distort fest

well distort was a whirlwind of dear friends, booze and amazing bands. it was great to see everyone from out of town in my own city and i had a fucking awesome time. doing the friday day show featuring ABSURDIST, SIDE EFFECTS, DEATHCOUNT and ASILE was super fun albeit amidst an anxiety ridden hangover for me. distort continued to be awesome despite some really fucked up shit with the venue getting raided due to someone’s poor life decision to destroy personal property close-by and getting the cops called. it was really shitty and stressful for everyone but in some sense it warms my heart to see how everyone banded together to make it work anyway. then the aftershow went off without a hitch aside from my mental and physical exhaustion and WOLFBRIGADE blew me away. OUST, FAMINE and MASTURBATING TEENAGERS played as well and it was just so cool to watch everyone perform. in the face of sounding sappy, i am coming out of this fest with a hangover from hell and a sense of pure euphoric joy over being a part of this community. i have to thank Foat- one of my very best friends for changing my life and giving me a place to really thrive. to all my awesome buddies and the punk community at large: i love you and thank you all for continuing to up the fucking punks!

until next year! ugh!


Getting to see these guys twice this week is gunna be off the hook.

Off to the Astoria to do door for Foat, Sam and Zach’s DJ night to benefit the Distort Fest War Chest. Any and all Vancouver punks, come support and listen to some kill tunes while knocking out a few games of pinball or pool. Or you could stay home and watch Family Guy reruns… whatever.