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UF!Sans x Reader

This is for my half of a fic swap with @skeletorific
The prompt was for Red fluff with him trying to gain the Reader’s attention while they’re studying.  

*I hope you like it! <3  I kept trying to reign it in from becoming suggestive. xD

Sans hated being ignored.

It wasn’t like he was attention starved and ran around, waving his arms and demanding everyone look at him.  On the contrary, he preferred it when he wasn’t noticed–when monsters looked away from his gaze, lest they garner the wrath of him or his brother.

That hadn’t changed when the Barrier broke and monsters made it to the Surface.  Red still didn’t want any unnecessary attention; he still wanted monsters and humans alike to avert their eyes in his presence, and if they did happen to stare, he tended to get grouchy and defensive.  

You, on the other hand, were the exception.

Ever since you had come into his life, after he drunkenly hit on you at Surface Grillby’s and talked you into dancing the night away, he had actually been enamored.  He craved your attention like he craved mustard; he could never get enough.  He needed your touch, your hands cupping his cheeks and sliding toward the back of his skull, your soft body lined against his as you both moved to the beat of the music…

He sought your attention outside of the bar, as well.  He never pictured himself as the type with enough energy to actively court someone.  One-night-stands, sure, he could handle those no problem, but romance?  A relationship?  That would involve work, pursuit, putting someone else’s needs before his own.  It had always sounded like a pain, but now that you were in his life, he realized it wasn’t that difficult.  

In fact, it was fun.

So it came as no surprise that when you actually gave him a key to your place, he started taking a ‘shortcut’ inside whenever he wanted.  Hey, if you didn’t want him to randomly teleport into your bedroom (and occasionally your bathroom–it was as if he had a sixth sense for when you were showering!), you shouldn’t have given him the greenlight to come and go.  While he still usually slept as his own place (he wasn’t moving away from the boss anytime soon), he enjoyed spending his free time at yours, where he could demand your attention.

Only… right now, you were holding out on him.

And it was irritating.

“just take a little break,” he murmurs next to your ear, his tongue manifesting to slide along the side of your neck.  Your brows furrows, and you lean away, wiping his red-tinted saliva off with the back of your hand.

“Geez, Sans, I told you I have to study!  Finals are this week, and I need every minute to cram all this information into my brain.“

"i’ve got somethin’ i’d like to cram in ya,” he remarks without missing a beat, raising his bony brows suggestively.  

Sans, I’m serious!” you shoot back, shrugging his hand off your shoulder.  He grumbles, his smirk fading into a frown.  "You should just go home so I can concentrate.“

"fine, sheesh, i’ll be quiet,” he grumbles, moving to sit on the edge of your bed.  You can feel him staring at your back, however, and it makes it difficult to concentrate.  It takes a good five minutes to be able to relax enough to try to forget he’s behind you, but just as you finally get into the groove of memorizing notes, you hear the rustle of clothing behind you.

You ignore it.

Five more minutes go by, and every now and then, you hear Sans shifting around.  For the most part, he’s staying true to his word and remaining silent, but you know it’s only a matter of time before he gets bored and decides to bug you again.   It makes it impossible to study, and you’re stressed enough about the upcoming final that you whirl around with the intent to insist that Sans go home for the night and just let you focus, but–

–you discover Sans lying on your bed, clad in nothing but his shorts.  

His ribs are on full-display, one leg outstretched and the other bent, while his head is propped up with his arm.  He’s smirking at your expression, watching the shock and disbelief fade to a reddish tint and shift into exasperation.

“enjoyin’ the view, sweetheart?”

“Sans, what are you doing?  I told you… I said… I…”  You trail off, stumbling over your words as he begins to sit up and cross the room toward you.  His smirk has shifted into something almost predatory–a look that never fails to turn you into putty in his hands.  When his gaze locks with yours, you can see the victory shining in his bright eyelights.

“I need… to… study…” you manage, your voice soft.  Damn, he’s distracting when he’s standing in front of you like that, exuding confidence and gazing at you with such adoration, as if you’re the only thing in the world that matters.

“what ya need is a break, sweetheart. you’re stressed.”  His hands grip your shoulders, phalanges kneading your taunt muscles.  "just spend a little time away from the books and come back with a fresh perspective.“

Damn, he’s… he’s making sense.  Or do you really just want an excuse to let your resolve crumble so easily?  

