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For @beepbeeplettuceboi :  Do you accept prompts? Do you watch Voltron?? If so, what if Lance finds his family in a Galran prison, but he’s hurt real bad and is thrown in there to die. So he tries to explain what happened and so do they. Then they get rescued. But what if someone doesn’t make it???

Word Count: 1090

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It’s ok to cry (Reggie x reader)


A/N: Here you have another one as I promised! I hope you like it and as you know you can make requests and I’ll try to do them as soon as posiible. xx

Also it’s possible that you find some mistakes but I don’t know what’s with me today and I can’t concentrate, maybe anxiety, anyway I’m sorry in advanced.

My relationship with Reggie was one of the few things working properly in my life lately. Since my parents started their divorce process everything had begun to twist and it wasn’t that I felt bad because of that, but the problems that it was causing me.

My father appeared almost every day at home to pick up boxes with his belongings and every time that he came it meant that they would argue and they would try to involve me somehow, that’s why I would leave the house every time my father showed at home.

I felt anxiety taking over me every time I was alone, it was something normal spending hours spinning in my bed at night trying to sleep and that made me be really tired the next day, it was like living in a vicious circle.

Despite that everything changed when I was with my friends or Reggie, they were the best thing in my life and sometimes I felt like I didn’t deserve them. But not everything was as perfect as it sounded.

The truth was that my friends don’t think I should date Reggie, they just see him as the popular and mean jock that he seem to be when everyone is looking at him, but I know who he is behind that façade and I want my friends to see what I see in him. He even stopped bothering Jughead since we started dating.

For the rest of people in Riverdale High our relationship was like if Reggie had lost some kind of bet and that was the reason why he was dating me. They didn’t want to accept the fact that someone like me was dating someone like him and vice versa.

That morning while I was putting my books in the locker I heard someone leaning against the locker next to mine and when I closed it I saw Reggie with a big smile in his face.

“Hey sunshine” I greeted him barely standing on my tiptoes to kiss him, luckily for me I was tall, so I was able to kiss him every time I feel like it.

“Hey beautiful” we liked to use affectionate nicknames in a funny way, even though I was starting to think he truly liked them. “Did you sleep well last night?” he asked putting his arm in my shoulders and leading us down the hall.

“As usual, at least last night I just had one nightmare” I said it as if it was the most normal thing in the world, I felt really comfortable talking with him about my problems, he knew everything that was in my head and I liked to think that I knew what was happening in his even though he didn’t like to express his feelings towards the rest of the world “my mom wants to take me to therapy and put me on medication or something, maybe she’s right and I’m losing my mind”

“She’s right, you are crazy” I looked at him, frowning. I didn’t understand what he meant “in a funny way” he added laughing when he saw my face and kissing my forehead.

“You are so funny” I answered elbowing him carefully and taking his arm off my shoulders but keeping his hand in mine “I’ll see you later” I added trying to go to class, which was impossible because he didn’t let go of my hand.

He drew me to him until I was standing just a few inches away from him.

“Try not to miss me too much” he joked before kissing me and leaving to his class.

I was paralyzed in that spot until the bell rang and I came back to reality, turning around and getting in class.

We were supposed to have history but the teacher instead of giving us the lesson of that day decided to talk with us about our future and what we wanted to do, I didn’t like that subject so much. My parents wanted something for me totally different from what I wanted and at the same time I was terrified with the idea of me and Reggie breaking up if we get into universities too far away from the other.

I disconnected form the class and what the teacher was saying, everything around me turned into white noise and I just heard my own voice in my head, more distorted every time, it was being absorbed by its own echo.  

“(Y/N)?” I started to hear a voice calling me, but it sounded like it was far away. Little by little it sounded closer until I came back to me and I saw everyone staring, the teacher was the one saying my name “Are you ok?”

“Yeah… I just…” I blinked a few times, trying to focus everything around me, but it stayed blurred.

“It’d be better if you go to the nursery room, Betty would you mind?” before she could say anything she was next to me, helping me to get on my feet and intertwining her arm with mine while we exited the class.

I felt even more dizzy standing on my feet, so I asked Betty to stop just for a second to calm my breathing.

“What’s happening (Y/N)? You look paler than usual” she asked with worry in her voice.

“I’m fine, I promise, I just need a moment, that’s all” I answered with difficulties, even though it was getting harder to breathe and I think Betty noticed.

“We have to get to the nursery room” she said taking me by the arm and leading me to our destination where the first thing they made me do were to lay in the stretcher.

The nurse didn’t say what was happening to me, she just asked Betty to leave the room and wait outside and then she told me to breathe at the rhythm she was going to tell me.

I had to inhale while she counted to five and then exhale while she did the same backwards.

I did as I was told a few times until suddenly I started to feel better, I was able to focus the tings around me and I didn’t feel breathless anymore. The only thing that didn’t left me was the sensation of something heavy on my chest.

The nurse left me to take some rest before she talked to me. When I lifted my body from the stretcher it was second period.

