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Newt x reader :: Close Encounters - Part 1

Request: I’ve got a request :3 (in love with your works, really) so… Reader constantly ‘loosing’ her jewelry or finds them in the most bizarre places thinking she just can’t get herself together. When, actually, it’s the niffler. because of that Newt has couple of encounters with her and has to erase her memory. And he’s very irritated. But after a while of this going on he realizes how much they bond and how open-minded she is, so he decides to enter her life in a normal healthy way.

Notes: You have NO idea how much this inspired me! I should probably kick myself for starting another series but I just have so many ideas for this and I’m excited just thinking about it, haha. Thank you for this.

Word Count: 1,134

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December 10th. As a Macy’s shop girl, your days were hectic, to say the least. You clocked in early to adjust all of the displays and Christmas decorations, and stayed late helping customers who had lost track of time. Your feet were always sore from the high heels that were part of your uniform and your boss insisted you look “as nice as the products,” meaning an extra hour of hair and makeup in the morning.

You were tired constantly, but you liked being busy. You worked at the jewelry counter so you were continuously entertained. Remembering all the keys to all the different cases and what lie within them was sort of like a puzzle and it kept you stimulated.

The day had been like any other busy holiday season day; helping older women find replacement wedding rings, distinguished-looking men find the perfect pocket watch, and helping giggly young girls who couldn’t afford anything try on necklaces and bracelets.

The night, however, was when things got interesting.

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Of Parties and Holly

Because @pervertedequality wanted some Saibuki and I also have a particular fondness for this pairing. Plus, their art inspired me; particularly the mistletoe one. So mistletoe shenanigans.

Saitama could defeat anything. Mistletoe, however, was something else entirely. Or so it thought, anyway.


She hardly expected him to come, to be honest. After all, with friends like King and Genos, she had thought that he would have all manner of better things to do then come to her gang’s holiday party. However, when one of her bouncers came busting through her estates door, his face smashed in beyond all repair, to call her flabbergasted would not even begin to describe how she felt.

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