Either way, when he coaxes you from the chair and over to the bed, you don’t offer any resistance.  Instead, you wrap an arm around his shoulders, lying back against the pillows while he wraps his arms around you and pulls you close.  You can feel his ribs scrape against your arms, and your palms glide lightly along his scapulae.   "I’m just going to lie here for a moment.  That’s it,” you insist while he chuckles.  

“i know, doll.  i’m good with just stayin’ like this for a bit.”  He nuzzles his face into the side of your neck, just barely grazing your flesh with one of his sharp fangs.  You shiver lightly, holding onto him tighter, and he chuckles again, his breath hot against your skin.  "ya'know… if you’re havin’ any trouble with math stuff, i can help.“

You snort.  "I’m sure your brand of helping won’t help.”

He actually sounds insulted. “hey! what’s that supposed to mean?”

“What was that saying in high school?  Add a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs, and pray we don’t multiply?”

He pulls back enough to stare at you, slack-jawed for a moment, before he begins guffawing.  He actually ends up having to wipe red-tinted tears from his eyesockets.  "oh–sweetheart…that–“  It takes him a moment to pull himself together.  ”stars, that was good.  no, not that kind of math.  though, later tonight, i’d be game for an extra credit sorta deal.“  He smirks again, quirking a suggestive brow bone.  You just grin.  "i mean that i’ve got plenty of experience with equations and theorems.”  

“You do?”  It’s the first time he’s mentioned it; you didn’t take him for the type to care much about those kinds of things.  He seemed more inclined to go through the motions looking for shortcuts and trying to take things easy.  "Since when?“

"eh, it’s ancient history,” he answers vaguely, shrugging.  "but i can help ya if you want.“  His fingers skim across your arm, just feeling your skin.  

"Actually, yeah.  Sure.  It could help to go over it.”  And maybe he’d stop trying to derail your studying if you did it together.  

Sans grins, pleased. “every time you miss a question, ya have to take off an article of clothing.”

You chuckle and shake your head, trailing your fingers along his ribs.  He squirms a little, melting beneath your light touch.  "Nah, I’d get cold.“

"ok, fine. but if you answer enough right, ya get that extra credit lesson.”  Your fingers curl around a rib, and his breath catches.  "ah–or if ya keep doin’ that, you get it now.  whichever.“  

Smirking, you untangle yourself from him and sit up, sliding toward the edge of the bed while he tries to latch onto your waist. "Let’s save that for after.  Right now, let’s see if you really know anything about math, or if you’re just messing with me.”  

Sans sits up and follows you to the desk.  He’s wearing the same confident grin from before, only this time, it’s directed at your math book.  "sweetheart, prepare to be impressed.“  He pulls a seat up to your desk, and you sit beside him while he looks over your textbook.  

….You still can’t concentrate.  

”…And put on a shirt, you’re distracting.“  

He just grins.  "fine, but for every question ya miss, i’m takin’ off an article of clothing.”  He seems pretty adamant about turning this study session into a strip-game.


“ok, ok.”  His grins turns into a smirk.  "you’re right. wouldn’t want ya missin’ all the questions on purpose just to get me completely sans-clothes.“

You groan, and shortly after, he dives into an explanation of the part you were having trouble with.

To your surprise, he explains it perfectly.  

But, yeah, you’re still definitely going to want that extra credit lesson.

Not Okay- Jeff part 2

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Not Okay Part 2 (part one)

You insisted the two of you do something fun to distract him and he didn’t care as long as he could get out of the school, so the two of you ended up at an arcade. The worker didn’t seem to care that two high schoolers were in an arcade in the middle of the day and since most kids were at school it was pretty much empty.

“We are having a dance battle I insist.” Jeff told you before running to the dance machine things. You laughed and followed him, stepping up onto the one next to him as he chose ‘Wannabe’ by The Spice Girls. You laughed at his choice.

“Really?” You asked standing in the middle of the mini dancefloor ready to win.

“Duh, it’s iconic.” He insisted as it started. You tried to follow the moves as best as possible but Jeff was killing it and it was very obvious to you this wasn’t the first time he’d done the song. The more the song went on the more he distracted you with how extra he was, he did each step with point making sure to exaggerate his movements. By the end he had won by far and you were dying of laughter.