“What you have suffered is an anxiety attack; luckily you’ve arrived here before you fainted, have you suffer a anxiety attack before?” I tried to remember if I’ve ever felt this bad and I couldn’t think of something like this.

“Not that I remember” I answered with a tired voice.

“You should go to your doctor and do whatever they think is the right thing to do, but I recommend you to go home and take some rest, this attacks take all your energy”

“Ok, thank you” I got down the stretcher and went out the door, thinking Betty was outside waiting for me, but instead of her I found Reggie “What are you doing here?” I tried to sound better than with the nurse, but I don’t know if I did it well.

“I went to take you to your next class and Veronica told me what happened, so I came and I told Betty she could get back to class, are you ok?” he asked clearly worried.

“I’m fine, I promise” I said putting one hand in my chest and lifting the other like if I was being judged or something. “It looks like I’ve suffered an anxiety attack” then I realized something I haven’t noticed before, he has his eyes red and I could see how sad he looked, something was wrong, but I waited until we get to my house to ask what was wrong.

My mom was at work so we were alone, no one would disturb us. We went to my room and lay in my bed. I leaned my head on his chest and I enclosed his waist with my arm, intertwining my legs with his.

He putted his arm around my shoulders and the other one on the arm I had in his waist, caressing my skin.

“You should sleep and get some rest” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I’m not tired” I answered turning my head in his direction, leaning my chin on his chest to look at him in the eye “But I have something to ask you” I stopped for a second but he didn’t say anything “Why have you been crying?”

“I haven’t been crying” he answered immediately, which made obvious he was lying,

“Reg, I know you more than you think, I can see how sad you look even though you try to hide it and your eyes were red when you picked me up from the nursery room. It’s ok to cry. I just want you to know that you can tell me if you want” I didn’t want to force him to tell me if he didn’t want to but I needed he to feel safe with me, like I felt with him.

“It’s Jason” I unwrapped my legs from his and sat on the bed with my legs crossed, not leaving his hand for a second and paying close attention to what he was about to tell me “I thought that it was ok at first, but I don’t know, it looks like no one really cares about what happened to him, they just care for stupid family wars and they forget about Jason being dead” I could see tears forming in his eyes and I squeeze his hand.

“Do you know what’s the good part?” he looked confused, when someone dies there’s nothing good about it “He had you as a friend, someone who really realizes what the world has lost and I’m sure that Jason knew how much you appreciated your friendship” I made him smile a little and he brought my hand to his lips to leave a kiss there “You know you can tell me anything”

I lay again next to him and I caressed his cheek with my hand, looking from his eyes to his lips consecutively. I put my hand on his neck, still caressing his jaw with my thumb and I shortened the distance between us to kiss him, slow and carefully.

We kissed until we had to break to take some air and what I did was hug him, putting my arms around his neck and feeling how he put his head in the space between my head and my shoulder and how he put his arms around my waist to bring me closer to him.

This time it would be me the one who would protect him from his problems and worries and no the other way around.

“I’m supposed to take care of you after that anxiety attack” he mumbled trying to sound happier.

“Being in the same room as you are makes anxiety disappear, so technically you are taking care of me” I answered caressing his hair, feeling him getting comfier in the embrace.

A few minutes passed by, enjoying the silent and all the caress and kisses I was giving him from time to time. I thought he had fallen asleep because he had stopped caressing my back and kissing my shoulder, but suddenly he spoke.

“I love you (Y/N)” my heart skipped a beat, it was the first time one of us had said those words and I hadn’t thought it before, I wasn’t conscious that all this time we have been together no one of us had said it and now him, the one who didn’t like to express his feelings, was telling me that.

“And I love you Reggie” I answered a hundred percent sure of what I was saying, I didn’t need to think about it because I knew I felt it, every time I saw him in the halls or every time he came to my house to take me on a date to Pop’s I knew it, he made me feel that I was capable of doing whatever I wanted to do and every time he looked me with his eyes full of pride he simply made me love him more and more and I wanted to make him feel all of that and more, so hearing those words was like the confirmation that I was doing it the right way.

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Hello! I'm new to the spn fandom, and I want to try reading wincest, now, because I'm still new to it, I wondered, could you recommend on fics where Sam is in love with Dean and it's unrequited? I want to first get used to the idea of one of the brothers being in love with the other before I get used to both being in love. Sorry if I bother you!!

Hello there! Sadly I don’t know a lot about unrequited!wincest, I’m more into the whole wincest being in love train, (you’re not bothering me btw), these are what I can remember right now, most of them got wincest as end game, so I don’t know if the list will be helpful, sorry in advance dear ♥

Memories Of Me While investigating a routine curse in a small California town Dean loses his memory. With only his brother to lean on feelings begin to develop that aren’t exactly brotherly. How’s Sam going to cope with that?

Unasked  Sam doesn’t ask.

In Florida, when they burst out of the old collapsing mausoleum into afternoon sunshine, covered with dirt and ectoplasm and victory, and Dean punches his fists in the air and looks at him, dirty and grinning and shining so bright that for a minute Sam almost can’t see, still he doesn’t ask, he doesn’t reach out and put his hands on Dean’s face, where they belong according to every instinct and yearning he has in him.

One Going on Eternity and Counting Some boundaries were never meant to be crossed …

Learning to Breathe   When he was fifteen, Sam confessed his romantic feelings to his brother. Rejected and unable to face his brother again, Sam runs away. In an effort to stay off his father’s radar, he turns to a life of crime to get by. As it turns out, he’s pretty good at it.

The Ghost of Somebody At His Side The night before Sam Winchester meets with his 12th grade guidance counselor for the second time, something very bad happens. One of those somethings that takes only a ridiculously short amount of time – in this case, about three minutes – yet manages to change the course of two lives forever. Or: Sam goes to Stanford, and takes most of Dean’s heart with him.


Eight Things You Should Know  Dean called Sam from outside the library and told him to get his punk-ass in gear, and, distracted, Sam accidentally left his hand inside the copier as he pushed the green button. The bar of white light scanned across, taking in the book pages and Sam’s fingertips spread out at the edges, blurry black and white. Sam knew copy machines were totally safe and had seen guys flatten their faces on the glass–eyes open–but it still bugged him. It left his hand feeling all tingly and weird, though that might have been mostly in Sam’s head.

Distortion  Sam drunk dials Dean.

One True Kiss  Sam knew that Dean was a good kisser.

Don’t Hold Me Too High  Leave it to a goddamn Winchester to try and shoulder someone else’s wrongs. (Or the one where Sam is in love with his brother and Dean is… not.)

Manhattan for Beads   In Nebraska, Dean slipped up. They were staking out a Little League park that night, camped in right-center with their arms and canteens. It was haunted, cursed, something. Kids kept breaking bones and losing eyes in bizarre collisions, swinging into great looping foul balls that crash-landed on windshields out on the too-close road and caused head-on wrecks. Beyond the chainlink fence in the outfield was corn, a sea of it, and two days ago a kid had hit a towering home run that brained a guy on a tractor. It was that kind of hysterically random evil.

The Things We Carry With Us  Sam and Dean are on the road, saving people and hunting things, like they always do. Dean discovers that Sam is attempting to turn himself into a monk, and so he does his best to get Sam laid. Sam resists because, of course, who needs to have sex with a girl when Dean’s around? It’s about going on a roadtrip with your brother. It’s about the food you eat, and the maps you follow. It’s about the things you carry with you. (Takes place some time after Heart.)

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What is your favorite Edd trait?

Is it cheating to say his reactions?  I love looking at how his emotions distort his head shape, and I love thinking up new expressions for him.  The complete and utter flexibility of his design is deceptively unique to his character. Despite how the wiggling outlines seem, the other characters tend to stay the same shapes for like 90% of their expressions.

i was so happy with you

Modern Peridots are not cute

Modern Peridots are not cute.
Modern Peridots are malformed, inbred, sick gems that should never have existed. 

(Above: early small peridot and modern small peridot. Note the shallow eyesockets, stubbed arms, and short legs in the modern peridot.)

  • Peridots scream at others to cool themselves. As modern peridots have practically no anger, they have trouble cooling their bodies and they can suffer from organ failure as a result.
  • Modern Peridots are often unable to move properly due to their short legs and compact body. This inhibits their ability to do things that peridots like best - offending people, screaming a lot, building.
  • Modern Peridots suffer from a mangled jaw from which their teeth grow in all directions.
  • Because of the distorted shape of their head, their nacho commonly pop out of their proportion. 60% of prolapsed nachos become footballs. Nachos put back in the proper shape are prone to infection and the peridot may need treatment for the rest of their life.
  • Their eyes are also prone to swelling painfully, becoming scratched, and being irritated by their eyelashes.
  • When excited, modern peridots are prone to getting fluid stuck in their throats, making them choke or gasp for breath. This is given the cutesy nick name “reverse sneezing”.
  • As it can be difficult for modern peridots to exercise, they are prone to obesity.
  • Some modern peridots are born with their nostrils pinched almost shut, making it imposible for them to live without an operation.
  • Their turtle shaped mouths will become infected without constant, careful cleaning by their caretaker.
  • About 64% of modern peridots suffer from hip dysplasia (malformed hip sockets) which causes crippling lameness and painful arthritis.
  • Modern Peridots have a genetic weakness to cloudiness (a pretty nasty gemstone condition).
  • Their misshapen hips makes them susceptible to hemivertibrae - misshapen backbones which cause spine bending and instability, neurological disorders, back leg paralysis, incontinence, and pain.
  • Modern Peridots are so inbred that a study of ten thousand modern peridots in the UK had the genetic makeup of only 50 individuals. Inbreeding means that defective genes are more likely to be expressed and passed on to offspring.
  • Necrotizing meningoencephalitis (brain swelling) is common among modern peridots. Peridots with this condition usually die within a few weeks.

