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Theory on Neo’s Semblance

Okay so this is probably way too late, but this idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while and I have yet to see any speculation of her semblance on here so.

Semblance is a really cool thing in RWBY. There are many characters and only a few have we actually seen and figured out their semblance. Neo is one whom we have seen a glimpse or two of her semblance, but still do not understand what it is.

From what we have seen, Neo freezes right before someone strikes her, and then it shatters and she is gone somewhere else (roughly speaking).

Some people think her semblance is teleportation, some think it’s a more solid version of Blake’s semblance. But I think her semblance is all very similar to the meta’s temporal distortion unit from Red vs Blue.

In the brief battle between the Meta and Wash, Church and Caboose in reconstruction, Church fires a rocket launcher at the meta. Right before the rocket hits, the meta uses his distortion unit, not to freeze time, but to slow it down so that he can move out of the way. In the meta’s eyes, the rocket is barely inching towards the spot he used to be while he gets away. But to Church, the meta was simply there and then gone in a blink.

Neo’s semblance works just like that. Right before she takes a blow, she can slow down time just long enough to move away. When the rest of the world’s time catches up, such as when the enemies’ attack finally makes contact with Neo’s “previous self,” the illusion literally shatters. Neo can probably control how long she stays in a faster time, as long as no outside forces interfere. 

When Raven appears at the end of Neo and Yang’s fight, Neo uses her temporal distortion to get away.

Instead of waiting for the semblance to shatter, she ends it when she has gotten away. It could potentially be used as an offensive weapon, but as of yet she has only used it to escape.


Ah, let the canon of the end sound forth
Let the gospel of slaughter be spread on bloody spittle
I’ll dissect everything to the molecular level
And end any rebellion forever

Rulurira… Distort space
Rulurira… Freeze the sun
Genocide & genocide
‘til not even a drop of blood is left
With hatred and power I’ll tear you apart
Tremble in fear… This love song will demolish the world

I swore to kill the miracles
I’ll burn away all the atoms of my memories
Even that gentle smile that drives me mad
I’ll forget it for the song to destroy the world

I cannot find love
I don’t know love
I’ll put an end to love

Ah, I touched it fleeting and kind
That gentle and warm palm of your hand
I can’t even recall your name
My heart has withered completely

Rulurira… A requiem of hellfire
Rulurira… It spins and dances
Genocide & genocide
Everything that pulses and beats
Everything that is alive
Fall down from the stairway to salvation

Nothingness is the only peaceful paradise
What can I do but believe in that?
I’ll expose and extol the providence of all creation
With my music enshrined in 0s and 1s

I’ll torment love
I’ll trample on love
I’ve already… used my love as recompense

Rulurira… Disappear… End…
Rulurira… Be discarded… Die…
Genocide & genocide
'til not even a drop of tears is left
I’ll squeeze out a catastrophic roar
And deny and burn everything from its foundations

I swore to kill the miracles
I’ll burn away all the atoms of my memories
Even that gentle smile that drives me mad
I’ll forget it for the song to destroy the world

Those days where I was loved
Those days where I loved
May love… Rest in peace


It’s a testament to how well the Crewniverse understand the cartoon short format. This scene made full use of moving images and sounds and that’s what made it so compelling and urgent. Just posting the photos could never capture the feeling. What they’ve accomplished requires a deep familiarity and respect for the medium.

I feel it’s not only Garnet, but also Pearl who regularly mediates to centre herself.

When Garnet and Steven arrive at the very beginning of Adventures in Light Distortion, Pearl is on the ground looking despondent.

It is only a short while after they arrive that she make a face as if surprised, which means she wasn’t already aware of their presence earlier.

And then she stands up and says, “Oh, you’re back!”

That she and Amethyst had relieved and almost glad reactions to their return shows what I feel implicitly goes on between the gems. I’m willing to bet Garnet told her and Amethyst nothing about where she was going, why she was afraid, and what she was going to do. All they likely knew was that she was going to find Steven.

And it speaks of Garnet’s action-orientedness in times of conflict, but how it can also cause the people around her to worry without her meaning to cause them stress. Pearl mediates too, as much as it would seem like she just lets her feelings explode around her.


Those darn Rubies! Now the equivalent of squashed bugs on a windshield.

I hope Leggy is safe. She’s relatively a child.

Also, no Eyeball? Still floating. In space. Where there’s no means of propelling yourself. 

2001: A Space Odyssey. Gem Edition.

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I'd love some tomlinshaw, like louis calling in to the breakfast show to surprise/propose to nick? <3

this was a delightful prompt! i enjoyed writing this, thank you so much :)

even in the shadows, louis x nick, 1800~ words

nick isn’t certain he’s the best person to be giving advice to the nation, especially this early in the morning, but the big bosses love the whole ‘agony aunt’ idea that bloody finchy suggested (he doesn’t even go here, nick thinks bitterly), so this is his life now. it’s just hit 7.30 which means tina’s in with the news and then nick has to somehow steer the lost and hopeless toward some kind of guiding light. he’d much rather be back home in bed, curled around louis, who was warm and delightfully tactile this morning when nick had to leave him.

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