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I feel bad for Harry too, I’m disgusted. But sex sells and Harry Styles sells. Like IDK how Anne keeps her mouth shut? My mother would have burnt Modest down by now. (Guess where I get my motherly protectiveness.)

People outside the fandom can see Louis and Harry’s clear coupledom, they know Haylor was bullshit, they know Hendall was bullshit, the few in the public that see past the headlines can see. (And anyone with a remotely functioning gaydar.)

If someone ACTUALLY stole Louis’ phone I’d bet you any money he and Harry would’ve been outed with selfies or sexties. The young rich famous men smoking pot video (which was taken on a god damned Google Glass anyway) IS NOT THAT SHOCKING and not worth near as much as a picture of the loved up boyfriend and the 410 women a year lothario doing something totally not-hetero would have been.

No one from management hurried to delete Harry’s favorite because those fuckers put it there. Behind the scenes is uglier than we can probably imagine and it’s just going to get dirtier from here.

I contacted Harry Magee, Simon Jones, Columbia PR, and the lower level info emails via email and didn’t get a single response. If Harry had been hacked they would have let us know immediately, like Eleanor did when Louis got “hacked.”

I think management similarly followed the porn account but Louis or Harry was lucky enough to be awake and catch it, and ” FUCK YOU BITCHES!” was born out of Louis’ rage, which completely undermined their attempt then, and they had to claim a hacking because it could’ve been taken as aimed at the precious fans that Modest and HJPR care so much about. *rolls eyes to space*

Louis won a round. Harry lost one. They have to sleep sometime.

And I worry about their stress levels a lot too, not just because of their media image, because they know who they are, but more the effects of the closet on their self esteem, their relationships and their entire lives. Their stress hormone levels are probably through the roof.

Notice the only time you see Louis’ camp is when he’s really concentrating on a football or a note? He is concentrating in public constantly to control that and that is the shit that upsets me the most. He has to control his every move (and every word and glance) everywhere but in their home or rooms when they’re alone. (Harry doesn’t have to so much control his camp behavior because his media image has earned him straight privilege so anything camp he does is just ‘playing around’ - bullshit.) That affects their mental and physical health and well-being. And it makes me sick, and I will lead the Big Gay War for that alone.

Pugs are anatomical disasters. Vets must speak out – even if it’s bad for business

I still remember when I was introduced to the concept of a “brachycephalic” (squashed-nosed) dog as a veterinary student. We were having our first anatomy lectures on the skull and the lecturer put up various slides (yes, slides – that’s how long ago I trained to be a vet) showing x-ray images of dogs’ heads. Various different-sized ones went up – a collie, a jack russell, a beagle and then suddenly an extraordinary image of a skull with a crushed nose and distended forehead. “What is wrong with this patient?” our lecturer asked. “Has it been hit by a car?” The students responded. “Has it been kicked? Is there a birth defect?” None of these was right, of course, because the lecturer had been waiting to give his punchline. “You are all wrong. It’s just a pug”.

And there you have it, brachycephalic dogs (which include pugs, bulldogs, French bulldogs and shih tzus) are an anatomical disaster. Every structure that should make up the nose has been squashed flat. The only time these dogs are not in some degree of respiratory distress is when you have them intubated under anaesthetic.

Problems of being an Omega || closed rp

Bruce was shivering and holding his arm close to his chest as he knocked on Rachel’s door. He was soaked from the rain outside, even then though he had a cut on his forehead that was making blood stream down his face. His lip was busted and he had bruises everywhere except his slightly distended stomach.

He had been planning to leave his husband for so long now, the only thing was his alpha caught him packing his bag. First it was only yelling and then Brock started to get physical. Bruce did everything in his power to keep his stomach from getting hit. He had run away as soon as Brock was out of the room. He was crying and trying to hide it as he knocked on Rachel’s door. “R-Rachel?”


If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend, he would never bother you about the fact that you own two clearly well-worn copies of both The Devil Wears Prada and Julie and Julia. If he knew you were going to have a particularly hard day at work, he’d call out “Gird your loins” after you as you left the apartment, because he would know how much that would mean to you.

Madness and witchery… are conditions commonly associated with the use of the female voice in public, in ancient as well as modern contexts. Consider how many female celebrities of classical mythology, literature and cult make themselves objectionable by the way they use their voice. For example there is the heartchilling groan of the Gorgon, whose name is derived from a Sanskrit word garg meaning “a guttural animal howl that issues as a great wind from the back of the throat through a hugely distended mouth.” There are the Furies whose highpitched and horrendous voices are compared by Aiskhylos to howling dogs or sounds of people being tortured in hell. There is the deadly voice of the Sirens and the dangerous ventriloquism of Helen and the incredible babbling of Kassandra and the fearsome hullabaloo of Artemis as she charges through the woods. There is the seductive discourse of Aphrodite which is so concrete an aspect of her power that she can wear it on her belt as a physical object or lend it to other women. There is the old woman of Eleusinian legend Iambe who shrieks and throws her skirt up over her head to expose her genitalia. There is the haunting garrulity of the nymph Echo (daughter of Iambe in Athenian legend) who is described by Sophokles as ‘the girl with no door on her mouth.

Anne Carson, The Gender of Sound

you: colorful surface fish, surviving off algae and small critters

me: abyssal horror fish, luring in other fish with bioluminescence before devouring them with my distended gaping jaws filled with jagged teeth in every angle


Sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi)

The Sarcastic fringehead is a ferocious fish which has a large mouth and aggressive territorial behaviour from which it has been given its common name.When two fringeheads have a territorial battle, they wrestle by pressing their distended mouths against each other, as if they were kissing. This allows them to determine which is the larger fish, which establishes dominance. They are found in the Pacific, off the coast of North America, from San Francisco, California, to central Baja California. Fringeheads are ambush predators, jumping out from their shelter to surprise prey swimming or moving by.

