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You know I still got it. You could have call out.

I’m fine Korra. I simply tripped over the tool box.

You are no spring chicken now and could have really hurt yourself. 

Why don’t you just enjoy a genuine excuse to be hold like this?

korrasami week day 6 - safe again (I just love the idea that Asami getting into trouble in the workshop ever since I saw willoghby‘s Day 4 post)


Christina Rossetti
London Macmillan and Co 1896 New and Enlarged Edition
[First Complete Edition printed 1890 this being the 7th reprint]

Several illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti who also designed the distinctive gilt blocking to the binding


The King’s Men Stone Circle, England

The King’s Men are part of the Rollright Stones, a complex of three Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monuments near the village of Long Compton, on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. Constructed from local oolitic limestone, the three monuments now known as the King’s Men and the Whispering Knights in Oxfordshire and the King Stone in Warwickshire, are distinct in their design and purpose, and were built at different periods in late prehistory.

The King’s Men is a a stone circle which was constructed in the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age; unusually, it has parallels to other circles located further north, in the Lake District, implying a trade-based or ritual connection.

By the Early Modern period, folkloric stories had grown up around the Stones, telling of how they had once been a king and his knights who had been turned to stone by a witch; such stories continued to be taught amongst local people well into the 19th century. In the 20th century, the stones became an important site for adherents of various forms of Contemporary Paganism, as well as for other esotericists who hold magico-religious ceremonies there. They also began to appear more widely in popular culture, featuring in television, literature, music and art.

Claddagh Ring_Merlin

[ …]The Claddagh’s distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart and usually surmounted by a crown. These elements symbolize the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown).

Thank you so much @elyxyz for inspired me every time, you’re unique~

reasons why taz is a lot like homestuck

-a medium of storytelling most people would find strange or unappealing at first but is actually really good

-there’s no distinct character designs so the fans make their own. Specific headcanons have become so popular that they’ve pretty much become canon.

-lots of hype on the 13th of April

-the story becomes more and more complex and dark as it moves along. starts off as a little funny story and by the end you’ve cried at least three times.

-introduces many characters as more plot is revealed but most of them are killed off at least once.

-spoilers everywhere you go. read/listen to while browsing social media if you dare

-so many random parallels and inside jokes to the point that nobody ever knows what the fans are talking about

add onto the list

I’ve Lived A Long Bloody Time

Captain Duckling Soulmate AU. Everyone is born with a soul mark that only has one match. The day you reach 20, you stop aging until you find your match. (1/?)

For my lovely valentine @princess-emma-of-misthaven. Sorry, it’s a little late. I loved talking to you these past weeks and I hope to chat more.

Killian Jones has been plagued his whole life, a lot of bloody years, by the swan beneath his collar bone.

It’s a simple soul mark but a rare one.

Simple in it’s design, it consists of two lines—a thick curving line in the shape a hook, swooping down and out, thinning into a gentle curve like that of a closed eyelid and another, slightly rippled line starting about two-thirds of the way down from the first, rising, falling and then rising again, flicking up like wave smashing against rocks.

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Chloe’s Mask

Not sure if anyone else has brought this up but there’s always been this little difference in Ladybug’s mask and Chloe’s cosplay mask. It’s not really important I’ve just always found it kinda weird.

Notice how Ladybug’s mask is rounded at the edges.

Chloe’s mask is consistently more pointed.

It’s probably an artistic distinction connected to their designs and personalities. Maybe they wanted Antibug to have a sharper - eviler, edgier, ect - mask and it was easier to just re-color it.

Though something else that’s fun to point out is Bee’s mask.

I’m not sure if they’re repurposing the Ladybug/Antibug model for Bee but this look is a trend. It definitely works better for the shape of her eyes, face, and bangs.


Official Persona 5 Hero Phantom Suit and Mask Cosplay Products Announced

Cosplay costume company Cospa has announced a replica of the costume worn by the Persona 5 protagonist, in addition to a replica of his mask. Both are set to be released in late September 2017.

P5 Hero Phantom Suit

The “P5 Hero Phantom Suit” was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima, and will include the coat, pocket handkerchief, jacket, pants and gloves.

