distinctive travel

Variant Aarakocra

These aarakocra are meant to be descendants from the original that variate to resemble different types of birds and have a personality past “stern isolationists” if they maintain that at all but really, they can be adjusted for whatever the DM’s vision for them is.

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The ride home is taking forever, so I’ll write a little fic to pass the time.


Jimin sighted, patience reaching its limit, as he struggled, yet again, to find the coin spot of the damn machine. Really, all he wanted was a drink, was that too much to ask for?

“Sorry-” the sudden voice would have probably made him jump, were this a few months ago. As it were tho, Jimin was already used to voices popping out of nowhere, so he only turned his head in the direction it came from “-do you need a hand?”

“If you don’t mind…”

“Of course not” a soft and warm hand gently took his own, brushing over his palm and taking the few coins he had been holding “What do you want?”

“Just a soda, thanks” He heard the distinct sound of coins traveling down metal pipes before a bottle dropped in the dispenser and then, finally, in his hand.

“No problem. Where are you going now? Need some company? The name’s Yoongi, by the way.” He felt the same hand slide into his and didn’t even try to hide the smile slowly blooming on his face “Do you mind?”

“On the contrary” Jimin answered, tightening his hold on his mysterious new escort “My room is on the third floor, second on the right”

“What, and you came all the way down here for a soda?”

“I was craving it, shut up”

The laugh that filled up the air around him made Jimin’s heart flutter. Yoongi must look amazing, like an angel, if his voice was anything to go by. Because that’s all Jimin had to go on. Sounds.

It was only three hours later, after hours of fun and joking and being scolded by passing nurses to keep it down that Jimin gathered the courage to raise his hands to the other’s cheeks and ask, almost hesitantly “Sorry, but… Do you mind?”

Yoongi took a moment to realize what the younger meant, after which he moved closer and smiled “Of course not”

Jimin had only done this a couple of times, so he couldn’t really figure out everything, but holly shit, Yoongi was beautiful. His skin was soft, his forehead covered by slightly raspy hair (maybe he bleached it?), his nose was just the right size, sharp and a bit cold, his cheeks not too hollow, not too puffy, jaw prominent from the first touch and lips dry and slightly bumpy (he should stop biting them).

“Is my face really that fascinating?” Yoongi laughed, startling Jimin out of his trance.

“S-sorry! I just, umm… You’re really handsome, sorry…”

“You should see yourself”

Jimin was pretty sure he wasn’t meant to hear that, what with it having been whispered, but since his sight vanished, his hearing improved. Witch is why he was now a blushing mess.

“Shit, did you hear that? Actually no, fuck it, you’re hot. Go on a date with me”