distance is just a test to see how far love can travel

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Wait a sec so Whorsebane is suppose to be an intimidating character even for somebody like Roose,I feel like I missed this. Also he's gay I feel like I missed that also. Which if he is is kinda cool that he's this intimidating gay man from a house known to be imposing and intimidating.

*rubs hands together* Yes, please, let’s take a deep dive into the characterization of Hother “Whoresbane” Umber, the smartest and most dangerous member of his clan and one of my favorite background characters in all of ASOIAF.

Does “most dangerous Umber” seem like a stretch? Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t want Crowfood or the Greatjon mad at me, but they’re presented as jovial life-of-the-party drunks as much as badasses. There’s a wry affectionate “oh, you scamps” sort of tone to how GRRM writes the Umber men…except Whoresbane, who is framed with an ice-cold laser-focused menace about him that his kin do not possess, despite Hother being the least physically imposing of the lot. Within the Northern political community, “Old Whoresbane” has a well-established reputation as perhaps the most fearsome figure within that community, a living legend spoken of in whispers (rather than the loud-and-proud stories surrounding big brother Mors), someone with whom you simply do not fuck if you care to see another spring: 

A crow had once taken Mors for dead and pecked out his eye, so he wore a chunk of dragonglass in its stead. As Old Nan told the tale, he’d grabbed the crow in his fist and bitten its head off, so they named him Crowfood. She would never tell Bran why his gaunt brother Hother was called Whoresbane.

Odd as it might seem, old Hoarfrost Umber had once believed his youngest son had the makings of a maester. Mors loved to boast about the crow who took his eye, but Hother’s tale was only told in whispers…most like because the whore he’d disemboweled had been a man. 

And now the Bastard of Bolton was riding south with Hother Umber to join them for an attack on Moat Cailin. “The Whoresbane his own self,” claimed a riverman who’d just brought a load of hides and timber down the White Knife, “with three hundred spearmen and a hundred archers. Some Hornwood men have joined them, and Cerwyns too.”

“Night work is not knight’s work,” Lady Dustin said. “And Lord Wyman is not the only man who lost kin at your Red Wedding, Frey. Do you imagine Whoresbane loves you any better? If you did not hold the Greatjon, he would pull out your entrails and make you eat them, as Lady Hornwood ate her fingers.”

“Fear is what keeps a man alive in this world of treachery and deceit. Even here in Barrowton the crows are circling, waiting to feast upon our flesh. The Cerwyns and the Tallharts are not to be relied on, my fat friend Lord Wyman plots betrayal, and Whoresbane…the Umbers may seem simple, but they are not without a certain low cunning.”

But, I hear you protest again: more menacing than Roose Bolton? Surely not! Well, look at how Roose himself describes Whoresbane. That ellipsis speaks volumes: Whoresbane Umber is so thoroughly intimidating that Roose gods-damned Bolton, the Leech Lord, Westeros’ answer to Vlad the Impaler, is reduced to trailing off and staring into the middle distance, ultimately unable to bring himself to cite specifics.

That’s the first layer. The second layer is the implication that Whoresbane has been the brains of Last Hearth for a very, very long time. He was only at the Citadel in the first place because his father Hoarfrost (which: yes) believed he had “the makings of a maester,” which certainly bucks the Umber stereotype. After Hother came home, his status as the smartest man in the room–a Halfmaester, if you will–has held as the decades have gone by. The Greatjon is certainly not an idiot (just look at how he tests and then crowns Robb), but his grab-with-both-hands approach to life carries with it some significant blind spots, and it’s Whoresbane who rides to Winterfell to point them out:

Hother wanted ships. “There’s wildlings stealing down from the north, more than I’ve ever seen before. They cross the Bay of Seals in little boats and wash up on our shores. The crows in Eastwatch are too few to stop them, and they go to ground quick as weasels. It’s longships we need, aye, and strong men to sail them. The Greatjon took too many. Half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes.”

Contrast Hother with Mors, and the picture becomes crystal clear. Crowfood, too, is far from stupid, but he comes to Winterfell to dance with the serving girls and offer his magical grief-curing cock to Lady Hornwood. Whoresbane is the one with the numbers in his head, the one keeping track of the harvest and the wildlings, the one looking out for the smallfolk of Last Hearth. Crowfood is doing everything he can to escape his brother’s household; Whoresbane is the one the Greatjon trusted to keep the lights on and bring concerns to the Stark in Winterfell. 

