The Ancient Cypriot King Who Commited Suicide

This is an excessively rare Greek silver distater from Paphos (Cyprus), struck under King Nikokles and is among the finest of all Cypriot coins. Only four genuine coins of this type are known.

Nikokles was one of the most powerful of the late kings in Cyprus, but he, like all the others, was overthrown by Ptolemy I. As a result of his failure, Nikokles and his entire family all committed suicide. Clearly, he had been chafing under Ptolemaic suzerainty at that time and producing such flamboyant coins might be seen as a way of attempting to emphasize his own importance. If this were the case, it resulted in his downfall, and the clear probability that the Ptolemaic authorities in Cyprus made a conscious effort to melt down all the coins of this type they could find; thus helping to explain its enormous rarity today.

The coin was struck circa 325-309 BC in the Persic standard with the head of Aphrodite on the obverse.  She is wearing an elaborate tiara composed of a mural crown with four towers, a disc earring with a triple pendant and a pearl necklace; behind her neck, π∫Å. The reverse shows Apollo, wearing a laurel wreath and nude but for a cloak over his shoulders, seated left on an omphalos, holding an arrow in his right hand and a bow, the bottom of which rests on the ground, in his left; to left, laurel branch.

Aphrodite was the most prominent deity at Paphos (her sanctuary was famous), and her importance is emphasized by the letters on the obverse: Π[αφου] ΒΑ[σιλισσα] = Queen of Paphos. This is emphasized by the mural crown she wears as well, since it symbolizes the powerful walls of Old Paphos (the city of New Paphos was almost certainly founded by Ptolemy I), of which she was the protectress. On the reverse we find Apollo, the syncretized version of Hylates, a similar god originally worshiped on Cyprus (nearby Kourion, a town not far away from Paphos on the west coast of the island, was famous for its sanctuary to Apollo Hylates). It has been suggested that the figure on the reverse of this coin represents a statue that was erected in Paphos, perhaps by Nikokles, and that it was later carried off to Antioch where it was used as a prototype for the seated figure of Apollo that appeared on Seleucid coinage.

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That's just me, but I don't think Solas disapproves of executions. I mean his own personal quest involves him executing a bunch of mages that have no chance of defense, unless you go out of your way to stop him. And he also approves of Erimond execution. I think he is just distateful that the orlesians are treating the execution like some kind of spectacle.

I assume this is in response to my tags on that queued post from a few days ago? (Sorry, I’ve been out of town for a few days without a computer, so responding to messages was difficult.)

I agree with you. My comment was about how he disapproves of executions as a spectacle for public display - I just didn’t really feel the need to write a longer explanation in a quick tag. Solas clearly recognizes that death is sometimes necessary. He is also explicit in saying that violence and killing is not something to take joy in. 

“Unless the fight is personal, violence is a means to an end. It isn’t appropriate to celebrate.”

Interlude to Insanity ft. Ukyo

I stood still, mindlessly staring at the bed which you lie on, not attempting to remove the white sheet of blanket that rested on your face. When I heard the door behind me creak to a close, indicating that everyone else has left the room, I instantly fall onto my knees.

‘This can’t be,’ I thought with desperation and utter disbelief as I searched for some sort of sign, telling me that this was all a dream–a nightmare; a distateful prank; a candid camera of some sort.

Although, when I’m welcomed only by the deafening silence of the small four-walled room, it takes all my will to keep myself from screaming at the top of my lungs. Instead, I settle for a choked sob as tears continuosly stream down my face one after another. And, hesitantly, with shaky fingers, I grasp your hands which were resting on your side, rigid and un-moving.

You had such beautiful hands. They were always filled with warmth, matching the kindness that came from within. But now, all I feel is the unforgiving coldness, denoting the harsh reality that you’re no longer here… by my side. And when it finally dawns on me that you’re gone forever, I could almost hear my heart crack.

The memories which we worked so hard to build over the months, the love we shared, the promises of a bright tomorrow–all of it suddenly feels far away, as if it were vanishing into thin air and you were bringing it along with you.

“Why?” I couldn’t help but ask aloud, as I stared at your soulless being, still clutching onto your extremities that were marred with burn marks and bandages, in fear that if I let go, this would truly be goodbye. “If there really is a god out there, then tell me why?” I brought my voice a decibel higher, talking to no one in particular–at least no one that I can see.

“What did she do to deserve this? If you had to kill someone, you could’ve killed me! Why her, of all people? She had so many friends, a future–she just started college, dammit! She had a long life ahead of her!” I bowed down, my head on the bed, as more tears fell from my eyes and unto the dry blanket. “Please… if there really is a god out there, grant me this one wish, bring her back. I’m begging you!”

The windows of the hospital room burst open as a sudden gust of wind came in. I held down my hat to prevent it from flying out, all the while trying to calm the beating of my heart that spurred from the sudden elemental surprise.

“What…?” I blurted out, squinting my eyes when a bright light invades my vision.

“I’ll grant you your wish.” A voice called out, and when I could finally see clearly, I spot a lone man sitting on the window sill with a bright glow exuding his body.

Still shocked by the unexpected change of events, I could only manage a meek: “Who are you?”

“I am Nhil. A god who has come to grant you your wish.” He answered simply, and if not for the situation I’m in, I would’ve doubted his words. But, with desperation clawing at my soul, anything was good as long it brought her back.

“I’ll do whatever you say. As long as she lives, I don’t care if you’re the devil. I’ll willingly give you my life, or my soul, or anything.” With eyes still wet from tears, I took a glance at her hands, and then to Nhil’s translucent form, “I have… nothing more to lose!”

To be continued…? Maybe? XD

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🍻 If you could change one thing about Lucius what would it be?

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the second shot earned another look of distate, though she managed to take it better than the first. the question helped to distract her. i’d make him less damn stubborn ! i mean, how hard is it to tell me whether you prefer the colour black or green ?! i am one tiny woman, i can’t plan the whole wedding myself ! ’