Hot Bath Anyone?

This is the part 2 of Hot Shower Anyone? Warning: Nakedness. Hope you enjoy! Happy Saturday!

Part 1 Hot Shower Anyone?

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After the shower fiasco, Bucky, Steve and Sam were sent on a mission for a few days. You could take your hot showers in peace, but you couldn’t shake Bucky’s shirtless, dripping frame from your mind. It was hard to think about anything else. 

Today you were lying in bed awake when your alarm went off. You had been staring at the ceiling trying to decide what to say to Buck when he returned from the mission. Should you ignore it and never bring it up again? Should you take him up on his offer? Did you want that? Or was he kidding? You decided you would wait and see how he reacted first. 

In the pool you tried to concentrate on your breathing and your hand positions in order to distract yourself from your wild imagination. But thoughts of Bucky crept in. Your mind was running wild with thoughts of his hands on your body, what he would sound like if you touched him, what he would smell like, taste like, it was driving you crazy. 

The hour flew by and, in a daze, you took the elevator up to the floor with the teams’ rooms. You were squeezing your hair dry with a towel when the double doors opened and revealed Bucky walking towards his room. 

Your eyes locked. “Don’t you dare.” You assumed he was talking about you taking a shower. 

You dashed towards your bedroom door in an attempt to beat him to the shower. 


“Bucky I’m cold!”

Before you could get your door open, his hands landed on your shoulders, stopping you from taking another step.  His fingers were hot against your freezing skin and you knew by his look that he was surprised you were telling the truth. 

He stepped back and looked at you sincerely, a look you hadn’t seen on him before. “Okay, go ahead.”

His quick shift was odd to you, but you didn’t wait for him to change his mind. 

You rushed into your bathroom, turning the water on in the tub and dripping some bubble mixture into it. After peeling your suit off your body, pulling a clean towel out of the closet and sinking into the hot, bubbly water, you closed your eyes and tried to rid your mind of Bucky Barnes. 

“You know, they say body heat is the best way to get warm.”

You jumped at the low voice, making the water around you slosh and spill onto the floor. You had to be imagining this. Bucky was not in your bathroom right now.

But his snicker proved that thought false. 

“A hot bath also does the job” You answered, trying to figure out how long he had been standing in the doorway.

“Both would probably work wonders.” He didn’t wait for your reply. He was already pulling his shirt off and tossing it on the floor. You sunk even farther into the tub, thankful that you decided to add bubbles today.

“Oh, don’t hide from me, doll.” Blood was rising to your cheeks. He had fun with that.

“Don’t get all embarrassed, baby. I’m just helping you out” he teased.

“Just get in here, Buck.” He laughed at your dry command. 

You scooted forward so he could sit down behind you. He was right, you were warmer. Whether it was from the hot water, his body heat, or the heat pooling in your stomach, you couldn’t decide. Probably all three. 

His hands wrapped around your stomach, pulling you closer so you could lean back on his firm chest. You sighed contently, and laid your head on his shoulder. 

His body shook underneath you as he chuckled. “You are cold.”

“Well I wasn’t lying.” You turned your head to face him. You were nervous about how close his lips were to yours but you didn’t move away. 

Like he could read your mind, one of his hands emerged from the water and cupped your cheek, bringing your lips up to his.

His breath was warm as his mouth opened and invited your tongue to play with his. Only when you needed air did your faces part to reveal mutual smiles. You leaned on his shoulder again and closed your eyes. 

“We should do this every morning.” His voice was low and relaxed. 

“It’s our duty. We’re saving water.” His laugh was the most beautiful sound you’d ever heard. You could get used to this.


