distorted projections


Yo hello its going to take awhile so sit yourself back down and let me explain the analysis of this. This epilogue (or atleast this era) is supposed to finally show the relation and back story of I Need U and Run (part 1 and part 2 era). 

From what we’ve seen before, it is clearly obvious that the main plot behind this was about a group of 7 boys talking about both the pleasures and pains of youth/being young. (the whole JIN IS DEAD and TAEHYUNG KILLED HIS FATHER thing can be considered as side plots for now).

First lets start off with the symbolisms (bc we all know how much they love doing this):

It starts off with a distorted projection of the title “YOUNG FOREVER” which was previously only “FOREVER”. Considering it is a projection, we can safely assume this is from a TV. Normally this kind of misinterpreted screen comes from a TV that’s old and worn out so the quality tends to be worse than being young and healthy. However right after this, the projection changes to show a high quality version of the title “YOUNG FOREVER”. This transition meant that although they have grown older, the spirit of their youth shall not die.

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New York City, you are incessant
and I love you for it.

I cannot fall asleep side by side with silence.

I cannot fall asleep beside a dark window,
spotted intermittently with points of light.

I need the purple clouds, morning-adjacent,
the Poughkeepsie equivalent
of dawn, a siren down the block,
then more sirens, then a car alarm.

New York City, you are a symphony
and you amaze me.

The distorted projection of my grandmother’s windowpane
on the ceiling of her one bedroom apartment

alternates between light and dark – either headlights,
accompanied by the lull of an engine,
or silence,

or close enough.

                                               from @risingphoenixpress April prompts
Off With The Lampshades! Be Your Own Light

We can ruminate or we can illuminate. Just choose. Shine on…

Field 119 supports resonant awareness, flow, and ease of grace in being your own light. Field 119 supports the brilliance of the light that is limitless love to shine, regardless of what seems to be happening (or not happening) in any given moment, and enables us all to no longer dim our light or keep it hidden so someone (or something) may feel brighter.

Choose to radiate the light and joy that you are as an authentically empowered way of being, despite contrast and projections, shadows, distortions, and limited reflections. Continue to shine your light regardless of what external placeholders in awareness may be projecting in the love hologram. Shine on and be the sine wave for love.

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Finished this for my Pre-AP art II class, and turns out that the deer might be a siren for CAHC so this is sort of an early ‘test’ for that I suppose as well xD I had a lot of fun w/ this one! Anyway this is for my ‘Distortion Project’ for my class, I tried distorting it especially with the goopy-eyes and ears, hopefully this works!


fog in coprates chasma, with glitches, photographed by mars express, 4th january 2013.

10 to 21°s, 297°e. the coprates chasma (top) is a central section of the valles marineris, formed by two canyons with a narrow plateau between them.

for scale, the top crater is arima, 54 km across. the feature in the last image is the western rim of lassell crater.

composite of 8 images: 3 for colour (natural light, but not naturalistically calibrated) and 5 for animation. the glitches seem to be interruptions in signal input, distorted by map projection of the incomplete image strips.

image credit: esa. composite & animation: ageofdestruction.