The shitty thing about long distance relationships is that you can’t touch, kiss, hug, or make love to your girlfriend/boyfriend whenever you’d like. But there’s another side..every second spent apart from one another feels like heaven once y’all are physically together. It’s a beautiful thing. You learn to not take the little things for granted like the sound of their voice or the smell of their skin. Everything you do when you’re separated, you constantly think “if only he/she was here.” It’s an unbelievably hard task to undergo but I promise, to all of you going through a long distance and feel that it’s not going to work..hang in there. Hang on as tight as you can. I promise you that every month, week, day, hour, minute and second that you’re apart from your loved one will feel like nothing when you’re finally in their arms. Stay Strong❤️

Shorty, too far right to be hugged, too far too been seen, too far to even to talk. From purple shirts in the mornings when we first started to hang out to eating jack in the box on Valentines … This <3 goes </3 every time this distance gets in the way, But hey we don’t lose that connection once I’m gone cuz every time I’m back to her there the same feelin i have before i left to start a new life on the east… Does she feel da same way or is it jus a Friend” status…  all i can do is be Patient til the right time to kno the answer (^_^)

An Unsent Letter For You

Though this letter is addressed to you, I actually wrote this for myself. I want to steer away from this emotion. And these words you’re about to read is meant to hurt me as it is the only way to filter out all of my feelings.

There is an irrevocable distance between us.

If we are notes in a sheet music, you’d always be a note subjacent to me. If we are a theatrical play, you’d be comedy, I’d be tragedy. If we are natural numbers, you’d be positive, I’d be negative. If we are parts of a novel, you’d be the climax, I’d be the falling action. If we are seasons, you’d be summer, I’d be winter. Opposites attract wouldn’t work with us. We’ll always meet but will never be together. Eternally asymptotic.

And I wonder why gravity for pulled me nearer to you only to realize we are light years apart.

To all my Followers of Awesomeness

For you guys i have a list of queued post through out tomorrow and i hope you like them as i venture tomorrow onto a track meet.

she has already wished me luck and much love. 

i hope you saturdays are as awesome as you guys are and enjoy the post.



    AND OF COURSE, at the appearance of one enigma, taejoon will drop everything he’s working on, despite being in the middle of soloing a high level dungeon to respond. he types with enough ferocity that he may as well be shouting at the screen.

[ msg: ] SEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ msg: ] im ig already you shit just on a diff char
[ msg: ] i learned some new tricks
[ msg: ] totally can kick your ass now
[ msg: ] FIGHT ME SEO

      AND OF COURSE, he blissfully ignores the initial question and jumps straight to the far more promising part of this conversation, one brow rising in mild anticipation as the keys beneath his fingertips rattled on to, for once, give a timely reply.

MSG. wanna defeat me with tricks huh
MSG. the fucks that
MSG. either way too bad im arena rn
MSG. tournament going on
MSG. gonna call


     “it’s still in the first round so reg shouldn’t be closed yet.
      Get your ass over here. Those guys are all trash.”