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The reason Taylor's mom got cancer is because she gave birth to her...

why are you sending this poorly worded and distasteful attempt at a drag to a gif blog on anon is it even possible to hit a lower point in your life 

Henry VIII Marries Katheryn Howard

    On July 28, 140, Henry VIII married his fifth wife, Katheryn Howard.

    Katheryn had been a maid of honor to Henry’s fourth wife, Anna von Kleefes. The king’s interest in Katheryn was so obvious that ambassadors were commenting on it even before his marriage to Anna was dissolved. Anna was a very intelligent woman and took the deal Henry offered in dissolving their marriage. The newly-single Henry quickly married Katheryn at Oatlands Palace. 

     Henry was reportedly obsessed with Katheryn, more “in love” with her than any of his previous wives. He couldn’t keep his hands off her, even in front of the court - notable behavior for the prim king who had always found public displays of affection distasteful. (Henry never had a public bedding ceremony, and even usually conducted his weddings themselves in secrecy.)

    Katheryn was pretty, “very small in stature,” with the auburn hair that seems to have run in the Howard family. She may have been only sixteen or seventeen years old when Henry married her, but she had a colorful past for that day and age. Katheryn had been sexually active before her marriage, touched inappropriately by her music teacher when she was a young teen (though today we would call this sexual abuse) and sleeping with a man she was married to by the standards of church and civil law. The Howard family seems to have decided to ignore this marriage when they sent Katheryn to court to be Anna’s maid of honor, and no one certainly alerted the king to it when he sought to make Katheryn his bride.

    Katheryn herself always denied the marriage had taken place, but she did admit to allowing Francis Dereham to call her his wife in front of others, which constituted a legally binding union for the day. Katheryn doesn’t seem to have believed this was true. In her mind, they were just playing, young lovers having fun calling one another by pet names.

    Despite her youth, terrible upbringing, and lack of preparation, Katheryn took her role seriously, and tried to be a good queen. Katheryn sponsored a book on midwifery that was written in plain English instead of Latin to make it more accessible to the common people.

   It seems she tried to use her influence with the king for good purposes. Researcher Conor Byrne says in his biography of her that she interceded on behalf of at least four prisoners, including Thomas Wyatt and the elderly Countess Pole.

  Katheryn also made it a point to show kindness to the poor, neglected Princess Elizabeth. The girl was her cousin by blood, yes, but Katheryn wouldn’t really get any benefit from this generosity, since Elizabeth was currently still in disgrace with her father. Katheryn directed that the Elizabeth be brought to court and seated directly across from her at the dinner table. She’s also noted as having sent the princess small gifts from time to time, and also to Princess Mary, who reportedly didn’t think much of her new stepmother. Katheryn and Anna von Kleefes also exchanged gifts, and reportedly danced with one another when Anna was at court. 

    Katheryn seems to have come to her role of queen with the spirit of reconciliation in mind. She tried to make friends with everyone across religious divisions.

    The king certainly lavished gifts on his pretty young queen, but Katheryn’s own expense books show she spent more on trying to help others than she did on herself. One of her biggest purchases was fur-lined clothing she bought for the elderly Countess Pole who was suffering during her imprisonment in the Tower.

    As Agnes Strickland wrote:

No sort of pomp or regal splendour distinguished the court of Katharine Howard. We find no records of her indulging her love of dress in the purchase of costly robes or jewellery, nor of gifts bestowed on her kindred or favourites. So quiet and unostentatious was the tenor of her life at this period, that the only matter worthy of notice during her residence at Hampton-court is the order to her tailor, dated March 1, to provide the following needful articles for the use of the venerable countess of Salisbury, at that time an attainted prisoner in the Tower of London, under sentence of death, and despoiled of all her substance.  

    She wasn’t raised to the role like Katharine of Aragon, nor supremely educated like Anne Boleyn, nor ambitious like Jane Seymour, but Katheryn Howard tried to be a good queen. It was simply that her past caught up to her, and Henry was enraged that his “rose” had been touched by others before him. Katheryn would not be the victim of a political conspiracy like her cousin. She ended up being destroyed by the king’s sexual jealousy.

