distant affection

The Portrait

Based on the prompt: “we’ve been engaged to be married since we were three but this is the first time we’ve met and your portraits really don’t do you justice”

Fifteen years ago, when nine year old Derek was sat down by his parents and informed of his duty as a prince to his kingdom, he didn’t fully grasp what it meant to be engaged. There was brief talk of marriage that he’d let fly right past him, so far in the future it wasn’t a concern, and the vague knowledge that he was spoken for, but it had little impact on his life at the time. 

He was told his betrothed had just turned three, like Cora, which brought up the memory of his little sister throwing his favorite book in a full toilet just the week before, and then he dismissed the entire issue from his mind when Laura called for him to join their game of hide and seek. He had more important things to worry about than some baby in another land, ruining other people’s prized possessions.

Ten years ago, they received word that Queen Claudia had passed, and fourteen year old Derek had dutifully signed the condolences his mother penned from the family, but it hardly affected him beyond pulling him away in the middle of his sword training. It was a distant death in a distant northeastern kingdom, affecting people Derek had never even seen before. He returned to his training alongside his best friend and future guard Boyd, and that was that.

The same happened nine years ago, upon the marriage of King Jonathon and his new wife, Queen Melissa; he signed the longwinded letter of congratulations, sat through a brief lecture on the importance of keeping up on these things and staying informed of these types of changes for political reasons, and then dashed back outside to where Boyd was waiting with their horses, forgetting it all in seconds. They were a distant family he had no personal connection to, he couldn’t say he felt strongly either way about their brand new union.

Eight years ago, the reality of his situation came crashing down on him with the arrival of a portrait.

The Portrait was the only portrait of his betrothed that was ever sent, and Derek was grateful for King Jonathon’s foresight. The first was upsetting enough on its own, as was the realization that Derek was going to be joined in holy matrimony to its subject, and he didn’t need the customary annual portraits to remind him of his fate. He tried to be less shallow about it, look for the inner beauty and the whip-smart mind his mother always praised after her visits to the north, but there was no getting around it. 

His fiancé was terrifying.

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Virgo ~ A Priestess of Purity 

The Mother Goddess guards Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the moon in esoteric astrology and emanates divine purity, the concealed secrets of the sacred ‘mv’ glyph, a symbol of ‘mother virgin’. There is a love of all things natural in Virgo, and a self reliance that reflects the autonomous virgin, an individual whose mind and spirit is enriched, intimate with nature, and free from co-dependance. Virgo is the mythological Great Goddess. And she is far from celibate. In fact there is an admirable self regulation in Virgo. She is the season of cleansing and absolving, and she can do this all on her own. Erigone was the maiden who hung herself from a tree when she found the grave of her murdered father. So we can wield incredible shadows in Virgo from this, an acute response to life and its harsh condition. From the archetypal trauma inside, the Virgo wants to sacrifice herself to serve others. This is a reflection of the mother in modern day life, a figure of solace and servitude. But she can also be martyred and discontent in a role of reliance. The Virgin Goddess twirled her femininity and expressed it at will. The Virgo is not completely contained or reluctant. Isis, Diana, and Ishtar were all referred to as ‘virgins’, designating power and sexual independence, a woman who was ‘one in herself’. Mystical secrets shroud the sign of Virgo. For this self regulating Great Goddess, the Virgo can become internalized and self reliant, seeming distant from relationships or affection. But the Virgo’s sorcery lies in what she carries, the threads of a pure child. Jesus, Buddha, Dionysis, and Osiris were all said to be babies of virgin mothers. Here we can begin to understand the sacred fertility that is rich in Virgo, a spirit self ruling, adequate, and profound enough to create something completely pure from within, alone and untouched. 


