So the other night when I was watching the Teen Wolf premiere, I couldn’t help but wonder why Liam was continuously bugging Scott and Stiles about the senior scribe event. He was all but begging them for information in the Jeep and then at the hospital he was trailing Scott as his Alpha tried to leave. He also willingly tags along in tonight’s episode with Stiles even though Stiles had previously made it clear that he looked down on Liam, which confused me. Why would he willingly go along with someone who obviously shows distaste towards him? Later, though, when he went running to the school to warn the pack about the threat to Scott, that felt more in character. He seemed to be more of the loyal beta that I know he is.

But that first part, where he was so obviously trying not to get left behind, somehow that just felt weirdly out of character for Liam. Sure he’s new but last season he didn’t seem as eager, as open about being included.

And then it hit me.

Liam isn’t a senior.

Let’s think about the pack right now. Scott, Malia, Stiles, Kira, Lydia, and Liam are pretty much the few, the proud, the emotional pack. And Liam is the only one who isn’t a senior.

The rest of them are very open about obviously trying to stick together for college, to stay connected, “no one left behind” kind of thing. But what about Liam? What about the pack baby? The loyal beta who’s immensely strong and still struggling with control? What’s going to happen to him next year when the pack has moved on to college? granted I know things look grim with the whole “season 5 is actually the past” but Liam at this point doesn’t know this

My point is, Liam is trying so hard to be included because he is scared of getting left behind next year. He wants to spend as much time as possible with his pack because he’s going to be on his own pretty soon. And that’s obviously something he’s had to deal with in the past and is scared to be faced with again.


HYDE: So sexy even in his walk  ❤ ❤ ❤


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The 44-year-old actor will be the sixth person to take on Hedwig when he takes over the role from Glee star Darren Criss beginning July 22.

During his run as Hedwig, Criss had apologized for a Caitlyn Jenner joke he made within the context of the play. Tweeter Marc Lacognata noted the remark, writing, “Tonight, Darren Criss, as HEDWIG said, ‘man, woman, moman, wan, Bruce Jenner, whatever you are,’ and it was very distasteful.”

Later Criss took to Facebook, writing, “I want to sincerely apologize to Caitlyn Jenner, all transgender people, and anyone who was offended for my words on stage during Tuesday evening’s performance.”

Diggs applauded Criss for how he reacted to the backlash following his onstage remark.

“I don’t think anything he did was wrong,” Diggs said. “He apologized. I think that’s classy. Nobody wants to offend anybody.”

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favourite song on peripheral vision? such a good record right? - gotta say your guys latest release is equally as good. can't wait to hear how you are and distaste live - see you in exeter on the UK tour!

probably the last song, (title track) it’s fucking great! such a good vibe every time i hear it. 


Not many know I had a boyfriend this year. It was the shortest relationship I ever had, lasting only two weeks, but there still was a learning opportunity for me nonetheless. Like how low my tolerance is for someone who calls my taste in music, “ugly”, and how much strength i could muster to not walk out on him when he called my green classic gumsole vans distasteful while he wore fucking denim cowboy boots at the mall. DENIM COWBOY BOOTS AT THE MALL. God. I just couldn’t

chibiesque replied to your post “Someone should send me a cute prompt for a drabble. I need to write…”

that would be so awesome. Steve plays truth or dare with Tony… maybe an College-Au??? I don’t know :)

That was pretty difficult to write, mostly because got distracted by shiny things, and because I’m pretty yuck when it comes to bacteria and other such things, myself. (So probably don’t read this if you’re like me.)

“That’s incredibly stupid,” Steve says, and his nose wrinkles a little in distaste.

Tony grins at him, and he can’t see himself, but he imagines that his grin must look more than just a little smug, and definitely a little feral.

“Ha,” he snorts in mock satisfaction. “I knew you couldn’t do it.”

Steve stares at him for a while, and Tony stares back with his smug smile still plastered all over his face. He can practically hear Steve’s irritation rising.

“You lose,” Tony announces, savouring the words on his tongue like a fine wine.

Steve stands up very abruptly and stomps out of the room. Tony scrambles after him, because damn, the guy is fast when he’s set his mind on something.