I am so sick of seeing modern peridots being celebrated.
Their small, squashed skulls, facial wrinkles, stubby hips, and protruding nachos are actually valued when these characteristics are a cruelty in themselves.

Modern Peridots are charming, sweet, funny little souls and they don’t deserve the bodies the Crewniverse has designed for them.

Stop celebrating modern peridots.
Stop buying modern peridots.


Anyone notice in Mark’s recent Slenderman video that whenever he gets spooked the facecam freaks out too and drops in quality. I watched the whole video twice in HD and it keeps doing the same thing. Also noticed that in some parts of the video there is some kind of aura/distortion around Mark’s head? (first gif).

Theorise away!

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#13. Angst - Shiro x Reader

It’s day 13 of the 30 day challenge! I know this isn’t DC but I’m shaking things up a bit. I love Voltron and I’ve had this head cannon swimming around my head for a while and I think today’s prompt is perfect for it. Fret not though, we go back to DC tomorrow.  For the full list of the prompts I will be doing for this writing challenge and the ones I have already completed, go here. Enjoy!

You were trembling in fear as your abductors dragged you through the halls of the ship. They stopped you in front of the door and spoke to you in a dialect you didn’t understand. You stammered and stuttered, trying to tell them you didn’t understand them but their patience wore thin.

The soldiers opened the door and pushed you into the small room with a hard shove. You stumbled and fell to the ground with a hard smack. When you fell you twisted your ankle. Pain shot through your leg and you let out a cry of pain. You heard the soldier laugh at your cry as the door closed behind you. You cradled your ankle in your hands feeling it begin to swell up.

“Move! They’re hurt!” A deep commanding voice ordered when the guards were gone. The voice parted the eclectic crowd of strange looking aliens and the familiar face of a human man came into view. You couldn’t help but to feel that you recognized him from somewhere but you weren’t quite sure where.

“I’m fine.” You insisted as the man crouched down to examine your injury. “I think it’s just a sprain.” You say. You could feel the shooting pain slowly turn into throbbing. After he inspected your ankle himself he was satisfied with your diagnosis.

“I think you’re right. There not much we can do about it here though.” He said gesturing around to the crowded cell. You suddenly realized where you recognized this man.

“Your Shiro aren’t you? The Kerberos pilot? I’m [Y/N], I was on the Kerberos recovery mission when I was abducted. Where are the other crew members?” You inquired looking around the cell in hopes of finding more humans but you were disappointed.

“I don’t know where they are. I think they’re at a work camp far away from here.” He answered honestly.

“Where is here?” You asked. This place … everything was alien. You had joined the Garrison in hopes to explore the galaxy one day but this wasn’t what you had in mind. You had no idea what the soldiers wanted you for, never mind why they were collecting such a strange combination of being and stuffing them into a cell.

“From what I can gather we’re on an alien warship. I think they’re searching for something.” He said taking a seat beside you. You can’t imagine how long it’s been since he’s been able to communicate with someone. By the looks of his clothing his must have been here for a while.

“What do they want us for?” You asked. A dark look came over his eyes.

“We’re their entertainment.” He stated darkly. Your eyes widened and panic started to rise in your chest at his words.

“What do you mean?” You asked.

“We’re all Gladiators. Every couple of days they’ll come in and take a couple of us to fight to the death for their amusement.” He said his eyes remaining trained on the ground. You began to feel your panic manifest. Your breathing quickened and tears started to prick at your eyes. Shiro noticed you start to panic and pulled you into his arms, holding you in a tight comforting embrace.

“We’re going to get out of here, alright? You are not going to die on this ship. We are going to go home.” He insisted holding you tight in his arms. His words were just what you needed to hear and you started to calm down.

“How?” You asked against his chest.

“I’m still trying to figure that out.” He replied.

Day after day passed and the guards took a handful of people returning with far fewer than had left. When you numbers dwindled to next to nothing they would bring in another herd of abductees to fill the cell. You and Shiro remained to be the only humans of the group.

One day the guards came in and herded a group to send the the arena. One of the guards looked to where you and Shiro sat together trying to go unnoticed and pointed in your direction and commanded you to rise. Shiro stood up in your place and attempted to join the other scared souls. The guard stopped him by placing a forceful hand on his chest.

“No Champion. Her.” He commanded pointing directly at you with his blade. You slowly rose to your feet. Your feet felt heavy as you made your way to the others.

“NO! This fight is mine.” He growled at the alien soldier. The soldier turned and butted the handle of his blade against Shiro’s side. He fell to his knees clutching his side at the force of the attack.

“And I say it’s hers.” The soldier said arrogantly. He grabbed you by the hair and threw you into line with the other tributes.

“Survive.” Shiro gasped out to you almost inaudibly as you were led past him. You were terrified when you entered the ring. You opponent was just as frightened as you but you came out the winner. You were the one who wanted to survive the most.