“Okay I don’t even care that I lost. That was beautiful.” You said in between your giggles.

He did a fake hair flip, “Everything I do is beautiful.”

“My turn to pick a game! Air hockey because I know I’ll crush you at this.” You said practically running to the game like a little kid. He followed you with a chuckle.

“Anytime I score a point you answer a question, and anytime you score a point you get to ask one. Deal?” You asked as the two of you started a game. You knew this would be the perfect opportunity to actually get to know him.

“I’m in.” he said setting the puck down trying to score only for you to immediately hit it and score into his goal.

“Alright so how old are you?” You asked him figuring you’d start off with something simple.

“Seventeen.” He said as he focused on hitting it making it ricochet across the table before landing in the goal, “why’d you move?”

“Dad got a new job.” You responded. The two of you went back and forth for another few rounds. The two of you were neck in neck and you had gone back and forth with simple questions like last name, favorite color, favorite food, and a few other basics. But now the two of you had six point each meaning one more point and the one of you would win. And in one swift moment Jeff took that title.

He paused as if debating over his question, “Why’d you help me? You could’ve just left the gym, why’d you care when you don’t even know me?”

“All I saw was an extremely attractive sad guy. I wanted to do anything I could to make you feel better, and when I realized why you were sad because some girl cheated on you I have to admit I was kinda mad. I’ve been through that before and I know no one deserves that. And I had known you for a few minutes and I already knew that it was insane for any girl to cheat on you. You’re obviously such a caring, nice guy.” You rambled until he leaned forward, cupping your face in his hand and closing the distance between your lips.

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Eventually aliens would figure out to order humans to " outside-in all pocketses" before getting on the ship. Of course one day the human gets injured (IT'S A SCRAPED ELBOW IT'S FINE!!!) and a hard lump is found in the humans chest via over-excited grabbing. Cue embarrassed human sitting in med bay explaining that the pocket rocks are distraction rocks and the extra special pretty rocks the human wants to keep are hidden safely in their bra. This leads to a one-rock-per-trip rule as compromise.


Not Letting Go - Part 5

Jason Todd x Reader

Here you go guys, sorry for the delay! But finally, there is actual plot here!! Hope you like it. ^^
Warnings: Violence, potentially triggering for some people.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6

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After that day you and Jason ended up spending a lot more time together. Starting the next evening when he decided to surprise you by picking you up after class.
You had your head down, contemplating the reading list you had just been given as you walked; you narrowly avoided walking straight into one of the many girls clustered around the front gates. You looked up in confusion at the large gathering of girls giggling and whispering by the entrance, completely blocking your way. “Excuse me,” you mumbled, wedging your way through the press of bodies, simultaneously trying to figure out what had everyone so excited. Once you were clear of the gates it became immediately apparent what had caught their attention. Just opposite, your boyfriend was leaning against his bike, arms folded across his chest. He was wearing his leather jacket, hair tousled almost artfully from the helmet. Your heart fluttered in your chest. He was outrageously gorgeous.

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Jack: I’m almost afraid to ask but.
Jack: I’m going shopping. Anyone wanna come?

Ryan: I’ll come.
Ryan: I love seeing people notice the mask.

Jack: In that case, we’re totally getting you a tux.

Ryan: Can it be an extra-distracting tux?
Ryan: The douchier the better.

Jack: Dude, as long as you take your mask off for effect at some point.
Jack: It’s always hilarious the way they curiously lean in despite themselves only for you to wear creepy-ass facepaint.

Ryan: Oh, it will be dramatic.

Jack: Verily. Gav, you wanna come with scare the shit out of the high fashion stores?
Jack: For some reason, you and Ryan are the most recognizable crew members

Gavin: I would love to come along! I’ll put on my best gams!

Ryan: You have dentures?

Jack: Behave, boys. Now, who has the sleekest, richest car? I want to go shopping *in style*

Ryan: I suspect Michael has the nicest car. Should we ask, or no?

Jack: That depends. Is the car here and the keys in reach, and how fast does he answer his texts? :P

Gavin: Oh! Let me ask him, it’ll just be a tick
Gavin: ….He says yes but only if Jack is driving.

Jack: I’m always driving. Hop on in, boys and girls, we’re going to town!

