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It's Time for Answers....

Steven Universe returns in January! Episode descriptions from the Crewniverse are always vague but there are some hints in them.

“Steven’s Dream” : A strange dream prompts Steven to search for answers.

“Adventures in Light Distortion” : Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission.

“Gem Heist": The Gems try to pull off a heist.

“The Zoo” : Steven visits a special zoo.

“That Will Be All” : Steven and the Gems make a daring escape!

From the promotional pics we will hopefully learn more about Pink Diamond.

I think the search and recovery mission will be for one or more of the Rubies. Plus light distortion is why we think stars twinkle so SPACE!

“That will be All” sounds like something someone in authority would say…. Diamonds!

I really want to find out more about Lion this Steven bomb.

So you have any predictions or just plain wishes? I can’t wait!!!

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My high school yearbook came in today and I’m actually mostly ok with how the yearbook company put my design on it. The only issue I have is that they were originally going to do it 9x12 but then changed to 8.5x11 at the last minute and so the aspect ratio is a bit distorted, plus they didn’t bother to size the art down so it runs off the edges in some spots where it originally wasn’t supposed to.

As far as personal reflection on what I did, the only sizeable gripe I have is that, since I don’t print much of my digital work, I forgot that CMYK looks somewhat darker than RGB, and so I didn’t account for that when designing the covers. There’s some spots where I should have upped the lightness by maybe 30-40%.

My schools mascot is the chiefs, so the front cover is a bunch of native Americans and Native American spirit deity ish things, and some animals, going into battle against the mascots of local rival schools. I busted my ass on this for like 4 months last spring and I think it mostly paid off.

some thoughts on humanz

I’ve listened to the new Gorillaz album a couple times now.  Overall, I really like it.  It’s not as good as Demon Days, but let’s be honest, no one is ever gonna make a record like Demon Days again.  I went in with no expectations, and enjoyed Humanz a lot.  It’s very good, though a lot of the songs take a few listens before you can really appreciate them.  It’s an acquired taste for sure.  That said, as much as I liked this album I had a few gripes with it.  Damon Albarn has a beautiful voice, and I don’t understand why he has to have it distorted like that on every song.  It’s a neat effect and it works very well on some of the tracks, but it definitely didn’t need to be distorted on every track.  Plus, he kind of uses the same sort of mono tone delivery across the board, which again is fine in some places, but not in others.  It just seems like sort of a waste of a very talented, versatile vocalist to use the same gimmick over and over again.  My other problem with the album is also about Albarn, and this one might be more subjective.  He sort of takes a back seat on most of the songs and lets the other artists be the star of the show.  I get that that’s sort of the point of the album, but Albarn barely makes an impression on some of the songs.  It almost feels like he’s doing guest vocals on someone else’s record.  I wish he had had more of a presence on the record.  Maybe it wouldn’t have bothered me so much if he hadn’t had the exact same delivery and distortion on all the tracks, I dunno.

Anyway, pretty good album.  I’d say it’s a solid B, and I recommend it.  And for the record, it was totally worth getting this one on vinyl.

The Stars- They’re Shining for Us

another Ghoul Grumps fic! if you all don’t already know, this is definitely my favorite au and ive had this idea in my head for a little while ; v ;

ghoul grumps belongs to @egobangin-in-the-house-tonight, an awesome rad person who you should totally follow like yes do it

also special thanks to @grumpyhanson for proofreading this and overall being awesome and supportive of this fic hells yeah, follow him lovelies

(this is gay)

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Hello. Why do you think a book with reversed views of hetero/homosexuality would be a bad idea? Sounds like an interesting set for a distopia to me (though this particular version and its terminology doesn't seem very appealing indeed). Also, what's wrong with an author not belonging to the group they're supporting, I guess in this case a heterosexual author? This part really confuses me.

Oh boy, where to begin…

1. The book doesn’t reverse views of hetero/homosexuality.  Instead, it presents a present-day US where straight people are all thrown in death camps.  Which makes it too easy to go “hey, we don’t throw gay people in death camps, guess we’re doing a-okay!”

