distant storm

Thunderstorm (Tyler Scheid x reader) Story

Requested by markimoofan123

I sit on the couch, watching TV, when I hear a rumble in the distance. “Was that thunder?” I ask myself. Sure enough I’m answered with another rumble. “Eh, maybe this is one of those long distant storms and we won’t get anything,” I say, shrugging my shoulders.
Not even a moment later, my phone goes off saying, “a Severe Thunderstorm Warning has been issued for your county.”
“Gee, Y/N, thanks for jinxing yourself,” I reply, still thinking out loud. I then see lightning flash from outside, and I scream. “TYLER!” I call out.
Tyler’s bedroom door opens, and he runs into the living room. “What’s happening?!? What’s wrong!?” He yells. “We’re about to get severe thunderstorms, and I’m scared. I then pull up the radar on my phone and show Tyler. "Look! These storms look nasty. I would know, I’m the weather nerd.”
Tyler then puts his fists on his hips and strikes a heroic pose. “Don’t worry, y/n, I’ll save you,” he says, puffing his chest.
“Well, Mr. Superhero, shut up and protect me,” I say with a fake attitude. All of a sudden, there’s a huge crash of thunder that makes me jump and scream, “TYLER!!”
He then plops down beside me and says, “its okay, Y/n, I’m right here.” Tyler then wraps an arm around my shoulder.
A few moments later, rain starts to pour loudly over the roof. Lightning strikes nearby and the sound is deafening. “Tyler, I’m scared,” I say, burying myself into Tyler’s chest.
“Shh, you’re okay. I’ll protect you,” Ty replies in a soft voice. He then rests his chin on the top of my head, and runs his fingers through my hair. There’s another crash of thunder, and Tyler wraps his arms tightly around me.
I try to ignore the thunder, and focus on the steady rhythm of Tyler’s heart. His heart beat is so relaxing that I dose off right there, in his arms, in the middle of a storm.

Note: this is one of my first stories. I’m still new at this, but I hope you like it. Thanks, markimoofan123 for the request. Took about an hour, but I hope it’s worth it.


you are the dawn light—
      (the crack in the sky
where the sun creeps in)


the stars
are made of you;
of your forgotten sins


your bones shake the night
      (stained with memories;
stained with forever)


the night-dark in your dreams
reminds you of home—
& whispers of forgiveness


your hands break the city
into pieces—
      (shaped like love)


the scars across your mouth
are fading,
like a distant storm


you; halfway into the light
      (but more than before)
halfway into the dream


you are the oncoming storm;
wildflowers part
the earth beneath you


your light is buried
in the softness of love
      (but the wild dark lingers)


inside the hunger
of your golden-blue dreams
a softness remains


the ocean calls you home
again & again
      (but the freedom aches)


you are tomorrow’s light—
your tongue could melt
an ocean of sadness

—  The Signs as a Form of Confession: Part II, Michelle Tudor
The Dance of Dragons

My dog and I are partners. We walk together. We talk together. 

Sometimes we sprint. She always wins, but she stops to let me catch up, with a smile on her face that says, “keep trying! Some day you’ll catch me!” 

No matter how many times she runs ahead, she always swerves back to my side, and looks up at me as if to say, “I’m here if you need me.” 

There are a lot of things we do well together, but the greatest thing we will ever do is the dance of dragons. 

When the demons come dancing and taunting from inside my head and build a giant warrior of smog and despair, she stands by my side. Her eyes shine with fire and she breathes electricity into my veins. She summons energy from the earth itself, as she dances in circles around me, building a shield. 

The demons come like a distant storm that glides across the sky in just moments. What seemed like a spring shower rapidly unfolds as an apocalyptic force, threatening to destroy everything you are. 

The wind blows and it’s really the demons screaming threats of death and despair. It knocks me to the ground. But she’s right there, by my side. Her eyes speak of hope, perseverance, and vengeance. Her paws pound against the ground, and it’s as if the earth defies the sky, daring it to come closer, and she opens her mouth and roars. It’s like the sound of waves drowning a ship, and she’s threatening to crush the storm. 

As quickly as it comes, it leaves again. The demons retreat, and we are left standing with the strength of dragons still coursing through our veins. 


All he is, is a distant storm
          Whose rain will never 
                           drench me.
        All he is, is a distant storm
              Whose only cold air will 
                                     reach me.
What he was, was no distant storm,
                                   But a tempest
                                   over my head.
 After waiting for years to disappear,
              I put distance between us 
Now all I need are warm clothes,
               And he’s as good as 

I want to see you as you are now
Every single day that I am living
Painted in flames all peeling thunder
Be the lightning in me that strikes relentless

What if the storm ends and leaves us nothing
Except a memory a distant echo
What if the storm ends and I don't see you
As you are now ever again

‘I can’t sleep until you’re next to me’
Setting Fires – The Search


Your last word, eyes on mine:
I draw strength from screams
and part the crowd between us.

At last, muscle-sore, still bound,
I walk out of this scene
of brazen guiltless crime,

feet invulnerable with the pride
coursing bliss has anchored
firmly within my body.


I know it takes mere seconds
for the spill to arrive
and blot out
what life had once
in store;

and just the same,
I have all my life
tried to write the song inside you,
to call you by your name
as angels might.

I find instead
on the late-night street,
silk illumination,
a distant siren, hidden laughter.
Storm fingers tug my hair.


I feel the great hand pass through
indifferent skies too fast,

leaving an aftermath
where gods are hosts
of unanswered questions,

and we dance teetering on edges
where there is no net.


The world that announces itself
on signs by the roadside
has pain in little pinpricks
inscribed on its surface.

Comedy of Horrors,
the funniest way to get scared,
tickets available at the usual outlets.
Asleep with Aliens,

Youth in the Classical Era,
Here Lies, Escape!,
Medea, The Heart Wants.
A taxi tears around the corner.

Each notice invokes
brief respite from time,
a suspended state of senses only,
of movement and passion

while reality stands still –
a fingers’ stretch away
from final swoon, and welcome;
all-important and vicarious.


Uneasy remembrance
in a crowded auditorium –

a face I tried to shroud in time,
a skeleton hand of guilt,

shipwrecked feelings I
hoped would no longer be

visited upon me,
cut into ragged pieces

by night falling deeper
into puddles gleaming, powerful.


I regret the never again of things,
the impossibility of sending
letters into the black sky,

vanishings, half-healed bruises
betray I have been all and nothing,
face held up and up to light,

still beyond the stretch of fingers,
and still of a mind
that is not entirely pure.


Approaching nothingness drags its steps:
here comes a new stretch of End Days.
Walls pulverized bear down
on staring eyes surrendering
to mass annihilation
in lieu of a meteor blast.


A crowd of useless words,
misshapen pearls from my mouth:
how you were stained,

how the core of you was hurt
yet not enough
to make the breaking stop –

all the strength of great wings
rushes through the dawn chorus
into the rain.

distant storm…, by natur-motive

I planned a landscape photography tour in the bavarian alps for getting some thunderstorms in combination with this beautiful place in the Ammergauer Alps. Unfortunately the storms by itself were not that good to photograph, but a distant one with rain falling in front of the setting sun produced this insane evening light…these are the moments you can´t plan exactly but let you know again and again how beautiful this earth can be :-)