5 Tips for Public Speaking

1. Practice Out Loud. I cannot stress this enough. Don’t just read over your notes or imagine saying it in your head, actually SPEAK THE WORDS over and over again. This will make you feel so much more comfortable when you’re in front of everyone. Also, once you think you’ve practiced enough, do it three more times.

2. No One Cares. No one cares if you mess up a word or totally blank on part of your speech. Think about how many times you’ve zoned out or not even paid attention to what was being said? You guessed it, everyone is doing the same to you. We’re always hypercritical of ourselves, but no one else really cares. This applies to most things in life.

3. Drink/Eat Before. Especially if it’s a morning class! Make sure you’re well hydrated and not hungry. Nothing’s worse than feeling like you’re going to pass out from nerves and/or hunger while you’re standing in front of a small gathering of your peers.

4. Go First. And if you don’t go first, try to at least go before the fifth person. This may seem terrifying, but the longer you sit there, the more nervous you become. Knocking it out first will help you calm down and just get it over with, so you can relax the rest of the class.

5. Dress Comfortably/Style Hair. Make sure to wear something comfortable and that you won’t fidget with. Even if you have to dress up nicely, still wear something that you’ve worn a couple times before and feel really confident in! Also, a tip for anyone with long hair, try to style it out of your face, especially if you’re the type of person to constantly mess with it. This extra distraction might make you lose focus and forget what you’re trying to say during your speech.

Bonus Tip: Follow the instructions! I know it seems simple, but in my COLLEGE level speech class, so many people did poorly on their speeches just because they didn’t include everything required of them. Double check to make sure you have added everything, like sources, works cited, etc. depending on what your teacher assigns. This is a great way to get easy points, so you will have a higher grade, even if you do mess up the presentation part of it!

The Legend of the Frost Stone; Chapter 1: Suhdfog's Request

            It was a normal mission, or so they thought. Upon receiving a distress signal, the team made their way to a small planet named Ilirhis in the Lodjys star system. When they landed they were greeted by a small group of aliens. They were oddly human like, but with pointed ears, blueish skin, and standing at about 4’7”. The leader, who was actually considerably taller, at 5’1”, had introduced himself as Suhdfog, leader and enchanter of the Ilidif people. He had explained that, earlier that month, a Galra, or as Suhdfog called them, Ghrulos, ship had arrived. At first, they kept their distance, and did not disturb the Ilidif village, until a few days prior to the Paladins’ arrival, when they attacked and seized the castle. Suhdfog told the Paladins that he and a small group of soldiers had managed to escape and find a hiding place. That was when they sent the distress signal, hoping for help. When he had finished, Allura introduced herself, Coran, and the Paladins. Suhdfog began to lead the group back to their hiding spot, deep in the forest.

            “Hey, these guys are tiny! But the biggest one is taller than Pidge!” Lance laughed. For this, he received a kick in the shins, courtesy of Pidge herself.

            “I don’t trust these guys.” Keith said.

            “Why not? They seem harmless enough.” Hunk asked

            “I just… I don’t know. Something feels, off.”

            “We’re prepared if anything happens, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” Shiro said.

            “See, you say that now, but usually, whenever you say stuff like that, everything goes wrong.” Lance replied. Shiro glared at Lance, who scooted behind Allura, attempting to hide behind her. They continued walking for a short while until they arrived at a cave.

            “Unfortunately, it seems that we are unable to fit all of you in here.” Suhdfog said. “Please pick three of you to enter.”

            “Well, obviously Shiro and I will go,” Allura stated, “but who else?”

            “Oh! Oh! Can I come?!” Lance asked excitedly.

            “N-“ “Why not?” Shiro said, interrupting Allura. Allura shot him a disapproving glance, but said nothing, for she trusted his judgement, even if his decisions might not be exactly what she felt best. Suhdfog led them inside the cave, reminding them that they should probably duck before entering. They went deep into the cave, before reaching what seemed like a ritual room. Suhdfog told the Paladins and Allura to sit, and they did.

            “Currently, our village is about 12 varga from here, on foot. We are unsure as to what is occurring there, for we have not been there in about 3 quintants, but we are certain that it is in a state of great peril.” Suhdfog said. “We ask you to take your hero, Voltron, to our village, and liberate our home and friends. We will provide as much support as we can from the sides, but the Ghrulos are much larger than we.”

