distracting extra


I’m tired of Isayama drawing Mikasa so pretty and beautiful lately, it’s becoming such a distraction!
like ummm.. excuse me Isayama, I have a chapter to focus on!
how am I supposed to care about what’s going on if she’s looking like THAT? like ..????

“I wish,
maybe just this
in a empty room
with just a bed
and this, maybe this is all we need, maybe this is what we need not to need anything else in this world,
maybe this is all we need to feel each others soul,
beating heart,
blood in plus,
brain transmissions,
warmth, whispers, stairs,
maybe this is all we need to understand me and you are all we will ever need in this world
full of distractions and extras,

Maybe this is all we need”



hey guys! so lately i’ve been needed a distraction/some extra money for bills, so i decided to open up my twitch commissions. 

so basically if you’re interested, i’d suggest just instant messaging me/sending me an ask for more information so we can get started! these are the prices, which may subject to change depending on the work load and details:

  • 5 panels = $5 
  • offline image = $2 
  • overlay = varies (anywhere from $5-10)
  • twitch headers = varies ($2-6)

i will be offering a special package pricing if you do decide to order all of the above. as i said, please just message me for more details! this is my first time doing anything like this so i am excited to try it. :> i’ve only ever done graphics for myself a few close friends, so i’m excited to extend a hand to those who need a little help. thank you!

so I’ve got to go to school in two hours and Freddy is me right now.

Toy Freddy is that ungodly being who likes the mornings and wakes up like freakin’ Cinderella or something.

So. Girl Genius neurodivergency parallels.

  • Jaegers developing special interests
  • Hats as jaeger comfort items
  • Heterodyning as stimming
  • Also Agatha’s tendency to make little clanks = stimming
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work
  • Sparks hyperfocusing on their work to the point that they forget to focus on everything else
  • Sparks being obtuse about social cues and emotions like “fear” and “protesting against human experimentation”
  • “I got distracted and added three extra features into this tea kettle, including a death ray, but I don’t remember why”
  • “The Madness Place” essentially being a dangerous mindset surrounding the all encompassing special interest, I.E. science
  • Sparks in the madness place roping other sparks into the madness place
  • Locketed Agatha is essentially suffering from massive executive dysfunction
  • Extremely chaotic thought process that only makes sense to other sparks but which will, upon presentation of notes, become clear and obvious to non-sparks as well
  • Forget and misplace things easily, like tools and human-eating constructs

And the best part is that these are all canon

Hide learning how to give Kaneki shots so he won’t have to do it himself when his blood sugar is 350mg/dL and he doesn’t want to move

Hide checking restaurant websites to make sure nutrition information is readily available before suggesting a place to eat with Kaneki

Hide keeping glucose in his apartment in case Kaneki has a hypo while hanging out there

Hide making sure to be extra distracting when Kaneki needs to take a shot or check his blood sugar in public so people won’t bother him about it

Hide being the best friend a diabetic could ask for