No one could quite understand what was going on in her head; she didn’t want to get a job, she didn’t want to go to college, but she applied anyway. She wanted to travel and see the world. She’s close with her family, but they don’t know about anything that happens in her life, they know she’s happy, but they don’t know that she’s sad. She’s like a puzzle that no one can complete. She cancels herself out, being too negative and too positive all at the same time. She makes no literal sense. She keeps herself occupied reading endless books, living her life through romance novels, since she doesn’t have any romance in her life. She wants to move away and start over, but she doesn’t want to leave her friends and family. She wants to be healthy so she eats fruits and vegetables and then starves herself; she smokes 12 cigarettes and washes them down with Jack Daniels. She fears change, but she craves it. She looks mean, but she has a heart of gold, she acts cold and distant, but she’s craving affection and love. She doesn’t believe in love.
—  I don’t know what grey is, I never did.
Origin of Milky Way's hypothetical dark matter signal may not be so dark

A mysterious gamma-ray glow at the center of the Milky Way is most likely caused by pulsars – the incredibly dense, rapidly spinning cores of collapsed ancient stars that were up to 30 times more massive than the sun. That’s the conclusion of a new analysis by an international team of astrophysicists, including researchers from the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The findings cast doubt on previous interpretations of the signal as a potential sign of dark matter – a form of matter that accounts for 85 percent of all matter in the universe but that so far has evaded detection.

“Our study shows that we don’t need dark matter to understand the gamma-ray emissions of our galaxy,” said Mattia Di Mauro from the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), a joint institute of Stanford University and SLAC. “Instead, we have identified a population of pulsars in the region around the galactic center, which sheds new light on the formation history of the Milky Way.”

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This is quite a lot, but it was requested before the limit was posted and there isn’t a whole lot, so here you are anyhow sweet anon :)

Headcanons: Turn Offs - Hellsing + Millenium + Iscariot


-Weakness or lack of determination


-Someone who is overly squeamish with violence or blood


-Lack of intelligence





-Being with rude with no context

-Dishonesty in any form


-A bore or fuddy-duddy

-Lack of passion or drive

-Lack of loyalty


-No sense of humor

-Lack of intelligence

-Overly critical

The Major




The Doctor

-If you’re too squeamish

-Someone who is overly distant or doesn’t show much affection or praise 

-Someone who is dumb

The Captain



-Unable to take care of themselves


-Anyone who is clingy


-No sense of humor


-No self control

-Someone who is in any way like Jan

-Won’t take anything seriously


-Someone overly hyper or loud

-In any way clingy

-Overly quiet (she wants a happy medium)



-Over dramatic

-High temper



-Control freak

-Overly emotional


-Anyone distant (she needs affection)

-Mean or rude in any way for no reason

-Impatient, especially with her feelings


-Judgmental (yes, he’s a hypocrite)

-Loud or boisterous



-Non-Catholic (kind of a cop-out)


-Dislikes children


-Lack of compassion

-Lack of seriousness for the situation

-Overly distant


-Hyperactivity or annoying



anonymous asked:

Don't worry about the Informational Spam of what is happening in Manchester. My sister was actually visiting Great Britain, London specifically (she left for Amsterdam before coming back to the USA) around noon UK time so she is safe but I appreciate the information. :) I am glad you are safe and I hope all your family and friends in the area are safe as well.

Ty man I just got a lil stressed about it bc Manchester is my closest city and I mean when stuff happens in London it’s sad but London like 4 hours away from me it’s distant so affects you less but when it’s a place you recognise and go to a lot and you know people who are living there it scares you a bit even if you’re not there bc it’s so familiar and like you recognise exactly where the photos and videos of the scenes have been taken and you’ve walked down those streets countless times before


“And that was how the legend of Scribble Cop was born. To this day, he wanders campus every Halloween. Watching. Waiting. He is possibly the most terrifying myth this university has had to date.”

“…Your school is super lame if that’s the best it can come up with.”

“Shut up, you.”

An excerpt from the Halloween Episode of the Lego Movie College AU.

Also, lighting practice~!

Once more, I got evals saying I was distant with a flat affect. Apparently I’m unfriendly, unhelpful, and cold.

Like - I’ve gone out on a hunt for Jason Voorhees at 11:30 at night because someone in a hockey mask ran into a cabin. I’ve lost shoes helping people on the zipline. I’ve kept a smile on my face while someone is screaming that I’m a terrible person. I’ve done my absolute best to be upbeat and positive.

I don’t plonk myself down at a table of happily-chatting people and insert myself into their conversation, so I’m unfriendly. I don’t know how to do something so I point them in the direction of someone who does, and I’m unhelpful. I smile and say hi to people walking in the door, and when they ignore me, I’m the distant one. A conversation fizzles out despite my best efforts, and I’m cold.

My best is not enough. It never has been, and it never will be. I never have been, and never will be, enough. I’m not the most enthusiastic person here, so clearly I’m just going through the motions and collecting a paycheck.

