.m.

I was hanging out with Stiles today.  Alone.

I was suddenly very nervous. We’d set it up three days ago and I wasn’t nervous then.  Now, the butterflies in my stomach are making me want to throw up.

Stiles and I talked a little more than usual these last three days.  We would hang out while waiting on the bench for practice to start. We would talk while we warmed up, which would always end with Stiles practically dying and me laughing.  He’d walk me back to my car before going to shower, since I just go home to shower.

After that first day, Coach said he didn’t care if they knew I was a girl.  He just awkwardly told me to be careful since I was pretty good and the guys would hate that.

I was able to distract myself with homework for a couple hours.  Then I got up and got dressed.

I pulled on leggings, a sports bra and a tank top.  I threw on my tennis shoes and zipped up my jacket before grabbing my bag and heading to the field.  I had taken the time to braid my hair and put on just a little bit of makeup.  I didn’t want him to think I was trying too hard.

I parked and got out.

Stiles was already here. And from the looks of it, he’d been here a while.

“How long have you been here?” I asked when I came up behind him.

He jumped and turned around. He put his hand to his chest and I laughed at his wide-eyed expression.

“Just…just like…an hour.”


“I…uh…”  he trailed off and looked down, scratching the back of his neck.  I realized he did that a lot around me.  “I wanted to get better.”

“Well,” I said with a smile. “I’m here to help.  So let’s get started.”

We started with warm ups. Then I stood in the goal while he fired balls at me.  Then I corrected his stance and we tried again.  Then we tossed a ball back and forth for a while.  Then I fired balls at him and laughed when he struggled to catch them.  He was definitely not fit for goalie.

The entire time we were laughing and singing along, very badly might I add, to the music playing from my phone.

After a couple hours, we both collapsed on the ground.  We laid on our backs, panting and laughing.

“Clear your schedule,” Stiles said, propping himself up and looking down at me.  “I’m gonna need a lot of help.”

I laughed and sat up too. “First of all, you’re fine.  But I am free next week.”

“Next week it is,” he said, scrambling to his feet.  He helped me up and we grabbed our stuff.

He walked me back to my car and I drove off.

The next week was the same. Stiles and I talked and hung out a little more but it was always at school or the lacrosse field.

On Saturday, we practiced for a couple hours.

The week after was basically the same.

Until Thursday.  That’s when it all changed.

The scrimmage started out like normal.  I was playing first line so I was in right away.

It wasn’t a hard game really.  Yes, the other team was made up of giants but I was faster than them.  I was able to weave my way through them and score a few goals.

I didn’t realize anything was off until Liam and Garrett collided with a player from the other team.  The three went down.  Liam couldn’t play anymore.  The guy from the other team had to be carried off the field.  And Garret was smirking.

Why would Garrett be smirking?  He was just run into.

“You okay?” Stiles asked, looking at me.

“I’m fine,” I said, shaking my head.  I pulled off my helmet.

I looked at Garrett a little longer before walking over to the bench.

“Let’s talk,” a voice said when I set my helmet on the bench. I turned and saw it was Garrett.  “Make a sound and I’ll kill you.”

I felt something sharp pressed against my back, between my padding.  My eyes widened and I swallowed.

He started pushing me towards the locker room.  Since Kira and I were the only girls, we had the locker room to ourselves. Kira was still on the field.  So, I’m the only one that would go in here now.

He was going to kill me.

He pushed me in, shut the door and turned to me.  He twirled his lacrosse stick in his hand, except it wasn’t really a lacrosse stick anymore.  It was more like staff with knives on either end.

I slowly backed away. But I slammed into the lockers and had to stop.

“What are you?” he asked simply.  He smirked as he took a step closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I gasped.

“Really?” he asked with a laugh.  He raised his eyebrows.  “You’re not a part of Scott’s pack?  I’ve seen you with Stiles, you have to know.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well then this all must come as a shock.”  He took another step closer.

I moved away from him, down the row of lockers.  I needed to think of a plan to get out of here.

“What could you be? You can’t be a werewolf or a werecoyote since you’d know with every full moon.  Maybe you’re a banshee and you haven’t been bitten like Lydia was.”

What was he talking about?

I stumbled back and hit the wall.  I turned and ran down the next row of lockers, hoping to make it to the door before him.  But he stood in front of me before I could even make it to the end of the row.  I started backing up again.

“Kira’s a kitsune and her mom too.  Maybe you’re one of those.”

He walked closer with a smirk.

“Or maybe you’re something else entirely.  Maybe you’re a whole new kind of freak.”

I was trapped against the lockers again.  And he was too close for me to run.  He put the stick up and blocked my path.

But he left himself vulnerable.

I quickly stomped on his toes with one foot.  I then grabbed his shoulders, while he was still shocked, and slammed my knee into his stomach.  I elbowed him in the face as I pushed past him.

I ran for the door and pulled on it.  He’d locked it though so it took me a few seconds to unlock it and pull it open.

He’d caught up at this point and pushed me forward so I slammed against the wall on the other side of the hallway.  I quickly turned around but he was there with the stick against my throat.  I grabbed it and tried to push back but I wasn’t strong enough.

I gasped and brought my knee up, hitting him right in the groin on the first try.  He fell back a little and I pushed off the wall.  I took a few steps away but he was right there, stabbing his stick into my gut.

We both were silent for a second, just looking down at it.  It was sticking out of the right side of my stomach, right above my hip.

I took a deep breath and looked up at him.  And I screamed.

He’d already stabbed me.  He was going to kill me.  Why not scream and draw attention?  Why didn’t I do that earlier?

He flew down the hall, the stick coming with him.  He hit the ground and rolled a few times.

I just stared at him. What the hell?

His eyes were wide but he quickly got up, grabbed his stick and limped away.

I turned my attention back to my wound.

One problem.

There wasn’t a wound. I lifted up my jersey and then my undershirt.  Both were bloody, even my skin was, but there was no wound.

What the hell was going on?

I turned when I heard a sound.  I quickly dropped my shirt and jersey so they hopefully wouldn’t see the blood.


“Y/N?” he gasped.  He was helping the player from the other team towards the door.  “Come with me.  Trust me.”

I nodded and followed.

Might as well see where this leads me.


// make out with me //

“Yeah, I definitely can’t handle straight vodka,” My face scrunched up in dislike even after the chaser. Justin looked at the ugly face I was making and immediately busted out laughing.