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Another issue with shipping idols(and real people in general) is that it dehumanizes them. By shipping them you're treating them like objects whose sole purpose is your entertainment

Exactly. No one thinks of their feelings or their own thoughts on the matter. I’ve heard idols actually express their distaste for it but they don’t discourage the fans because they don’t want to upset them. It’s really sad. xo

Healing the Shadow Side: Aquarius lilith

Understanding our natal Black Moon, forces a face to face encounter with our shadow side. Having our shadow exposed is a raw, vulnerable experience for many of us because the shadow side is deeply unconscious. It usually takes a little while for the revelations of the Black Moon to sink in. As we look at the Black Moon in each sign, we will also consider what can be done on a practical basis to heal the chasm between our true nature and our shadow side and transcend it. Calculate your lilith sign here

Black Moon in Aquarius

Theme: The Shadow of Power
Primary Fear: fear of powerlessness   
Self-judgment: based on the impact/power one has to get what one
wants or needs
Issues:  power issues; power struggles
Projection: distaste for weak or undisciplined people
Goals:  to learn to ask for help, to not overpower others

The Black Moon in Aquarius often manifests in a powerful sense of
loneliness. Usually we are keenly aware of our intense personal power
and are somewhat frightened by it. Our skills and aptitudes can border on
genius, often giving us an air of considerable authority. We have strong
faculties and diverse talents that can be used to uplift or to crush others.
Black Moon in Aquarius is a force rivaled by few, and the temptation to
dominate others can become an ongoing battle. It is simply all too easy to
emotionally and intellectually overpower others. Ethical concerns can
arise, as we are prone to test our limitations. In situations where we feel
powerless, we tend to isolate ourselves so no one will see our
“weakness.” This self-imposed prison is rife with internal brutality, as we
tend to unleash cruel criticism on ourselves for not being stronger.

Healing and Transcending:

With the Black Moon in Aquarius, the tendency to  overpower others must be faced. When we recognize that we are all connected, there is no need for anyone to overpower another. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses that fluctuate and change over time. The extra boost of power that accompanies Black Moon in Aquarius can be re-routed back into the collective of humanity in the form of brilliant ideas and creations that uplift the whole. A channel or outlet for this power is what is needed to keep it from blowing up. When the focus shifts to sharing power, all benefit.

  • Examine if you abuse your power by neglecting or criticizing others. Do you take advantage of others, however unwittingly? Or do you neglect, criticize, or overextend yourself?
  • Ask yourself what you would do with all of your power. It is very important for you to answer this question. Are you more afraid of your power or your powerlessness? Discerning the parameters of personal power is what heals this shadow.

Black Moon in Aquarius: Robert Oppenheimer, Ludwig van Beethoven

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Dear anon throwing shade at kbearluna in my inbox.

First off: Thank you for the kind words! I honestly do mean that; it was nice to know that you read my fics and support(ed) my projects. I don’t want you to think I’ve disregarded that, just because I find the rest of your message distasteful. 

The thing is, I don’t appreciate you coming into my inbox to ‘show concern’ about my working with a friend of mine, or make ugly accusations about their intentions. 

So let’s break this down:

First off, friend, your assertion that Kaitlyn is “using [me] for [my] name and professional history” is hilarious, considering I approached Kaitlyn about working on Couple-ish. Why would I do that? Because it’s a fun concept, filled with characters I loved writing, created by a good friend of mine. Also, considering my ‘name and professional history’ amount to a handful of projects that have yet to start production… I think you might have me confused with JJ Abrams or Joss Whedon, friend.

As for the ancient history you cited… I won’t speak to that. It’s none of my business. I will say, though, that none among us is perfect, and that forgiveness - and an open heart - are both virtues. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my day, and if you talk to any adult on the planet, I’m sure they’d say the same. I live my life trying to never judge the hearts of strangers I’ve never met; I suggest you consider doing the same. :)

          He wishes a double take is necessary when the other trainee passes him a task he didn’t even imagine doing in his entire life, but the people around them are already in a frenzy cheering him on. “Aegyo, aegyo!”


          Myungsoo forces out a laugh. “Ah… I am not an aegyo type of guy,” he so kindly denies the crowd’s coaxing, but to no avail. Yeonseung and another male trainee have ganged up against him; they push on his shoulder playfully, and Myungsoo resists the urge to stab them with a piercing glare. Not even his brother dares to pat his shoulder – let alone shove him. He shakes his head for a response, and also as an inward gesture of distaste for his fellow trainees. When was the last time those two actually approached him during training?

          “It’s your time to shine! Come on, hyung!” The insistent demand doesn’t stop; instead the ruckus only grows around them the more Myungsoo refuses.


          The world could have a World War 65, and he still would never puff his cheeks out and allow people to call it adorable.

          Just a few seconds later, the other trainees call out to them with a signal that their next performance is about to begin. It takes the male all of his self-control to keep his sigh of relief in. He hears whines of dismay over how bad (good) the timing is, but the spectators are left with no choice. Myungsoo has never been faster to flee the scene – he hurries off to join the rest assembling to their choreographed formation without looking back.

          Until a shrill voice cuts through the air. “Oppa!!! Show it later!”

          Myungsoo turns his head with a smile plastered on his face. “Got it.”


