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Late Victorian or Early Edwardian Etruscan Revival Gold Necklace with Gold Coins of Philip II & Alexander III the Great (359-323 BC)

Ten Gold staters and one gold distater mounted in a late Victorian or Edwardian Etruscan Revival gold necklace. Likely crafted in Greece or Cyprus circa 1870-1910, the necklace contains a central gold distater of Alexander (Price 163) which may be a cast replica (without removal from mount it’s hard to be certain). All of the remaining 10 gold staters, nine of Alexander and one of Philip II, appear to be quite genuine, conditions ranging from a rough fine (the Philip, also holed) to nearly extremely fine. Among them are three dated issues of Sidon (one of 325-324 BC [Price 3486] and two of 324-323 BC [Price 3490]); four of Amphipolis (Price 176 [2], 172 and 168), and a couple in which the mintmark is obscured by the mounting bezel. Coins are set in ornate openwork 14 k gold frames joined by delicate chains in a golden cascade, interspersed with numerous florate pendants set with small pearls; a heart-shaped central drop pendant set with six tiny pearls completes the ensemble. Total weight: 170.03 gm.

Reportedly from the collections of General H. L. Haughton, a British officer in service in India circa 1890-1930, and of Sir Ronald Storrs, British Governor-General of Cyprus 1926-1932. Sold for $28,750.

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i feel like perhaps it's because everyone thinks shizuo is a lot more simplistic, he just dislikes violence and izaya but happens to be crazy strong. and izaya is so complex BUT I SAW THAT SOMEONE WANTED A SHIZUO ANALYSIS TODAY if only i could remember who )::


I think people attribute simplicity in character to mean that he doesn’t possess depth. Just because someone doesn’t shroud his personality in a mysterious aura doesn’t mean he doesn’t possess depth. Tbh I think Shizuo is fairly more often mischaracterized than Izaya is. (at least if people mischaracterize Izaya, imo it’s still close to his true nature. They just tend to make him all powerful and forget that he is a coward)  

But there’s alot more to Shizuo than just his overall distate in violence. For example when he says he hates violence imo that isn’t something that we can take at face value. Rather than saying ‘I hate violence’ what he’s really implying is ‘I hate myself’ as the violence incarnate who is so weak that he succumbs to his violent tendencies even when he doesn’t want to. 

I could talk so much about how much Shizuo hates himself, how low his self esteem has fallen, and how low he views his own self worth +covers face+ 

I think it’s cause my izaya post i sat down and spelled everything out in one giant post so I wouldn’t have to deal with talking about izaya again while with shizuo it stretches across several different posts.

1. Answered here

4. Which non-Federation species would you like to be?

This question is so easy. Orion. Green skin, beautiful hair, able to lure men into giving you power and money. 

10. Which character would you clash with the most?

Probably… hm.. like clash as in too sarcastic for each other Shran. Clash as in mutual distate type thing.. Maybe Belanna? I like her though but i dont think we’d get on very well. 

15. Best doctor?

ahahah so easy. The Doctor. Voyager’s The Doctor.

29. Which character’s story would you like to adopt as your own?

Travis Mayweather’s. Born in space, brought up in space meeting different alien species, managed to be pilot of the first Warp 5 vessel, really nice abs. Hoshi’s best friend and prank buddy. Definitely him.

39. Which two characters would you want as your parents?

A part of me is Trip Tucker and Malcolm Reed but a part of me is Chakotay and Janeway and another part of me is Q and Picard. And another part of me is Shran and Soval. 

45. Favorite ENT episode?

In the Mirror, Darkly part 1 and 2. No doubt about it. 


Star Trek ask meme here, send me an ask here.

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What did Sean penn say?

When the director of Birdman (who is from Mexico) won the Oscar Sean said something like “Who let this bastard get a green card?” as a joke and people got upset-which I can understand to a point. and like I said in my last response-if Sean wasn’t close to him and Gonzalez was upset I would be 100% with everyone who is upset. I get that people who have had to acquire green cards may find the comment distateful and rightfully so 

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❝ Fear is ever-changing & evolving. ❞

      Arthur  blinked a  couple of times,  surprised to  hear such
      words directed to him, especially from the village boy. His
      distate for the Prince  had been  clear earlier. However, he
      took it in and nodded. 

               ❝That is true but there’s nothing wrong in fearing
                   the  unknown. The  o n l y  way to  stop  it from
                   evolving is facing it.❞

Morning Thoughts

I see you walking right outside my building.
What I really want to do is step on you,
but I resort to letting my distate stay quietly seething.
I know I will see you again, and that’s true.
Yet your existence still bothers me
and makes me cringe.
Can I just give you a face full of knee,
call it a day, and then go on a pizza binge?