“Shut up! You know I fuck with tequila more,” I nudged him away from me out of annoyance. He laughed again but this time poured me a tequila shot. We’d only been in the club for half an hour and he was already relaxed into his playful, giddy self. I was barely even tipsy but, I felt good. I gave Justin my best smile before taking the shot. Just as I was about to swallow, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye that made me completely choke up.

“Apparently you can’t handle tequila either,” Justin cracked up again.

“Shut up. She’s fucking here,” I quickly turned towards Justin and pulled more of my curls to the front to hide myself as best as I could.

“Who’s here?” Justin leaned to the side and tried to look past me.

“Don’t look!” I spoke frantically, pressing my nails into his thigh so he would stop drawing attention this way.

“Ohhhh! That’s that one girl that you’re friends with,” Justin started waving at her with a smirk.

“Justin she’s not my friend. Don’t call her over here,” I dug deeper into his leg making him yelp out.

“Too late,” He started waving harder.

“Justin, she’s fucking crazy! Please stop she’s literally obsessed with me,” I begged. He knew as well as anyone else that Victoria annoyed the shit out of me. I couldn’t even post a selfie without this girl being on my dick.

“Play nice with your girlfriend,” he teased.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s not even my fr-”

“Hey, Y/N!” I heard out of the corner of my ear, over the music. I gave Justin who was smiling, the nastiest smile before turning to the girl who constantly craves my attention.

“Hey, Victoria!” I gave her the fakest smile. She smiled back before pulling me into a hug that I quickly detached myself from. Uninvitedly she joins Justin and I in the booth. I grimaced to myself as Justin laughed at my annoyance.

“So, how have you been? I’ve texted you a few times but you didn’t reply. You haven’t been avoiding me have you?” She laughed playfully, not realizing that was exactly what I’ve been doing. She hits up multiple times a week, whether through Twitter, snapchat, or text, she wouldn’t leave me alone. She is the girlfriend I never wanted.

“No, I’ve just been really busy,” I strained to lie as I took a drink, trying to find something else to distract her or myself.

“You really look good tonight. We should definitely catch up soon,” She proposed with a hopeful smile on her face.

“Um actually I-”

“She’d love to,” Justin said loudly and gave Victoria a thumbs up. “Or actually, you guys can just catch up right now. I’ll be at the bar if you need me,” Justin smacked the table twice before getting out of his seat. I begged with my eyes but Justin took no mercy on me as he left me with my delusional admirer.

Victoria hung around me all night and followed me around like a puppy dog. I would be emerged in conversations with the other people but everywhere I turned, she was behind me. I couldn’t take it. No one can possibly enjoy their night if they have to babysit some random clingy person the whole time. Somehow, I managed to slip away from her on the dance floor and tried my best to not be found again. Tired of dancing, I made sure the coast was clear before taking a seat in the booth again.

“Hey, your girlfriend was just over her looking for you,” Za laughed.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” I grumbled. “But which way did she go?” I asked, staying on the look out for the girl.

“That way,” Atifa pointed towards the dance floor. I nodded quickly and went into the opposite direction. Coincidentally seeing Justin talking to some girl at the bar, I beelined straight to him.

“Sorry to interrupt but I fucking hate you,” I slid in right between the girl and Justin.

“What are you doing?” He tried to move me out the way to continue talking. I looked over my shoulder and saw Victoria on the way over to me. I quickly turned away before we made I contact with her.

“Make out with me,” I said quickly.

“What? Did you get high without me?” Justin laughed.

“Boy, I’m not playing with you. Make out with me,” I grabbed his hand forcibly. I was beyond annoyed with the situation he put me in and he was my only way out. Justin looked over my shoulder and saw Victoria.

“What do I get out of it?” He asked, putting a convincing hand in my cheek and slightly leaned in.

“I’ll cook dinner for you for a week,” I offered quickly and pulled him in closer to me by the loops of his jeans.

“I want cheese grits in the morning too,” He leaned in closer. He waited for me to nod my head before pressing his lips against mine. Trying to be as convincing as possible, I leaned in my tippy toes to reach his mouth better.

Forgetting why Justin and I were even kissing in the first place, I got really into it. I couldn’t help but wrap my arms around neck and pull him closer into me. A moan left my lips as Justin’s wet lips opened against mine. He licked into my mouth as to get as much as me as he possibly could. His hand met my waist before running down to squeeze my thinly covered ass. I gasped and pulled away from him, out breathe.

“I think that was very convincing,” He mumbled against my lips. I nodded up with him with wide eyes. “She’s still looking this way but it looks like she’s about to leave,” Justin caressed my face before leaning down and pressing his cherry vodka kisses down on me again. A moment later he pulled away again with a smile, his lips red and puffy from our feverish kisses. “And she’s gone.”

“Thanks,” I spoke, still trying to recover.  Justin grabbed my ass one last time before nodding happily.


from my best friends drabble list. send in numbers- drea

I really needed to point out a few things here about Expiration Date that i haven’t seen posts of yet I’m sorry but

Heavy woke up Scout and he was ready to swing.

I apologize but when this guy can’t find words you know she’s a big deal.

Here have another reason why Soldier was flawless in this video.

I want a subscription to Dapper Cadaver. 

He’s literally going into specific detail about Pauling. Crooked glasses is her thing and when he notices something that little about her I’d love to see the christmas list of reasons why he feels the way he does about her.

Okay not only is Scout rocking on his feet and that’s horribly cute but it also furthers the point this guy cannot actually stand still for one minute.

I’d love to meet one person who honest to god thought he would reach for anything else but the chicken.

Spy is doing one of two things. Let your heart decide.

Dad I’m 16 I can take care of myself. 

I don’t know about you guys, but the first couple times I watched Expiration Date I was so distracted by Scout’s exit I completely missed the entire reason there was an alarm going off. Somehow.


okay we need to actually stop for a minute and look at this.

Sniper’s the fucking lone ranger sharpening his kukri on this bread beast’s carcass like eh nbd.

Medic and Engineer are having tea and cupcakes chatting about science.

Pyro’s got a new mutant friend which everyone and their mother has noticed.

Spy is looking back at his good work and nonchalantly pulling out a cigarette like this is another fucking Sunday stroll.

Here comes Demo with the beer.

Heavy is like well shit someone’s gonna clean this ish up but this one tentacle is in my path of interest so I will fix this.

how to be less sad



“what–” you swallow, voice almost cracking at the end. “what do you do when you’re– when you’re sad?”

mj stops his doodling and looks up. “what? why?”

“i’m just… i’m just wondering.”