Product Description:

Fastening the waist part of the coat and jacket with the inner metal fittings will reproduce the silhouette of the Persona 5 protagonist


With official supervision, elegant shiny synthetic leather was used.
The lining is attached.
As with the original setting, the front of the coat is not closed, the design is intended to be worn open. Whilst buttons are included, it cannot be worn closed.
The silhouette of the large collar which surrounds the face was designed under official supervision.
The characteristic design of the body and sleeves was expected through switching fabrics and giving a stereoscopic effect through the stitching.

Pocket Handkerchief:

An elegant, shiny fabric was used.
In accordance with the official setting, it should be folded into three peaks and placed in the breast pocket.


A synthetic leather with a metallic texture was used. Additionally the slender design was reproduced.
The lining is attached.
The front features a lock type hook for the neck so that it will stay affixed. By opening the front part, the button is hidden.
The distinctive design of the front is completed by sewing on a patch, to give a three dimensional finish.
Adding metal parts to the top of the patch reproduces the design of the original setting.
The round rubber included with the cuffs is intended to be worn over the middle finger. This prevents the cuffs from protruding from the gloves, maintaining the silhouette around the cuffs.


A synthetic leather with a strong texture, excellent stretchability and suppressed gloss is used.
The characteristic design where both sides are bulging is reproduced. A commitment to balancing them has been made.
In order to reproduce the original design, decorative buttons have been added to the front zipper.
As in the original setting, the waist is high.
Rubber on both sides of the waist belt gives versatility in size.
The coat tail is tailored to specific specifications so that is is easy to wear even with a tight silhouette.


As in line with the original design, vivid red synthetic leather is used.
The back side is a mixed fabric of polyester and cotton. As it contains cotton material, it is hygroscopic and has a nice finish.
The wrists are fastened with Velcro.

Purchase Details

Preoders Open:
COSPA Webmail Order: Friday June 9th, 2017
Credit Card Orders: Monday July 10th, 2017
Convenience Store: Wednesday June 28th, 2017
Release Date: Late September 2017
Price: 150,000 yen (162,000 yen including tax)

P5 Hero Phantom Mask

The “P5 Hero Phantom Mask” is a replica of the mask worn by the protagonist of Persona 5, and was supervised by character designer Shigenori Soejima.

Product Description

Faithful reproduction of the color scheme and texture with the use of stereoscopic modeling, resulting in a handmade, authentic mask by a craftsman.
The characteristic patterns for the eyes are painted by hand, one by one.
The base has a white pearl paint finish, under official supervision.
By using urethane material on the back side, it is comfortable to be worn and is made to have a slight gap between the mask and the face.
It is mounted with the inclusion of a rubber belt. It can be adjusted to fit the size of one’s head.
Because it is removable with metal fittings attached to the right side of the rubber belt, it is easy to install, even after wearing a wig.


It is made of urethane resin.


Freely adjustable size, from about 45 cm to about 63 cm.
Mask Dimensions: Horizontal x Depth x Height: about 19.5 cm x about 11.5 cm x about 7.5 cm

Purchase Details

Preoders Open:
COSPA Webmail Order: Friday June 9th, 2017
Credit Card Orders: Monday July 10th, 2017
Convenience Store: Wednesday June 28th, 2017
Release Date: Late September 2017
Price: 24,000 yen (25,920 yen including tax)

Crossing Borders: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe immigrated to the US from Germany around 1938. In America, Mies van der Rohe’s career as an architect and teacher flourished, and his distinctive high-modernist designs proved hugely influential on generations of architects internationally. It wasn’t until his last project, the weightless pavilion for Berlin’s New National Gallery (pictured here in a perspective collage), completed in 1968, that Mies van der Rohe again set foot in the country of his birth. Learn about Mies van der Rohe and other immigrant artists: mo.ma/crossingborders.

Our digital exhibition “Crossing Borders,” presented as part of our #CitizensBorders initiative, showcases works from MoMA’s collection by artists who immigrated to the U.S., often as refugees in search of safe haven. Explore all the works at mo.ma/crossingborders

[Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (b. Germany. 1886–1969). “New National Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Interior perspective)” c. 1962–1968. Mies van der Rohe Archive, gift of the architect. © 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn]

I’ve been looking at the Galra symbols on the armour as a reference for another character in my multichapter fanfic. I noticed something interesting…

This is the symbol on the higher ranking soldiers and lieutenants’(although, Thace got promoted later on) armours on the show…

Granted, these soldiers hold pretty high positions in the military, since and that guy who captured Shiro and his team in episode 1 had the same symbol. If I had to guess, they are somewhere in the middle in the Galra military ranks.

