Fujimaki Tadatoshi’s Interview in Entermix May 2017

Ahhhhh. Everyone was like “READ THIS INTERVIEW” so I went ahead and read this above anything else and it was so worth it because it gave me hope as a fan in despair. 

This is just a rough translation :D I just wanted to put it so people who would like to read can read it too :D

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Voltoron Theory: Where in the Galaxy is Shirogane?

So I re watched Blackout, again, and again, trying to figure out when Shiro vanished. Now the only time this could have happened was at the point between Zarkon’s mecha exploding and the lions falling apart. This means it happens when we’re at the distance Shot.

(Apology for the play button in the middle of the picture)

So at this point one has to wonder what the heck is going on there and why this is significant.

What we know is a few things.

1. We know that Allura showed off a strange pink energy magic that 

Haggar recognized right away and seemed shocked over her being able to wield it.

2. Said magic seemed to rip through the whole ship.

3. This same magic color seems to be coming out of Zarkon when he grabs Shiro.

4. If this is the corrupted Quintessence it seems weird that Zarkon can wield it. (Which I’ll go into in a later post) If it’s not, then it’s a form of Altean Magic (which I’ll go into in a later post).

5. Zarkon’s mecha explodes in that color when he is sliced by the flaming sword.

6. Zarkon and Shiro have a mind meld in the Astral plane again, and this time he is able to physically take the bayard from Zarkon.

7. It’s also important to note that Shiro and the Black Lion share a moment of connection when entering that plane and that both eyes glow yellow.

8. Shiro’s arm is made of Galra tech, thus making him partly Galra.

So why did I make that list? Well I think it’s important to know the events that led up to Shiro vanishing and that those moments may connect to how he got transported and where.

During the battle with Zarkon we see him take to his ship, this is significant because it’s not yet tested but we know it runs on energy like Voltron. Voltron’s energy comes from Quintessence which comes from both the Paladins and the internal workings of the lions themselves. The lions are, given what we see with the black lion’s creation, pretty much spirits that have become part of the lion. It’s why the Paladins have to bond with them and why they seem to have personalities.

In the original Golion the lions held the souls of five warriors, who were placed inside Voltron and were going crazy due to various reason. Something similar may be going on here, which is why I’m suspecting that for Shiro there’s a chance that the lion sent him away from the fight.

We see this pink color cover Allura during her battle with Haggar and Haggar’s reaction to it shows that she knows what’s going on and is shocked by it.

“Impossible” she says and proceeds to attack. This is formerly noticed by Allura who doesn’t seem to understand where the energy is coming from. Now it’s kind of important to note here that this isn’t the corrupted Quintessence since it’s not the same as the blacker energy that the Druids were making, so this is a new form of Altean magic, and something that Haggar recognizes is more powerful than her own dark magic.

This magic, I’m guessing, is probably connected directly to the lions and possibly to the spirits that reside with them. Another important point in the time table of the battle is that Shiro manages to connect directly with the Black lion and pull together to expand the wings, allowing him to use the ablity to phase through the astral plane (or teleport) and take the Bayard from Zarkon. Shiro doesn’t get how it happened but it did.

Lastly, during the end fight with Zarkon, right before the flaming sword occurs, we see him reaching out with his mecha hands, grab Shiro and infuse the cabin with that same pink energy. This in turn prompts Shiro to stick in his bayard, turn and we get the flaming sword. It’s followed by the pink explosion of Zarkon.

Now there’s something about the color core there that I’d like to get into when I talk about Lotor, Zarkon and Haggar, but again I have to save that for later.

It’s at this point I believe that Shiro vanished. Right when the white explosion ripped apart the Lions. But why would that transport Shiro. Well, as I said before with Haggar’s reaction. This is some sort of magic, and Shiro tapped into it when he bonded with the Lion. Rather than keep him there where he would be wounded by his connection to Zarkon, the lion sent him somewhere else.

Now there’s a few places I can think of that he would go. So I’m going to start out with the most impossible and then traverse to the most likely.

Option 1. Shiro is being transported through Time and Space into the Past

We’ve seen that the Black Lion has a deep connection to it’s past, as it was showing Shiro through a mind transport about the past of the Galra home world, back when Alfor and Zarkon were friends and worked together in creating the Black Lion.

So given that it has this mind-scape skill could it be that it pushed Shiro back through time in the blast as a means of protecting him? Making him go and learn more about the lions in this way would be something rather different and would certainly keep him out of the picture. However, the problem with this would be the fact that the series has never had a case of time travel before, and also it would probably have the same issues that Batman had when DC decided to send Bruce Wayne back in time after he got zapped by a really powerful device from big Bad of DC Darkseid. So this one is probably out in general.

However I do think that the astral plane will come into play in how he’s moving and also probably in him witnessing events during the course of the series.

Which brings us to…

Option 2:  Shiro winds up with the Rebels and Matt.

This one’s a little more logical and keeps true to the idea of possibly the Black Lion sending him off to a safe place. In this case the lion is reading Shiro’s mind and taking him to where Matt is.

Now the reason why this could be a logical next move is that it firstly brings the Rebellion a strong leader as Keith would now be taking over the Voltron Force. As such Shiro would be a great leader for the Rebels in general, unless Matt has become that? (Which would be cool, no lie.) Also it would position Shiro to rejoin when Pidge finds Matt and a joy filled reunion, allowing the rebellion to help fight Lotor.

It’s an easy thing to see also because Matt and Sam are the second part of Shiro’s mission. He wants to help Katie find her family and he feels guilty about them being captured in the first place as it was part of his job to protect them. If the Lion read this then sending him to Matt would put him in a safe place and an easier to find location for the team later in the season.

However if they want to make it where Pidge and Matt meet in a different way without Shiro then they may not have him show up here, because it would make the meeting between Katie and Matt that much more significant if Matt then joined in in the hunt for shiro.

Also if Matt is going to be seen as growing stronger since his time with Shiro then having him be the leader of the Rebellion would be a better bet than giving it to Shiro.

So if it’s not with the rebels then who? Well that drags us to…

Option 3: Shiro is going to end up where Sam Holt is

We know that Sam is not with Matt, as we saw in Season one when Shiro remembered what happened at the gladiatorial pit. So the question is, exactly where is he? We know that he’s a scientist and probably as smart, if not more, then Pidge. So it would be more than likely that Sam would be taken in to work on something for the Galra at a secure location.

Like before with the idea of Shiro being taken to Matt, in this case the Lion teleports Shiro to a location where Sam is. Again, it’s part of the reasoning behind Shiro’s mission to get his team back as well as help Pidge find her family. Sam, in the meanwhile, is probably on a planet that is not as hostile as some of the others and is probably taken care of for the most part. They want his mind to be busy on building something. What that something is, I can only guess at right now. My own theory is that Lotor stole the scaultrite from Keith in order to create lenses for a Telladove device to transport something from one location to another.

It’s kind of important to note that the Galra show no magical abilities. The only characters that have used Magic is Allura and Haggar. While they have wielded energy weapons, not one has used any form of magic to attack any of the Voltron members. Leaving me to speculate that they can’t wormhole due to the lack of Magic to power the tech to do so. But if they have Sam there, he may be being forced to find a way to get a warping device to work.

This would mean that the story line from the original story about Romelle needing Sven to help her get out of a sticky situation could translate to Sam and Shiro escaping. Allowing Shiro to have his own adventure with Sam and probably discover more about himself and the galaxy at large.

While having Shiro play big damn hero to Sam would be really nifty there’s another option here that could connect with this one.

Option 4: Shiro is going to end up on Pollux and meet Princess Romelle

While Romelle’s name isn’t as famous as Allura’s she’s still a very important part of the Voltron story and has always been at least mentioned if not shown in the series proper. As the daughter of the Royal family on the planet Pollux, Romelle was given to Lotor in the original to be his wife to solidify the alliance between Galra and Pollux. However she rejected him and was sentenced to death until Sven (Ryou Shirogane) helped her escape after she helped him get over his guilt in failing Voltron (or in the original losing his brother Takashi).

Pollux would make for an interesting location for the Lion to shoot Shiro too for two reasons. Firstly it was one of the few planets that wasn’t over run by the Galra due to the fact that it had an alliance with them, and would be a mostly safe place for an injured Shiro to hang out. Second, Pollux would be a great place to have Sam Holt work on a project. Not only is the royal family Altean –and possibly most of the people are as well –but also its, again, a safe place where there’s an alliance and no one’s going to try to kidnap Sam or break him free.

I’m going to take a large leap of logic here and theorize that there’s a high probably that Pollux is where Shiro ends up. It’s an easy jump to tell a story where Romelle or Bandur finds an injured Shiro and has him taken to the castle where he’s bandaged up. Here they discover he’s a member of Voltron and try to cover it up so that Lotor (who hasn’t yet gotten word about his father’s injury) doesn’t know. Romelle’s older brother could play a part as a morally gray person, he at first offers to help Shiro, but in the end turns on him as a means of protecting his people.

Romelle in the meantime could take on Sven’s role, and help Shiro and Sam escape from Pollux on a ship to find Volton. This could be used to show what’s going on outside of what Voltron has been doing and also help cover the issue of the aliens that are actually for the galra and feel that they’re benefiting from the empire. This could also help in dealing with the Altean plot and what happened to the rest of Altea and if anyone else is still alive.

So those are my four options, I wonder if anyone has other ideas. I’d love to hear them.  


Deaths at Columbine High School

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold embarked on a murderous rampage at their high school. In the time that Eric and Dylan had spent planning and preparing for the massacre, they had acquired a large arsenal of weapons, many which were hidden in Eric’s bedroom. The massacre at Columbine High School left 15 dead, including the two perpetrators.

• Rachel Scott - Rachel was eating lunch with her friend Richard Castaldo when Eric and Dylan opened fire at the West entrance where she and Richard were sat on the grass. Rachel was hit from a distance and then shot at point blank range when she attempted to get up. She died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm and leg. Rachel had earlier quit smoking at the request of a friend, if she had not quit she would have possibly been in “The Smokers Pit” at lunch instead of at the high school. Rachel was the first of many victims killed and injured in the massacre.

• Daniel Rohrbough - Daniel was walking out of the cafeteria with his friends, Lance Kirklin and Sean Graves, when Eric and Dylan began shooting at them. He was shot in the abdomen and left leg. Eric Harris shot him in the chest at point blank range moments later. Daniel bled to death on the sidewalk outside the school. Daniel’s father knew something was wrong when his son did not turn up at their shop after school as he normally did. The Rohrboughs did not learn of their son’s death from officials, but from the morning news.

• Dave Sanders - When Eric and Dylan began shooting outside the school, Dave Sanders ran to the cafeteria and warned everyone. He helped to save hundreds of students that day. The cafeteria was almost empty by the time Eric and Dylan arrived because of Dave Sanders. He was trying to get students safely hidden inside classrooms when he was shot from behind by Eric Harris. He was hit in the head, torso and neck and bled to death in a science lab while waiting for help.

• Kyle Velasquez - Kyle was sitting at one of the computers when Eric and Dylan entered the library. He was shot in the back of the head by Dylan Klebold as he passed him. Kyle was the first victim to die in the library. Kyle had been attending Columbine for only three months when the massacre took place. He was shy and was only just coming out of his shell when he died. Kyle was mentally disabled and knew what it was like to be an outcast, his last words to his mother were, “Goodbye I love you mom.”

• Steve Curnow - Steve was hiding under a computer desk, near to survivor Kacey Ruegseggwe, when Eric and Dylan began shooting in the library. Steve was shot in the neck by Eric Harris with a sawed-off shot gun. Steve died in the library and was the youngest victim of the Columbine massacre at only 14 years old. Steve was very close with his parents, loved soccer and had dreamed of being a Navy top gun pilot.

• Cassie Bernall - Cassie was hiding under a table, like many students, when Eric and Dylan entered the library. Eric Harris came to the table where Cassie and another girl were hiding. He tapped on the table twice and said, “Peek a boo” to the two girls. Cassie was shot in the side of the head with Eric Harris’ sawed-off shot gun. She was killed immediately. Cassie was a born again Christian as of 1997, previous to this she had fallen in with the wrong crowd. For a long time it had been believed that it was Cassie who had been asked whether she believed in God and then was shot when she answered, “Yes.” However, it has been verified that it was actually survivor Valeen Schnurr who was asked this.

• Isaiah Shoels - Isaiah was studying in the library with his friends, Craig Scott (brother of Rachel Scott) and Matt Kechter, when Eric and Dylan entered the room. The three boys hid under a table together. When Dylan Klebold saw Isaiah hiding under the table, he called Eric Harris over. Dylan made a racist comment towards Isaiah and tried to pull him out from under the table. When he failed to do so, Eric shot Isaiah in the chest at close range, killing him. Isaiah had been a popular student at Columbine, he was also an athlete. Eric and Dylan had had problems with Isaiah previous to the shooting.

• Matt Kechter - Matt was studying with victim Isaiah Shoels and Craig Scott in the library when Eric and Dylan entered the room. He was hiding under the table with his two friends and witnessed Isaiah being shot. Dylan fired at Matt, he was hit in the chest and died later that day in the library. Matt was in the football team and was a weight lifter. He always got good grades at Columbine and was looked up to by his friends. Greg Barnes, a close friend of Matt, took his own life not long after the first anniversary of the massacre.

• Lauren Townsend - Lauren was in the library with some friends when the shooting began. She hid under a table when Patti Nielson, a teacher at Columbine, told everyone to get down. Lauren was behind Valeen Schnurr and put her arm around her, telling her that everything would be okay. Dylan Klebold came to the table she was hiding under and opened fire. She was shot several times by Dylan and then was also shot by Eric minutes later but, at this point she was already dead. Lauren died from wounds to her head, chest and lower body. Lauren had plans to major in biology at Colorado State University when she graduated from Columbine. She has been described by her teachers at Columbine as having a gentle nature and a loving spirit.

• John Tomlin - John often spent his lunch in the library studying and that was where he was when the shooting began. He hid under a table and comforted a girl he didn’t know (Nicole Nowlen) when she became scared by holding her hand. Both Eric and Dylan came to their table and, without even looking to see who was underneath it, Eric opened fire. John and Nicole were both injured from Eric’s shot but, it was a shot to the head at point blank range from Dylan Klebold which killed John almost instantly. John loved Chevrolet trucks and had recently got his driving licence and got an old Chevy pick up, he had been working for it since he was 14. His truck, along with Rachel Scott’s car, became a memorial in the parking lot of the high school, his bible still on the dashboard.

• Kelly Fleming - Kelly was hiding behind a table with some other girls when Eric and Dylan entered the library. It was Eric who shot and killed Kelly. Eric and Dylan both reloaded and moved away from the girls’ table and then later came back. Kelly was shot again by Eric with his sawed-off shotgun, in the back from behind. Kelly was a shy girl who aspired to be a songwriter and author, she wrote many poems and stories. She would often go to the library at Columbine to write some of these stories. Kelly’s mother recalls her coming home from school around two months before the shooting and saying, “I’m not shy anymore.”

• Daniel Mauser - Daniel was in the library when the massacre began. He was hiding under a table when Eric Harris shot him in the face. Daniel died under the table in the library. Daniel’s family described him as a shy and gentle soul. He had attended Ken Caryl Middle School, the same as Eric and Dylan, there is no evidence of them having known eachother though. Daniel’s father was planning on taking him on his first 14,000 mountain hike that summer.

• Corey DePooter - Corey was in the library when the massacre took place. He had been hiding under a table near the window with two others. Dylan Klebold shot Corey, he was killed almost instantly. He died there in the library of gunshot wounds to his neck, chest and left arm. Corey was a former wrestler and loved to fish. He had started a job at a golf club to save up for a fishing boat with one of his friends. Described as an all-American kid, school was very important to Corey. Corey had always wanted to be a marine and at his funeral he was made an honorary marine.

• Eric Harris - Eric also died in the library not long later. Eric fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth, the shot caused a large amount of damage to his face, also causing his eyeball to fall out. The back of his head was also blasted off. His death was instant. Eric had been a student Columbine High School and had worked at Blackjack Pizza.

• Dylan Klebold - Along with Eric, Dylan committed suicide in the library. He shot himself in the left temple and the bullet sliced through his head. He died right next to Eric, although his death was not instant like Eric’s had been. Dylan had been a student at Columbine High School and had also been an employee at Blackjack Pizza, like Eric Harris.


BNSF freight trains crossing the Mojave Desert in California, as seen from National Trails Highway (old Route 66) on November 8, 2013.  I-40 can be seen in the distance on the third shot.  The road passes through Route 66 ghost towns of Essex and Chambless, and the “ghost town that ain’t dead yet,” Amboy, home of the iconic Roy’s Motel (and cafe and gas station).

Photos taken with my trusty Canon A710IS, unprocessed.

The Only Man Who Can Stop Steph (ESPN):

[…] “I am not throwing away my … shot,” Steph belts out, followed by the whoosh of leather hitting twine. “I am not throwing away my … shot.” Another swish.

Curry has just seen Hamilton in San Francisco. Not having known much about it going in, he was entranced by the production and has since embraced “My Shot” as an anthem (“for obvious reasons,” Steph explains with a smile).

Hamilton uses “shot” as a metaphor for opportunity. And there the parallels between man and musical end. Alexander Hamilton, or at least the stage version of him, is a selfish jerk whose arrogant undoing causes his wife to belt, “I hope that you burn.” Meanwhile, Curry might lead the league in G-rated, adorable portrayals of his marriage on social media. But while he has little in common with the Hamilton of Hamilton, after a night at the Orpheum Theatre with his wife, Ayesha, he’s feeling an ambitious ode to reclaiming what’s his. […]

Steph Curry Found His ‘Shot’ Again This Season Thanks To Inspiration From ‘Hamilton’ (Uproxx):

[…] Curry saw Hamilton on the heels of three straight Warriors losses. He famously did not dress against the Spurs on March 10, but the two previous games saw him go just 3 of 17 from behind the arc. After Hamilton and what had to be a very quick iTunes purchase, Curry’s game from distance slowly improved.

Curry shot 6 of 8 from three in a win over Milwaukee on March 18. He went 7 for 12 against Oklahoma City on March 20 in another win. As Curry got right, the Warriors won 14 straight to finish out the month of March, and dropped just one game before cruising into the postseason back in championship form.

So there you have it. Lin-Manuel Miranda can fix basketball superstars, too. The man really is magic.

if it works the first time…

Harry Styles - Louis Was Your Childhood Bully Imagine - Part Two

[Part One]

You had hoped that once you pointed out to Harry the dislike his best friend had for you that he might have a chat with him about it. You learned though, very quickly, that he did not. You and Harry had taken to hang out with the guys often after that first initial meeting. 

While with Niall and Liam you got on amazingly well, Louis, well with Louis you just tried to keep your distance. He still shot you the occasional glare when Harry’s back was turned, did his best to bring up stories you had tried your hardest to forget from your time in school, grinning with satisfaction when he noticed the look of discomfort on your face. Louis was winning at this little game he was playing, and he knew it. 

Louis treatment of you was starting to cause a rift between you and Harry. You tried to talk to him about it again, or point out the moments Louis jokes had turned but Harry still just didn’t get it. Maybe he just didn’t want to think so badly of Louis, but no matter the reason, it was hurting you that he was doing nothing to try and come to your aid when you confided in him how upset you were over the situation. 

“Love, he is just playin’.” Harry told you one day, pulling you close against his chest after you had walked out of your living room when Louis made a joke about how much you had eaten. “We’re all mates, he didn’t mean it in a rude way, I promise.” You rest your forehead against Harry’s chest, taking in deep breaths to try and will the tears not to come. 

“You just don’t get it, Harry.” As you said this, your face screws up, unable to control it, as the tears leaked out. Harry kisses the top of your head and pulls back, taking your shoulders in his hands. He saw now, the tears flowing down your cheeks and the hollowness to your breath, that whether or not Louis was in fact joking, you were hurt by all of this and he should have listened to you. 

“I’ll talk to him, alrigh’?” That was all you ever wanted Harry to do. You didn’t want him to stop being friends with Louis. You would never ask that, especially as Harry and him worked together, but maybe if Harry talked to him about it Louis would lay off. You could only hope. You felt like you were in grade school again with the jokes, the ridiculing, the cruel laughter following you even after you left the room. “’m sorry I haven’ said anythin’ to him ye’.” You take in a deep and shaky breath and shake your head. 

“S’okay.” You give him a small smile but the crease that had formed between his brows stays in place. He brings one large hand up to your cheek, his thumb sliding across your track of tears. “Thank you for believing me now.” 

“I guess I jus’ didn’ wan’ to believe he actually was hurting you. I jus’ want the most importan’ people in my life to ge’ along.” You give a nod, understanding completely. You lean in, pressing a soft kiss to Harry’s lips. When you pull back he dips his face back for another soft kiss. “You alrigh’, then?” He wonders, a look of concern on his face. 

“I will be.” You wanted to be honest with him, you wanted him to know that you weren’t okay with this entire situation and thankfully now he finally understood. 

“I’ll go talk to him now.” You give a nod and a small smile before stepping out of the warm and comforting circle of Harry’s arms. 

“I think I’m going to go lay down for a bit, try to relax.” You tell him. His look of concern was still present but he nods. He hated to think that he had allowed you to have to endure his best friend doing this but he truly didn’t know that it was this bad but he realized now that Louis wasn’t just playing around, he had a serious dislike for the girl Harry was in love with and he didn’t like it. “Thank you.” You say quietly, leaning in to kiss him one last time before you turn and head for the hall. Harry watches you go, wishing he could take your pain and unhappiness away from you right that second but he knew the only way to help now was a conversation with his best friend. 

“Hey, mate, can we have a chat?” He asks Louis once he was back in the living room where the three friends were sat watching a football game. 

“Sure, mate.” Louis stands from the couch and follows Harry from the room. “What is it?” He asked once they got to the kitchen. Louis thought he knew, especially after Harry had disappeared with you but he would play dumb for just a bit before he admitted outright that he disliked you. 

“Why don’ you like Y/N?” Harry questions, leaning against the counter behind him, his tattooed arms crossing lazily across his chest as he watched Louis from across the room. He was trying to study his face, gauge his reaction to this question but Louis simply laughed. 

“And who says I don’t like her?” He asks then once he stopped his laughter. “Did she say that? She’s just tryin’ to come between us, mate.” Harry had been expecting this and earlier in the day would have believed it but after seeing the love of his life reduced to tears because of the words Louis had spoken, he knew that wasn’t it at all. 

“She told me tha’ you used to bully her in school.” The idea that you had to endure bullying, much less from the man standing across from him now, made an ache start in the very center of his chest and grow outward. The idea of anyone being bullied was enough to cause that ache but knowing the two involved made it worse. “Is tha’ true?” Harry pressed when Louis didn’t answer but he noted that Louis was looking anywhere but at Harry. 

“It was jus’ a bit of school yard fun. I was neveh serious.” He finally looked up and met Harry’s green eyes. “I haven’ treated her like that since we met, I promise.” But Harry knew that was a lie. He had just heard him going off on you not even ten minutes before. 

“She says tha’ you are and I heard your commen’ to her earlier in there.” Louis rolls his eyes now and gives a sigh. 

“So what do you want me to do? Go and apologize? Grovel at her feet?” Louis was done with this conversation. He never imagined you would go running to Harry about this, especially since you had never told on him for back in school. 

“I wan’ to know why you don’ like, and are rude to, the love of my life, the girl I plan on spendin’ the rest of my life with. I would really like two of the mos’ importan’ people in my life to get along.” Louis sighs again and takes a step back, giving a small pace across the large kitchen. 

“I guess when I saw her walk in with you that day at Niall’s everything from school jus’ came out. She was always such a brat back then, a teachers pet, acted like she was betteh than everyone else.” He explains but as he hears him say it, he knows that was back then and that this was now and that he shouldn’t have passed judgement so quickly and harshly as he himself had changed quite a bit since school so why couldn’t have you? And you must have, for someone as caring and compassionate as Harry to fall for you. 

“Is it true you told her that you can make her leave? Tha’ she was only with me for my money? That day at Niall’s, she told me you said tha’ but I figured you had just been concerned for me bu’ now I see it was jus’ because you don’t like her.” Louis had hoped you hadn’t told Harry that as hearing it back he realized just how shitty that was. 

“Look, I’m sorry, mate, truly. I will go apologize to her and will lay off. I promise.” And he meant it. Old school yard problems didn’t need to continue on into adulthood. If Harry cared for you as much as he appeared and said he did, you must not be as bad as Louis quickly judged you would be. 

“Leave the apology until tomorrow, she went to rest for a bit but I really do appreciate that.” Louis gives a nod. 

“We good then?” Harry laughs and nods, moving forward to hug Louis tightly before stepping back, smiling at him. 

“Of course. Just had to look out for my girl, ya know?” Louis nods, also smiling. 

“I am happy for you, mate. I’ve never seen you like this in a relationship before.” Louis noted the way that Harry’s face lit up then and he realized he truly meant that. Harry was the happiest he had ever been in the years Louis had known him and for that he should be grateful for you, and he was. 

“She’s somethin’ special.” Louis nods and hugs Harry again before the two go and rejoin the other two. Once the football match had been over, the guys left and Harry went in search of you. He found you snuggled up into his pillow, fast asleep. He grinned, kicked off his shoes and slid into the large bed beside you. His arms wrapping tight around your hips jolted you away but you sighed when you realized who it was. 

“Oh, hey.” You mutter, turning to snuggle into his warm chest. You give a content sigh as he rubs your back and places a gentle kiss on the top of your head. “Are the guys gone?” 

“Yeah,” Harry answers, still rubbing your back, his fingers lingering a bit on the spots he knew you got sore occasionally. “I had a chat with Louis.” 

“Yeah? How did it go?” You were mumbling a bit as your face was still buried in the soft fabric of the t-shirt he was wearing. 

“He apologized, said he will apologize to you nex’ time he sees you. He also said he was happy for me, tha’ I’ve never been like this in a relationship before.” You smile against his chest and he kisses the top of your head once more. “And he’s righ’. I’ve never been this happy.” You lift your head up to meet his stunning green eyes, both of you smiling at one another. 

“Me neither.” You whisper before your lips find his. You were happy that it seemed things with Louis would be better from now on. You wouldn’t have to worry about all of the snide comments, rude glares, and harassment anytime you were in a room together. Finally you would just be able to enjoy your time with Harry and his best friends. That was all you ever wanted and you were glad Harry wasn’t mad at you for saying you were unhappy with Louis and that he cared enough to speak with him. You really were so lucky to have him, and oh so happy.

asktheseventhhuman  asked:

//As a person who no longer follows what is happening on SU (planning on maybe watching it once it has been finished or at a later point) could you elaborate on what you meant by that last su post? (about breaking face models?)

so, like, steven universe does have a history of having shifting art due to multiple storyboard artists taking turns at outlining episodes. in the first couple seasons, this did lead to a noticeable shift in character expressions, but overall the characters were still proportionally about the same.

steven’s face for example would have more exaggerated expressions or more frequent comedic model breaks depending on the artist, a good example is “together breakfast” (i think it was called that its been a while!!) and the frybo episode.

but, the recent season in particular is struggling with lending storyboard artists too much obvious off model drawing. while old episodes retained a sense of scale, from how steven interacted with stuff at home to how much garnet towered over everyone and the various characters with their body types, recent episodes have lost that. steven interacts with the environment in inconsistent ways, he now needs a step stool to reach counters he was able to freely use in season one, peridot’s height is varying wildly, lapis’ hair is an enigma, neon bright skin is popping up everywhere, belly pudges are disappearing left and right, everyone is turning into what used to be just cutesy figures used for distanced shots.

it feels like there’s no longer a desire to make a cohesive work. the charming light differences in early episodes were charming because the drawing difference was just enough to hint towards an artist, overall the art direction felt solid.

now characters feel like neon stickers stuck in from a child’s chibi collection. poses are more stiff, heights mean nothing, proportions are wildly different just between camera shifts, body types are vanishing. i’m frustrated, since there’s a difference between streamlining art for more rapid production, and simply being inept at keeping consistent character modeling.

New Fic Outtake?  Addition, maybe

Not quite sure what you’d call this, but when I finally post Geode to to AO3, it will have this scene added in there because the story seemed to demand it.  How could I do a story about Steve and Darcy visiting museums and not bring up the fact that there’s a museum exhibit dedicated solely to Captain America?


While Darcy’s been to the Air and Space museum before (thank you, 8th grade class trip to Washington D.C. where one of her friends smuggled a naughty magazine onto the bus with them and they ended up breaking one of the beds in their hotel room because they were jumping from mattress to mattress and lied about it to the chaperones to stay out of trouble), she hasn’t experienced the Captain America exhibit yet.  But the curators had called up Steve to consult on a new addition to the exhibit - which apparently was just asking him to verify if the items they’d found were actually his or just someone trying to blow smoke up their asses - and they’d decided to make a little vacation out of it.  Some time that’s just for the two them, away from the familiar territory of New York and everyone who knows everything.

But the job comes first, of course, which leaves Darcy to wander idly through the fairly empty halls of the exhibit.  It’s never entirely empty, not given Steve’s popularity and the fact that the entire museum is a tourist’s highlight, but on this Wednesday morning, Darcy feels like she can slip between the other tourists without being noticed, blending into the background as just yet another person who’s there to partake in the spectacle.

Steve is notoriously quiet about his private life - much to the dismay of the paparazzi who went in expecting another Tony Stark and got someone entirely different.  Even so, word has gotten out to the gossip columns that he’d been seeing someone for quite a while now, though all they’ve been able to discover is that she’s female and brunette thanks to those few artsy photos of her shadowy profile Steve had put up on his Instagram page.  

It’s funny though, no one ever seems to pay attention to them in the New York City museums.  But that could be because it’s New York, Darcy thinks.  New Yorkers don’t get excited about anything (or at least they don’t let people see them get excited), and as soon as Steve slaps a baseball cap and a jacket on he’s just one more meathead in the crowd that they don’t notice.

But in Washington D.C. Darcy feels exposed.  Like there are eyes watching her from every direction, assessing her, determining her value and passing silent judgement that she’s not worthy of being Steve’s girlfriend.  And rationally, she knows that’s bullshit.  She’s entirely fucking worthy, and doesn’t even need to lift a hammer to prove it.  But the whispers through cupped hands behind her back have always gotten to her, long before she’d ever even known Steve.  Sometimes it’s hard to break through those years of old habits.  

“Whatever,” she mutters under her breath, wrapping her cardigan even more tightly.  “You are damn worthy.”

It’s hard to shake the feeling of creeping eyes on her, however, even if it’s probably only her head seeing things that aren’t there.  So Darcy hunts for a shadowy corner in order to take a few minutes to regain her equilibrium, and finds herself wandering into the room where the Peggy Carter interview is running on a continuous loop.  And boy, doesn’t that just make all the inadequacies come rushing back…  Still, Darcy plonks herself down on one of the benches; it’s dark and quiet in there, the perfect little escape from the outside world.

Peggy Carter is an entirely formidable woman, even when she looks like she’s on the verge of tears.  But then, it’s probably a natural response to have when one reminisces about the lost love of your life.  When did you know, Darcy thinks, that this person - this magnificent and imperfect wonder - was going to be the one to get under your skin like that?  That this person would be nothing less than the other half of your soul?  

Darcy has never been good with emotions.  She realized this long ago, and has accepted it as one of her deep flaws.  That it’s far easier to be brash and loud, to put the safe parts of her personality out there for everyone to see because the soul, that inner part of her that bruises and sometimes doesn’t want to cope with the world, is soft and squishy and gets hurt all too easily.  Why get hurt when you can get angry instead, has been the motto that’s gotten her over and through many rough times in her life.  But this approach to the world has sometimes made her a little out of touch with her own feelings, she admits (if only to herself).

How do you know when you’ve found that person, the one who you don’t mind cracking open your skin in front of so that they can see the whole package of your emotions and not just the safe outer shell?

(Darcy studiously avoids thinking about the fact that Steve could be that person for her, because emotions are tough and the deeper she looks the more in over her head she might find herself.  Romance is such a strange thing, in her experience.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s not good for her, that having that imperfect and wonderful compliment to her soul would make her more like the true self that she wants to be instead of that facade that the world sees.)

Ugh, she gets awfully maudlin once the caffeine wears off.  Darcy grimaces, and is incredibly grateful that the darkness of the film room keeps her hidden from the group of elderly ladies a couple of rows down from her commenting about how much they like Peggy’s suit outfit.  It’s better to focus on Peggy than on herself, anyway.  On the screen, Peggy makes a comment about how, even after his (supposed) death, Steve was always changing her life.  Ain’t that just the truth, Darcy thinks in full agreement.  

After a while Darcy needs to leave the movie room, because otherwise she might start crying at the intensity of Peggy’s emotions.  They’re not obvious, because Peggy is a consummate professional, but Darcy knows the type (she’s one herself, after all) - never let them see you sweat or see you cry.  So she wanders back out into the main exhibit, washing up in front of a display that outlines some of Peggy’s other accomplishments that weren’t related to her time with Captain America.  It’s only a matter of seconds, however, before she sees a shadow loom up next to her, followed quickly by soft footfalls that come to a stop next to hers.

When she looks up at Steve, it’s all too easy to see the strain on his face, even half hidden by the baseball cap he’s got shoved on his head.  His eyes are tight, mouth pulled into a slight frown.  His shoulders are hunched over, hands shoved into his pockets, and, at least for this moment in time, he looks a hell of a lot less intimidating than she’s ever seen him.  There’s no need to ask him how he feels when it’s written all over him, Darcy thinks.  So instead, she just waves a hand at the display in front of her and says, “She’s a hell of a woman.”

“That she is,” Steve replies, the frown dropping away from his lips for a moment and replaced by something far more soft and pensive.

“Come on.”  Darcy weaves her arm through his, tugging his body close to hers.  “Let’s get out of here and see some sunlight.”

It’s one of those days that moves slow like molasses, thick and lazy, traveling along without any actual aim and just spreading about instead.  It’s a good day, sunny and warm even though it’s late in November, and they stroll along the streets, wandering into bookshops and cafes and places that Darcy hopes won’t remind Steve of the past.  Anything to take that frowny look of his face, she thinks.  Eventually they head back to the hotel with the intention of getting ready for dinner…but the best of intentions are forgotten when Darcy all but pushes Steve back on the bed, and starts planting kisses down his torso, peeling back his sweater as he goes.  After that, room service is the only dinner option that either one of them has the energy for.

“I know what you’re doing,” Steve says afterwards as he stumbles out of bed towards where the room service menu is.

“What am I doing?”  Darcy sits up, dragging the sheets around her shoulders and attempting to bring some semblance of order to her sex-tossed hair.  It’s a futile effort, but she has to try anyway.

Steve arches an eyebrow at her and crawls back onto the bed, menu in hand.  “You know, you’re not as subtle as you think.”  He presses a swift, firm kiss to her mouth.  “It was a good day.  Thank you.”

Darcy smiles back at him, followed swiftly by the sound of her stomach grumbling.  “You’re very welcome.  Now feed me.”

“As you wish.”

The picture that gets posted to Steve’s Instagram later is a simple one, overlaid with a black and white filter that just emphasizes the shadows coming from the small lamp off in the distance of the shot.  The main feature of the photo, however, is the two hands tangled together, fingers intertwined, relaxed and resting on a pillow.  And while nothing else is visible aside from the extension of their forearms, the implication that there are two people on the other side of those hands, snuggled up and resting together, is a given.  The caption simply reads ‘a good ending to a good day.’


This is for @emthimofnight!!! Thanks for encouraging my crazy ideas and reading every single thing I send you, your messages give me life :D This is a scene we literally talked about in the past day or so, I hope you like it!

Killugon Miraculous Ladybug AU! Featuring an exhausted Chat, a sneaky Ladybug and a very interesting sparring session~

Word Count: 1326


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc & the ao3 series page

In hindsight, Killua really should have just refused Ladybug’s begging.

“Chat, that move was so cool!” Ladybug gushed as he bounced up and down at Killua’s side, brown eyes alight with a mixture of excitement and awe. “How do you always look so graceful and amazing and-”

“S-Shut up!” Killua stammered, hating the rush of embarrassed heat that rose his cheeks. 

Even as Chat Noir, taking compliments was a challenge for him. And Ladybug- he just never stopped. The red and black suited teen just went on and on about everything and anything: how fast Killua was, what great a team they made, the fact that he couldn’t wait to see Chat again whenever they said goodbye-

Killua blinked as Ladybug suddenly leaned into his space. 

“Can you show me how you did it, then?” Ladybug asked eagerly. 

Killua took a large step back. “Ah- no.”

“What? Why not?!”

Killua almost laughed at the indignant expression on Ladybug’s face.

“Because we just spent all night on patrol,” Killua pointed out. “I don’t know what you like to do in your free time, Ladybug, but for me, sleeping is a very enjoyable experience.” 

He could already feel exhaustion seeping into his muscles, after all. It was messing up with his brain and making his limps heavy as lead. He was probably going to fall asleep on Gon again later during school at this rate…

The thought of Gon’s shoulder against his cheek and the smell of his cologne in Killua’s nose was enough to make Killua’s heart do a triple back-flip. He quickly turned away before Ladybug could see the love-struck look in his eyes. The last thing he needed was more of Ladybug’s prying questions.

“Go home, Ladybug,” he said shortly. “There’s always tomorrow-”

Warm fingers suddenly encircled Killua’s wrist, forcing him to stay.

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anonymous asked:

Were dylan's eyes opened or closed in the autopsy or did they force them closed?

Since the swat and forensic team never released photos of how the two looked in their original death poses upon being discovered in the library, it’s difficult to say. The crime scene shots we do have of them is after they were searched for explosives and so Dylan was moved significantly from his original pose. The shots are taken at a distance shot and aren’t clear enough to indicate whether Dylan’s eyes were open or not. I tend to think Dylan died with his eyes at least partially open because of the fact that his body struggled before expiring as he coughed a bit while unconscious trying to purge the blood out of his airway. The swat and forensics team may have closed them all the way while he was being removed from the library but I tend to doubt it. Gently closing the eyes fully is generally a gesture reserved for those deceased who are deserving of respect. But after the heinous things these two had done, I doubt those in care of their bodies felt they were deserving of any reverent care. So..Dylan and Eric would’ve ended up on the autopsy table with their eyes open or partially open.


On October 3rd of 2015, Toronto was paralyzed by heavy winds. While everyone stayed home, I took my camera and headed to the beach to capture Lake Ontario’s grand awakening.

Not only were the lake and the sky gorgeous… there was no one walking around and no boats in the distance to ruin the shots!

Safe Now

Pairing: Enjoltaire, jehanparnasse.
Warnings: alcohol mention, drug mention, police brutality, blood, swearing, injuries.
Modern au

Ring. Ring. Ring.
Montparnasse groaned, reaching out to the noise to shut that goddamn thing off, he could already feel a headache starting.
He looked at what it said on the phone and in white letters was ‘Grantaire.’ Parnasse decided to answer it for once, and was met with a voice that was not Grantaires, but was Combeferre. Before he could hang up, and somehow Ferre could sense it, Ferre yelled into the speaker,
'Parnasse wait! It’s about Grantaire!’
That stopped him.
'What about Grantaire?’
'You remember that protest we had scheduled for today at the bank?’
Yes. Parnasse remembered. He had said he would go, he promised Jehan he would come.
'Oh fuck, yeah, please tell me I didn’t miss it.’ God. He had disappointed Jehan again. But he got flashes of the night before, loud music, lots of shots, and some sort of drug being inhaled. His head hurt more.
'Yeah, you did, but listen, Grantaire, Jehan, and a couple others got hurt, you might want to come to the hospital, and quick, they’re taking R into surgery soon.’
'Wait wait wait. Hold the fuck up, surgery?’ He waited for Combeferre to fill him in on what happened, but all he did was sigh and say,
'Just come to the hospital on Belbury, I’ll fill you in when you get here, and you might want to hurry.’
'Ok, be there in fifteen.’
The hospital was only five minutes walking distance, so he shot up, and got dressed, in some black jeans, and his leather jacket, and a dark blue vneck.
Parnasse walked out of the apartment, and into the cool mid afternoon air, glad he’d put on his leather jacket to keep warm. Taking long strides, and rubbing his arms, he wished he had gotten a scarf, but he ignored the cold, and set his thoughts on getting to the hospital. It must be bad if Grantaire is getting surgery. Hell. How was Grantaire going to pay his medical bill? He was already a struggling artist, and had dropped out of college because he couldn’t deal with all the debt piling up. And Jehan. Jehan needed to be ok, he couldn’t be hurt, it would be Parnasses fault. His fault he got drunk off his ass the night before, and sleeping through the protest. And he didn’t know how bad Jehan was hurt. If Parnasse had just not fucked up, hadn’t gotten high last night, he could have been their. He could have been their to stop Jehan from getting hurt.
He walked through the entrance, greeted by another rush of cold air, giving no relief from the weather outside, and immediately saw familiar faces, but they were worse for wear. Courfeyrac had a black eye, and had fallen asleep, his head resting on the wall, Combeferre had dried blood on his cheek, where there was a bandage, and dried blood that had seeped through. Eponine looked unscathed for the most part, other than looking dog tired, and she smiled weakly at him. Joly had his knee in a brace, and his eyes looked extremely pink, giving away the fact that he had been crying recently. Boussuet and Feuilly weren’t in the room at the moment. Marius was in the corner, asleep, and he too had a black eye, and his wrist was bandaged. And then, there was Enjolras, who looked like a dog, with a terribly wild look in his eyes, his lip was split, and his cheek was bruised, and had a cut over his eyebrow, blood still trickling from it into his eye, but he seemed unaffected. Montparnasse had never seen the fearless leader so, well, fearful.
Combeferre was the first to notice he was here, and walked up to him, limping.
'What the fuck happened to you all?’ He asked.
Nobody had ever gotten hurt like this at one of there protests, sure a few scrapes and bruises, but never this. If the les amis in the room weren’t all that banged up, he could only imagine what had happened to Grantaire, and Jehan.
'It all happened so quick, we were protesting, and Enjolras was hyping up the crowd that had gathered around the bank, yelling about the wage gap, and other things. Suddenly, the police were their, and tear gas had been thrown into the crowd, forcing them to disperse, people ran in all different directions, I fell onto the pavement and I was lucky enough to fall onto some glass from a bottle, I got about 67 stitches in my side, and 5 on my cheek here.’ He gestured to his cheek, and continued on.
'The others got hurt, I’ll let you ask how they got hurt because I don’t know, I only really know how Grantaire got hurt. He got the worst of it. Enjolras, he was still attempting to protest through the tear gas, and I guess he got too close to the police for there comfort, because next thing I know a few guns are pointing at him, and he didn’t care, fucking E. He knew he was in danger. Before the cops could hurt him though, Grantaire fucking pushes Enjolras out of the way, as a trigger happy bloke pulled the goddamn trigger, and got him in his shoulder. It was absolute mayhem, you should be happy you missed the protest.’
And before he could inquire about Jehan,Ferre shook his head,
'No idea what happened to him, neither does anyone else, and none of us are able to see him.’
'Why the hell not?’
'For some fucking reason only relatives can visit.’
He sighed. Even more troubled now. He should have been their goddamnit. What if when Jehan had been hurt he’d been all alone?
He sat down in an empty chair next to Eponine, who laid her head on his shoulder.
'At least she’s ok,’ he thought. Ep and him had been friends for years now.
He would die if she ever got hurt.
Not too long after, a nurse came out, saying that right before the surgery, 3 people could visit Grantaire.
(Montparnasse learned that the bullet had shattered in his shoulder on impact, and he would be getting the surgery to have the pieces removed) (he also learned that Marius would be covering the cost of the medical bill, as he still had a savings account for college, but had dropped out a while ago) it was him, Enjolras, and Eponine who had been picked to visit him.
Enjolras was in first, already by R’s side, holding his hand and kissing his cheek, apologizing profusely, apologizing and apologizing. R just smiled, loopy from the painkillers and cupped E’s cheek, slurring out a sentence,
'Apollo, fret not, I may not be a god like you, but I will live on.’
E blushed, still holding his hand, and R gave a faint smile, eyes droopy, and his eyes turned to Eponine, who looked pissed, and said to him sternly,
'Grantaire, I swear to god, if you ever get yourself hurt like that again I will make sure to withhold your steady supply of liquor from all of the shops in this city-’ her voice broke, and tears slid down her cheeks, as she knelt down to Grantaire in a crushing hug, and whispered
’-but I’m glad you’re ok.’
For some reason, he felt out of place. He wasn’t about to break down in tears, but he was glad his friend was ok.
So he walked over to R, bent over and placed a small kiss on his forehead, and smiled,
'I’m glad your ok R.’
And he walked out, leaving the 2 to talk to R some more before his surgery. He walked over to the front desk asking for the patient Jean Prouvaire.
'I’m sorry sir, but only relatives are able to visit, how are you related to this patient?’
Quick, Montparnasse, quick. He suddenly said,
'They’re my husband, please. Can I please see them?’
No. They weren’t married. But Parnasse cared about Jehan, he would even go as far as to say that he loved them.
The nurse was already up, and leading him to Jehans room, and when he walked in, Montparnasse nearly collapsed. Jehan had bandages covering almost all of the skin that was exposed, and had bandages wrapped around there head. Jehan looked up, and a bright smile came onto there face.
He rushed over, and goddamnit he was crying, and he was kissing jehan, kissing his cheek, his lips, his nose, and letting his tears run freely, unashamed. He held onto Jehan like they would be ripped away at any moment, and he just started babbling,
'Jehan god I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry, how could you I ever forgive me it’s my fault you were hurt, I should have been their with you, I shouldn’t have fucked around with drugs last night. It’s all my fault, please, please forgive me oh my god, Jehan-’ he stopped to sob, and kissed Jehan fiercely, who was chuckling and had tears sliding down their cheeks too, kissing back.
'Please tell me -sob- what the hell happened to you, I swear if someone touched you they will be sorry they were born.’
'Ma beauté, it was nothing, just a slight kerfuffle with the police.’
'Jehan. What did they do to you?’
He looked at Jehan, who suddenly got a sad look in there eyes, and sighed, knowing that really, they couldn’t hide the truth.
'A couple of the police, they dragged me away from the crowd, beat me up in an alley, I passed out after a while and was found by some passerby.’
Montparnasse saw red. He couldn’t feel anything either than pure, ferocious, anger. The voice that came out of him, wasn’t his, but a completely different persons,
'I swear I will make them pay, they will be sorry that they ever laid a finger on you, I won’t ever let anyone hurt you again, because I love you so so much, and I would die if I ever saw you hurt aga-’
'Mon ange, what did you say?’ And Jehan had a mischievous look on their face, that, if possible, made Montparnasse love them even more.
'I, I love you, I do, and I would do anything for you. I would go to all the protests, I would quit drinking I would do anything for you, quite literally, and I’m not afraid to hide it.’
And Montparnasse was so relieved, he had wanted to tell Jehan that he loved them from the moment they went on their first date, and Jehan had recited a small poem Shakespeare had written to him.
'Mon amour, I have you, and that is all I need, and I love you too, utterly and completely.’
Montparnasse engulfed Jehan in a hug, and they stayed like that for a couple for minutes, before Jehan pulled away, kissing Parnasse, and smiled at him blushing. Jehan scooted over, and patted next to them on the bed, signaling for him to lay with him, and he did just that. They laid down, and Parnasse pressed one last kiss against the bandages and red hair on Jehans head, and Jehan had started to doze off, and Parnasse held him while he was asleep. And Parnasse could relax, knowing that Jehan was safe in his arms.

Cinematography - Shot Size

Shot size is an important part of cinematography. It can show off a location, make a character seem small or powerful, highlight emotion or distance the audience. These shot sizes have basic definitions, but the specifics can vary from filmmaker to filmmaker. Below is a list of shot sizes, their general descriptions, abbreviations, alternate names, and effects.

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Pairing: Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia x LittleSister!Reader

Words: 1769

Genre(s): hurt, little bit of angst, and brother/sister moments! 

Summary/Request: the lovely @phan—anime​ sent the following request in “Can I request a Jesus imagine where you’re his teenage sister and you both got separated from each other when the apocalypse started . One day you try stealing some supplies from the Hilltop until someone stops you and you realise it’s your brother and it’s a super fluffy reunion ?” and that I did! thank you so much, love!!! i hope it’s what you wanted.

Notes: well this is my first Jesus fic! i love his character so much. and this fic is different from my other fics so i hope i did a good job. i also hope i got his character down??? we’ll see. enjoy :) 

Tag(s): @phan—anime

*credit to the owner of the gif below* 

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