“are you sad?”

“no,” you reply. your heart twists and groans in your chest. “i just… want to know, that’s all.”

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“You know it will always just be me”

A/N: So I thought it’d be cool to write some Rob stuff again and found inspiration in the song ‘’Lying is the most fun a girl can have” by Panic! at the Disco. In case someone doesnt know the song here it is -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ17Tm_qUIE

Summary: You broke up with Rob two weeks ago, attending a party of a friend of yours it was a total coincidence to find him exactly there and suddenly the party takes a very fast turn.

Warnings: Smut, Public making out, Some language (i think it is)

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

It was a total coincidence as I saw him standing there in the middle of the room, a cup of beer in his hand while he talked to some people that also had joined the Party. I would never have imagined seeing my ex-boyfriend here but there he was, standing there as if nothing ever happened that our break up two weeks ago was nothing.  He laughed at something one of the girls said who was standing next to him. Why was I feeling this burning of jealousy now? It was not that I broke up with him because of specific reasons but on the other side I still had feelings for this guy.  He never left my mind since then even though I tried to distract myself with everything I could but it didn’t work.

“Hey Y/N, are you enjoying the Party?” Somebody asked me, I looked up and saw Matt a good friend of mine.  At the sound of his voice I could hear that he was slightly drunk and definitely enjoying his little Party.

“Yeah I do! And you seem to enjoy it too.” I pointed at his beer cup which already was his ninth if I didn’t lost count over the past few hours. He laughed before he realized that my eyes went back to Rob again.

“Come; let’s dance a bit so you can get your mind off.” Matt suggested on which I agreed. He dragged me in the crowded room placing his hands on my hips before the two of us started moving to the beat of the music.

As soon as a faster song started playing he started to twirl me around a few times causing me to laugh and fall into his arms as he pulled me back to his. I smiled placing my arms on his biceps, dancing with him took my mind of off Rob for this moment but I had the strange feeling that he was watching us.

“Okay once again!” Matt said over the loud music before he twirled me around again, accidentally letting go of my hand what lead to that I landed into another guy’s arms. Laughing I looked up to the guys face to apologize but as soon I recognized to whom those deep blue eyes belonged to I stopped laughing and swallowed hard. I wanted to step away from him but he already had his hands placed on my hips.

“Seems like you’re having fun.” Rob said his voice was quiet, way too quiet which let me know that he was jealous, which was probably his good right since I hooked up with Matt countless times after I broke up just to get over him.

“I’m trying to do so.” I said shortly looking into his eyes, he kept eye contact for a few seconds before he leaned forward until his lips almost touched my ear.

“Am I still who you think about in bed?” He whispered and suddenly he didn’t sound a bit jealous anymore. It was gone but now replaced with confidence, confidence that he knew that it’d always be him no matter what.

“If have to be honest, yes.” I confessed and it was more than the truth. This man standing in front of me knew each single one of my weaknesses, almost all of my secrets. Even in room full of people he could probably find a way to get me off without even touching me on the important parts of my body.

“I like to hear that.” Rob whispered one of his hand slowly wandering up my back, stopping shortly under my shoulder blades, his other hand still on my hips keeping me close to him while his lips wandered with soft kisses over my cheek until he reached my lips. My heart immediately started beating faster as soon as our lips touched and suddenly I forgot about all the people that were with us in the room, just he was the one that counted. I placed my hands on his neck, running my fingers into his soft brown curls while I started moving my lips against his, kissing him passionately. He kissed me back with the same amount of passion, his hands rooming up and down my body, squeezing every inch of covered skin they could get starting a fire inside of me. A soft moan escaped my lips which gave his tongue the chance to enter my mouth, discovering it all over again and starting a wild fight with mine.

“Rob please…” I whispered but I knew my begging for him to stop was worthless even though we were standing in a crowded room, he didn’t give a shit about how many people would see us. It wouldn’t be the first time we made out in public and surely not the last time.

“Oh, no Baby.” He whispered against my lips, one of his hands now wandering up my bare thighs, digging is nails into my skin before it disappeared under my dress. Cupped his hand around my center slowly starting to tease me through the thin firm of my panties. “You know exactly that I don’t give a shit getting you off in public, Sweetie.” His lips on my neck he placed wet kisses there using his tongue and teeth. “There will never be anyone better than me. I kiss better, I fuck better and I touch better than any boy you’ll ever meet.” He sucked a soft mark into my neck making me clutch onto his shirt. It made it more than hard for me not to rip of his clothes right here and now. He knew exactly where to touch me and it could be torture or the best thing ever but at this right moment it was pure torture. His fingers kept steadily teasing my fold through my panties which were already dripping wet.

“My god how wet you already are.” He whispered against my neck as he slowly entered two of his fingers inside of me, slowly starting to move them. I had to bite my lip not to let out a loud moan as I felt his fingers inside of me but two could play this kind of game. With one of my hands I slowly wandered down his chest until I reached his crotch. Placing my hand over his bulge I started kneading him through his pants earning a groan from his side.

“I can play that game too.” I whispered into his hear as he slowly got harder under the touch of my fingers. He took that as a challenge and entered a third finger, moving them fast inside of me, curling them up, massaging my walls with them driving higher.

“I’m gonna get you off in here.” He said his voice was deep and dark, filled with lust and I knew what he just said was a promise. Glady we were close enough together so nobody could actually see what we were really doing but they wouldn’t care anyway since everyone was busy with getting drunk and dancing.

I started moving my hips to rhythm of his finger which drove me closer to the edge with every passing second. His lips found my neck again, attacking it with kisses, bites and sucking another mark into it while his thumb found my clit, circling around it to the rhythm of his other fingers. My breath now came faster than before, panting I leant my head against his shoulder digging my nails into his shoulder I could feel my muscles tightening around his fingers.

“Yes Baby, Cum.” He whispered as he felt that I was close. Keeping up the pace of his fingers he sent me over the edge. I clutched onto his shoulders and moaned his name as I came all over his fingers, coating them with my arousal. “Let’s get out of here, my car is standing in the front yard.” He pulled his fingers out of me easing a soft moan from me because of the sudden loss of friction. Taking my hand, we made our way out of the crowded house. Outside the fresh air hit my heated cheeks, I took a deep breath not believing that we just made out in a crowded room, again.

