How to make a motherfucking paper flower

 Ur gonna need:

  • A square paper sheet
  • A pencil

Take ur godamn paper

then u fold it in half

fold it in half again

then u put ur finger in there

and squeez it down so it looks like this

repeat on the other side

then u take ur finger again into the motherfuckin flap

And u squeez 

until it looks like this shit

repeat on all the folds so it looks like this

then u fold in in to the middle

and repeat on all sides

then u open the folds u just made

then u take dis part

and push it up


until it looks like a vagina

then u take da fuckin flap

and u fold it down

repeat on all sides

then u find dis part of ur motherfuckin piece of art

and u turn dat shit 180° around

Then u fold in some shit, and repeat on all sides

then u fold down this shit

and repeat on all sides

then u push out all the petals until it looks like dis

then u take ur fuckin pencil and u roll those fuckin petals around it

then it looks like dis

repeat on all sides

and then ur done,

and it looks like this shit

And extra tip, if u on a date u spray dat shit with perfume so he/she/they never forgets ur sexy scent.

So I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t know how to do the river/cliff glitch like in this picture I posted

so first ya get ya self a king tut mask (or you can just do this on a day when you’re tripping all over the place)

then grab ya shovel and find a nice little curve in the river like dis
then make a couple holes like so & bury a random item right in da ground like dat
then get in the middle of the 3 holes, and dig up the item. If you do it right your shit will get all kinds of crazy and shakey but it’s cool
then u just gotta run towards the water until you trip & fall in face first
then ya just run into the waterfall on the cliffs (not the beach one) until you pop up on top of the cliffs and ba-bam you’re walkin around on the cliffs good job

Keep in mind that if you walk too close to a bridge/the edge of the river you’ll be teleported out of the water! Good luck you glitchy folk