Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Yabdere Thief Anon

Prompt: ooh I saw the yandere oboro thing and was wondering if you could do some for shura?            

○ It develops slowly for him. At first his feelings for you are fairly normal actually

○ Jealousy develops first but he tries to ignore it. That only makes things worse

○ Things take a turn for the absolute worst when he starts to put you on a pedestal

○ Shura knows he doesn’t deserve you so he keeps his distnce for a very long time

○ Occasionally he’ll take your things, just to feel closer to you, but he does return some of them, either silently slipping it back into your room or under the pretense that he ‘found’ it somewhere

○ Always has his eye out for you. He’ll outright kill anyone who he thinks might be a threat to you - in the shadows and without your knowledge of course

○ He gets to the point where he can’t stand anyone speaking to you - not even your family.

○ He’ll threaten others but he can hardly get away with threatening the royal family

○ His solution will be to kidnap you. You’re too perfect for anyone, so no one will be allowed to lay hand or eye on you.

○ Even he only visits sometimes and often because you beg him to stay because you’re so lonely otherwise. It makes him feel like you love him, twisted as that is

Ci restava un'ora.
Un'ora sola e poi sarebbe andato via.
Per quattro mesi chilometri è chilometri ci avrebbero tenuti lontani.
Mi disse: ‘un bacio per ogni giorno in cui non ci vedremo.’
Partì con una sfilza di baci sul mio collo. 120 meravigliosi baci sul mio collo.

Tre quarti d'ora ancora.
Tra tre quarti d'ora avrei visto il mio cuore salire su un treno.
L'avrei visto andare via.

Ancora una mezz'ora.
Gli ultimi sorrisi, le ultime parole.
Gli ultimi baci.
L'ultima passeggiata mano nella mano.

Un quarto d'ora ancora.
15 cazzutissimi minuti e poi più nulla.
Il vuoto più assoluto.

Mi diede un ultimo bacio.
Un ultimo lunghissimo meraviglioso bacio.
Lo strinsi forte a me.
Lo abbracciai con tutta me stessa.
E lentamente le nostre mani si separarono.
Lentamente, lui per una via, io per un'altra.

Le lacrime iniziarono a scendere.
I passi li facevo velocemente.
Avevo ancora il suo profumo addosso, mi sentivo ancora i suoi baci sul collo.

Preavviso di un lunghissimo periodo di mancanza,




The shitty thing about long distance relationships is that you can’t touch, kiss, hug, or make love to your girlfriend/boyfriend whenever you’d like. But there’s another side..every second spent apart from one another feels like heaven once y’all are physically together. It’s a beautiful thing. You learn to not take the little things for granted like the sound of their voice or the smell of their skin. Everything you do when you’re separated, you constantly think “if only he/she was here.” It’s an unbelievably hard task to undergo but I promise, to all of you going through a long distance and feel that it’s not going to work..hang in there. Hang on as tight as you can. I promise you that every month, week, day, hour, minute and second that you’re apart from your loved one will feel like nothing when you’re finally in their arms. Stay Strong❤️

Shorty, too far right to be hugged, too far too been seen, too far to even to talk. From purple shirts in the mornings when we first started to hang out to eating jack in the box on Valentines … This <3 goes </3 every time this distance gets in the way, But hey we don’t lose that connection once I’m gone cuz every time I’m back to her there the same feelin i have before i left to start a new life on the east… Does she feel da same way or is it jus a Friend” status…  all i can do is be Patient til the right time to kno the answer (^_^)