I can’t fucking take it. I can’t keep working 70-hour weeks and being told I’m not cheerful enough. I worked 74 hours last week, and because I didn’t smile enough during craft time this morning, I’m a shit person.

It’s like I’m banging my head against a brick wall. Nothing is ever good enough for these people.

To the next person who loves me,
you must know that I am a hurricane with big brown eyes;
don’t try to control me or change me because who I am cannot be reformed.
I am both needy and distant,
I both crave affection and fear deep attachments,
I know I’m not easy to love and I will try not to expect too much, but please—oh please, be patient with me.
—  things that enter my mind // a.t.
Hamada Brother Headcanons (PT 2)
  • Both of them snore. Loudly. They both had a terrible habit of waking each other up because of this. Also, Hiro’s been known to have the weirdest sleeping positions. On many occasions, he has woken up with his head hanging off the bed. 
  • Tadashi gave the best hugs (like once you’re wrapped around in his arms, you can’t deny how safe and comfy you feel) and he’d hug anyone at anytime, but once Hiro got into high school, he became distant of physical affection. After Tadashi died (and after the whole thing with Callaghan and losing Baymax) Hiro didn’t want to lose anyone else, but knowing that he would someday and NOT knowing when, he became a hugger again, and his hugs gradually get more and more wonderful.  
  • When they were younger, every once in awhile, they played the classic kid games like hide-and-go-seek. Both of them were really good at hiding (especially Hiro since he was a tiny thing). One time, Hiro had to go find Tadashi, but he apparently had a really good hiding spot because he still couldn’t find him after 20 minutes causing him to panic and cry. Tadashi came out of his spot and Hiro would NOT let go of him for the rest of the night. And yes, Tadashi told him, “Don’t worry, I’m never gonna leave you.”
  • Hiro accidentally broke Tadashi’s nose when they were younger. Hiro felt beyond terrible about it and was so afraid to be near Tadashi fearing he’d accidentally hurt him again, but Tadashi reassured him it was an accident and wasn’t mad at him nor wouldn’t be mad at him if he accidentally hurt him again. 
  • Hiro was TERRIBLE in gym class. He could barely do 5 push-ups for his life, could only do one pull-up if he was lucky and was okay at sit-ups while Tadashi was able to excel at all of those. However, Hiro was a model student at running the mile. His best mile time was 5:42 and he broke the school record. 
  • Every year on Aunt Cass’s birthday, Hiro and Tadashi did a tradition where they made her breakfast in bed, made her homemade cards, and offered to do chores for her in the cafe. The first year they decided to do this, they tried making her pancakes. Hiro spilled flour EVERYWHERE. Tadashi tried cleaning up after him, but he left the bacon he was cooking unattended too long, causing it to burn (yes this is meant to be ironic). Aunt Cass ended up cleaning the rest of it, but she was happy the boys tried to do something nice for her. Despite Tadashi being gone, Hiro still plans to keep this tradition running.
  • Every time Hiro got even the slightest injury, Tadashi would always care to his wound(s) and did whatever it took to make him smile again. 
  • Tadashi had always been proud of Hiro for being such a smart kid, but only showed visible jealously of it ONCE. Tadashi was having a hard time understanding some form of homework (I wanna say math, but I feel like Tadashi was good at it. Maybe history? I dunno). Hiro (who had the same homework) finished it without a problem and offered Tadashi if he needed help. Usually, Tadashi would respond with a calm ‘yes’ or something, but the frustration of the homework was overwhelming and he snapped at Hiro and made him like him being smart was a bad thing. He immediately felt bad for saying it, but Hiro was really hurt by it, so he spent most of that day ignoring Tadashi. Before bed, they talked it over, Tadashi gave him a HUGE apology with gummy bears to follow the next day. 
Rags of Light

Author: @aloysiavirgata

Rating: PG

Timeline: A year after IWTB

Summary:  Dealing with the past to move into the future.

Author’s Notes: This story was written for the very patient @perplexistan who was looking for some post-IWTB angst. I hope this fits the bill! Thanks to @contradiction-to-nature, beta extraordinaire, and my squad sounding board.

The title comes from Leonard Cohen’s If It Be Your Will.


