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There is so little canon information out there about Togruta despite the fact that one has a leading role in the cartoons. Well, I have a few of my own headcanons

  • Togruta don’t have human-like ears as they ‘hear’ through their montrals and those work kinda like reverse tuning forks, or passive echolocation. This isn’t so much an hc as it is confirmed but it’s worth noting. Simply, this just means their montrals, which are hollow, pick up sounds after it bounces off of something else.
  • This rarely presents a problem, especially on their homeworld, but in starships it does. Metal is a reflective sound barrier and being surrounded by metal, with lots of noise going on, will amplify the noise incredibly. 
  • On their homeworld, this gave them a distinct advantage among certain wildlife and allowed them to rise up the food chain. The movements of other species were given away as they traveled through the plains, carried by the turu grass. This also alerted them to the giant Akul beasts
  • Togruta communities live in forest valleys where canopies kept them out of sight. All the more reason to develop hearing through location.
  • I’ve often wondered what kind of beasts they might have domesticated and my favorite thought, tbh, are birds. The trill-like language of the Togruta, known as Togruti, would be ideal for communicating with birds I think. And, as most everything is on their planet, they would be birds with brightly colored plumage to fit into their surroundings. More than that, they would be efficient ways to enter and exit their communities via flight
  • I’d like to think that voices at certain pitches ‘sound’ very pleasing to them, as would being in certain rooms depending on what material it’s made of

“Sly fox.”

“You know you love me.”

Quick practice of Nick and Judy on night-ops, probably an infiltration-extraction on some Night-howler Smugglers.   Gave Judy a Kriss Vector SBR, which has the same operating role as the P90 from earlier, but looks ridiculous and almost adorable because of how small it is, and Nick is wielding a surpressed Remington MSR, and as soon as that hand drops, the guards/henchmen in that place are gonna be falling over one-by-one.

I noticed that along with being huge, the SWAT animals were mostly large herbivores like elephants, buffalo, and rhinos, which means that Nick, a nocturnal predator, would have a distinct advantage in that he has natural night visions and wouldn’t need to wear a clunky night vision goggle like Judy >:P


The two men go sprinting down the bunker’s hall, Sam’s longer legs giving him a distinct advantage over Cas.

“You,” he huffed, glancing over his shoulder at the angel, “Won’t win. Not this time, Cas.”

Cas just smirks, and then there’s a flash of blue as Sam goes crashing into the wall, the force of Cas’s grace sending him sprawling. But before Cas can keep moving, Sam catches him by the ankle and tugs him to the ground.

As the two struggle, you open up the door to find the source of all the noise.

“Guys,” you say slowly, looking at the two tangled up on the floor. “What’s going on?”

“Y/n,” they say in unison, and then they’re both scrambling to their feet.

“I need to talk to you about something,” Sam says quickly, stepping forward.

Cas shoots out an arm to push the youngest Winchester back. “I also have something to discuss with you,” he says, glaring at Sam. “And it is of far more importance than anything Sam can come up with.”

anonymous asked:

it seems to me that with trans ppl "male privilege" or "straight privilege" kind of is, because of the way gender stuff works, conditional acceptance is more often a lower bar for them than for trans women or for het trans ppl. but thats... not really privilege, is it?

Yea, pretty much. That’s why I find it important to make a distinction between advantages and privilege. Having an advantage can be temporary, or conditional, or situational; having privilege is not really something that changes.

I also strongly believe that in order to have privilege, you have to benefit from being discriminatory. Anyone can contribute to any existing structure of oppression, sure; but if they don’t benefit from it and are just punching out at other marginalized groups, they aren’t privileged so much as just as an asshole.

Ayurvedic Advice for a Happy Menstruation

Ayurveda says that bleeding every month gives us a distinct advantage over men, and it’s probably why we live longer than they do. It sounds weird, I know, but that’s because Ayurveda believes that your monthly is much more than a way to shed the ol’ uterine lining.

Think of it as a built-in detox cleanse that you get to do every 25 to 35 days, one in which all the toxins— the sticky, icky stuff Ayurveda calls ama— that have accumulated during the month get a free ride out. These toxins can come from anything your body hasn’t digested— bad food, stress at work or at home, even any emotions you’ve shoved down.

Of course, if you’ve taken good care of yourself all month long, your body should have a pretty easy time self-cleansing. But if you’ve pigged out on junk food, hit the Red Bull a little too hard, functioned with barely any sleep, skipped out on your usual yoga classes, or failed to deal with hurt or angry feelings that cropped up, guess what? It’ll be a drag later on in the month.

Add these if they speak to you!

1. Focus on your breath on Day 1

While you’re taking it easy on the first day of your period, your body is working really hard to move the menstrual blood (and all the toxins it finds) down and out.

You can help it along by focusing on soothing, conscious breaths, with a special emphasis on the exhale.

This type of breathing will encourage what yogis call the apana vayu— the downward-moving wind energy. Apana vayu (a type of prana, or life force) not only governs menstruation and digestion, but it also allows us to let go of what no longer serves us— destructive thoughts or negative emotions.

2. Be selfish

The first day or two should be a time for reflection. This is a perfect opportunity to do a loving-kindness toward yourself, your family, and your friends. It can really help dislodge you from the poor-me attitude your cycle has unleashed.