“I need you now.” He whispered before cupped his hands around my face kissing me deeply. I placed my hands on his, moving my lips against his before we broke the kiss again. Pulling out his car key he pressed the button that automatically opened the car with a loud click. He pressed a short kiss on my lips before he dragged me to the car, opening the passenger site. Crawling onto the seat he pulled me on his lap a few seconds after it. I closed the door behind me as he already started to attack my skin with his lips and teeth again starting a new fire. Impatiently started unbuckling his belt before I opened the button and zipper of his jeans. Rob lifted up his hips a bit so I could pull down his jeans far enough to free his cock.

“Oh, Christ Y/N.” He whispered as he pushed up my dress and hooked his thumb into the hem of panties just to rip them off, and throw them on the ground. I steadied myself on his shoulders to line up with him. Grabbing my hips he pushed himself in, slow till he filled me out to the last inch before he started circling his hips, pulling back out and pushing back in. His hands pushed my further up, pulling it off and throwing it on the driver seat so I was completely naked on top of him. “My beautiful girl.” He whispered placing kisses down my sternum to my boobs, attacking them with kisses, sucking on my nipples causing them to harden on his actions.

Within a few minutes the windows of the car were steamed up, both of our bodies covered in a layer of sweat and our breath coming fast.

“Oh god, Rob.” I moaned loudly as he pulled with his teeth on my nipple, circling his hips faster and pushing deeper into me letting me know that I was his, that there was nobody better than him. He removed his lips from my boobs, placing kisses up my sternum back to my lips. Running my fingers into his hair I pulled his face to me, smashing my lips on his kissing him hard. He opened his mouth to let me enter with my tongue. I discovered his mouth with my tongue, starting another fight with his, pulling at his hair with each new thrust of his. As I started grinding down harder on him he broke our kiss to catch some air.

His breath started getting choppier after a few more minutes followed by his thrusts which also got sloppier with each new one he made, telling me that he was close to but so was I again. Leaning my sweaty forehead against his I kept up the pace of my hips, circling them a bit faster now.

“Oh fuck, Y/N.” The man underneath me moaned thrusting deep into me sending me over the edge again. Digging his nails into my bare skin he pumped all of his load into me, riding us through our orgasms before he collapsed his head against my should breathing heavy.

We sat there for a while both breathing heavy even a few minutes after we both got off. Maybe it was the hot air or that we both just found back together again but I didn’t care about any of this at this moment.

“You know it will always just be me.” Rob whispered after he caught his breath again. He softly kissed my shoulder before he looked up at me again.  I smiled stroking a little curl back that fell into his forehead.

“I know and I love you.” I told him pressing a short kiss on his lips, leaning my head against his afterwards.

“And I love you.” He said wrapping his arms around me pulling me into his chest. “I love you a lot.” He added then starting to paint little patterns with his fingers on my back causing that I fell asleep in his arms.

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The Lex Theory (BVS)

Request: lex Luthor and the reader had been friends for a while and he starts getting nervous and shy around her because he liked her for a long time and sees her around another guy and gets all jealous

Note: I personally don’t think lex is the type to go clubbing but just imagine it, just think about it, drunk lex giggling and jumping about with his messy hair. So I thought about it and this is the love child of that thought and this prompt.

Also I have random names for the friends

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Request: The Son next door

Request: Fic in where Juice is in love with the reader but she is afraid of being him bc of the club??

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It didn’t matter if you were born in Charming, just moved there or were just visiting, your first lesson about that town would be: stay away from SAMCRO. Those Harleys going up and down the main street might look cool and those bikers in leather kutte are truly handsome, but make no mistake, they are the bad guys. I was born and raised in Charming, and I thought I could recognize a biker from miles away and stay out of their radar. I was wrong.

I had lived with my parents as much as I could, saving money, but it was time to have my own place. My older sister was back after her divorce, bringing her newborn baby with her. That was my cue to leave, so I started looking for an apartment. Charming was growing and had several new buildings that I could choose; soon I found the perfect one. It was a quiet place and for a while, I thought I didn’t have a next door neighbor, but then I saw this cute guy leaving his apartment one morning.

“Morning”, he smiled. The guy had a stupid mohawk and tattoos on his head that made think twice about being his friend, “I’m your new neighbor. I’m Juice”

“Juice?”, I raised an eyebrow, ignoring the hand he was holding out to greet me.

“It’s a nickname”, he blushed and I thought it was adorable, I never had seen a guy blush before, “My name is Juan Carlos”

“Nice to meet you Juan Carlos”, I held out my hand, shaking his, “I’m Y/N”

All started that morning, I met my new neighbor and my world changed.


Juice was the nicest guy I’ve ever met and also a good neighbor, quiet and friendly. He had been living on the building for a month and I only had seen him with black hoodies. It was Sunday and I heard Juice coming back from his morning run. I was baking, thinking it would be nice to invite him for lunch, so I crossed the hall and knocked on his door. Juice opened it, wearing only his sweatpants. His perfect abdomen distracted me for a second, but then I saw the reaper tattoo on his arm.

“You are a Son”, I mumbled and a confused Juice followed my gaze, staring at his own arm.

“Hm, yes”, he touched the tattoo. I looked up at him, cursing myself for thinking that nice guy with a cute smile ever was a good person.

“I spent my whole life avoiding you guys”, I grimaced, “Now I have a Son living next door. This is fucked up, completely fucked up”

I turned my back on him, intending to go back to my own apartment and maybe start looking for a new one. I heard Juice calling my name, but I ignored him. He didn’t give up though, grabbing my arm and making me look at him.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. This isn’t something you tell people when you first meet them”, he creased his brow and his eyes were kinda sad. I suddenly wished I could make him feel better, “It’s nothing like I would bring troubles to your door in a daily basis”

It was like magic, someone snapped his fingers and I was hating him again, “You better not to”, I hissed and pulled my arm from his grip, walking back to my apartment, closing the door between us.


I followed a routine during the next days. I left home earlier for work, so I wouldn’t meet Juice on his way out and he knocked on my door every evening, asking for me to talk to him. I didn’t want to be involved with him in any level, but obviously, I couldn’t hide forever. I got back from work one day and he was waiting for me, seated on the stairs.

“Please Y/N”, he begged as we glared at each other.

“I’m only your neighbor”, I sighed, “Why are you trying so hard to make things right?”

“Because you’re a nice girl”, he sadly smiled, “And I’m not the bad guy”

I pressed my lips together, mentality slapping myself for what I was about to do. I sat next to Juice on the stairs and looked at him.