This is the symbol of the Galra high commanding officers…

The high commanding officers seem to have two yellow dots in the centre of the torso…which almost look like cat eyes (fitting?).

This is the armour for a Galra drone, who is not a robot…

It’s grey armour (I think, it’s hard to tell with the lighting here) with a pink and purple symbol on the chest with a helmet to cover the eyes.  

This is the armour of that prison warden from when Shiro and the others break Slav out near the end of season 2…

Which also matches Ulaz’s symbol from when he was working as a Galra doctor…

This is the Weblum Galra…

The symbol on the chest doesn’t match anything we have seen so far!  The closet thing to it is maybe the lieutenant’s symbol  and the colours used are close to that prison warden’s, but that’s about it.  

Not only that, like I and others brought up before, the helmet is the same design as Allura’s, probably being common before she and Coran were put into the pods.  Most of the Galra do not wear face masks outside of the Blade of Marmora. Even then, the Weblum Galra’s face mask doesn’t match that either! So it makes me wonder all the more why a Galra in Zarkon’s ranks would have such a helmet when no one else does.

Also, they have Zarkon’s symbol on the armour, the same one from when Keith got the Red Lion…

What makes it even more bizarre, like @radioactivesupersonic brought up before me, the fact this was on the person’s armour. The symbol seems to be only used by those who Zarkon deems the best commanders like Sendak, who used it on his ship, and even he does not have that symbol on his person.  The only person to wear that symbol is Zarkon.

So them being able to wear such a high ranking symbol, despite seemingly floating around in the ranks really sticks out to me.  It’s like if an employee pretended to be the CEO for the same company they worked for, it wouldn’t turn out well. 

It is a very odd and distinct design to say the least.  

The only way this would make any sense is if the armour was custom made for that one Galra. Even the best of the best are not offered the  chance to have custom armour, which makes sense since Zarkon doesn’t seem like anything near Boss of the Year territory and this is still the military operation that uses uniforms.  Sure, there are some variation in the commander’s uniforms, but even then they are still very similar. Even then, the same can’t be said for anyone else outside of that.

To add on to the “This Galra Sticks Out Like a Sore Thumb” sundae is the fact they seem to be operating on their own accord, like @radioactivesupersonic  mentioned in another meta, going off into a Weblum on their own without any backup and let Hunk and Keith go free after backstabbing them before hand. If this was your average Galra in the ranks, they would be terrified to report back they let not only two paladins free and operated on their own devices to get a single bag of Scaultrite like that, especially with Zarkon’s whole KO “destroy everything that opposes you” attitude.

If this was a Blade of Marmora member in disguise, I think they would recognise the paladin armour and not backstab them like that.

The only way all of this makes any sense to me is if the custom made armour was bestowed onto someone tied to Zarkon extremely personally, but still is not someone deemed worthy of super high honours in the military because Zarkon might have negative or mixed feelings towards them – someone like say, Zarkon’s son, Lotor.

With that said, this is still a guess. I am curious to see who this is in the next season.

SU theory: Rose’s Sword and the shattering of Pink Diamond

I’m sure you’re sick of this stuff by now, but something’s been bugging me about Rose Quartz shattering Pink Diamond. I’m going to ramble for a bit about a bunch of things other people have probably pointed out already.

Everything we’ve heard suggests that the death of Pink Diamond is the moment that started the rebellion in earnest, but Eyeball specifically says she remembered Rose Quartz’ huge sword. Rose definitely had a huge sword, but it was made by Bismuth, after the rebellion was well underway. Plus there’s this:

“It can cut through a gem’s physical form in an instant! Destroying the body…but never the gem.”

We have no reason to believe Bismuth was lying about that. In fact, it’s obviously a sore spot with her.

This can’t be the sword that shattered Pink Diamond, but what if it was based on something deadlier? Let’s take a closer look at Rose’s sword.

That is a very distinct design, much more detailed than most of the ones we’ve seen. In fact, it’s got a lot of the hallmarks of a fusion weapon.