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some october advice for the signs
  • aries:slow down, and look at the leaves. really. i know it's stereotypical, but admire their slow and gradual transition to gorgeous hues of orange and yellow. they're trying to tell you something.
  • taurus:you aren't as alone as you think you are, friend. some of your old friends are thinking about you just as much as you're thinking about them. don't be afraid to dial them up.
  • gemini:people think they know you, but they're wrong. how can they know you when you don't even know yourself? don't listen to them. it's okay to be confused. it's okay to be imperfect. take your time. no one else matters you right now.
  • cancer:it's about that time, isn't it? the cold is seeping back into the air and into your skin, no matter how many layers of sweaters you wear. just like you. no matter how much you distract yourself, it's always going to feel a little chilly inside, because there's something missing. stop trying to fill it. accept it as a part of you. it's okay to make a truce with your demons.
  • leo:what are you running from, darling? slow down. take a breath. what you fear from your nightmares won't follow you here, and there are plenty of people that love and care about you under the warm glow of survival that the morning brings. snap back into reality, and remember that you are safe.
  • virgo:you're getting distant again. don't think we didn't notice. i know you still haven't realized how important you are, but i swear, you're almost there. don't let the eery october nights spook you into relapsing after you've been trying so hard for so long. i'm so proud of you. keep going.
  • libra:what happens when you drive a different way to work? or when you take a different route while walking to class? you still get there, don't you? please stop stressing so much about how it's going to work out. if it doesn't go the way you planned, it doesn't mean it won't be okay. things have a way of being double sided. you should know that. you're smart. you're at your peak this month, love, and you need to trust yourself. trust your instincts and intuition.
  • scorpio:you came, you saw, you conquered. you fought, hard, the whole time. all the way here, up until this point. and you have become this incredible, valiant soldier in the process. i'm so proud of you. but you're starting to relax. don't let your guard down, scorpio. don't get too comfortable. if you have a bad feeling, listen to it. you've trained long and hard for this, you don't deserve to lose it again.
  • sagittarius:i know your insides feel icy and rigid, but please drink as much cocoa and wear as many jackets as you need to warm yourself back up, because your cold front is giving everyone else the shivers and runny noses. we love you so much, but you can't take out your anger on everyone. direct it back into what you love doing. not in how you treat us. we just want to help.
  • capricorn:it's not all going to make sense. it's not. when something clears up, something else will shatter and cause many frustrations and problems. you're never going to get a clean grasp on why things are happening the way that they are. and it's okay. it's okay. don't be angry with yourself for not knowing. look for reasons to admire mysteries and learn to love that you'll always have something to search for.
  • aquarius:why do you keep settling? stop letting yourself believe that you don't deserve more. you've got to stop letting that cloud take residence floating over you. fall out of love with complacency and fight the universe for all of the kindness and adoration that you know you deserve.
  • pisces:it must get frustrating when no one takes you seriously. do you realize you don't have to accept it? stand up for yourself, friend! wrap yourself in as many layers as you need to keep warm from the bitter cold evenings, but don't shield yourself from the unkind words of others. eat them, and spit them back out in their direction. they will learn your wrath and you will get the respect you should have had all along.

I think it really sucks when you realise how alone you are because you only really talk to 1 maybe 2 people and when neither of them are available you kind of just lay there in bed hoping your phone will buzz with a text from them or something so you continuously check it and you try to distract yourself and then you get sad about how alone you really are

life advice for the signs

Aries: Do not let the world take away your passion. as an aries, determination and passion are a strong suit of yours. having big dreams is not a bad thing and a mind like yours should not be calmed down. all of your ideas and aspirations should be followed. as long as you go with what makes you happy, forget everybody elses opinions.

Taurus: The intensity of your emotions can get the best of you sometimes. you need to find things to distract yourself when this happens. go to your friends and family and don’t internalize everything. you will find that letting your thoughts out is a lot most relieving than you think. you’re not a burden and you certainly are worth listening to.

Gemini. Don’t let people take advantage of you. they will see the nice, caring side of you and think that it’s okay to take from you without any giving in return. it’s okay to be an asshole and cut people off. what’s not okay is to sit back and let yourself get hurt.

Cancer: Don’t change yourself to please people. you are brilliant and beautiful and acceptance of others isn’t the best thing in the world. let yourself be unique and if people judge you, tell yourself it doesn’t matter. because it really doesn’t. as long as you walk with confidence and be yourself, don’t let other people get inside your mind.

Leo: Be careful. with people, relationships, and love. you guys tend to give your all without looking at the situation fully. you need to hold back and make sure these people won’t betray you and that they really have your best interest in mind. you want to believe that everybody has the best intentions, but sometimes they don’t.

Virgo: Don’t stay silent. you may tend to stay quiet sometimes because you’re afraid, but I assure you that coming out of your shell will be the best thing you can possibly do. rejection is something the happens, but don’t let it stop you.

Libra: Don’t be afraid to feel or express your thoughts. sometimes things hurt you and you don’t like to show it. but if you don’t let things out, it might just eat you alive. there will be people to comfort you along the way, you just have to be willing to let them in.

Scorpio: Keep in touch with people who love you. you may think you’re alone, but you’re most certainly not. you just can’t hide in your room away from the world. once you come out from your cave, you will finally see all the love you’ve been missing out on.

