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Words: 13k (oops) 

Summary: When your dreams are more or less nightmares, monsters inside your head that eat you alive, it seems like the only person who can help you is Min Yoongi, professional dream chaser. 

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The monsters are always there.

Ever since you were little, you’ve been chased by nightmares. The monsters that lived inside your head, distorted memories that were fixed to be outright horrifying. They fed on your fears and shoved them to you, like unwanted Christmas presents wrapped in pretty bows and ugly patterns. They evolved as you grew older and their persistent never stopped no matter how hard you tried to run, like a tail attached to you. When you blinked, eyelids closed and darkness flooding your vision, they’d come back. And even when you opened your eyes again, they were still there. They’re always there.

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One time, Joey's child (really young) was brought into the workshop, where he drew Bendy. And the next thing that happened, was every line on Bendy became crooked, his limbs and head distorted, and his face screwed totally up. It looked like bendy was drawn by a five year old; because that's what happened.


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Akashi after a major surgery and still high from painkillers/anesthetic, sees s/o for the first time after waking up. Basically he goes on a rant about omfg how freaking lucky he is to have s/o. Funny and fluffy please, thank you! :9

Ahah.. I laughed at this one sweetie! I hope you like what I come up with!

When he woke up from his surgery, he was very groggy. With his vision being distorted, and head fuzzy from the anesthetic, Akashi didn’t even want to lift his head. It was as though he was floating..

Does such a thing happen anyway?

He wasn’t even sure if he was alive or dead.. But judging from the faint sound of his heart monitor, he was very much alive.. Well, that’s always a good sign. 

He doesn’t even remember what he had surgery for, doesn’t remember being just a bit scared because it’s not something he’s ever gone through. He’s sure he was… arguing or something.. with someone else… 

“Oh! Sei-chan! You’re awake!”

He turned his head, red hues looking at the door, seeing your silhouette standing there. Without thinking, because he can barely see right now, he grabs the hand, not even registering it’s bigger than yours.. 

“___! I’m really glad you’re here! I.. I unfortunately don’t remember much before the surgery..” he sheepishly admits, “But I’m sorry if I ever caused you hurt or pain. I didn’t mean to worry you.. But I’m really glad you’re here now.”

“Uh.. Sei-chan.”

“Please..” he places a finger on what appear to be your lips, but are really someone else’s, not that he’d know the difference, as he shakes his head slightly, “Let me say this. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m really… really happy you’re here with me. I know it must have been tough. and believe me, I’ll make it up to you later..”

“T-That’s great… but Sei-chan!-”

He grabs the hand, placing tender kisses to it, not registering the slight tremble of nerves from the actual person’s hand he was holding. 

“____. I know we’ve been through a lot.. But I really want you to marry me. Become Mrs. Akashi ___. I will do anything to have you become my wife.”

He heard a cough, making his eyebrows furrow in confusion, because your voice wasn’t deep.. Who the hell is with you..? When he finally has better vision, he almost blanches when he sees Mayuzumi staring at him with a disturbed expression.

“Hate to break it to you Akashi.. but even if I was a girl, I wouldn’t marry you. You’re not my type.”

Immediately, he retracts his hand, wiping his mouth, and when he feels your REAL hand on his lips, he sighs gently, though there’s a massive blush on his cheeks. 

D..Did he really do that?!

You giggle then, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek, ruffling his hair softly as you held his hand in yours, the other patting his leg softly.

“Don’t worry Sei-chan.. No one else saw you.. or heard you for that matter. You won’t even remember this when you wake up.. So.. Just sleep.. I’ll be here the whole time.”

He didn’t say another word, already embarrassing himself enough for the day. Luckily he had an excuse. Those drugs were a HUGE pain in the ass, and the next time he has surgery, if he ever needs it, he’s definitely staying away from them.

Either way, he was really lucky to have you, and he was glad he was able to admit it, drugged or not.

all my memories seems to be so far, I feel like I am lost somewhere in another dimension, glancing at past summer days and people I’ve lost. all the laughs are distorted in my head, the seasons melted together, memories from winter and months I don’t feel like I’ve lived at all. I can’t distinguish what was real from what I’ve dreamt. I see ghosts of what I’ve loved everywhere

Fukushima mutant daisies: Deformed flowers spotted at Japan's disaster site

Photographs of deformed daisies are doing the rounds in cyberspace, four years after the deadly Fukushima nuclear incident in Japan.

The white flowers are claimed to be the latest in the long-list of victims, which have experienced deformation over nuclear disasters.

The images of the deformed flowers were posted by Twitter user @San_kaido from Nasushiobara city, located about 110kms from Fukushima.

The tweet the user posted read: “The right one grew up, split into 2 stems to have 2 flowers connected each other, having 4 stems of flower tied belt-like. The left one has 4 stems grew up to be tied to each other and it had the ring-shaped flower. The atmospheric dose is 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground.”

According to gardening experts the abnormal growth that distorts the heads of daisies and other wildflowers is caused by hormonal imbalance. Called fasciation (or cresting) is a relatively rare condition of abnormal growth in vascular plants. Fasciation may cause plant parts to increase in weight and volume.

In March 2011, there was a meltdown in three of Fukushima’s six nuclear reactors due to the devastating tsunami which struck the region. Japan continues to grapple with the scale of the disaster. Earlier, reports said some fruits and vegetables became mutated after the nuclear leak got mixed with ground water.

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Hello, my peaches. Just wanted to give y'all an update via a more raw, relaxed photo. I feel like with posing, lighting, makeup, etc., it’s so easy to get caught up in what we think we should look like, but we don’t realize the time and preparation that goes into the image with which you are presented. But who doesn’t want to look their best on the Internet, right? However, remember that photos are simply a moment in time and are not always reality.

I haven’t been feeling my best lately, and it’s so very easy for me to revert to self-contempt because, in my distorted head space at the moment, it feels like hating myself is the only way that I can muster up the energy to improve. Desperately trying to break this cycle and enter a space more conducive to spiritual and mental growth.

Imagine Frisk being a musical genius.

Imagine all the music throughout the game being what they made up in their head based on what they were feeling/their first impressions, and that little tune always being associated with the place/person.

Imagine Frisk actually solving the piano puzzle in one try.

Imagine Frisk one day getting a keyboard and casually composing music on the spot for and about their loved ones, giving them CDs as gifts. (They even visit Flowey to give him his own little Walkman/MP3 player one day, and slip in encouraging messages between the songs)

Imagine Frisk being deeply afraid of any prolonged silence or distorted music in their head, because that’s what they associate Chara (and any fear/unease) with.