And yes, as that anecdote about his time in Oldtown reveals, Whoresbane is gay. (Or possibly bi, but again, Crowfood is the one who asks for Lady Hornwood’s hand and macks on the serving girls, whereas Whoresbane shows interest in neither.) For me, this is part of an overall characterization in which Whoresbane defies the public image of his House and yet somehow also turns that image up to 11. Hother Umber is a gay man in a family of aggressively straight dudes, a “gaunt” and “cadaverous” man in a family of larger-than-life giants, an intellectual in a family of jocks, and is still the most metal of them all, and everyone knows it. How can you not love that?

What really cements Whoresbane as one of my favorites, though, are the hints about what the payoff for this characterization will look like. In ADWD, Whoresbane joins Team Bolton, taking half the remaining Umber men to the Dreadfort (and from there to Moat Cailin, Barrowton, and finally Winterfell) while leaving the rest with Crowfood. As Barbrey tells us, though, there’s no pretense that he’s actually loyal to Roose and Ramsay. Indeed, in Theon’s first ADWD chapter, we see that Whoresbane is wearing armor even to dinner, and can’t stop himself from expressing disgust at Ramsay’s treatment of Theon. And then, in Theon’s released TWOW chapter, we learn a very telling detail: 

“Mors took the green boys and Hother took the greybeards.”

Whoresbane didn’t just randomly select half the remaining men at Last Hearth. He specifically brought his fellow greybeards with him. And what is it that old Northmen do when the food runs short as we know it is at Last Hearth (“half our harvest is gone to seed for want of arms to swing the scythes”), when winter is no longer coming, but here?

Alys sighed. “My father took so many of our men south with him that only the women and young boys were left to bring the harvest in. Them, and the men too old or crippled to go off to war. Crops withered in the fields or were pounded into the mud by autumn rains. And now the snows are come. This winter will be hard. Few of the old people will survive it, and many children will perish as well.”

It was a tale that any northmen knew well. “My father’s grandmother was a Flint of the mountains, on his mother’s side,” Jon told her. “The First Flints, they call themselves. They say the other Flints are the blood of younger sons, who had to leave the mountains to find food and land and wives. It has always been a harsh life up there. When the snows fall and food grows scarce, their young must travel to the winter town or take service at one castle or the other. The old men gather up what strength remains in them and announce that they are going hunting. Some are found come spring. More are never seen again.”

“Winter is almost upon us, boy. And winter is death. I would sooner my men die fighting for the Ned’s little girl than alone and hungry in the snow, weeping tears that freeze upon their cheeks. No one sings songs of men who die like that. As for me, I am old. This will be my last winter. Let me bathe in Bolton blood before I die. I want to feel it spatter across my face when my axe bites deep into a Bolton skull. I want to lick it off my lips and die with the taste of it on my tongue.”

So I think Whoresbane’s master plan (and given all of the the above, I’d say it’s very much his plan, and Crowfood is following his lead) is to lead the old men on a glorious kamikaze mission against the hated Boltons, while Crowfood preserves the next generation, who now may have enough to eat. Like his great-nephew Smalljon, he’ll go down a Stark man to the end, Umber on the inside where it counts. 


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Paring: Jungkook x reader
Genre: Fluff, online boyfriend!AU
Word Count: 3.2k

“God, I cannot wait to actually be able to interlock my hand with yours.”

Distance is only a test to see how far love can actually travel. But the distance gets tough when you not only live a whole country away, but your boyfriend is also an idol. Not forgetting to mention, you’ve never met him in person. 

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A little bit of Tuscany.

Authors Note: Just a little something I thought of when I saw this picture, the picture is not mine. :) xx

Wandering the diverse towns of Italy is something you and Harry have continuously done the entire vacation. The two of you weren’t wanting to see the major landmarks like the Leaning Tower or the Coliseum, no. You both wanted to stay away from the major tourist attractions and see the small parts of towns that Italy had to offer. You both agreed that there are tiny parts that aren’t always seen and are hidden away— far from the typical attractions.

The two of you have wondered many towns and many different vineyards, managing to test taste a lot of different home made wines, you deciding that you definitely need a few bottles of Italy’s finest wines.

Tuscany has proved to be one of the calmer places you and Harry have grown to appreciate more than the others; there is something about the different views and the diverse natural landscape that encompass the rugged Apennine Mountains that attracts the two of you.

You sigh heavily, your feet no longer appreciating the endless walking distances you have endured upon them. Harry’s far too busy taking in the scenery of the humble village to take notice of your pout and dragging feet. “It amazes me that we are in the region that is home to some of the world’s most recognisable Renaissance art and architecture… We need to go to the art museums before we leave,” Harry cheerfully proclaims as you lag behind him, his voice full of delight as he continues to inform you about the history of the area.

Through his years of travelling, he has learnt a lot about other cultures and the different histories of each region. That is one of the countless elements that made you fall in love with him— his enthusiasm to always discover different points— to expand his knowledge and to willingly inform other people about his knowledge.

“Oh, Y/N, I quite like the architecture this town has to offer, I think we should build a house with stone like that… I don’t know what it is, I think it is Sandstone,” He gestures towards a home that does, indeed, look quite beautiful in the setting with diverse plants around it, adding to its beauty. “So simple, yet appealing. We can always change our house plans, they haven’t started.”

“Harry, we should leave the plans as they are,” You immediately comment, knowing he will impulsively change the plans of the house being built… again. He has changed the house plans so many times that you are surprised the contractors are still willing to work with him, of course, you are partly to blame for the plans— you insisted to change the plans of the garden and to add a pool.

“Yeah, you’re right, come on, slowcoach, ye’ worse than m’ Mum!” He chuckles, stopping for a second so you can catch up to him.

You roll your eyes, “Some of us don’t have long legs, Harry,”

“Okay, you win,” He nods, taking your hand in his as he laces both of your fingers together, “I can’t believe our trip is coming to an end,”

“Mhm, it has been great while it has lasted,” … “Minus you getting tipsy at the wine tasting,” you giggle, amused by Harry’s comments when he was tipsy and trying to taste wine and other alcohols associated with the place.

“Shh, we don’t speak of that,” he grins, “You’re bein’ slow again, we aren’t too far now from the hotel,” he chuckles, turning around, “Are you filming me?”

You beam, admiring his small smile as he gazes at you through his sunglasses, “No, picture,”

“You know I don’t like pictures,” … “Let me see,” he reaches his arm out to take your phone,

You shake your head, “No, you’ll delete it,” … “I like it, it is cute— let me keep it.” You curl your lips into a pout before he raises his sunglasses to rest on the top of his head, his bright eyes staring at you with that same beautiful gleam you fell in love with.

“Love, I won’t delete it…” He reassures you and you show him, his eyes rolling as he chuckles, “Great skills… Here, let me show you how to take photos,”

“Alright Mr.Professional Photographer,” you chuckle, allowing him to take random candids of you with the lovely scenery the region has to offer with cypress-lined driveways, and towns clinging to nearly every hill. “Even with such a lovely scenery, you’re still the most beautiful thing in the picture,” Harry smirks, his cheesy comment causing your cheeks to blush a crimson red. “With all this scenery, I’d still prefer to look at you,”

“Harry,” you whine with a smile, his comments making you feel all warm inside, “You’re being cheesy and cute,”

“I know, I enjoy watching your eyes light up and your cheeks blush,” he winks, handing you back your phone before placing a warm kiss to your lips, “Please, don’t delete them, they’re really good.” He mumbles against your lips, referring to the pictures he took of you.

There is no doubt in your mind that he just kept pressing the capture button, he always emphasises how he can never get enough of you.

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Fanfic - If the Speedster Won't Come to the Cakes - 1/1

Summary: Due to Flash duties Barry keeps missing cake tastings for their wedding which leaves Iris to think up a solution.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 1323

A/N: Day 1 of Westallen Wedding Week : Wedding Preparations 

“I’m sure he’ll be here any minute.”

Iris winced at the unimpressed look coming from the bakery clerk. Not that Iris could entirely blame the clearly annoyed clerk. A half an hour had passed since Barry should of arrived for their cake tasting for their wedding. Even she was starting to get frustrated despite knowing his delay was probably Flash related. The question always came down to how long would the delay be?