Sagittarius: You easily give people your whole heart, but you can’t trust everybody. people won’t understand you and why you’re so generous with them, and you need to let them go. in the end they will just use you, a soft heart like yours doesn’t need to be played with.

Capricorn: Don’t turn to destructive things. sure, maybe sometimes things are hard, but that doesn’t mean you should go on the wrong path. push forward and make yourself better, you can’t lose yourself when life isn’t going your way. that just means you need to try harder. keep the friends that want the best for you and everything else will fall into place.

Aquarius: Being so wise can be a burden sometimes. but don’t dumb yourself down just to please other people. intelligence is a great thing. once you find people who understand you, you’ll wonder why you ever changed yourself in the first place.

Pisces: Getting attention does not prove your worth. you do not need someone to desire you in a romantic way in order to be special. you are amazing by yourself and you will never need someone else to prove that to you. you only need yourself, please remember that.


nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

how to study for big exams

study beforehand:
Begin to study two weeks before your tests (or even before) so it helps your anxiety and you don’t freak out last minute. Two weeks before your test is the perfect time for you to start studying one hour to an hour and a half each day. This gives you time to prepare and get comfortable with what you have learned.

don’t cram:
It’s fine to review the night before the test but if you try to learn new concepts the night before you will be way too stressed out and will just end up getting anxious + not really learning anything. Don’t procrastinate and start now.

avoid distractions:
When you get really stressed out while studying, or every 30-50 minutes, try to distract yourself for just a couple of minutes (5 minutes). Take a light walk, play with your dog, or just take a minute, listen to music and let your mind wander. Don’t let it get too long though, this is just for you to refresh yourself. Also, make sure to avoid your phone even during your small break. Chances are you are going to get hooked and end up looking through it way more than what you intended to.

manage your time wisely:
Make lists and plan ahead in what you want to study. Create your own study guides if not given one by the teacher and make a study schedule. Begin studying and study harder for the subjects you need to get a better score on, and/or are harder for you to understand. Analyze your exam schedule and begin planning.

  • manage your time using the pomodoro method: what is the pomodoro method? it’s a really effective technique where you set a timer for 25 minutes and you start studying/working, when the timer’s up you take a short 5 minute break (no electronics!) there’s even a few apps on the app store, here are two i recommend:

flat tomato: apple (not available for android so click here for a similar one)

pomodoro time: apple/ similar on android

speak to your teacher:
A few days or a week prior the test, talk to your teacher. Ask them what kind of format the test will mostly be like. (Multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc.) ask them what’s the most important things you need to know and study from and focus more on.

make studying fun: use colors, sketches, foldables, flashcards, online games, etc. anything to spice up how you study!

✧ study methods:

  • read everything from cover to cover: not exactly reading it, but more like skimming through it. it might not work for everyone, but reading it 1 time quickly, not trying to memorize anything personally helps me kind of get the whole idea and what it is talking about.
  •  get a tutor: this is what helped me for math, since I really suck at it. do this if you are willing to pay for one or find someone at school whether it’s a teacher or an older student.
  • youtube: if you don’t like tutors or just don’t want to pay for one, go to youtube. You can get tutoring for free and have concepts explained to you in different ways. If you don’t understand something, you can easily rewind or switch to another video. there’s even programs that their goal is exactly that, helping people for free, like khan academy. (really good one!)
  • study groups: i do a lot better when i study with other people. I am bound to procrastinate if i decide to study by myself. Ask a few friends who you know will study and do understand the subject. If you are easily distracted and prefer to study alone, then go for it.
  • quiz yourself and others: even if you’re asking the questions, hearing the answers and checking them helps to memorize things better.
  •  teach the material to someone else: this can be really effective since when teaching it, you are also teaching yourself and testing if you actually understand what you are talking about. your mind will organize the information in a way that you feel will help the other person understand better.
  • flashcards: good old flashcards. I think having some on hand everywhere is good so you can just grab ‘em on your free time and go through them. they’re great for vocabulary words and concepts. If you don’t want to take the time to write them out then use any app. Like quizlet or studyblue. (you could also use @studyign alternative to flashcards method)

✧  more methods:

  • mind maps
  • outlines of the chapters
  • reviewing old tests
  • studying from your notes
  • taking notes from the book once again.
  • create a questionnaire for you to answer.

 ✧ motivate yourself: how? well, one way I usually get motivated is by reading school related tips and scrolling through studyblrs. but don’t stay on tumblr!! it doesn’t count as studying.