You felt horribly about what you had to do but you didn’t have a choice. One of you had to die and you weren’t going to let it be you. You cried in Shiro’s lap that night as he gently stroked your hair and comforted you. He understood what you were going through and was there to support you each night that you were forced to fight.

In the midst of the danger and uncertainty you and Shiro began to fall in love with each other. It was hard not to when you were spending all of your time together and going through much of the same traumas.

You were thankful that the Galra never forced you to fight Shiro but you were sure that it was only a matter of time before they pitted the two long surviving champions against one another. You hoped to find a way off this ship before that happens.

Most of the aliens preferred to ignore you two. Odds were that one of you would be the ones pitted against them so they kept their distance. The space that the others gave you provided you and Shiro with a false sense of solitude. You became careless in your displays of affection and eventually the more sadistic Galra soldiers caught on.

One day while they were picking tributes they pulled both of you to your feet. You assumed that you weren’t going to be fighting each other but the thought nagged at the back of your mind. They wouldn’t want to get rid of one of their two main attractions would they?

Your fears were brought to reality when they handed both you and Shiro weapons and threw you into the ring. You looked at him wide eyed with fear as you slowly proceeded into the roaring arena.

Survive. You every muscle screamed but there was no surviving this situation. You couldn’t kill Shiro. You wouldn’t.

“Shiro. I can’t do this.” You cried pulling him into your arms, not caring about the audience you had. If this was going to be your last moments, you wanted it to be in his arms.

“Yes you can. Survive” He urged pulling you closer in his arms. The crowd grew restless as they waited for the action to start. Galra soldier framed every exit of the arena. There was no escape.

“No. I won’t kill you.” You insisted taking his face in your hands and looked deep into his eyes. “You have a better chance of escaping and going back to Earth than I ever did. Please Shiro, I love you. I can’t kill you.” You sobbed. He took your face into his hands and planted a deep passionate kiss on your lips.

“You’re strong [Y/N]. Stronger than you realize. You can do this. I love you.” He whispered encouragingly, resting his forehead against yours. He placed his blade into your open hand and nodded to you to give you permission. You shook your head, tears distorting your vision.

“No!” You cried out so that all in the arena could hear. You deliberately threw both of the weapons out of reach. “We fight no longer!” You cried with strength and fury.

Suddenly there was a flurry of activity and the Galra soldiers rushed the arena and pulled you and Shiro away from each other. You were dragged far through the hallways until they threw both of you down at the feet of a Galra officer. The soldiers spoke in their unfamiliar dialect but you got the gist of it. They were determining you and Shiro’s fate.

“I have use for the male.” A shrouded woman lifted Shiro’s chin and inspected him. “But he does require modifications.” She slithered. She waved her hand towards a nearby soldier. He stepped forward, drew his blade and brought it down against Shiro’s arm.

“Shiro!” You cried as he doubled over in pain. They dragged him away to god knows where and left you to the mercy of the officer. The woman stopped and turned to address him before leaving.

“Do what you wish with the girl.” She said waving nonchalantly towards you. You cried out Shiro’s name again as she left with him. The last thing you saw was his unconscious body being dragged from the room when you felt a sharp blow hit your head and your world went black.


Words: 13k (oops) 

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Summary: When your dreams are more or less nightmares, monsters inside your head that eat you alive, it seems like the only person who can help you is Min Yoongi, professional dream chaser. 

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The monsters are always there.

Ever since you were little, you’ve been chased by nightmares. The monsters that lived inside your head, distorted memories that were fixed to be outright horrifying. They fed on your fears and shoved them to you, like unwanted Christmas presents wrapped in pretty bows and ugly patterns. They evolved as you grew older and their persistent never stopped no matter how hard you tried to run, like a tail attached to you. When you blinked, eyelids closed and darkness flooding your vision, they’d come back. And even when you opened your eyes again, they were still there. They’re always there.

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i shelter a little person
who lives inside my head
what would i do without them?
they curse my body and shame it too
they distort my memories and dreams
with conniving cruelty they sing
frightful lies that lull me to sleep
what would I do without them, indeed!
i believe i’d live a Life, balanced
with humility and confidence…
i shelter a little person
who lives inside my head
—  ryannejcohen
Regarding Rika and the way the Fandom treats her

So I’m usually pretty laidback about fandom stuff but today I’m here to start some wank with y’all. This piece of text here is gonna include SPOILERS so continue with that in mind.

As the title implied it’s about the way Rika is treated in the fandom, but it’s also about Rika in general and her relationship with V.

I’m not gonna lie, it was easy to jump on the “Rika is a snake” bandwagon when I haven’t seen the Secret Endings, but after completing them I couldn’t help but to scratch my head and wonder how attentive the majority of the fandom read these endings to jump to the conclusion that her character is just this black and white evil end boss. It’s disappointing how the fandom treats Rika’s character while in the same breath V and Saeran are put on the saint podest and are treated as innocent victims.