“I grew up in Charming, I know who you guys are and I thought I hated all of you”, I said and he crease his brow, “You confuse me Juice, you weren’t supposed to be this nice”

“I will take that as a compliment”, he grimaced and we both laughed. Juice looked down, playing with his rings and whispered, “Can we be friends? It would be nice to know someone outside the club, talk about different things for once… Outside, you can pretend you don’t know me, I’ll do the same”

“This is fucked up Juice”, I sighed, pinching my nose.

“Believe me, I know”, he whispered.

We started slow; I was talking with Juice again and SAMCRO was a forbidden topic between us. I was ignoring his club, Juice, my neighbor, wasn’t a Son, he was just the nice guy next door, who liked bikes. I was being naive, I knew it, but I also couldn’t stay away from him. Our friendship evolved, we began to spend more time together, and we talked about our interests and hobbies. If we were free on the weekend, we would cook in my apartment or his and watch a movie together; or play video games. One of those nights, everything changed again.


“I Won!”, I cheered, raising the video game control above my head like a trophy.

“No, you didn’t”, Juice rolled his eyes and pointed to the TV, “You cheated”

“Juice, you have to learn how to lose”, I smirked and got up to grab my price, the big Nutella jar he had bought that afternoon.

Juice got up and blocked my way, “You didn’t play fair”.

“Juice”, I warned him and tried to pass to grab the jar. Juice stopped me, wrapping on arm around my waist and easily lifting me. I started to punch him, laughing, “Put me down Juice! I won!”

“No, you didn’t”, he laughed too and sat me on the couch. I tried to get up once more, but he blocked me again. I smirked and ran to the right, but Juice was faster, he held me. I was protesting and laughing at the same time, playfully hitting Juice. When he was about to put me back on the couch, we tripped and felt. Juice was trying to apologize, but we were both laughing so hard that we couldn’t understand each other.

Eventually, we stopped laughing and noticed where we were. Juice had felt over me on the couch and now we were laying together, limbs tangled. He was looking down at us while I was admiring his lips and eyelashes. He looked up and met my eyes; next thing we knew was that we were kissing.

I guess we had been dancing around each other all that time and at some point this would happen. I couldn’t deny it, I liked him a lot and Juice was that kind of guy I would fall for, easily. He was a Son, something that I hated, but suddenly, that was just a detail.

I guess I don’t need to tell you what happened next. When I woke up, I was in his bed, with Juice’s arm around me. I could have stopped him, but I wanted that, we both did. It was amazing by the way, and I took my time admiring him that morning. I could get used to that. However, reality always has to creep in and I saw his kutte behind the door. A shiver ran down my spine and I was rushing to get out of there.

“Y/N”, I was pulling my pants up when I heard his sleepy voice, “Where are you going?”

“Home”, I said without looking at him. I heard Juice sitting on bed and then felt him touching my arm.

“Stay”, he asked me so sweetly that I almost melt.

“I can’t”, I closed my eyes, sighing.

“Why the club has to be between us?”, Juice groaned and I turned to look at him. He was holding his head between his hands, creasing his brow.

“I’m scared of your club Juice”, I clenched my fists hard so I wouldn’t touch him and give in, “I know what you guys do and I don’t think I could live with that. It would tear us apart eventually”

“You don’t know that!”, Juice barked, looking at me again. He was almost crying, “You became my best friend, the best thing that ever happened to me and I’m in love with you”

I shook my head, telling myself not to cry. I grabbed my shirt and shoes, running out of his apartment. He didn’t follow me, Juice knew better. I grabbed my laptop and while it started, I opened my closet, before it was too late.

Juice’s POV

It took all his strength not to go after her. Y/N wouldn’t listen, Juice knew he should give her some time to calm down. He also knew she hated his club, but maybe they could work things out, last night couldn’t be just one night stand. He had fall for Y/N and after that amazing night, he was sure the same had happened to her.

It was Saturday, but with this new business going on, all the Sons should be ready to go at one call. His phone rang and he saw Jax’s name on the screen. Juice sighed, grabbed his kutte and left his apartment, sadly looking at Y/N’s door before walk downstairs.


It was late at night when he got back and her car wasn’t there. Juice knocked anyway, but got no response. He had learnt a few tricks to open doors, back when he lived in Queens, so he used one to enter on her apartment. The lights were off, but moonlight helped him to walk around and enter on her bedroom. There were no sheets on the bed and no clothes or shoes on the closet. Kitchen was empty too. Y/N was gone.


I know, I know…You guys want a second part and a happy ending for Juice right? Hang in there…😉

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The Shattered Camera || Wonwoo || Pt. 4

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 // Pt. 5 // Pt. 6 // Pt. 7 // Pt. 8 // Pt. 9 // Pt. 10 // Pt. 11 (FINAL)

Word Count: 2356

Genre: comedy, fluff, paparazzi!au, celebrity!au, angst

Summary: Wonwoo already had enough on his plate as it is—proving his parents wrong, making a living, fighting his just conscience—and with you in the picture, nothing could possibly go more wrong. Or could you be his ticket to the good life that he wanted?

“Nice work today!”

You bowed to the staff that walked passed, smiling brightly and happily as your manager attempted to put a towel on you. You grinned, bowing one last time and as you stood up you felt something fall over your head. You stood, slightly shocked for a second, before you parted the towel and peered out.

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~Hey guys! I finished another part of the Juice one! Here’s the first two parts~

Part 1 

Part 2

Imagine being with Juice and having to leave him and then finding him again 5 years later

Part 3

Since Tig was about done with my car, so we waited for him to finish. All the boys were excited to go shopping for their new “niece” which had me smiling. Rosie and Juice deserved that, a big family that loved them. The more time I spent around the Sons, the more comfortable I felt leaving Rosie with them.

I didn’t want to leave her at all but after him nearly beating me to death, I couldn’t have her there with him if something did happen to me. I also couldn’t stay here with her and Juice because he would track us down and kill Juice and possibly Rosie. And Juice couldn’t know about what I was going back to. He wouldn’t let me leave if he knew the truth. So I had to keep that a secret too.

It was worth it though to see Rosie smile. She was so happy to be spending time with her dad. Once she warmed up to him and everyone else, she couldn’t stop talking. She adored her dad already and she had taken a liking to the rest of the Sons as well. Out of the rest of them, she seemed to like Chibs the most. Probably because of his accent. She had already started calling all of them Uncle too.

I was listening to her tell her dad about how she wanted a puppy when Tig came into the office to tell us the car was finally finished. The Sons that were in there smiled and went to go get their ready to shop. Juice, Rosie, and I went to go get her car seat in the car and get her in.