✧ before the test:

go to school rested: it’s important to let your brain rest. Be sure to at least have 6 hours of sleep before a test. Your health is important, you need energy. DO NOT PULL ALL NIGHTERS.

eat a good breakfast: choose something healthy (at least healthy-ish) that will fill you up and give you energy for the hours you are going to be in school. Don’t believe the “an empty stomach will make you focus better” not true. Some ideas are:

-eggs and sweet potato hash browns
-banana pancakes
-waffles with some peanut butter
-huge fruit smoothie

 wear something comfortable: wear an outfit that makes you feel good but it’s also comfortable.

 quickly review: just quickly go through any notes or flashcards you had written whenever you have time. During breakfast, while you’re in the car or waiting to get your test.

prepare: make sure to come prepared. A lot of teachers might not allow borrowing during the test. So make sure you have pens, pencil, eraser, liquid paper, calculator, sharpener or anything else at hand.

 ✧ during the test:

 READ: go through your test and read everything, then ask your teacher whatever you don’t get. Underline key words in every question so you can organize the problem, making it easier to tackle.

concentrate: don’t let anyone disturb you.

notes: write down things you feel you could easily forget. If it’s a math test, go to the back of your test and write down every formula you remember so when you are faced with a problem you can go back to check. By doing this you clear your mind and you don’t feel as overwhelmed.

take your time: Allow yourself to double-check problems and reread everything. It is not a race.

calm yourself down: breathe, you know this.

* i know a lot of you are already out of exam season but hopefully this can help you for the upcoming year! :)

7 Anger Management Tips

1. Think before you speak as you can’t take back your words.
2. Don’t say anything until you’re feeling calm. We often regret what we say when we are mad.
3. Be simple and clear when you express what bothered you. Don’t be disrespectful, rude or hyper-critical.
4. Choose to leave the room or to distract yourself when you feel your emotions are really being stirred.
5. Try, if you can, to get some exercise as that reduces stress, and changes physiology.
6. Think about the people you enjoy being with, as that will remind you that not everyone is bad.
7. Try to plan ahead so you have some strategies when your feel the anger rising, and you need to take control.


Aquarius, do not let yourself become distracted by anything that isn’t love.

Pisces, it is important to want good things for yourself.

Aries, losing the argument does not make you inadequate.

Taurus, your uninhibited passion is endlessly endearing.

Gemini, acknowledge your gift of humble kindness and gentle poise.

Cancer, not everything poetic is true.

Leo, resist the urge to fill every silence.

Virgo, being friends with you is like watching a garden bloom.

Libra, refuse to allow anyone to make you feel small or irrelevant.

Scorpio, your impulsive heart will lead you off a cliff if you follow it.

Sagittarius, well intentioned people often do mad things for happiness.

Capricorn, it’s as if you are a charm or a spell in the body a human.
—  FEBRUARY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2016)
73 Ways to Become a Better Writer

1. Become a blogger.

2. Use self-imposed word limits.

3. Accept all forms of criticism and learn to grow from it.

4. Read what you’ve written over and over, until you can’t find any more problems.

5. Show what you write to a trusted friend for feedback.

6. Outline. And then write to that outline.

7. Edit, and edit again.

8. Live with passion.

9. Be open, curious, present, and engaged.

10. Take a break between writing and editing.

11. Learn a new word a day.

12. Get the pen and fingers moving.

13. Write in different genres: blog posts, poems, short stories, essays.

14. Read grammar books.

15. Write without distractions.

16. Challenge yourself: write in a crowded cafe, write on the toilet, write for 24 hours straight.

17. Take a trip. Road trips, beach trips, bus trips, plane trips.

18. Watch movies. Can you write the story better?

19. Write. And then write some more.

20. Read, think, read, write, ponder, write – and read some more.

21. Read your stuff aloud to anyone who can stand it – including the cat.

22. Go back and cut 10% from your word count.

23. Talk to people.

24. Listen to how people talk.

25. Read lots of books. Both good and bad.

Read the rest of the list HERE.

About the Author: Mary Jaksch is Chief Editor of Write to Done.

motivation masterpost

by prettylittlestudies

being motivated is the key to being productive and getting things done, so here are my tips and tricks on staying motivated!

• plan your day

make a timetable to plan exactly when you are going to do things and how long for. you could use a bullet journal, planner or even a notebook. planning gives you structure for your day and makes you more likely to get things done. (and checking things off a list is the most satisfying thing ever!!)

