distorted blue

Pearl Belonged to White Diamond.

-She has her gem on her forehead like White does.

- She didnt mention White in AILD which strongly follows the pattern of nobody ever mentioning/Acknowledging her.

- Steven knows Rose was Pinks. Pearl would probably tell him if she was too, she’d be ashamed for sure but she wouldn’t go out of her way to hide that fact as she probably assumes thats already what Steven thinks of her.

- A lot of people use her hair as evidence that she was pinks but her entire palette is a mix of the 4 diamond colors. not only is white the dominant color on her, I should also mention that WD is presumably the leader of HW (thus having to represent the other diamonds as well) but if you ever look at a diamond in real life, They reflect a bunch of different colors. White Diamond most likely has a colorful palette like pearl as well.


Steven isn’t the first victim of Blue Diamond’s grabby hands and he certainly isn’t the most severely wronged

Steven is crying Blue Diamond's tears
  • S3 Steven: Garnet?? Amethyst?? Pearl?? Something is wrong that I don't understand!!
  • Current Steven: it's okay, Dad. I'm Rose. Destiny destiny destiny. Follow the destiny.

there are some notable differences between these two palanquins.

first and foremost, the color. one could argue (as i previously believed) that the blue palanquin rusted, or its paint chipped, turning it a pink color. you can see some blue patches on it. but im not sure that’s so. i think the pink palanquin was pink ORIGINALLY, and it’s rusted blue.

not convinced? there are a few symbolic differences between these two palanquins, as well.

earth was pink diamond’s colony. earth held organic life so significant that it’s protection started a rebellion. what does the pink palanquin have on it? a window in the shape of a FLOWER. that’s nowhere on blue diamond’s palanquin.

next, the holes on the pink palanquin are flower shaped. blue diamond’s windows are circular.

finally, look at the top of both palanquins. blue diamond’s simply ends in a point, while the pink palanquin has what appears to be PETALS on the top.

conclusion: the pink palanquin is pink diamond’s.