“Y/N.” Juice said and I turned to look at him as I finished buckling in Rosie.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Can I… Can I uh ride with you and Rosie?” He asked nervously. I smiled and nodded.

“Of course.” I told him. He smiled and kissed my cheek then he got in the passenger side. I smiled and got in the driver’s side. The boys started up their motorcycles and started pulling out.

“Just follow them alright?” Juice said. I nodded and followed them to the small stores.

“When did you get into all this?” I asked gesturing towards the guys.

“Shortly after you left.” He told me. I just nodded and we all parked and I followed the boys into a hardware store.

“What are we doing here?” I asked Juice.

“I need paint for Rosie’s room.” He said.

“Aye, what’s your favorite color little lass?” Chibs asked Rosie.

“Blue!” She smiled.

“What kind of blue princess?” Juice asked.

“All kinds.” She said and we all laughed.

“Okay doll what do you think of this shade?” Tig said while holding up a light blue paint sample that actually kinda matched his eyes.

“Or this?” Happy held up a darker shade of blue paint sample. I think it was navy blue.

“What about a teal?” Half sack held up a teal paint sample.

“Really? Teal?”Happy raised an eyebrow at him.

“What? Teal is a pretty color!” Half sack defended.

“Sure it is…” Tig said in a sarcastic voice. I giggled at the big badass bikers who were arguing over colors. Juice smiled at me and then looked down at Rosie.

“Go ahead and pick whatever color you want. Don’t listen to your silly uncles opinion.” Juice told her.

“Hey! Her silly uncles have good points. Well besides Sack.” Tig said.

“I can hear you!” Half Sack stated.

“Well we could always get a big thing of the light blue and get a smaller thing of the dark blue and put swirls of it over the light blue.” Juice said. The boys paused and looked at him.

“Yeah.” Happy said.

“That would work.” Tig said.

“What about the teal?” Half sack said.

“No teal Sack!” Tig yelled at him. Everyone laughed as Sack pouted and put the sample back.

“How does the swirls sound to you princess?” Juice asked Rosie.

“Pretty.” Rosie smiled.

“Then that’s what we’ll do.” Juice smiled.

“Come on darlin, let’s go pick out some curtains to match your room.” Jax said and took her hand. The boys started following them and I grabbed Juice’s hand lightly as he was about to follow. He looked at me.

“You’re going to be a great dad.” I told him. He smiled softly at me.

“Thanks Y/N.” He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. “It’s crazy though. I already love her and a couple of hours I didn’t even know she existed.”

“I understand that and I’m sorry that this played out this way. I never expected our baby to grow up not knowing you.” I apologized.

“It’s in the past and we can’t change it. When you come back and tell me why everything happened then maybe I’ll be able to forgive you.” He told me.

“Yeah sure…” I nodded and looked away.

“Come on let’s join them before the guys have her picking out motorcycle curtains.” Juice said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I leaned into him and smiled slightly as we walked back to them.  

“Hey baby girl you find any curtains you like?” I asked Rosie. She nodded and pointed to some light purple and blue curtains.

“Those are pretty, princess.” Juice said. “Let’s go pay for these.” He gathered up the paint and the curtains then Rosie and him went to the counter.

“Hey, can I speak to ya for a moment?” Chibs asked as he touched my shoulder lightly. I nodded and he lead me to the other side of the small store.

“What would you like to discuss?” I asked him.

“You can’t leave him again lass.” He looked me in the eyes as he said this.

“I have to.” I couldn’t hold his gaze.

“He told me about your conversation in the clubhouse and I don’t think ya understand the state I found him in after you left 5 years ago.” Chibs said. “You broke him.”

“I know I did.” I said quietly.

“And you’re gonna do that to him again?” Chibs frowned and raised an eyebrow at me.

“I don’t have much of a choice.” I said bitterly.

“Ya always got a choice lass.” Chibs said.

“Not in this.” I said.

“What kind of trouble are ya in? Drugs? Money? We will try and help ya.” He told me.

“Why?” I asked him.

“Juicy boy is our family and you’re his. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you here and keep him happy.” He told me. “He’ll be happy having his little girl but he’ll be even happier having both of his girls. Trust me, I know.” Chibs walked away after he said that and joined the group. I watched as Juice grabbed the bags and sighed as I headed over to them.

Juice’s POV

We were at our last stop, the grocery store, and I still couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I had a daughter, or that you were back. I had pictured you coming back 100 times over and I had never imagined you bringing back our daughter. Part of me was pissed that you left and you kept my child away from me and the other part was just so happy you were back and that I have a daughter.

I was torn and you not telling me what the hell happened or what was going on wasn’t helping. I knew you were in trouble but I didn’t know from what. Once I had you two settled in my house, I was going to go talk to the boys about it.

I smiled as Chibs picked up Rosie and put her on his shoulders, so she could reach the type of cereal she wanted. She giggled and passed it down to him and he put it in the cart. He kept her on his shoulders and continued walking. I smiled at the two of them. Chibs was the closest thing I’ve ever had to a father and it made me happy to see him with my daughter. I was brought out of my thoughts when you elbowed me lightly. I looked over at you.

“Juice remember to get her some junk food every once and awhile okay? She’s a kid and while the healthy shit is important, she doesn’t need it 24/7.” You told me sternly. I laughed and nodded.

“Alright I won’t force her to eat healthy all the time.” I said.

“Good.” You smiled at me. I had to stop myself from reaching and touching you as you did. I needed to talk to the guys before anything else happened with you. I looked back at the boys and Jax was attempting to steal Rosie away from Chibs which had him running away from Jax and Rosie was laughing hard. I chuckled as Tig grabbed Rosie from Chibs as he was distracted with trying to get away from Jax and ran away with an evil laugh. I could hear Rosie laughing from the next isle over.

I heard Rosie squeal and suddenly Happy came running around the corner carrying her under his arm. Tig, Chibs, and Jax all came running behind him. I hear you giggling at the sight.

“Boys! We’re in the store for fuck’s sake. Don’t knock anyone over!” Clay called after them while shaking his head.

“We won’t boss!” Tig yelled back as they continued to run after Happy and Rosie.

“So this is what badass bikers do in their free time?” I heard you ask. I looked at you and shrugged.

“Yeah, pretty much.” I told you with a smile.

“Good.” You smiled and we made our way through the store. The boys finally stopped running and I guess Chibs won because he was the last to have her and he did a little victory dance with her. Rosie giggled and yawned. Chibs passed her over to me and I held her in my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder and grabbed my cut tightly. She fell asleep before we even got to the parking lot. I looked down at her and smiled. I ran my hand over her hair and kissed her forehead lightly.

