DCON 2013

This weekend was sure one of the best days ever! Bonding with my district, region, division, and club made this experience even better. On Sunday, I was crying because this past year has been the best and my most favorite year out of all my 3 years in key club. This club grew so much and it even made me grow as an individual. I wish I was more involved since my freshman year. However, I am proud where I’ve got up to. I wish I had the confidence that I now have to run for something big, maybe as a LTG or as a Division Executive Assistant. However, I don’t regret for running for Club Secretary and now, President.  I know I can make my last year in Key Club even better. Thank you CNH bees, Region 13, Division 10S, and Boscolino for the best weekend ever. Thank you, my board, thank you, my LTG, Kelly Lau, thank you my advisor, Mrs. DInh, and my Kiwanis advisors for everything you’ve taught me, supported me, and I am truly sad that it is now all over but I will surely remember you all for making a difference in my life. Your help made me even win DISTINGUISHED SECRETARY. Thank you for an amazing year. I will miss you all IPs and Seniors. Our memories will always remain within me. Wish we could spend just a little bit more time together. I love you all. <333

“Don’t be cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss