distinctive 'look and feel'


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkYA2-bW1m4)

I love that near the end of the video Emma’s focus is on Regina.

Regina talks about how this place would have been the perfect prison for the Queen and for them. Because there is no magic and no way to contact home.

Then Emma says “It’s different for us, for…for you. You have people who care about you. We might not be able to break out, but maybe they can break in.” As she gives Regina her puppy dog look.

And the Regina replies “Henry”.

And Emma just looks at her. And I get the distinct feeling that is not what Emma meant. I think she meant herself. I think someone is tired of hiding behind her son. When expressing why she cares about Regina.

Or maybe the reason she felt the need to correct the “us” to “you” was because she liked the sound of “us” way more than she wants to admit.

And then the way she says “No, no…” as if she’s panicking at the thought of being stuck in a space alone with Regina for an extended period of time.

And then Emma asks her how they’re going to get back and Regina says “Like you said…Henry.” And I again get the feeling that is not what Emma meant.

I feel like Regina really underestimates how much Emma really cares about her. Or maybe why Emma cares about her. It’s not about Henry. But in the past both have put their reason for worrying about each other on worrying about their son.

And I genuinely get the feeling Emma is tired of pretending Henry is the only reason she cares about Regina. Ad Regina clearly doesn’t know how much she actually means to Emma. Which I can’t really blame her for since everyone clearly still hates a significant part of her, not to mention that Emma is with Hook. I mean…

But it also reminds of the fact that in the series premiere Emma woke up in jail, which might be a metaphor for being trapped in her mind. And that Regina being in this prison behind the mirror with her means that Regina has found a way to successfully break in and reach Emma.


Felt pretty androg. today 👌 (she/they)


The ancestors of the glorious SIG P210/P.49 of Swiss Army - two prototypes by SIG and W+F Bern at Forgotten Weapons. The W+F prototype has a distinct FN GP/HP 35 feel, while the SIG-Neuhausen’s looks like an overgrown MAS 35A.


Pas Normal Studios.

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