    History has tended to treat Katheryn with disdain, dismissing her as a “party girl” or an empty-headed slut. While most historians agree Anne Boleyn was innocent of the charges against her, most have tended to view Katheryn as guilty - if not of actual adultery, of intention. But there’s no evidence Katheryn ever “sinned with her body” against the king, or intended to. She was killed because she had come to the king’s bed experienced and made Henry look like a fool in praising her so highly as the perfect wife.

   Anne Boleyn has fierce partisans, but Katheryn has been mostly ignored. Perhaps it’s time to sweep the cobwebs of myth from her memory, too.

and i wanna b clear i wasnt saying my mutuals/anybody who reblogged that post are annoying or i dont like them im talking specifically about the people who make posts like that and acting like real issues (racism/shadism/homophobia/etc) are petty drama within the fandom so basically all i wanted to say is that the way that text post was titled was a bit distasteful to say the least

For the majority of us who get on Tumblr to talk about classic rock, like legit talk about the music and not how every bass player is “sassy” and the distasteful things we’d do to certain members, logging on to find arguments and drama takes away from the crazy good music we’re supposed to be celebrating. Not to mention, if someone has anxiety, constant drama interferes with what may be used as a safe haven. If someone annoys you, just don’t follow them. Don’t send anon hate bc they said something you don’t like. Take two seconds to click the “unfollow” button and then go jam out to music. Here’s a giant group hug to the classic rock fandom.

Oops I thought sambucky week started on Monday. So here’s a day two (cause its Tuesday where I live) Nb!Bucky drabble  can I even call it that it feels long. During AoU 

It started with pastels, Bucky would learn later much later that he wasn’t alone in his fixation. Bucky noticed his distaste for his own clothes, too dark made to hide the blood stains, an early morning after no sleep while Sam was out running. His clothes enclosed him but also hid him, they were suffocating in their depths and in what they reminded him of, his tried to stop thinking about it. Bucky desperately tried not to think about things that upset him much, he knew he was in denial but he didn’t want to think about the nightmares and the loneliness in Sam’s bright house.  

He must of looked miserable to Sam when he walked in because he upon seeing Bucky asked him if he wanted to help Sam cook breakfast. Bucky didn’t, he didn’t like getting too close Sam because he wanted to be close to Sam. Bucky would never forgive himself if he indulged himself and hurt Sam. But for once Sam insisted and he couldn’t say no.

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Attempting a Mature Conversation || Huntchel

Rachel sat down in a booth at the restaurant she had chosen for her and Hunter, he had stated that it was okay if they ate a vegan place and she hoped he didn’t harp on her about it once he arrived. The merger at the radio station had created a frenzy and she really did hate it. Her show had meant a lot to he and really she didn’t know of one thing she and Hunter had in common. They were two different people but the more she thought about it the more she wanted to try and she was almost excited that they would come up with the perfect solution. That was if he would allow her to express her ideas and didn’t argue with her. While she understood the distaste for Broadway, she only hoped he would at least be pleasant about it.

When she saw him come in she waved him over and sat up straight as she sipped at her water. “I wasn’t sure what you drank so I told the waitress to come back. I can happily help you order as well. I don’t know how well you know vegan food, it’s really not as bad as people like to make it. I suggest you don’t order tofu because that is usually what turns people off. Really it’s the same thing as any other restaurant just with a few different ingredients.” Rachel explained before biting her lip because all she needed was for him to tell her she was annoying everything would be ruined from the get go.

She took a moment to go over the menu to solidify what she wanted to order and give him time to think and decide as well before speaking again. “I suggest we get to know each other a little first before we start to hash out the details of our show. If that’s okay with you that is. We don’t really know each other and in order for this to work we need to be friends, or as close to friends as possible.”

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This reference will not make any sense if you're not a fan of the show but...you're like a real-life version of Veronica Mars with this whole bad ass take down of WT. Anyways :) Good luck to you and the other wonderful, hardworking scanlating groups have been scammed by her! Cheering you guys on from the sidelines.

Heard of Veronica Mars, but never watched it before. Thank you.