One of the best damn aspects for me in Mystic Messenger is that EVERY CHARACTER are equally capable being a good and a horrible person. The different Routes show other aspects of the same character and even if you get the good end it doesn’t mean that these traits are completely gone, it just means that you successfully helped them to face their bad sides themselves. (this is important) 

NO CHARACTER in the story is purely black and white. RIKA IS NO EXCEPTION.

When we get introduced to Rika we know about her approximately as much as about the other characters and the fact that she’s supposed to be dead. Over the course of the game we learn this and that about her, but since she isn’t playing an active role until very late into the story we have limited knowledge of her life. (Until the secret endings but let’s talk about that later)

Rika is shown to have a lot of different character traits. She wants to help the people in need (her main driving force in the game), she’s sensible, has strong opinions and is good with talking to people. Rika is also on the other hand (self-)destructive, aggressive, cruel, stubborn, egocentric and has a god-complex. It’s also canon that she had some form of depression and severe paranoia.

Before you jump to conclusions and think I try to excuse what she did: I don’t plan to do that. Rika isn’t a pure angel, but a twisted and tragic character. 

Rika was adopted and it is implied that her biological mother committed suicide. Wether she knows about it isn’t stated but if Yoosung knows about it it can’t be that big of a secret in the family (Yoosung stated he wasn’t able to see Rika before he started doing volunteer work because his family opposed to him seeing her). She was adopted by Yoosung’s aunt who regretted it and if I remember correctly she did told that Rika. (Again Yoosung knew about this?) I’m pretty sure that’s a heavy blow for someone regardless of age and Rika was shown to be very sensitive actually. We don’t know when her adoptive Mother told her that but I assume before she met V, since it was only brought up briefly and didn’t seemed as important for their story. 

So okay, then Rika met V and decided to meet from time to time and started dating. Let’s not forget Rika most likely already struggled with negative feelings and mild cases of paranoia and depression since some time.

Rika trusted V like no one ever and was able to open up about her problems and struggles, which would be super duper neat and it probably was for awhile, but now here’s a thing many people won’t agree with me: V, while having the best intentions to help her, tried to ease her problems the wrong way and partly even without her. Let’s not forget one of his strongest character traits we get to know is that he like to take the burden of everyone on himself. Rika begged him to save her and V did honestly want to do so, but you can’t take care of other people’s mental problems for them. At some point V himself told her he’s gonna save her. They didn’t had real arguments until Rika tried to cut ties. Everything Rika did was excused by V. She quit therapy and V only argued a bit with her instead of dragging her ass back to therapy, because that’s actually what she needed. He tried so hard to make everything better it was actually sad to watch him do everything wrong. Let’s remember that they wanted to get married too which makes the whole ”breakup” even sadder.

Sally’s death is a breaking point for Rika where she overthinks her life choices and world views. The last party plays a big role too. Everything gets more distorted in her head as her paranoia and the insane amount of guilt she feels take over rational thinking and the only logical conclusion she could reach was (since she already believed her only purpose is helping people) that she needs to ascend as the savior and force happiness on everyone her way.

I’d like to cover more stuff but I’ve been sitting here since 3 hours and I can’t concentrate anymore so here’s the short version:

Everything what Rika did is inexcusable and I am INSANELY MAD THAT SHE GOT AWAY FROM LEGAL CHARGES. What she did while it was motivated by delusions created by her mental illnesses isn’t to blame on them alone. She has a lot of unpleasant and ugly character traits like being utterly ruthless when she wants to accomplish her goals. That’s nothing depression creates. She fucked everyone over, drugged and kidnapped and lead a frikkin CULT. That’s not her mental illness here. That’s all Rika’s worst side. It’s her route gone wrong. 

Mystic Messenger did actually a shit job with the topic “mental illness” but in my opinion they delivered their point very clear in the end.

Rika’s story is like one of our Routes gone bad. We aren’t mirroring Rika but we Mirror V. Where he failed we succeeded. 

Rika’s story is also that even if it’s well intended, sometimes you make things worse by trying to help, because it’s not the help one needs.

Rika’s story is also about the stigma of mental illness and that people are scared to open up to get help. It’s about what can happen if you can’t get the help you need. It’s an over the top worst case situation but fiction is all about the big “BOOM” imo.

and lastly Rika’s story is also a big middle finger towards the “Love can heal every wound” trope.

MC isn’t healing the other character just by loving them blindly (arguably it’s a dating simulator after all) but also by nudging them to the right path. Especially in Jumin’s route it’s pretty clear that it’s a shit idea to just tell people that whatever they do is alright because you love them (take notes V) 

So here I am after completing the whole frikkin game, excited for some discussions and fanart and theories only to see that the fandom settled for snake jokes. Rika is such a complex and interesting character. It’s a shame y’all couldn’t see that. I’d be happy if you could think aboutinstead mindlessly hating her, maybe try to understand her situation and you will grow to like her.