            “We can do that,” Shiro responded, “but I am slightly concerned, do you think it is possible to lead them away, because we will likely destroy your village if we try to fight them there.”

            “I am unsure.” Suhdfog said. Suddenly, one of the Ilidif soldiers entered the room, and made his way over to Suhdfog. The soldier leaned in and whispered something in his ear.

            “Oh dear!” He exclaimed, as the soldier pulled away. “Kjudus has just informed me that one of your friends has been kidnapped!”

            “What?!” Allura demanded, “how did this happen?!”

            “A group of Ghrulos footmen appeared and attacked us. They used some kind of gas to mask themselves, and when the smoke cleared, they were gone, along with the hairy faced man.” Kjudus told her.

            “THEY GOT CORAN?!” Lance yelled. “C’mon! We have to go!” The three of them rushed out of the caves, as fast as possible, with Suhdfog and Kjudus behind them. Once they had exited the cave, they spotted Pidge, Keith, and Hunk, who were looking into the darkest part of the forest.

            “What’s going on?! They took Coran? Where did they go?! Are you guys okay? Wh-” Shiro exclaimed, clearly panicking, before Lance stopped him.

            “Yeah, they took Coran.” Keith said, sombrely. “They went that way, at least we think they did. It all happened so fast, so we’re not really sure what happened.”

            “Shiro, what do we do?” Pidge asked worriedly.

            “What? Oh, uh,” he paused, looking back toward the ship, “we should probably get to our lions, then, and try to find which way they went.”

            “Right!” The others yelled in unison, as they began running back toward the ship. As fast as they possibly could, they entered their lions and flew off.

            “Alright guys,” Shiro said over the comms, “the most important thing is to get Coran back, and we should try to avoid any extra distractions if possible. We should probably split up, just while we’re trying to find them. Pidge and Keith, you guys go in the direction of the village, Hunk and I-”

            “And Lance!” Lance yelled.

            “Hunk and Lance and I will go over the forest. Make sure to let us know if you find anything.”

            “Let’s go!” Pidge said as she and Keith sped up towards the village.

            They had been flying for only about 15 minutes when Hunk, Lance, and Shiro spotted a purple ship in the distance.

            “Is that it?” Lance asked, as they slowly approached it. It was definitely a Galra ship, and a rather large one, bigger than others they had seen before. “Should we attack it?”

            “No, if Coran really is in there, he could get hurt, and if not by our own attacks, by the Galra.” Shiro said. “Pidge, Keith! We think we found him!” Shiro said after opening the connection line with Pidge and Keith.

            “Uh, unfortunately we’re a bit occupied at the momen- oh quiznak!” Keith replied.

            “Keith! What’s going on?!”

            “We’ve just run into a bunch of smaller Galra ships over the town, we can handle them, but there’s a lot, so I think it might take us a while to get rid of them all before we can safely head over to you.”

            “Alright, be careful, and we’ll do what we can here.” After turning off the second line, they heard an explosion.

            “What was that?!” Hunk screamed. Looking downward, they spotted a large crater in the ground, smoking.

            “They’ve spotted us!” Shiro hissed through his teeth. “Damn”

“I wish,
maybe just this
in a empty room
with just a bed
and this, maybe this is all we need, maybe this is what we need not to need anything else in this world,
maybe this is all we need to feel each others soul,
beating heart,
blood in plus,
brain transmissions,
warmth, whispers, stairs,
maybe this is all we need to understand me and you are all we will ever need in this world
full of distractions and extras,

Maybe this is all we need”


Double Trouble Couple (Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 4)

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes & Molly Hooper
Additional Tags: first sleepover, Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017, Sherlolly Week 2017, sherlollyweek2017, inspired by a kdrama, strong woman do bong soon inspired
Series: Part 4 of Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017
Summary: Sherlock thought it would be a brilliant idea to hire Molly as his bodyguard to protect him. After he gets shot by a rubber bullet, Molly sleeps over. Written for Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 4 “first sleepover”.


Double Trouble Couple
“You can’t leave me alone!” Sherlock struggled to reach her hand, “I mean, I just got shot.”

“You got shot with a rubber bullet,” Molly said, “I cannot see how that is different from your ordinary day.”

“Someone is after me,” Sherlock whispered, “They keep sending me texts saying they’ll kill me.”

“I can’t stay, I have an early morning shift at Barts,’ Molly put her coat back on.