Not say bad ass or not, but I’m just outspoken and I really can’t stand people like this. She made a big mistake crossing my path that’s for sure. I don’t mess with people if they don’t mess with me. That’s just how my personality am.

I rarely share this out, only selective people knows it, I have had a really bad experience with a nasty person as a teenager and experience a brief bout of depression. After bouncing back from that issue, I have really develop a distaste towards liars that twist people lives. I mean, who don’t lie, nobody is pure these days, but there are lies and then there are LIES.

To all the people that express scepticism over what we various groups have posted. If you choose to believe her, that is your choice. We are only presenting what we’ve found. It’s your own judgement to make. Wise choices in lives vs bad choices are your own.

However I want to state this (again), I’m a working professional. I’m not a teenager with too much free time on my hand. I’m THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD, born in 1984. Making fake stories like this, affect ME as well if they aren’t true. You can go google how my goverment-Australia (God bless our close minded PM) are tapping all internet activities.

Seriously, I got better things to do on my hand than to create all these elaborate stories. I work, and whatever free time that I’m not using for work are all dedicated to scanlation, I’m even sacrificing sleep to do it most of the times just to buy more hours.

What do I gain from creating such stories? Do I like for fame? I don’t. All this will just give the image to show that I’m a scary person to messed with. Do i want that? Not really… I’m still going to be that eccentric old bitch who won’t give retranslations because she wanted to be left alone, who will still put watermark on my releases (NOT TO CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THE SERIES BUT TO CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF OUR EFFORT-it’s a very back breaking manual labour), and who will still have no qualms scolding whiners that don’t understand just how hard it is to do this. If i want popularity and fame, this is not the way to go about it.

And use your own logic to think about it, is this a one woman show? It’s not. Its a collective of people affected coming out of the woodwork. Are you saying that all these other groups (not just 1 person, but a collective of teams) are lying??????
Are you saying ALL OF US have got nothing better to do?????

In the end of the day, it’s not my problem nor any of the other groups’ problem if you sceptics don’t believe us. It won’t affect us in anyway. We are just doing a PSA backed with sources.

There’s no way we can “save” everybody and we don’t even intend to. We are just doing this to spread awareness that this lower than scum exist.

@lineup-the-stars sorry i used your ask to become a rant fest instead.


The blonde’s nose wrinkled as she walked down the Hyperion’s halls. The air was stale, dust coating nearly every surface and it was - distasteful is what it was. For someone with Sue’s power, Quinn would have thought she’d want to restore the hotel to it’s grandeur once more, make it a home base to be admired by all. Sadly, this was not the case and Quinn was stuck in this hole so she had to make the best of it. The former slayer followed the noise of what could only be described as a party where the newly turned were being welcomed into the fold, only to stop at a partially opened door. She knew that brunette. She had to hand it to Sue, it was wise of her to target the slayers but her success in putting darkness into her soul didn’t mean she’d succeed with the others. Composing herself, she allowed a look of sad confusion to form on her delicate features. “Phoebe? You – you can’t be here. Not you, too.” Her voice was soft and wispy as she pushed the door open and entered the room. Praying that Phoebe could not sense the shift in Quinn, the blonde closed the space between them to pull the brunette into a hug, “But I can’t say I’m not happy to see you.”

There she goes,
there she goes again
just like the song
with a fractured heart
taking more and more time to heal
every single step of the way
back to the woman she once used to be.

I am to blame,
in part,
for not being there for her
when she needed me the most
and this is what guilt tastes like;

Awfully bitter, in pure distaste.

I can’t save You from yourself, sweetie,
but I forgive You for the both of us,
and I know how it feels
to not be strong enough to forgive myself.

What has become of us?
I’m sorry, my Love.

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.
I’m sorry.

—  D.C., There she goes
The black female is assaulted in her tender years by all those common forces of nature at the same time that she is caught in the tripartite crossfire of masculine prejudice, white illogical hate and Black lack of power
The fact that the adult American Negro female emerges a formidable character is often met with amazement, distaste and even belligerence. It is seldom accepted as an inevitable outcome of the struggle won by survivors and deserves respect if not enthusiastic acceptance.
—  I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings –Maya Angelou (1970)