• turn off your phone/ other distractions

if your phone is taking over your life and preventing you from getting things done, turn it off and put it in another room! I also love using the app “forest”, where trees grow depending on how long you have stayed off your phone for. there are many other useful websites which can block social media so that you don’t get distracted.

• set yourself a goal

the best way to get motivated is to have something that you want to achieve. be determined to reach this goal, it could be anything from reading a chapter of a book to learning a vocab list. make sure that it is achievable in the time that you have.

• think about why you want to do it

make a list of all the reasons you want to do something and whenever you feel unmotivated look at this list and hopefully it will boost your motivation! you could also consider the positive things that will come as a result of doing this thing.

• establish a routine

try to build a daily routine centered around what you want to do. for example, instead of going on your phone for half an hour in the morning you could use that time for something else. once you get used to this, hopefully getting motivated won’t be a difficult.

• track your progress

try keeping a log or habit tracker to see how often you are doing things that you want to be doing. this may give you motivation to carry on doing what you’re doing and you can see which days you are lacking motivation and try to be more motivated the next day.

• reward yourself

for example, if you want to be motivated to get a piece of homework done then say to yourself that if you finish it then you can watch one episode of a tv show, or anything else that you enjoy doing. but remember to be firm, you can only get the reward if you get something done!

• split big tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks

this makes things easier to tackle and makes them seem much less daunting. and often if you start working on a smaller task you may actual want to continue

• other resources and motivational quotes

(I’ll probably add to this in the future)

hope this is helpful,

Mia xo

1. Cry. Cry a lot. I know the world has taught you that crying is weak but cry until you don’t have any tears left. Accepting your emotions is the first step to accepting the situation.
2. Lay in bed all day, lay in bed for a few days if you need. Watch feel-good movies and eat ice cream. It might not seem like it but sometimes taking a step back and taking a break for a little bit is the best thing you can do for yourself.
3. Get out of bed one morning. Shower, put on something comfy and clean and make yourself an amazing breakfast. Clean up a little bit. Even if that’s all you do today, it’ll make you feel just a little bit better. 
4. Get out of bed again. Shower, but this time put on your favorite outfit. Make yourself breakfast and go out and find something to distract yourself. Personally I like puzzles but books are nice, too. While you’re out and about, pick up some groceries you’ve been meaning to get. Go for a walk outside. The fresh air will be good for you, soaking up the sun will improve your mood.
5. Slowly return back to normal. Whatever you’re going through, you will get through it. You can do this.

5 steps to help you be okay again. 

aubernutter I know you’re having a hard time right now, and that’s okay. There’s lots of people that care about you and want the best for you. Take your time, it’s gonna be okay. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but slowly it’s gonna get a little bit better, until one day you realize you’re okay again. Bad days build better days

How to Avoid Over-Thinking

1. When you feel bogged down and you can’t clear your mind, do something physical or get some exercise.

2. Set a time limit for your “thinking time” then make yourself move on to doing something else.

3. Interrupt the thinking process or distract yourself by diverting your attention onto something very different.

4. Stop discussing what concerns you with everyone you meet as you’ll just end up confused, and you won’t know what to do.

5. Accept that uncertainty is part of this life, and we don’t have all the facts, or know what’s further down the road.

6. Throw yourself into a project, a hobby or some work. That will force you to refocus on something else instead.

7. Let your mind go blank and just relax for a while. It will help you see more clearly when you start to think, next time.

I got a bad grade - What do I do?

Ways to Prevent Crying

  • pinching yourself (try the inside of your elbow or the skin between your fingers)
  • distract yourself (draw, sing a song in your head)
  • focus on your breathing

Wait a few days (2-3) before contacting 

Talking to Your Teacher

  • Set up an appointment, don’t just ask them in passing period. You don’t want to feel rushed. 
  • ‘I was wondering if we could set up an appointment to discuss ___.’
  • ‘I was wondering if you can talk to me about where I am going wrong.’ 
  • ‘Can you tell me which things I should focus on most of all?’ 
  • Don’t be accusatory, but don’t be a suck-up either.
  • Ask if there’s a possibility to re-write or re-take the test/assignment. 

If your grade does not change, remember that getting a bad grade isn’t the end of the world. This will only prevent you from achieving your dreams IF YOU LET IT. So even if it’s fake, smile. 

Learn from your failures, but don’t let them stop you.