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The Ancient Cypriot King Who Commited Suicide

This is an excessively rare Greek silver distater from Paphos (Cyprus), struck under King Nikokles and is among the finest of all Cypriot coins. Only four genuine coins of this type are known.

Nikokles was one of the most powerful of the late kings in Cyprus, but he, like all the others, was overthrown by Ptolemy I. As a result of his failure, Nikokles and his entire family all committed suicide. Clearly, he had been chafing under Ptolemaic suzerainty at that time and producing such flamboyant coins might be seen as a way of attempting to emphasize his own importance. If this were the case, it resulted in his downfall, and the clear probability that the Ptolemaic authorities in Cyprus made a conscious effort to melt down all the coins of this type they could find; thus helping to explain its enormous rarity today.

The coin was struck circa 325-309 BC in the Persic standard with the head of Aphrodite on the obverse.  She is wearing an elaborate tiara composed of a mural crown with four towers, a disc earring with a triple pendant and a pearl necklace; behind her neck, π∫Å. The reverse shows Apollo, wearing a laurel wreath and nude but for a cloak over his shoulders, seated left on an omphalos, holding an arrow in his right hand and a bow, the bottom of which rests on the ground, in his left; to left, laurel branch.

Aphrodite was the most prominent deity at Paphos (her sanctuary was famous), and her importance is emphasized by the letters on the obverse: Π[αφου] ΒΑ[σιλισσα] = Queen of Paphos. This is emphasized by the mural crown she wears as well, since it symbolizes the powerful walls of Old Paphos (the city of New Paphos was almost certainly founded by Ptolemy I), of which she was the protectress. On the reverse we find Apollo, the syncretized version of Hylates, a similar god originally worshiped on Cyprus (nearby Kourion, a town not far away from Paphos on the west coast of the island, was famous for its sanctuary to Apollo Hylates). It has been suggested that the figure on the reverse of this coin represents a statue that was erected in Paphos, perhaps by Nikokles, and that it was later carried off to Antioch where it was used as a prototype for the seated figure of Apollo that appeared on Seleucid coinage.

Δεκάτη Ὑστέρα- Δεκάτη Φθίνοντος/ Μετεικὰς- Ἀμφιδεκάτη, XXI day
From today’s sunset: twenty-first day of Gamelion.
The twenty-first day is always sacred to Athena.

(Distater of Thourioi, Lucania, with head of Athena. Athena, profile to right, wearing necklace and crested Attic helmet, on which is Skylla, with dog’s heads springing from her waist. On the neck piece of the helmet a griffin. Lucania, about 400–350 BCE. Now in the Boston Museum…)


I’ve seen some debate on what side Laurent would be on, but my personal headcanon is Nohr.  probably because i love dark knight laurent but that’s neither here nor there  He probably assumes the alias Lucien and serves as a researcher and tactician for the Norhian army.  much to his distate, he ends up working with Iago a lot, but occassionally Leo will ask for his assistance, which Lucien appreciates.  his secondary class is Diviner, to keep with the theme from the original Awakening trio’s reclasses!

Bastion / Gerome | Naei / Nah | Mukuro / Noire | Mitsuki / Cynthia | Holland / Yarne

Seventeen Reacting to someone flirting with their S/O while they’re away.

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S.Coups - He’d seen you with many other guys before, and he’d grown this sense to see who was being friendly and who was being flirty. His annoyance would be clear once he stepped out of the restroom to see someone trying to talk to you, and wouldn’t waste a second telling them to back off.

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Jeonghan - He had left for barely two minutes, two minutes, to answer a call. Only to come back in to see a stranger who was trying to hard to get your attention. He’d stay quiet, his jealousy almost nonexistent since he could see your distate and quickly pull you away.

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Joshua - Joshua wouldn’t really know what to do when he walked out to see someone next to you. Since he’s too kind to say anything, he’d just walk up beside you and intertwine your hands together, hoping the other person would catch on and leave.

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Jun - Jun didn’t care if he embarrassed you or the other person. You were his, and he didn’t like seeing someone else trying to be slick. He’d make sure to stand at the other side of the restaurant before yelling out, “Jagiya! Come over here!” as loud as he could.