She’s a good villain. Not a good person, but a good Character.

I’d love to tell you more but I suck at writing and I can’t really convey how I feel about this character better even if I try now.

That being said @cheritz Rika Route when?

ball and chain

Social Distortion played through his head phones as he perched at the top of his iron stair case. He loved the song, it wasn’t happy and he felt every god damn ounce of it. He flicked the ash of his second cigarette, many more would follow. The song changes, her. It always snuck up on him, he feared it. Most times he would change the song, skip the loss he had yet let himself feel. If he was honest he’d tell you that when she first told him to listen to the song he’d tell you it was shit. Yet now he heard her in it. He understood the waves of strings, the ethereal constant beat, the lazy vocals. It all spoke of her and them and every fight and every resolution and each doubt and each insecurity and its end. He chuckled, lighting another cigarette. He never really listened to the song, and he never really listened to her.


She’ll Get Them in the End

“I’m not blind.” Alma rested her chin on the back of her hands. “I can see the way you look at him.” She sighed through her nose at Jowd’s perplexed face. Hopeless, utterly hopeless. “And I see the way he looks at you. He doesn’t have your advantages.” No beard to hide behind certainly. Jowd still looked confused and she reached out to poke his nose. “It’s fine.”

“I don’t…”

Alma stood up and strolled over to the steaming kettle. She filled two cups and her hand lingered over a third. She looked back with a smile. “I can share.”


Cabanela rested his head on one hand and stared at the distorted table through the amber liquid. It seemed a somehow fitting image of his current life’s state. He didn’t know why he ordered the drink. He avoided drinking now – didn’t dare risk a slip up.

He took a sip from his half empty glass of water. It was habit, that’s what it was, he thought as his gaze drifted to the empty seat across from him. It had been a bad day and this was the place to unwind. Their place.

Next time he would come with better company.

New Life

“You’re freezing. I thought I got you back. I never did… Yomiel, I’m coming for you.”

Death and coldness. Eternal cold.

Yomiel’s eyes flew open. It was dark, but there was warmth all around him. His hand flew to his chest and he breathed out. Heartbeat. He had a heartbeat. He sighed. He thought he had come to terms with it all, but ever since he got out of prison, got his life back, the nightmares returned.

His hand trailed along the mattress, seeking until he closed over her hand. Warmth. He could feel her wonderful living warmth. His Sissel.

Rude Awakening

The phone sounded shrill in the darkness. Jowd groaned and reached blindly for it at a muffled order from Alma. One day he would let a caller suffer her wrath.


“Jowd, I’ve got it! Meet me at the station. We can sooolve this, baby.”

“Cabanela… It’s 4am…”

“’m gonna kill him,” Alma muttered indistinctly into her pillow.

“Early bird caaatches the case!” Cabanela said brightly. Jowd sat with vague thoughts of taking Alma up on her offer.

“You’re buying the coffee,” Jowd yawned, while Cabanela would be bright-eyed, bushy tailed and impossible, he thought. Did the man ever sleep? 

The attempt was made to have more than our pair of detectives and Alma, really. One got in. Everything turns to them and I have a problem.

autisticdaisyjohnson  asked:

that cherik edit looks amazing!! would you mind sharing how you did that? cause i've been trying to find out how to do that effect for ages now and i just can't seem to find anything.

gosh, thank you! the effect looks like this: 

And the original post is here.

I’ll try my best to explain a) the old-tv flicker effect and b) the glitch effect. For the ghosting effect that is also in the gifset, there is a really good tutorial for it here

You will need intermediate gif-making skills and Ps Extended with Timeline feature for this.

(warning: glitch effect, white noise, flashing gifs under cut. Please be aware if you’re photosensitive!

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I’ll Be Seeing You

WARNING!!!!!! This is one of the saddest stories I have ever written. Proceed with caution.

Word count: 1289

I recommend listening to “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Jimmy Durante