2. It depicts gay people as powerful bad guys who are trying to destroy straightness.  Even if you say “yeah, but that’s just the dystopian fantasy element,” that’s really not a good idea.

3. What’s the use of a fantasy where you have to imagine the gay people are “really supposed to be the straight people” and vice versa?  If you make the switch in your head, it’s a confusing and unrealistic story about gay rights.  If you don’t make the switch in your head, it’s about evil gay people oppressing the straights.

4. Heterosexuality and homosexuality aren’t Star-Bellied and Starless Sneetches.  We didn’t toss a coin to decide that gay people would be the oppressed ones.  The development of institutionalized homophobia is a long and complicated story involving a lot of oppressive ideas about gender as well.  You can’t flip this around without completely distorting it.  Plus, this destroys the book’s ability to mean anything to real-life homophobes, because they can just say “yes, oppressing straight people would be wrong, but gay isn’t the same as straight,” and they’re not technically wrong about that.

5. Why not just write a story about gay people?  Is it because the author think they’d be less sympathetic main characters, or less interesting, or because she just can’t see herself getting inside their heads?  These are problems.

6. I don’t strictly know that the author is heterosexual, but she’s married to a man and never mentions her sexuality even though she’s promoting a book about sexual orientation.  And if she were heterosexual but problems 1-5 weren’t there, her orientation wouldn’t be an issue for me.  But since it has all these other problems, her being straight suggests that at best she doesn’t really know what real queer people’s lives are like, and at worst she supports the “gay people would oppress straights if they had the power” interpretation.


Mini reference tutorial of Sevens back for @distortion-princess!
Plus a little explanation of how the drones work.

I have build the golden triangle backpart with craft foam and covered it with worbla. Then I made a wooden board that can be attached to the back with straps (the black upper back part). On this I can attach the triangle with velcro. With a mounting point I can attach the sword with a metallic pin.

The sword is glued on Plexiglas that hold the drones. But that is an old picture. Now I have them attached with a steel framework because the Plexiglas was too weak to hold the motors that moves the drones.

An early version of the drones had spring gears that I developed myself but there has a cord to be pulled to activate them. Now with a switch in the glove I can activate them more comfortably.


I dug into my Vox distortion booster again determined to make something good out of it.
In theory it should be a good sounding pedal because the circuit is actually a brilliant bastardization of classic pedals.

Basically it’s a tube screamer clipping stage fed into a distortion plus. The drive pot is a dual pot and controls the gain of both stages at the same time. Then it’s fed into another dual op amp driving and recovering a big muff style tone stack.

The problem with this pedal is all the capacitors are way too small and filter out every trace of bass and low mids. The values chosen for the tone stack are ridiculously small making it barely usable.
This thing in stock form is a fizzy trebly mess.

I’ve been trying to learn about actual circuit design so I didn’t want to just add a bunch of toggle switches or extra pots.

What I’ve done is enlarge most of the caps to let more bass in/through the circuit which also increases saturation.
The tube screamer circuit got a common bass boost mod so it doesn’t sound so utterly congested.
I changed the values in the distortion plus part of the circuit to stock d+ values with a bit more low pass filtering.
Then I fixed the tone stack with correct values for a big muff tone stack.

Now it can get nasal mid range ts style crunch on one end of the tone knob with the gain dialed back and big wooly saturation on the other end with the gain cranked.

It is a bastard indeed.


Darrell rants about the Proco Rat and the ruetz mod.