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Hoshi - Hoshi would stay oddly calm when he saw someone obviously flirting with you. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of jealousy since he knew you loved him, and wouldn’t waste anytime before quietly walking back over and kissing you, silently telling the person to back off.

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Wonwoo - He he hadn’t been gone that long, and he knew that the person flirting with you had been waiting for their moment.  Wonwoo would stare at you with his fiery gaze, trying to get your attention so you’d come over to him and leave the person feeling rejected.

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Woozi - Woozi wasn’t annoyed at the fact that someone was flirting with you, he was more annoyed that they’d waited for him to leave before thinking they could make a move. He’d sit back in his spot, giving the person a mocking grin before throwing his arm around your shoulders.

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DK - DK wouldn’t really mind if someone had tried flirting when he had stepped away to order your food. All it had taken was a few strides to make it to where you stood, a glance at the attempted suitor before leading you back to where he’d been before.

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Mingyu - Mingyu would stay dangerously quiet as he walked back to see someone in the spot he’d previously been sat at. He’d quickly notice your discomfort and move to stand beside the person, arms crossed and a deadly look aimed at them until they left.

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The8 - He’s still a little awkward at the whole ‘relationship thing,’ so he wouldn’t know what to do. He went on a lim and walked over to you and the stranger, mentally cheering when you instantly grabbed his hand before grinning at you, and teasingly at the person.

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Seungkwan - Seungkwan wouldn’t stand for it. It would only take a moment for him to walk to you and asking the person who they were. “Oh, that’s nice. Well, I’m her boyfriend. So you can go now.” he’d tell them, wrapping his arms around your waist to prove his point.

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Vernon - This was a big no for Vernon. Stepping back in to see a random person with their arm around your waist, he’d step up to them with a threatening look on his face. To you, he looked like an adorable puppy, but to them, he looked like a grenade.

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Dino - Dino didn’t have the first clue as to what to do. He’d see you and the person trying to flirt, and go quiet. He was jealous and slightly upset, so he’d wait for you to notice him. Once you finally you had, he wouldn’t hesitate to wave you over.

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Unpopular opinion: Its really fucking creepy and misogynist for people to say ‘B-But what about trans men?’ when women, especially lesbians, and ESPECIALLY trans girls, express their distate/hatred of men.

You are a trans MAN. Therefore we have reason to distrust you as well.

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while asleep on the couch 

George doesn’t enjoy touching. 

Not of any kind and not by anyone. If he were to say he allowed only some few people to touch him, he would be lying. But the moment Belle’s head come to rest over his shoulder as they’re lazing around his couch watching a movie-Given the fact that their last movie going experience hadn’t been very fun by his complaining, she had made him choose one he liked and took the chance to meet his apartment- there’s a small moment where he doesn’t feel the usual distate it usually comes from it, the one that he only remembers feeling as a child. 

It doesn’t last long. 

“Belle” he moves away, shaking her awake “Wake up. Now.”


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Her thoughts on the heir of the Malfoy name had changed little since the battle of Hogwarts, where instead of fighting for what was right, they had gone for what was easy, what was simple: running. They had ran from the battle, from the struggle, from the worst of it all. She saw her brother die, her friends, her classmates, while the Malfoys left, scared, running like rats at the slightests sound. 

And now their paths crossed again, and her distate for them could hardly be hidden. “Malfoy.”

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not to have a go at anon but i don't think it's 'just' the lack of public support in the cold shouldering. it's the public criticism that has never been in short supply and which was coming from teammates ex and current before the termination/suspension even happened. hope isn't just being ignored, although that's distateful enough /in my opinion/, she's taken low (& extremely hypocritical) blows from people she thought were her friends.

I mean, its all this too. imo, these players have decided on their own to speak out or not. just as some have chosen to speak for or not at all about pinoe’s kneeling or abby’s drug abuse. perhaps there is a low key feeling behind close doors that they shouldn’t get involved with what has happened to hope, but again, it’s choice. either way you look at it, it’s still pretty shitty to not even acknowledge hope in her continued fight for equality even in the present moment - to just ignore her altogether as if she doesn’t exist anymore when she very clearly is in the public eye on this is………idk all i can do is smh.