"I hired you to look after me. That doesn’t mean you can leave anytime you’d like.”

“I have to go,” Molly said, “I’ll inform Mrs. Hudson, she’ll make you breakfast.”

Sherlock sighed. “Molly, in how many different ways do I have to tell you: I want you to stay.”

Molly, frankly, had to put up with his childish behavior for the past twenty-four hours and was done with him. No matter how much she loved him, she needed a break every once in a while. She put her bag down. “Fine, I’ll stay.”

“You stay on the couch. There’s a sleeping bag in the closet,” Sherlock said.

“What happened to John’s bedroom?”

“Mrs. Hudson’s sister is staying there for the weekend.”

Molly got the sleeping bag out of the closet. “I’ll sleep on the couch.” She went back to the living room, and sat down on the leather couch, taking her boots and sweater off, leaving her in her shirt and jeans. It was one of the several times a week she wondered how her quiet life as a pathologist had become this whirlwind the second Sherlock Holmes had come in. She also wondered how the guy had tricked her into becoming an amateur-bodyguard because he was unable to tell John what was going on. She wasn’t even strong, she had a small frame and no strength, for Christ’s sake!
She’d mainly agreed because she needed some distraction and some extra money. Tom had kicked her out the week before, so she was staying at a hotel, with her stuff stuffed away in a storage unit.

She laid down and closed her eyes, focusing on her own breath. She adjusted her position a couple of times before she was comfortable. She realized this was actually the first time she slept at Sherlock’s place. Not in his bed, for now.

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It’s in the heavy weight he carries in his chest after the Kerberos mission is lost. It’s the way he shuts down and lashes out at instructors and fellow recruits. It’s the voice that tells him he deserves this, that he hadn’t belonged at the Galaxy Garrison in the first place. It manifests in the guilt that if he had only been smarter, faster, quicker, he could have been there too, could have done something.

It’s the holes in his wall from flinging his knife against them, time and time again.

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B.A.P Random Affection

When you surprise them with a big hug and tell them sincerely, “I’m so thankful to be with you.”

Yongguk – If you were in private and this wasn’t something you did on a daily basis, you’d melt this man into a puddle. Despite not being into public skinship I think in private Yongguk would be very affectionate with his girlfriend, but still uncomfortable with sweeping romantic declarations. Hanging his head a bit to hide his blush he’d be thankful but a bit mystified by you. How did he get someone as great as you and willing to put up with his chaotic life? He’d pull you down on his lap and kiss you, lips lingering for a moment as he silently promised himself to always try his best for you. Expansion

Himchan – He might take a second to wonder if you did something wrong, lol. When he figured out this was just you indulging in a warm fuzzy moment he’d turn into the world’s biggest koala. Wrapped tight in his arms he’d whisper all sorts of sweet and seductive things in your ear. Random affection like this would stroke his ego and make him feel loved and appreciated. He works hard at being a good boyfriend for you and he’d need any and all love you’re able to give him.

Daehyun – Public or private, it doesn’t matter. You’d have yourself one happy Daehyun right there. As in over the moon, would move heaven and earth for you happy. Things like this would strongly bring out his devotion and loyalty to you and just reinforce your bond all the tighter. He needs confirmation from time to time that you’re just as ecstatic to be in your relationship as he is. Expansion

Youngjae – He’d feel a bit embarrassed and tease you a little to divert you. Feeling your sincerity, he’d appreciate it but he’d much rather be the one saying sweet nothings to you. Youngjae loves your skinship and affection for him but feels awkward receiving such direct attention. He wants to spoil you. So he’d slyly distract you but be extra tender and loving to you the rest of the day.

Jongup – Would not find this strange in the least. It’s random and loving and honest to the bone, just like him. You’d be speaking his language. Blushing and shy, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling. He’d feel so lucky to have someone in his life who loves him like you do. When you started to pull away Jongup would bring you close again to tell you exactly that.

Zelo – His first instinct, whether in public or private, would be to freeze. Junhong is like a deer in headlights when he’s caught off guard by something and he’d need a moment to process what you did. Once your words registered he’d turn bright red but be oh so very thrilled. He often worries to himself that he does enough to make you happy. Receiving affirmation like this from you would help set his mind at ease and feel he’s doing a good job as your boyfriend. Expansion