“Maybe you should call him again,” The Clerk said in a overly friendly voice too fake to be taken as genuine.

Iris knew that if her last four attempts to call Barry went straight to voice mail the fifth call probably wouldn’t make a difference.

Instead she called the next best thing.

“Escaped meta-human.” Cisco informed Iris when he picked up the phone. “Barry and Wally are trying to contain him right now.”

“And how long do you think that will be?” Iris asked while giving the clerk an apologetic smile.

“Honestly? I think its going to be a lonnng while,” Cisco said.

“Shoot,” Iris said under her breath realizing any hopes of Barry making a last minute appearance were gone.

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Marvin the Magnificent Headcanons

So I noticed long ago that my interpretation of Marvin the Magnificent isn’t even CLOSE to the goofy fandom interpretation. Honestly, I don’t even know how we got the bubbly, happy-go-lucky Marv we all know and love from his video, so here are some of my headcanons for the cat-masked magician. (These were all written in one go so they aren’t in chronological order and they keep contradicting each other sorry. ALSO THEY GET KIND OF DARK SORRY AGAIN)

…I’m going to tag @magic-marvin-protection-patrol . Sorry in advance.

Also the lovely @skidspace because we were discussing theories and headcanons!

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18. “I’ll be here as long as it takes.” - silverflint

This turned into about 1650 words of something that starts off angsty and ends…hopeful? Happy? Something in between. Nothing explicit here, just some weird pining-y stuff and eventually a kiss. Set several years past the end of season 4. Mentions of Flintham but I’m not going to tag it that way because we all know what would happen then. ;)

I hope you like it, Elle! Thank you! ❤️

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Klaus Imagine

Anon - can I have a Klaus imagine were your Aprils twin and a person who loves art even though you can’t do any art it yourself. you got an invitation to the Mikealson ball and while your there you look at all the art on the wall. Klaus sees you looking at his paintings and he takes you away from the ball so that you to can bond over his other paintings.

TW: I apologise for it getting pretty dark and depressing, my mind was in a mood while writing it.

Hope you enjoy! I’m slowly but surely getting through the requests :)

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Ninjago Headcanon about the ninja before they were ninjas


-He was really impatient when it came to certain things like when it came to things like forging something, waiting for somebody to finish shopping, or waiting to be seated at a restaurant

-Blacksmithing took up most if not all of his time during the day and, when needed, repairs and upgrades to the blacksmith shop. He left advertising and some errands to Nya

-Aspired to be the best of his trade so that he could produce more quality items and therefore get more customers and business. Not to mention the boosted quality against those who would mean harm to him or his sister

-Business had been slowing progressively as of the time before Wu went to recruit him to become a ninja and due to business slowing down he had gotten more and more impatient when he was working at the forge

-His main customers were the nearby farmers that would be willing to defend themselves against thieves and the rare mercenary that was sent to deal with thugs, although crime rate was surprisingly low in Ninjago and really the only places victim to crime were the outskirts of farming villages

- Had a surprising spike in business a short time before the skeletons attacked when he started making scimitars and longer but slimmer katanas

-He had not known much about his parents but believed his father was hiding something in the shop, but despite searching, he couldn’t find anything. (Slight Season 7 Spoilers Ahead) As much as he loved his parents he still felt anger because of how they left him and Nya at such a young age and so abruptly, but after learning the truth, he forgave them about how it was against their will (End of Season 7 Spoilers)

-The more popular items he sold at the shop were swords, katanas, daggers, and body armor

-He had been searching for hints or secrets his father may have left behind before he left but couldn’t find anything and just went to making more swords to sell. However he was frustrated after failing to find anything and messed up making the sword, ending in having the blade curve and twist. That was when Wu came to him, a stranger to the blacksmith at first he was wary because he was acting different compared to a normal customer. Raising his suspicions he got a bit more hostile and this did not pair well with his agitation, however he thought that he might buy something after Wu’s choice fo words. Then, everything happened so fast with the skeletons, the map, and Nya


-The only time he really left the junkyard to go anywhere was to either test an invention or go run some errands in the city

-Spent most of his time tinkering and inventing, sometimes with his father. However he did also really enjoyed playing video games and he sometimes as well just went around the junkyard searching for cool gizmos and parts he could use for something

-Picked up inventing from father and watching him invent when Jay was very young. Jay didn’t have much else to do so watching his father create something great out of what was thought to be useless junk was fascinating to him

-He enjoyed to make puzzle cubes and small puzzle containers that each were unique in design. He had collections of them, of sorts, with each collection having their own theme. For example, he made a series of puzzle cubes just based off abstract which gave him the opportunity to work with curves, twists, and turns in his contraptions

-Jay decided he could make some money if he made duplicates of inventions and sold them, although he didn’t really enjoy waiting for buyers and he doesn’t really have a formal shop so it took alittle longer to sell them all. Of course he kept all the first inventions from the blueprints because they had more value to him and were special

-He has a close bond with his parents, especially his father, but sometimes his mom can embarrass him when she has her friends over and talks a it too much. Although he begs her to be quiet when she is with her friends sometimes but he still loves her nonetheless

-Was testing a pair of mechanical wings but the Junkyard was too small and his parents were afraid that he would have gone too far away due to strong winds so Jay went to test it in the city. After ascending to the roof by walking up many flights of stairs. He had taken off and at first it started good but shortly afterwards it  

-Never had any real friends growing up due to the fact that he was home schooled and he developed one or two acquaintances while in the city for errands over time

-Never really minded not really having any friends but sometimes the thought passed his mind about what it would be like if he had more friends and was a part of a community

-One of the acquaintances he developed happened to be Cole. Jay first found Cole when he was outside the bakery as Cole was looking for work to feed himself. Cole was leaning against the wall on the outside of the bakery when he noticed a boy with greasy auburn hair wearing a blue sweatshirt with a white stripe going across the middle who seemed kind, gentle, fragile, and very lost. So Cole inquired this blue boy about if he was lost or not, despite pretty obviously being lost. Jay responded with how he couldn’t find the new grocery shop due to how he doesn’t go to the city very often and it is ever advancing. So Cole, still in search for work, thought he could not only help this boy but also possibly find work. On the way they talked, soon developing a good acquaintanceship. However they parted ways and did not see eachother again until they met together as ninja, which was a pleasant surprise for the both of them


-Had to make a living for himself since his dad assumed he was going to the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts

-He had tried to make as many friends as possible that could serve as connections to a job or even care for him for a while

-He made a surprisingly good living besides not having his own place to stay and ended up staying at a friend’s house most of the time. Although he never did tell anybody about how his father thinks he is at the dance school his father sent him to

-Cole’s father did not suspect Cole was avoiding the performing school, not in the slightest

-At first it was very difficult being self-sufficient but it helped to build his leadership skills and the whole experience taught many lessons

-He didn’t have any regrets leaving the school but still wondered what it would be like when his father found out about him avoiding the school, or what it would be like once he had to tell his father about it

-After a while he got very concerned about his future since he didn’t know what career he would pursue. He got this off his mind by doing activities like mountain climbing, and then it hit him. He got the idea of that he could use his incredible strength to compete in tournaments, get money, and possibly by showing off his strength he could become famous and then he would tell his father about how he ran from the performing school because their is no way his father could not hear about him becoming famous. Either his father would find out himself or a friend of his father’s would tell him

-He figured he could climb one of the taller mountains in Ninjago with a group of people climbing the mountain as well, and there would be a news story about it. So he figured if he showed of his strength that this would be an amazing way to start off his career, and as he was ascending the mountain with cameras focused on him, they shifted to the others to show how far Cole was ahead but then Cole found Wu, and when the cameras went back to Cole, they couldn’t find him


-Zane knew he was suffering from amnesia but he felt like their was some other core aspect of himself that he was missing, so he meditated on it

-He had no idea where his home was or who his parents were. He wandered aimlessly hoping to stumble into answers and he didn’t have any needs because he didn’t feel like he needed anything

-He felt like a part of him was missing that probably stemmed from his memory. He sought answers to this and he figured and he would find them within himself so he meditated in very remote places

-He didn’t have any friends or acquaintances, but he didn’t bother searching for them anyway because he knew he wasn’t good with people and with his search, he didn’t think anyone would want to help him  

-He didn’t really feel a need to eat or sleep and he just avoided people in general due to how socially awkward he was around anywhere

-He often did pilgrimages to certain landmarks that had a special, usually spiritual, significance to meditate there and since he could not find the answers he was looking for he kept traveling to more and more locations but over time he started to travel less and less distances and then decided to try different places, like underwater

-He had tried this once under a pond near a small farming village on the outskirts of Jamanakai Village that the local farmers believed have a blessings against that which means harm to their crops and family. Zane had stayed meditating under this pond for three days when it iced over on third day. The villagers thought Zane was in peril and tried to rescue him, and then Zane noticed Wu meditating with him


-He doesn’t remember much about his father but blurry memories, but he doesn’t like to think back on these, seeing them as the long gone past. He remembers a few things about his mother which was mostly him homeschooling him for a while and teaching him lessons about discipline, which was ironic when his mother sent him to a boarding school for bad boys

-Was seen as a leader of sorts at his boarding school due to the fact that his father was not only the son of the First Spinjitzu Master but also very evil, which the other kids admired

-Since he was the leader of the popular clique in the boarding school this slightly helped develop his leadership skills but it helped nonetheless

-With the help of fellow students he did pranks on the teachers pretty often which often involved being tied in rope and gagged, left for whoever finds them to deal with. This of course ended in him getting scolded because of the serious harm he is causing right now for a child, they are trained to be evil but he is a couple steps too far ahead

-Although he had started to get bored and feel too much of a routine, not too mention it started to get progressively less and less academic

-Due to less and less participation and more and more antics he was eventually kicked out from the school, furious, he donned his cowl and set out on a journey for vengeance against the school

-He had wandered aimlessly and he figured the solution to how he would get revenge would stumble upon him and he started to stem a few ideas from his head, starting with robbing the candy stalls in Jamanakai Village

-The trek between the boarding school and Jamanakai wasn’t too bad considering he got a bus along the way, all while trying to act intimidating and menacing to passerby, who felt sympathy for him and gave him some spare change and occasionally a fruit

-He had gone through many plans to start his evil doing spree which included, but not limited to: robbing an art museum by being intimidating and disappearing into smoke and getting away, rob the large candy store  in Ninjago city, Find his evil dad and do evil with him, and taking over Ninjago (by having all the candy)


-She knew Kai felt like he was in charge of everything dealing with the blacksmith shop but sometimes she ended up having to help him and do right what he failed to do, although she never talked about it like that because she knows that Kai would get mad if she made him realize how much he can learn on her support sometimes

-She had run most of, if not all, of the errands for the blacksmith’s shop that involved shopping for supplies and such. She avoided trying to make any friends or acquaintances while in the city because she didn’t really need any more friendships than the bonds she developed with the nearby farmers and their family, as well as with their customers. Not to mention she would be content if the only friend she had was Kai and she couldn’t deny that she leaned on Kai for support sometimes and also for money for food

-She often made small renovations to the blacksmith shop so that it was more appealing to everybody. This worked very well since she understood the blacksmith shop’s customers well and tried to appeal to everybody but yet keep it simple and not get too complicated

-She had noticed that Kai had gotten a bit obsessed with where their parents went and to see if they left any clues behind… she couldn’t blame him, she got obsessed with something easily if she wanted it pretty bad as well

-She couldn’t deny that her and her brother shared a lot of traits and they have lived together for all of their lives and also usually work on the same thng as an occupation which started with the blacksmith’s shop and then becoming a ninja. They both leaned on eachother for support, and it worked perfectly, like clockwork

-During the time she was working the blacksmith shop, she had done everything else that Kai didn’t do, which was mainly the financial state they were in, advertisement, decorations, design, and also shopping for items like clothes, food, and supplies for Kai

-Sometimes in her free time she would usually train in combat against a training dummy. This actually helped attract customers sometimes because Nya’s combat prowess with the weapons from the shop was a bit of a show-off and certain passerby that saw it were intrigued to learn more about the weapons and their quality

-Other times in her free time she would spend engineering and tinkering. She loved to build small mechanical mechs and one day dreamed of having her own giant pilotable mech suit, but they didn’t have emrely enough supplies for that. She would have also liked to make mechs to help with chores however she didn’t have merely enough knowledge to program that

-Despite playing a big role in Kai’s life and Kai playing a big role in hers, she can be very independent if she gets a good footing

Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel. Not sure if this is what they were talking about.
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Road to Ruin [Chapter 8] Reader

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Reader
Rating: Somewhere between R and NC-17 I suppose
Synopsis: The test ride continues to a local bowling alley with unexpected results.
Author’s Note: So…this took me forever. I apologize again for the long wait, but I’m super excited because THIS is the turning point. Nothing will be the same after this chapter. So get ready for it! Credit for the gif is here.

“I’m going to do something. Don’t freak out.”

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we’ll take the best parts of ourselves and make them gold

Read on AO3 | Chapter 1 of 6 | a collaboration with @frenchibi

Tooru has a dream.

It’s been with him for as long as he can remember, really - the beginnings of it aren’t clear in his mind, hazy like so many childhood memories become with time, but he knows the thought it was born from, because it’s a thought that governs most of his choices.

He remembers running through fields of gold, remembers laughter and stories, shared and discarded in equal parts in days that seemed endless, in limitless hope and wide-eyed wonder, in excitement and opportunities.

He remembers wooden swords and shields, carved carefully by a man he loved like his own father - gifts that fueled dreams.

But most of all, he remembers warmth - and a face, clear as day, to go with the feeling of a hand holding his. A face, a grin, toothy and wide, freckles like stars.

“When I grow up, I’m going to be a knight!”

He remembers listening, with bated breath, to this boy’s stories of grand adventure, and to his promises. We’ll go there, together!

It’s a dream, yes, but it’s also a decision, when they beg their parents for permission to leave.

It’s a long ride away, and the choice of a lifetime. It means never look back, it means know who you are and remember where you came from.

It means goodbye, maybe forever, to the rolling hills they called home.

“I just wish you’d let me keep you a little while longer,” is what his mother says. There’s sadness in her eyes, but hope in her voice. Tooru will learn, later, that she always knew she would have to let go. That her son would always strive for greater things, bigger things, larger than her life could provide.

When his journey begins, Tooru isn’t afraid. He’s got a hand clasping his and a dream in his heart, and enough determination to carry him there.

He knows it won’t be easy - but he’s never alone.

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Get It Right (8/?)

Sebastian Stan/Reader

Disclaimer: um fluff, swearing(?)

(last part)

The week seems to fly by, which is definitely a good thing. I talk to my parents about why I’m going to New York. Well, kind of. I tell them that I’m going to get a feel for the city and see if I’d rather move there or to LA. I leave out that I’m visiting Sebastian and that I’m staying with him. I mean, I’m an adult, so they can’t stop me. But I don’t think they would be happy about me dating him. As much as they support my music they still worry about me getting caught up in all the celebrity stuff. Dating a celebrity, especially one that is considerably older and more famous than me would make them nervous. Not to mention the fact that we only knew each other less than a week before beginning our relationship. I decided that I want to let our relationship flow freely without worrying about judgement from others until we’re at least a couple months in. I discussed this with Sebastian and he seemed to agree. At least with not telling the media and my friends. I don’t mind if his friends know as long as they don’t go around telling people.

My flight leaves from Chicago at noon on Tuesday and then I’m there until the following Wednesday when my flight leaves at 8 pm. Sebastian is picking me up from the airport and I can’t wait! I drive myself down to Chicago, opting to leave my car there rather than make someone drop me off and pick me up. This makes for another full day of traveling. But even though it’s a 3 hour drive to the airport I find it relaxing and it calms me of my nerves. I shouldn’t be nervous, I mean it’s Sebastian! But things have been, off I guess, on and off the last couple days. I think the distance is just starting to get to us. Once I see him, I know it’ll go back to normal.

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“distance is just a test to see how far love can travel” 

A few words of wisdom

One thing I have learned thus far during this deployment is that all emotions are heightened and they are more likely than EVER to put a strain on your relationship.

We’ve already had several petty arguments, ones that completely did NOT need to happen, but did because we’re both stressed to the max. Hopefully I’m not the only one this has happened to, but regardless I am quickly learning to just approach all things with love and positivity and try my best not to complain.

He’s being worked to death, has long hours, and isn’t sleeping as much as he should (thx army) and by the time he’s actually got some free time to talk to me he’s annoyed, exhausted, and extremely irritable. I can’t blame him though, and I feel terrible that I can’t do more to help but I think at this point it’s best to just be the ray of sunshine on his otherwise gloomy days.