It’s no secret that the rat is my favourite pedal to ever exist. It’s only drawback is the fact that it can cut a bit too much bottom end for use with low tuned instruments such as baritone guitars, heavily detuned guitars, or bass. The most common mod to remedy this is the ruetz mod. It was the first pedal mod I ever did and the thing that got me hooked on messing around inside pedals. I’ve played around with this mod and the whole rat circuit a ton and am obsessive about getting as much usable low end as possible out of every pedal.
The ruetz mod basically consists of messing around with the 47ohm resistor (R6) that is part of one of two rc (resistor/capacitor) filter networks from the opamps feedback loop to ground. Sometimes this resistor is literally just snipped leaving only the 560ohm/4u7 rc pair to set the gain and low end roll off. Other times that 47 ohm resistor is replaced with a pot. Usually around 1k.
My problem with both versions is that bass is never actually increased. Instead the gain of treble frequencies is actually being decreased by varying degrees. This does give the perception of more low end but in my opinion the decrease of gain in the high end actually robs the rat of its true character. The are tons of “boutique” rat derivatives and rat inspired pedals out there that incorporate some version of the ruetz mod and it boggles my mind.
So what’s the solution?
Well if you know anything about rc filters and especially rc filters in opamp based dirt circuits, you know that the capacitor in that rc pair has an equal impact on the frequencies amplified by the opamp which are then clipped by the diodes. Typically the resistor sets the gain and that resistors relation to the capacitor sets the frequency roll off.
If we look into the rc filters in a rat we’ll see that the 47ohm/2u2 rc pair sets one high pass filter roll off at around 1500hz while the 560ohm/4u7 pair sets a second roll off point around 60hz although with much lower gain.
There are tons of popular mods for equally classic pedals (tubescreamer, distortion plus etc) that involve tweaking the value of the cap in the opamps rc filter to get more bass out of the circuit while leaving gain levels alone.
So why does that seem uncommon in a rat circuit? Why do we ignore the capacitors?
Because I don’t think anyone has written it on the internet yet and a large part of the boutique/DIY pedal community can’t do anything until someone else does it first and tells them how it’s done. The idea of understanding concepts applicable across the board is just beyond some.
So back to these rc pairs…
My favourite version of the ruetz mod was always just replacing the 47ohm resistor with something around 400 ohms which gives a roll off about 180hz while sacrificing a fair bit of gain but If you increase the value of the 2u2 cap instead you can get your low end back without sacrificing ANY gain. 22uf will give you a roll off of around 150hz which is low enough to let most bass frequencies through. This definitely adds quite a bit of gain and compression. The new FatRat by Proco uses a 6.8uf cap in parallel with the 2.2uf cap for a total of 9uf. That value is absolutely a perfect usable value without getting too mushy in the low end.
If you want a tweakable version you could wire up a capacitor blend pot (usually used at the input or output of a circuit) to blend between the stock 2u2 and a much larger cap or any 2 values you want. I’ve used this in several of my own builds and it is massively usable.
Leaving the amount of gain in the circuit alone also makes diode changes much more obvious. Put a big cap (or cap blend pot) in there and a 3 way diode toggle (or even a diode blend pot) and you’ve got a super flexible rat that still has all the amazing qualities of the best rats.

Also check out the comparative rat schematic demonstrating why the “vintage” rat circuit isn’t all that special (with the exception of the lm308). It’d take anyone who can solder 20 minutes or less to covert any rat to vintage specs. My rat 2 was already “vintage spec” other than the missing lm308.

Rats rule.
Use your head.
End rant.


I’m finally done prototyping and will be building a small batch of each of these next weekend!
Both of these pedals started as classic circuits loved by many but hated by me.
Let me take a moment to introduce you to the blnk page dirt family.

- low to medium gain hard clipping
- all frequencies are clipped equally
- huge, thick bottom end great for baritone/drop tuning/bass
- tone control usable throughout its entire range
- enough clarity for complex chords even at max gain
- tons of volume for clean(ish) boost or pummelling your amp and shredding your speakers (unity volume is just before noon)

Use this pedal if you love:
Distortion plus
250 preamp
Blue clipper

Use this pedal if you hate:
Distortion plus
250 preamp
Blue clipper

- thick, chewy, mid range focused fuzz
- girth control has a huge range from huge and gainy, dirty mid range boost, all the way to bright treble boost
- very touch responsive but in a very abnormal way. Roll back your volume or play very lightly and you get something that somewhat resembles fixed wah pedal tones.
- great for instant sustained feedback
- usable for standard guitar/baritone/drop tuning/bass
- LOUD. unity volume is around 10:00

Use this pedal if you love:
Fuzz face
One knob fuzz

Use this pedal if you hate:
Fuzz face
One knob fuzz

Pricing not yet determined. (It’ll be reasonable)
Website/store/demos coming soon