Now, what would combine to make a bladed weapon with a hand guard, decorated pommel, and floral spiral motif? Is there a fusion on the show whose weapon we’ve never seen?

Rose Quartz valued all life, including the lives of her enemies, but what if she was fused with somebody who didn’t share those feelings? Somebody who would have had a more personal grudge against Homeworld society and the Diamonds in particular?

But none of this explains why Rose would have asked Bismuth to make a copy of the sword that shattered Pink Diamond.

Fusions between different gems are taboo, much moreso if they’re between different castes. Blue Diamond wanted to shatter Ruby for daring to fuse with Sapphire, what would happen if a respected member of Pink Diamond’s inner circle fused with a Pearl, of all things?

Better for Rose to let Homeworld think she acted alone.

Trying to like visualize a single image for some of these charas is hard. Like Avi and Johann, I have a lot of ideas for them. Merle is one I also can’t like pin point any distinct single design… I can’t even imagine davenport… but I’ll work on it!! >:o

Torah’s purity rules were rules of access and welcome. Over time, Israel turned the good laws of purity into instruments to bar the way not only to Gentiles but also to other Jews… Purity laws designed to provide access to God for people in the flesh, designed to regulate social connections within Israel, designed to prepare Israel for her mission to the nations, become instruments of exclusion and brute marginalization. At its worst, Pharisaical oral tradition is the law turned back to flesh - turned into a means for reinforcing fleshly distinctions, restrictions and enhancing fleshly boasting - which is why Jesus so ferociously attacks the Pharisees.

@time-unwinds-slowly Don’t even get me STARTED

This game has the pacing of a fucking freight train. Not only does it dump piles and piles of utterly useless information on you, it does so for MINUTES. With NO GAMEPLAY. It’s just TWO PEOPLE TALKING on a screen without any movement, engagement, or interest.

And I would be fine with this. I really would. I can take heavy handed exposition with a grain of salt. But that’s only if I care about it. This game sets up its world ridiculously poorly. It doesn’t give me reason to care about the fate of either of the two countries, and doesn’t enforce the differences between the two. In Fates, Nohr and Hoshido were two clear, distinct worlds, with different slang, different clothing styles, and different game mechanics to press this. This is the same with Awakening, where the countries were at least distinct by their character design and goals. Zofia and Rigel do not have these things. The countries never feel separate or relevant a lot of the time, the only clear difference I see being that Rigel was more religious (Or was it Zofia? If I’m being honest, I don’t even remember what side Celica was fighting for), and that “Rigel is cold” compared to Zofia. Everything else is literally TOLD to you by a NARRATOR, one of the huge nos in movie making and story writing, without being that enforced in the game elsewhere

The characters in my opinion are the thing that’s most offensive about the game (and not politically lol, just as in something it did wrong). This game is marketed with the notion that having no supports in a Fire Emblem game is more realistic, and therefore better, but all it does is strip the characters down of any depth or potential they might have. These characters are incredibly dry, barely written, and nothing quite as magnetic as we’ve seen from the other fire emblem characters in recent years, even with hours of fully voiced dialogue. It’s bad, really bad, and I found myself not caring or being invested in any of the plot because of this. The only good, dynamic, and developed character was Berkut, who literally wasn’t even in the original Fire Emblem Gaiden and added later. It’s a major weak spot that was supposed to be a selling point, and it’s lack of good characters weighed heavy on the game as a whole.

Lastly I gotta rant about the character design real quick. Not only was it flat and uninspired, it’s use of muted colors and unoriginal design really put the already dull characters at an even greater disadvantage. This game may not have the stiffing amount of fan service that Awakening or Fates did, but all it did was give us boring, flat character design that’s easily forgettable (Except for the Saint class design. That was amazing.) This unfortunately, is due primarily to the fact that Kozaki was not a part of the production team, and since he’s a genius when it comes to character design and meaning in character design (minus the fanservice), his absence is tangibly felt.

All I’m going to say to wrap things up here is that this game may have been great in its hay day, but it’s outdated, and that can be felt extremely clear here. There’s a reason Gaiden itself only sold around 300,000 copies, and there’s a reason that the franchise as a whole was starting to fade before Awakening came. Awakening and Fates are stories more suited for a modern era of gaming, with exciting, engaging and layered characters you want to invest into. Echoes doesn’t have this, and it suffers because of it.