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Okay so I know a lot of people that are into kpop (and other k music but this ask is more kpop oriented) are young adults and stuff so of course their are gonna day sexual stuff but it sometimes distirbes me when people say certain things like "choke me d*ddy", "f*c me", or do creepy things like search for the outline of idols genitals on a picture video or gif going "look how big it is" anyway you get the gist. Now I know that many of these idols are young adults themselves but it all seems 1/2

very disturbing at times. I mean if I was an idol whether underage or not I would feel creeper out and kinda disgusted. It also doesn’t help that some of the very people who say that stuff are like “it’s no big deal” “get over it” and I guess you can talk about that stuff privately but it still creeps me out. And I am not saying you can’t find idols attractive it’s just there’s a line and I see people cross it too many times. Though I do find idols attractive I was never one to feel like 2/2 (Sorry I ran out of room) to feel like those people whom I gave examples of (I feel like its partly because I and teenager and most of these idols are a good 4/5-10 years older than me so for me in that perspective it’s kinda/ a bit)

Honestly, people be going way overboard with it. Like for one, keep it off their pages PERIOD. You should never let them see it. Cause I’m sure they wouldn’t want a stranger saying that shit to them.

Saying it in “private” is cool I guess but again, there’s not reason to go that far overboard with it. Say it sometimes but when you’re CONSTANTLY having sexual shit to say about the most mundane of things you have some type of issue. It’s really not normal to ALWAYS think about EVERYTHING so sexually.