Healing the Shadow Side: Gemini lilith

Understanding our natal Black Moon, forces a face to face encounter with our shadow side. Having our shadow exposed is a raw, vulnerable experience for many of us because the shadow side is deeply unconscious. It usually takes a little while for the revelations of the Black Moon to sink in. As we look at the Black Moon in each sign, we will also consider what can be done on a practical basis to heal the chasm between our true nature and our shadow side and transcend it. Calculate your lilith sign here

Black Moon in Gemini

Theme: The Shadow of Acceptance
Primary Fear: fear of rejection
Self-judgment: how one compares to others
Issues: whether others approve or disapprove
Projection: labeling others as selfish; distaste for people who fail to do “the right thing”  
Goals: to not care if people like or want you, to not compare yourself to others, to express your individuality

Those of us with the Black Moon in Gemini are  morbidly afraid of
rejection.  We are people pleasers, which often leaves us wondering what
it is we ourselves like and dislike. This shadow manifests as a need to
make decisions or act in accordance with whatever gains acceptance from
others. It is damaging to the soul to pursue a life that others wish for us,
as it comes at the expense of the expression of individual talents. Action
based on or motivated by another leads to a suppression of the true self.
It is a great disservice not to explore who we really are. It is also
dangerous to “over-do” for others in hopes that they will like us;
ultimately it leads to burn out.  At the other end of the spectrum, this
placement causes sudden and severe reactions to anything that hints at
potential rejection, often causing  serious  challenges with relationships
because we will reject someone before they can reject us.  The Black
Moon in Gemini will bail out too early or stay way too long.  

Healing and Transcending:
With the Black Moon in Gemini, it is necessary to face the need for others approval. Each of us has something special to offer the world. What is important is not if others  approve of us, but if  we approve of ourselves. That sounds very cliché, but with Black Moon in Gemini we need to provide our own approval. When you are able to consciously put yourself on the line to be rejected, intending that the outcome will not hinder your spirit, you will have regained the power that is trapped in the shadow side.  When the shadow is healed, rejection ceases to be an issue because inner acceptance has been achieved - creating a wealth of talent that is available to the world.

  • Examine where you are not being self-“ish” or operating from your true self.
  • When making decisions and planning your time and resources, ask yourself who you are doing it for. The answer should always be “for myself – for my highest and best which in turn serves the highest and best of everyone.” This doesn’t mean you are supposed to forget about others; it means that you put yourself into the equation. Healing this shadow requires vigilant monitoring of your time, energy, and money and how you spend  them. It will quickly become apparent when your energy is scattered and whose approval you are seeking. By practicing making little decisions based on your own  needs, you will integrate and balance  you in relation to others. 

Black Moon in Gemini: Marlon Brando, Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, Frank Sinatra, Mark Twain

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Healing the Shadow Side: Leo lilith

Understanding our natal Black Moon, forces a face to face encounter with our shadow side. Having our shadow exposed is a raw, vulnerable experience for many of us because the shadow side is deeply unconscious. It usually takes a little while for the revelations of the Black Moon to sink in. As we look at the Black Moon in each sign, we will also consider what can be done on a practical basis to heal the chasm between our true nature and our shadow side and transcend it. Calculate your lilith sign here

Black Moon in Leo

Theme: The Shadow of Order
Primary Fear: fear of change
Self-judgment: the level or station one has achieved
Issues: order; position; arrogance; self-centeredness; jealousy
Projection: distaste for or identification with overbearing, vain, or “selfish” people
Goals: to identify and vocalize others‟ talents and strengths, to identify the opportunities presented by changes, to eliminate feeling jealous 

The Black Moon in Leo assaults the ego. It manifests in egocentricity and
arrogance. With this placement we are frequently accused of being
selfish. This is because our attention is naturally attracted to whatever
reinforces our position in life. Any ideas to  the contrary are quickly
dismissed. The fear of change morphs into the fear of losing face or
losing position. Rigid attempts to maintain the existing order, framework,
or mindset are common and can lead to exhaustion. 

Healing and Transcending:
With the Black Moon in Leo, the need for classification and designation must be faced. In truth, there is no hierarchy – All is One. Change is the nature of the Universe and change brings the opportunity for growth. We each have roles that we slip in and out  of; the key is to fluidly take on positions and situations where we both lead and follow so that nothing remains static. It is also important to remember that, by definition, Divine Order is never threatened.

  • Give to others. Black Moon in Leo has a tremendous capacity to uplift. 
  • When you encounter new situations, consider how you could empower someone else who is involved. How could you make them feel more important? Think about how you could give something of yourself to someone else.
  • When you are with others, practice trying to discover something very special about them in that moment and then casually mention it. 
  • Try new things. By practicing changing the order of things, you are healing your shadow.

Black Moon in Leo: Princess Diana, Charles de Gaulle, Ernest Hemingway, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley, Christopher Reeve, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Leo Tolstoy

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