I set her in the carseat and helped put the groceries in the back, which was already almost packed. After everything was in I went over and told the guys that I’d  meet them later to discuss what was going on. They all nodded and drove back to TM and I went back to your car and got in the passenger side. You smiled at me.

“Your house or back to TM to pick up your bike?” You asked.

“TM and then we’ll go home.” I said. You nodded and drove back to T-M. I looked over and watched you as you drove. It was dark but I could still see your face in the moonlight and under the streetlamps. You were wearing more makeup than you used to. I narrowed my eyes as I thought about why that would be. You always hated wearing anything more than eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick and even those you didn’t do most days.

“Why are you staring at me?” You asked, while keeping your eyes on the road.

“Why are you wearing more makeup?” I asked suddenly.

“What?” You raised an eyebrow.

“You are wearing foundation and all that kind of stuff. You usually don’t wear makeup at all. So why are you wearing more?” I asked.

“Um I don’t know. I just like it more now. I’m not a kid anymore Juice.” You told me.

“I know and I know some things have changed but I don’t know. You never liked the feel of foundation before.” I said.

“I didn’t but I got over it.” You shrugged as you pulled into TM and parked beside my bike.

“Follow me and don’t park behind me when we get back, okay?” I asked.

“Yeah that’s okay.” You nodded. I got out and hopped on my bike. I started it and drove out of the parking lot. I drove back to the house that we had bought 5 years ago. I could never bring myself to sell it and now I’m glad that I hadn’t. I parked and went over to your car to get Rosie. Once she was settled in my arms, I carried her to the front door and opened it. I walked in and went to the guest room. You went up to the other side of the bed and pulled back the covers. I placed Rosie gently on the queen sized bed.

I walked out of the room and you followed. I closed the door about halfway and went back to the car with you. We took the groceries in first and then the stuff for Rosie’s room. Once everything was inside, you stood in the living room and looked around.

“You didn’t change much.” You said.

“The house was just about perfect.” I shrugged.

“It’s cleaner now.” You let out a little giggle. I smiled.

“Yeah, you know me.” I said.

“Yeah. I umm I’m just going to go to bed.” You said.

“Take my room. I’ll sleep on the couch or something. I’m not getting back till late anyways.” I told you.

“I’ll just sleep in the room with Rosie. That bed is more than big enough.” You said and I nodded. I walked over to you and you looked up at me. I pulled you into me and kissed you softly. You kissed back immediately and cupped my cheek. I smiled against your lips and after a few moments, I pulled back.

“I’ll be back as soon as possible. Don’t leave without saying goodbye this time.” I told you and you nodded. You leaned up and kissed me one last time before pulling back and heading to the guest room. I smiled and went back to T-M. Everyone was already in church when I arrived.

“Hey guys, thanks for helping me.” I said.

“No problem Juicey.” Chibs said. I sat down in my spot.

“What did she tell you?” I asked him.

“She said that she didn’t have a choice about leaving.” Chibs told me.

“What the hell has she gotten herself into?” I sighed and crossed my arms.

“I don’t know bro but it doesn’t sound good.” Jax said.

“It’s probably drugs.” Tig said.

“We don’t know that and if it is I’ll get her into rehab. The only issue I have with that is I’ve been watching her all day and she doesn’t seem like a junkie.” I told him.

“That’s true and it’s not like she could’ve used any. She was with us the whole time and she definitely didn’t act like a junkie going through withdrawls.” Happy said.

“Well then maybe it’s a money thing? Maybe she owes the wrong person money.” Jax said.

“We aren’t going to figure out how to help her until we know what she’s gotten herself into.” Clay said. “Now are you sure she isn’t going to budge on this whole not telling you shit?”

“Pretty positive.” I told him.

“Well at least we know we won’t have issues with her being a rat.” Opie said.

“True.” Tig said.

“Well what do we do since we can’t get her to talk?” Jax asked.

“Maybe we should just let her go.” Tig suggested and I glared at him.

“What?” I asked.

“Well we know where she’s going and if she’s gone too long without checking in we can always go and find her.” Tig explained.

“How do we know where she’s going?” I asked  

“The license plate on her car is a washington plate. I have the number written down and you can run it through your databases. I vote we give her two weeks to get whatever she’s hiding in order and then if she isn’t back. We go find her, handle it ourselves, and bring her home.” Tig said.  Everyone nodded at his logic.

“You think you can manage two weeks Juicy?” Chibs asked.

“I don’t really have much of a choice. I can’t make her stay. I learned that lesson five years ago.” I sighed.

“Okay then. All in favor of waiting two weeks?” Clay asked and everyone, including myself, agreed. Once we were done discussing everything else, I headed home. I went inside and walked straight to Rosie’s room. The door was still open and I saw you on your side with your arms wrapped around Rosie. Rosie was cuddled against you. I smiled and came over to the two of you. I leaned down and kissed both of your heads softly and then went to my own room. I got ready for bed and then went to sleep.

“Daddy… Daddy… “ Rosie giggled as she jumped on my bed. I groaned and open my eyes.

“Hey princess.” I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m hungry.” Rosie anounced through her giggles.

“Well what do you feel like eating?” I asked.

“Pancakes!” She laughed.

“Well I can attempt those but daddy’s not the best at them.” I told her.

“Well mommy makes good ones, we can wait till she gets back.” Rosie told me. “Where did mommy go?”

“Mommy probably went on her work trip.” I sighed and sat up with Rosie still in my arms.

“Oh when will she be back?” Rosie asked.

“I’m not sure princess. Let’s go try those pancakes though.” I told her as I set her down. She nodded and ran out of the room. I smiled and got up. I stretched and looked around my room. On the nightstand was a note. I knew it was from you, so I picked it up and it said

“Sorry about this but I couldn’t wait till you or Rosie was awake. If I did then I wasn’t sure that I would be able to leave. I love you both and everything will work out okay, I promise.”

I sighed and put the note in the nightstand. I got up and headed to the kitchen. I laughed hard at the sight I walked into to. Rosie was sitting on the floor with flour covering her and the floor. The mess was going to bother me later but for right now, I was just enjoying having my princess with me, even if you weren’t with us.