She finds Mulder behind the house, drowsing in one of the hammocks they’d strung between the ancient oaks that tower above their patch of the planet. Scully loves the clean piney air, the scents of earth and raw lumber that infuse their home. The trees are a riot of autumn color, carpeting the grass in gold and scarlet. Two floppy-eared Nubian goats are munching the grass nearby, occasionally crunching on fallen leaves. Scully named them Rosalind Franklin and Elizabeth Blackwell.

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the thirteenth child (exo centric) - chapter 1

POV: Reader
Pairing: ???
Rating: PG-13
Comments: So, I felt like working on a series, but I wasn’t feeling any of my current series, which are all kind of on hiatus until I feel like working on them again, but then EXO happened. Anyways, here’s a new series that’s inspired by their Lucky One MV. Is there an actual pairing yet? I dunno! 8D

Summary: You are one of several people who were born with unique abilities. Because of the rarity of your powers, you were in vast danger ever since you were born. An organization known as EXODUS took you in to protect you and keep you safe. Unfortunately, invaders kidnapped you and erased your memories, trying to turn you into a doll-like slave. EXODUS managed to regain possession of you, but your memories are impossible to restore. The important is that you and the other twelve power wielders are safe with EXODUS. Or, at least that’s what they tell you.

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My #Mavi Theory

I. Have. Been. DYING. For. This. Moment. This might end up being a long post actually.

So I got an ask about this not to long ago and I leapt with joy and confusion. Why haven’t I done this yet? Anyways, here we go.

(Why can I never find the original posters of gifs?! Claim this if it’s yours.)

I want to start from the very beginning. Scott and Kirstie were the first two in the same place before the Sing-Off audition. Mitch arrived shortly after and then Avi. Kevin was the last one to make the journey finalizing the group. That being said, Avi and Mitch have been flirting for about as long as they’re known each other, which is shown through their tweets at each other. Mitch literally calls Avi “bid daddy.” I think it’s just in their nature to flirt, but what was standing out for me was Avi’s reciprocation. Avi is constantly making comments about how he likes girls and that’s a proven fact at this point, but what reason would he have for flirting with Mitch?

This is where my theory comes into play. I think Mitch had a crush on Avi at one point, told Avi, and they developed this mutual understanding of “well, it’s not gonna happen, but let’s have some fun.” They flirt for the hell of it. Avi recently mentioned that before he met everyone, he was “into Mitch” so maybe there is a little flex in Avi’s straightness that could bend in Mitch’s favor in the future, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

As for the most recent showings of Mavi, which have taken on a more physical form, I can’t say much for it. I think the duo might have started hanging out together since they’re both single and they do spend more time together than they used to, making it easier for them to stand hip to hip with arms wrapped around each other. Maybe they double date with Kevin and his secret girlfriend, that he’s doing a killer job of hiding. Avi and Mitch have the most unique bond of the group, I think. It’s not as close as sisters, like scomiche, and it’s not like husband and wife, like Avin, but it’s not distant affection, like Kirvi, either. They’re really close, but not that close, but close and I don’t really know how to explain it fully, which is why it’s so interesting for me. There’s this level of unknown affection between them that makes it easy as fuck for me to make them a couple, or write them in coupling situations, when it would be harder for me to focus on the others.

TL;DR As much as I know it won’t happen, if anyone in Pentatonix was to start dating each other, I think Mavi is the only one that wouldn’t shock me at all. In fact, I would make an “I told you so” post.

Excuse y’all.

Jonsa Week Day 3: Sea

a ficlet for @jonsa-weekDay 3: SKY or SEA

This is the beginning of an attempt to write a strictly-bookverse, post-canon fic involving your classic marriage of convenience, about 1200 words. Fair warning: it is not particularly happy.

The ship rocked gently under their feet.

Sansa eyed his shaggy hair, ruffling the ends with her fingertips. The gesture was more critical than affectionate. She fiddled with the laces of his jerkin, too, until he caught her wrists and felt her suppressed sigh.

Disengaging herself, she pulled her fur mantle tighter about herself and turned to look back at the harbor, which had receded until it was only a dark line on the horizon. Did she regret coming with him already? Jon would have laughed, if there was enough feeling left in him for laughter. He could offer to send her back, when the ship docked. It was only he who was truly exiled, after all, not his sister-cousin-wife.

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