Originally posted by hdtrip


             The world was crashing down around you. Ultron’s bots were everywhere and you were bleeding out behind some rubble like a coward. You peered around the slab of concrete you were hiding behind when you caught sight of a little girl. If anybody else had been looking they wouldn’t have spotted her, she was filthy and covered in blood. You prayed to God that it wasn’t her own blood.
   You hit your head against the slab. Dad hadn’t wanted you to come. Of course the team won out and he couldn’t do a damn thing. How do you lie about an eighteen year old daughter to your team then expect them to understand when you want to pull out one of their best players, and you had become that, the best player.
    You were smart like your dad, you didn’t know your mom but that was okay. Dad had kept you a secret, he wanted to try and protect you from his world, a world you so desperately wanted to be a part of. So you had trained and worked hard. It had paid off, you had secretly gotten accept to S.H.I.E.L.D.S training program with Nick Fury personally overseeing you. You had graduated at the top of your class and had been assigned to the Avengers under a fake last name. Stark would have been a dead give away. Of course dad was pissed but he couldn’t openly be pissed without blowing his cover so here you are. Looking down at the watch you called a friend.
   “Elaine what are my chances of saving that little girl before bleeding out?” You asked hesitantly. Elaine had been your nanny just as Jarvis had been dad’s. You smiled he always got frustrated when you called Jarvis a nanny.
    “The blast nicked your abdominal aorta, the chance of you both surviving is fifteen percent.” Elaine’s voice was somewhat calming given the situation. You cursed under your breath continuing to apply pressure to the whole that was burning through you.
    “What are the chances of me saving her…” You asked, Elaine didn’t respond immediately. She knew exactly what you were thinking.
      “There’s an eighty percent chance of the girls survival.” Damn you liked those odds. Of course it meant self sacrificing but it would be worth it. Damn Cap had really gotten through to you about morals. Your mind was starting to get a little fuzzy.
   “The Captain is just hundred yards north of you, why don’t you call him, tell him what’s happening.” You could hear the concern in Elaine’s voice, it was the same when she had been alive. You shook your head.
    “There’s not enough time she’s gonna die if I don’t do something.” You braced your back against the concrete and pushed yourself to your feet. You took a deep breath trying to keep the pain at bay but it wasn’t working. Gritting your teeth you called Elaine again.
   “When I take off for the girl call my dad, tell him where I am, but not a minute sooner.” Elaine was silent but you knew she would follow orders.
    You emerged from your hiding spot, you didn’t see anymore bots. But the little girl was still right where you had first seen her. Bracing yourself you released the pressure and the blood began to flow again. You charged forward and made it to the girl in two seconds. Grabbing her you got her back to your hiding spot when you heard the familiar hum of a bot. Quickly taking off your watch you put it on the girl with the instructions to stay put. You weren’t sure if she understood you, but you had the feeling she did, the watch was a beacon so the team would find her. You turned to face the bot only to find the ring leader.
    “Now, now Y/N that’s a nasty little cut.” Ultron chided mockingly. He was good ten feet away but the world was becoming distorted.
    “Your head a little fuzzy Y/N. Feel cold, head hurting. Well it’ll be over soon, your life blood is almost gone, it’s right there at your feet. See you humans are too weak for this world.” You looked down and the tan ground was dark and smelled of copper. Your hand shook but you reached around to your belt and took out your secret weapon. Your dad had fashioned it, said that if you ever came across Ultron just hit the hot pink button. You pulled it out quickly pointed it straight at Ultron and hit the button hoping you were pointing the right direction. The blast sent his now shattered body into oblivion. But you could hear his laughter somewhere. Dammit the bastard was jumping bots. You looked down at the little baton.
   “So that’s what it does.” You said slightly amused before you hit the ground.  
   You laid there listening to the chaos around you. Tears flowed out your eyes into your hair, looking at what you and your father had created, maybe you deserved this.
   “Y/N! Y/N!” You heard your dad’s voice and it made you cry harder. It would have been easier if you had already been dead. Then you wouldn’t have to say goodbye. You raised your hand weakly. You felt your dad’s strong arms pull you into his lap, not his metal arms, just him. You opened your eyes to find your dad crying and frantically calling people. You raised your hand and laid it on his cheek.
   “No dad, just sit here, talk to me.” But it was already too late, the whole team was there in a minute. Wanda looked like she had already been crying, you wondered why. Steve, Thor, and Natasha all looked sad but you didn’t understand why, you got to see them. You looked back up at your dad and smiled you were feeling better.
    “Daddy can you do something for me.” You whispered. Tony’s eyes widened and he nodded his head vigorously.
     “Yeah peanut whatever you want.” You were crying happy tears, he hadn’t called you peanut in a long time.
   “Can you introduce me to the team?” You asked, you were feeling warm and sleepy now. Your dad motioned for everybody to get closer and he tried to clear the sadness from his throat that was choking him, but he failed.
    “Team I want you to meet someone…” Everyone looked confused. “This is Y/N Stark, my daughter.” You looked up and smiled that the only family you had ever known. Everyone was crying even Natasha. Finally you were sad, you didn’t want to leave yet. They needed you, Thor still didn’t know Earth and Steve still needed catch up on the last seventy years of pop culture. You looked up at your hand, lips trembling.
    “Daddy, I’m scared.” You were sobbing now which hurt even more than you imagined. But you could hear everyone echoing your pain. Tony nodded his head and pressed kisses to your forehead.
   “I know peanut but it’s gonna be ok, you just have to close your eyes.” You nodded your head and for once listened to your dad. Tony began to sing, but not just any song, it was your song.
    “I’ll be seeing you/In all the familiar places/This heart of mine embraces/All day through/I’ll be seeing you/ in every summer’s day/ In everything that’s light and gay/I’ll always think of you that way.” Tony was sobbing now
   “I’ll be seeing you in the morning sun/And when the night is new…”You were sleepy and your eyes closed.
    “I’ll be looking at the moon. But I’ll be seeing you.