Focusing on your basic goodness— after all, you’re beautiful just the way you are— turn it inward and then toward the people you love (even if you’re not feeling all that loving toward them right now!).

Here’s how:

Sit down comfortably either on a cushion or in a chair. Close your eyes and allow your breath to find its natural rhythm. And then turn your attention to the area around your heart.

Breathing in and out of your heart space, repeat the following several times to yourself:

Loving-Kindness Meditation:

May I be happy.
May I be healthy.
May I be free from harm.

And now visualize someone in your family, and repeat

May s/ he be happy,
May s/ he be healthy,
May s/ he be free from harm.

Repeat the same meditation/ prayer with one of your close friends in your heart.

3. Give yourself an Ayurvedic massage

Begin your massage with a loving attitude— toward your body and your mind— and focus your awareness on the task at hand.

Warm some sesame, almond, or coconut oil and massage a thin coating over your whole body.

Use long strokes on your arms and legs— moving from the tips of the toes and fingers in toward the body— and circular movements on your joints.

Let the oil soak in and then shower in warm water. No need for soap. If you want to feel even more luxurious and rejuvenated, massage some of the warm oil into your scalp, onto your forehead and temples, and the soles of your feet just before bed. Throw on a pair of cotton socks and call it a night.

via Yoga for a Healthy Menstrual Cycle

want to eat in tune with your menstrual cycle? follow yourcycleyourfood

Capricorn usually have more difficult obstacles laid out in front of them. The fact that they have to go through more challenges just means they have more mastery over their craft. Capricorn learns how to deal with bumps on the road more smoothly than anyone else, which gives them a distinct advantage when in competition. Through all their obstacles, Capricorn values their accomplishments and has a better appreciation for them. 


Why, Randall! You flirty devil! Who knew you had it in you?

I mean, besides Lix (obviously) and, well, all of us – but then, we have the distinct advantage of a certain degree of let’s say omnipresence that Freddie and Bel don’t have.

Multiple Heads, Different Advantages

Conducting a study over 79 years, Dr. M. Harker has discovered that creatures with multiple heads (specifically hydra, chimera, and various species of dragons, gorgons, etc.) fall into one of two categories:

  • Multiple heads, multiple minds (each head controls a portion of the body, each mind is entirely separate)
  • Multiple heads, singular mind (heads form a collective intelligence)

Intelligence and ability levels do not have a statistically relevant variance in the same species. A hydra with multiple minds is as adapt at life as one with a singular mind – so why do these differing pathways exist?

Distinct, yet different, advantages in survival.

Multiple heads, multiple minds: These creatures tend to be more social, have more practice and ability interacting and controlling situations that require diplomacy or that benefit from verbal strategy.

While more difficult to surprise than a monocranial creature, they are far easier to surprise than creatures with multiple heads and a single mind.

Multiple heads, singular mind: These creatures tend to be more independent and reserved. They are more studious and astute, having incredible insights into the physical world around them.

Each head relays the same general information to the collective mind, but with a unique perspective, allowing the creature an incredible viewpoint. They have the ability, for instance, to “see” in a perfect 360 degree field of vision at all times.

Clan War concept.

This is an idea for a level-based war between two clans, and their allies.

It could be done as a roleplay, even a very succinct one, with strength on either side being measured by levels. So  it 25 lvl1 dragons to take on one lvl25. Clans preparing for war would probably train their permanent members up to ~10 or so because it’s an easy way to gain levels. Fodder wouldn’t be counted, just actual, permanent clan members.

Counting enemy levels could be discouraged, so clans would rely on intelligence from allies or encounters with other clans to ascertain the strength of unknown clans. “Ah but people can just cheat, and they’ll never attack a stronger enemy”
Yes but they will attack a weaker one, who can then call in their allies for surprise reinforcement.

This gives a distinct advantage to having clan alliances. Allies can’t just be called in by saying “I call this clan so suck on it.”: The ally must agree, and actually participate beyond just saying yeah sure, and it would change the stakes. This is to discourage massive alliances of people who don’t actually participate but swell the power of one group into an undefeated mass.
For example, if the two warring clans battled for 50k in ‘war reparations’ that loot would then have to be split with the ally in some way. The ally might have to ‘buy in’ in the sense that if they too were defeated, they would forfeit some resource, so the enemy clan might make 100k if he still overpowered both - 50k from each clan. Whereas the clan who called the ally might have to split their loot - a mere 25k each.

Imagine a huge battle between two clans, each just calling in ally after ally in a huge chain. The lore repercussions could be widespread.

Battles could be fought by staking some kind of resource, whether food, fodder (hostages?), maybe the clan’s servitude as an ally in the next battle, or maybe treasure, taken as war reparations.

Would anyone be interested? It’s something that relies a lot on the integrity of the participants, so it’s a friendly kind of thing. At least it’s fairly self-moderating in the sense that if people cheat or refuse to pay up if some stakes were agreed upon, they’re likely to lose allies or have others rally against them.

If there’s any interest I’ll make a thread for it, I think it might be a fun way to play that adds some meaning to the Coli and some prestige and value to leveling your permanent members.