Matthew 4:1-11

Christians who are focused on God’s will and God’s plan scare the Devil. Especially when they are bound to another, in a group, and don’t try to go out and fight alone.
So, Satan does everything he knows how to, to try to distract you from serving God.

Physical Distractions (verses 3-4)
Spiritual Distractions (verses 5-7)
Mental Distractions (verses 8-9)

Satan comes to us in our weak moments, you can count of that.
2 Corinthians 12:7
Gal 6:11

Angels are and will protect you. Satan will tempt you to do something spiritually wrong against God.
“Thou shall not tempt the Lord.”
Revelation 12:9

Satan gave a mental vision of the world, and all of it’s earthly riches, to someone who created the whole universe.
Satan will blind the eyes and harden the hearts of men by giving us a selfish mental picture.

How can we combat this?

Empty yourself of the things of the world so that the Lord can fill you back up with the things of Him and of the Spirit.

Journaling Prompts

One of the more popular distraction techniques that is usually recommended through therapy.  Journaling can be a away to relieve frustrations, vent about thoughts and problems and situations, keep a daily record of your struggles and accomplishments, and to also help you work towards a healthier relationship with your thoughts and yourself.

Journaling isn’t ridiculously easy though.  Sometimes it’s best to have an idea of what you want to journal about first, have multiple themed journals, or to even have a set time of day where you journal.

Here are some ideas for journaling:

-have a journal where you write down at least one positive thing that happens to you everyday, even if it’s something simple

-have a journal where you allow yourself to vent your feelings and frustrations, but set a time limit so you don’t get trapped in negative emotions

-think up different prompts you can write about so journaling doesn’t become redundant

-make lists!

Here are some ideas for prompts and lists to write about:

-what are my future goals?

-list people/pets/organizations that support you

-reasons why you want to recover

-things that your illness has taken away from you

-list distracting things you can do instead of using negative coping behaviors

-list things you enjoy

-list things that define you other than your illness and problems

How to escape from it all?

I need to get as far away as possible from my home this weekend. I need to get a distraction from everything that’s going on in my life right now. I think I might go to Santa Monica on Saturday and perhaps one of those cool parks in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday.

I will be by myself, so if anyone wants to join in, you’re more than welcome to. I could use somebody actually.