~Hope you guys like the bit of Juice’s POV. I love feedback!~

Dare - Ashton Irwin Fanfic - Part 1

Summary: You and your neighbour Ashton never really got along until he decided to change that, making you two the most unlikely set of best friends. Both of you are dancing on the edge of desire but the question is, who will slip first?

Word Count: 2.5K

Friday night and I’m sitting alone, watching reruns of Friends and pigging out on my pizza. Well, if this doesn’t sound like the perfect night, then I don’t know what does.

To be honest this is how I spend basically every Friday now. I’ve been on my own for a while and I guess I’m comfortable this way. I mean yeah, sure I’ve had dates here and there but they never work out. Sometimes I just want a one night thing or sometimes I’ll give them a chance and they turn out to be a complete psycho, whichever way it turns out it’s never good. I’m not sure if the problem lies with the men I date or if it’s me, but that’s opening up a can of worms that’s best left untouched. It’s not like I wouldn’t like to have someone here but I know that things get messy in relationships and people get hurt when you try out the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. I’ve never understood people and their ‘forever’ fairy tale because to me that’s all it is, a fairy tale. I’ve gone through enough of my adult years to realise that things don’t work the way you plan and they certainly don’t work out like a movie or an epic romance novel. You can plan and plan but somehow life finds a way to steer you off course.

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Erik Durm - Our Moment

I looked at my watch nervously. It was 11:30 a.m. already, time when the plane was supposed to land. Taking into account he still had to step off the plane and pick up his suitcases, I thought I would see Erik in 20 minutes more or less. Erik. I smiled just at the thought of him. We had spent the last two months without seeing each other because of my final exams and the World Cup, which they deserved to win in my opinion. They had worked so hard for years and this was their reward.

Feeling nervous as never before, I decided to take a seat and use my mobile phone to distract myself while I waited.

 -          Papa!

Suddenly, a little girl who was next to me started screaming and waving at a man who had just appeared, probably her father. I looked at my watch again. 15 minutes had passed since I last checked out the time.

While more and more people started to reach the exit and meet their loved ones, I started to get even more nervous (if it was possible). I made sure I looked nice; I wanted to look as good as possible that day. As soon as I was done checking my outfit, a really good looking guy appeared with his black suitcase. His blonde hair stood out of the crowd, so it was pretty easy to know where he was.

-          Erik!

I tried to be louder so as to be heard by him, but it was difficult since I couldn’t stop smiling. He looked so handsome there, searching for me… I tried to focus and I called him again, this time a bit louder.

-          Erik!

As soon as I said his name, he turned his head in my direction. After he made sure it was me, a huge smile appeared on his face. It took us less than 10 seconds to be in front of each other. We stood there without saying a word, just smiling. As if we were synchronised, we hugged each other. It felt so right to feel him wrapping his strong arms around me… He stopped the hug and looked at me straight into my teary eyes.

-          I hope those tears are because you’re happy, liebe.

I smiled at him and nodded. He laughed before getting his face closer to mine, making our lips touch for the very first time in months. It’s going to sound stupid, but I felt like home in that moment. His lips were warm, his hands caressing my neck, his body touching mine… Suddenly, he stopped the kiss. He waited for me to look at him in the eyes to talk.

-          You can’t even imagine how much I’ve missed you… - he said before continuing the kiss.

“Of course I know, you silly” I thought but didn’t say because I didn’t want to interrupt the moment anymore. In the end, it was our moment.


anonymous asked:

How are the mystery skulls character designs bad??? Not being confrontational I just want to know what makes good and bad character design

ummm ok….. im gonna try to explain this as best i can but it might come off as more petty than anything, im not an expert on the subject but i HAVE taken a class on character design and tend to be pretty good at it myself so i hope i know what im talking about at least a little bit.

first up

this guy always bothered me the most. theres just too much going on here. which isnt to say a cluttered design cant work, just look at any given jrpg. but the details arent streamlined, and in my opinion dont mesh together well. the blocks of dark color are scattered in a way that looks clunky and distracting, and speaking of the colors the use of two completely different shades of orange (one derived from yellow and one from red) just doesnt work for me, at least not with the straight white of the shirt and cool blue of the robot arm.

my opinion on how to make this design better: either quarantine the darker colors to one area of the body (dark pants, dark hair, dark shirt, etc) to act as a focal point, or get rid of that element altogether. also, if youre going for a monochromatic color palette, stay true to that. use a warmer shade of gray for the robot arm, maybe derived from red instead of blue, and add a little yellow to the white shirt. or, if you want to keep the blue as a complimentary color to orange, spread that around the design more or center it in some way.

another rule of thumb with character design is the importance of weight distribution and keeping a consistent silhouette. think about how many designs youve seen of top-heavy characters with much skinnier legs, or bottom-heavy characters that resemble pears. that helps balance out the design in a way that isnt happening here. the way his shirt meets his pants really bothers me because of the way it fans back out at the bottom without keeping a consistent slope. an easy fix would either be to widen his hips/shrink the width of the shirt so they slope into each other, or change the pants he’s wearing to skinny jeans.

this girl’s not as bad, just kinda boring imo. again im not a fan of the different shades of blue and over-saturation, but theres nothing as distracting as on orange guy. she also has a better silhouette because of her curvier figure. this could be a rough draft of a good design, i think! just maybe like, consider the amount of accessories she has and choose between the skirt and the scarf, since those both kind of interrupt the rest of her outfit. also, if her glasses are going to be purple, put purple somewhere else on her design. also add a solid dark area somewhere, otherwise her design just looks flat.

i hate this dog. i dont even care about being mean when it comes to this dog. this dog is terrible. honestly it wouldnt be half as bad if it wasnt for the mohawk, because then it would just be a normal dog with some cool shades, and it would also help the silhouette to be more streamlined. the legs should not be the same width as the head. that just makes it look like a box. its bad.

now this guy. dont get worried, as ive said this is actually the only design i like, thanks to all the points i listed earlier. hes got a good, well-balanced silhouette, and simple colors that work well together. the fact that most of his entire body is black helps draw attention to his face and hands and helps them stand out. the use of purple throughout the design is also very effective, since the bigger areas are kept to just one portion of his body, but the color is kept consistent thanks to the subtle use in the shading and lineart. that all helps harmonize the design, so he looks like he was drawn all at once instead of just throwing a bunch of random elements together.

to top this post off im just gonna share a lil thing from our good friend craig mccracken. check out the way the shapes of the characters are simplified and how they harmonize with each other, think about the distribution of light and dark shading, where the weight of each design sits, etc. 

i typed a lot more than i was planning to but i hope this little critique helps you out!