The stomach-churning reason why meat is so cheap

You’re a typical milk cow in America, and this is your life. You are raised, like pigs, on a concrete slab in a stall barely bigger than your body. There, you never touch grass or see sun till the day you’re herded to slaughter. A cocktail of drugs, combined with breeding decisions, has grossly distended the size of your udder such that you’d trip over it if allowed to graze, which of course you’re not. Your hooves have rotted black from standing in your own shit, your teats are scarred, swollen and leaking pus – infected by mastitis – and you’re sick to the verge of total collapse from giving nearly 22,000 pounds of milk a year. (That’s more than double what your forebears produced just 40 years ago.) By the time they’ve used you up (typically at four years of age), your bones are so brittle that they often snap beneath you and leave you unable to get off the ground on your own power.


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You sighed once again as you heard Owen whining from behind you,”Owen please…I’m fine…They’re just babies..” You looked back at him with a sigh.

He looked at you, tone serious, “They are also ten times your weight…I’m worried about this baby right here,” he put a hand gently on your slightly distended belly. 

You smiled at him, and shook your head, “It’ll be fine, Owen. I promise. I’ve been working with them since they hatched,” You shooed him away, “Shoo..Don’t you have raptors to tend to?” you questioned, getting a quiet groan from him.

He nodded,leaning forward and giving you a kiss, “ Stay safe?”

You laughed and pushed him away, “Always, Alpha.” You winked, getting a grin from him, before he saluted you and ran off. You shook your head, turning your attention to the baby dinosaurs, smile on your face. 

Astronomers May Have Just Discovered the First Exomoon

It may not look anything like Avatar’s Pandora or Jedi’s Endor, but if verified, it could be the first moon ever discovered outside our solar system. Located 1,800 light years away, it’s a large moon orbiting a planet four times the size of Jupiter. But strangely, the duo isn’t even remotely close to a star.

To make the discovery, David Bennett of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, and colleagues used a technique that’s not often used to detect exoplanets. It’s called gravitational microlensing, an optical phenomenon where light emanating from a distant object gets warped and distended by the gravity of another nearby object. This warping can create a magnification effect, making celestial objects, like planets and galaxies, easier to find. And now, owing to this latest discovery, it can also help us find moons as well.

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A Pair of Royal Gold Earrings

India, ca. 1st century B.C.

H. 1 ½ in. (3.8 cm); W. 3 in. (7.6 cm); L. 1 9/16 in. (4 cm)

This exquisite pair of gold earrings in rare in having survived. While splendid jewelry adorns the regal and divine figures represented on early stone sculptures and terracotta plaques, few actual ornaments still exist. It is thought that jewelry was not kept and reused but instead was melted down possibly to avoid transmitting the karma of the former owner. In addition to clusters and rows of beads, each earring is decorated with a winged lion, and elephant and two vases filled with vegetation. Put on by slipping through a distended earlobe from the back, they are worn with the lion facing the wearer’s cheek and the elephant on the outside.

The place of these earrings in the history of Indian art is assured, not only for their intrinsic beauty, but also because of the light they shed on the superb quality of early gold-smithing in this region.  Early Indian statues of both male and female figures were usually portrayed with elaborate jewelry that sometimes seemed fanciful, since very little comparable jewelry from that period survived.  The discovery of this pair of earrings provided the first tangible evidence that the jewelry depicted by the sculptors was in fact based on real exemplars, for a very similar pair is shown on a first century B.C. relief portrait of a Universal Ruler, the Chakravartin, from Jaggayapeta.

These earrings, judging from their material worth, the excellence of craftsmanship, and the use of royal emblems (a winged lion and an elephant) as part of their design, were most probably made as royal commissions.  Each earring is composed of two rectangular, budlike forms, growing outward from a central, double-stemmed tendril.  The elephant and the lion of repoussé gold are consummately detailed, using granules, snipets of wire and sheet, and individually forged and hammered pieces of gold.  The two pieces are not exactly identical: On the underside they are both decorated with a classical early Indian design of a vase containing three palmettes, but the patterning of the fronds differentiates the two earrings.  They are so large and heavy that they must have distended the earlobes and rested on the shoulders of the wearer, like the pair worn by the Chakravartin.

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Midbus’s tusks remain one of his most challenging parts for me to draw. I think the problem is, tusks can block information that helps us to read expressions. Midbus’s jaw is squarish and massive, but I don’t go for that wide shovel octogon people draw on orc’s, so his mouth isn’t as distended and massive as most people draw them and so I find myself having to figure out the tusk issue on my own.

then there’s other issues. Tusks or mouth shape first? Make them both curve towards the center or have one more frontal or the same direction? What size is best? Etc

It’s tough to figure out and I’m working on expanding the range of emotion I can convey with Midbus, and also figuring out how I want to depict his tusks. I may just punch bowz mun in the arm to help me since they’re pretty killer at mouths. -_-

anyway what do y’all think of these? any suggestions?

Titan’s Halo

With its thick, distended atmosphere, Titan’s orange globe shines softly, encircled by a thin halo of purple light-scattering haze. 

This composite image was created using taken using blue, green and red spectral filters to create this enhanced-color view; the color images were combined with an ultraviolet view that makes the high-altitude, detached layer of haze visible. The ultraviolet part of the composite image was given a purplish hue to match the bluish-purple color of the upper atmospheric haze seen in visible light. 

Small particles that populate high hazes in Titan’s atmosphere scatter short wavelengths more efficiently than longer visible or infrared wavelengths, so the best possible observations of the detached layer are made in ultraviolet light. 

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute