I’m Victoria, but I go by Tory. I am hella gay, hella fat, and hella goofy. I refer to myself as the watermelon queen, and I spend most of my time with 18 lovely kindergarten students, teaching and loving them. I am /usually/ a very high functioning mentally ill 22 year old, and I am always an advocate for both mental health and disabilities. Currently, I am not looking for anything in particular. I definitely am always in the mood for friends, also casual things, and I am definitely up for more if it happens that way. I live in central Florida, and distance means nothing to me. I am intelligent but lack self worth, however, please do not waste my time. I want to create actual relationships, no matter what kind. I am not going to let anyone treat me like shit. I am incredibly kind and I love with every fiber of my being. I love love and happiness and humor and good things. If you’re interested in having someone who is thoughtful, dedicated, passionate, and will never give up on you in your life, in any capacity - come say hi!

My snapchat is torraay16, Instagram is trichotillomanicat and my tumblr Url is @thoughifeelherinmybones



you didn’t let me down, I just grew up. thank you for saving me that first time. and for everything else after. I love you, marcel.

I bought some stuff from Ameorry because she’s so sweet and amazing and she drew this on the envelope and it’s so friggin’ cute.

I love the idea of Castiel mumbling things in Russian to Sam when he gets tired. And also I love the idea of Sam knowing at least the phrase “I love you” in Russian.

There are days and moments when the distance doesn’t even matter. Perfect little moments when we’re so wrapped up each other that we forget we’re thousands of miles apart. I love each of those moments. I love you