The moral of the story here is: if you tend to get into arguments about small things, or things related to deployment/military life and the problems it poses - don’t. Just don’t even go there. It’ll make things so much more difficult and take away from the little time you actually get to talk to your soldier. Take it from me. Always resolve any issues quickly, otherwise they’re just gonna eat up your time and tear you both down. Never leave each other on a bad note!! This is SO important, it’s one of the rules we always make sure to follow. Arguments are bound to happen, especially in a military relationship, but as long as you both are able to discuss them in a civil manner and move on you will be fine. And finally, always make sure to remind your soldier how much you love and appreciate them. More than you realize, your love and affection is a huge motivator for them.

Remember, distance is just a test to see how far love can travel ❤

Bet - Draco x Reader

Hi, I hope you guys like this! This went up sooner than I said it would, but I really liked this request… Let me know what you think!! :)

Y/N - Your name
Y/F/N - Your first name
Y/L/N - Your last name
E/C - Eye color

Request - anon: Hello love! I loveeee your imagines, you are an incredibly talented writer xx could you do a Draco x reader imagine, where Draco has a huge crush on the reader, but she’s hesitant because she knows how evil he is towards others that aren’t his kind? so he has to prove that he can be kind and a good person, and she changed him for the better?Ex that I think would be cool; crabbe and Goyle pick on her, and he stops them/defends her?can the reader be a ravenclaw,thank you xx sorry if it’s too much!

Warnings - a little bullying.. let me know if there are more!

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Y/N sat in the Transfiguration classroom, waiting for class to begin. She’d had a good morning so far. Her toast had had just the prefect amount of cinnamon and her Pumpkin juice was exactly what she’d needed. She observed the other students in the classroom.   As she turned around in her seat, she glanced to the back of the room. There was a group of girls giggling loudly and walking with a tall blond hair blue eyed boy. Her E/C eyes met his and she quickly turned back around to face the front.

“Hey gorgeous.” the boy whispered in her ear.

A pair of hands rested on her waist. She turned around quickly and rose from her seat. Between when their eyes had locked and now, he’d lost the group of girls. Standing in front of her now was the most annoying boy in the Slytherin house - Draco Malfoy. She raised her hands to rest on his chest.

“Hi Malfoy.” she whispered. He smirked and Y/N rolled her eyes, pushing him away.

“Ah come on, you know you want me, Y/L/N.” he replied.

“You wish.” she scoffed and took her seat. Draco sat in his seat next to the girl.  She opened her mouth to tell him to move, but she wasn’t quick enough because  Professor McGonagall arrived and began their lesson for the day.

After an annoyingly large amount of time spent by Draco trying to mess Y/N up while she was taking notes, they had about five minutes until class let out. They were supposed to be practicing vanishing spells, but the mischievous boy had other plans. His hand danced its way across the desk towards the girl. She was so focused on trying to make the snail in front of her disappear - and perhaps making the boy next to her disappear - she took no notice of the pale hand making it’s way towards her.

Draco’s hand slid off the desk and rested on Y/N’s knee. She squealed and jumped away from him. Scowling, she grabbed her books off the table and slid them into her bag. As she turned to leave, he caught her arm.

“Why do you hate me?” he asked.

“I don’t hate you. Hate is a strong word.”

“Then why won’t you date me?”

“You’re mean to people, Malfoy! Why would I, or anyone else that has half a brain  want to date someone like that? Why would I put myself in that situ-“

“Alright then, let’s make a bet.” he cut her off. She scoffed for the second time that day, looking into his eyes.

“Why would I make a bet with you?”

“If I prove to you that I can be a nice person, you have to let me take you on a date. If I don’t prove it, I’ll leave you alone and we never have to talk again. Deal?”

She considered his offer. Y/F/N Y/L/N falling for a Malfoy - or any Slytherin- was highly unlikely. If he proved to be a good person, maybe she could have feelings for the boy. If he proved that he couldn’t abandon his ways, she’d have the satisfaction of him never talking to her again.

“Alright, you have yourself a deal.” She decided and stuck out her hand to shake on it. Draco stood up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her closer. She squealed again.

“You’ll be mine in no time little Ravenclaw.” he smirked. Dropping her hand, he picked up his bag and sauntered out of the room. Flustered, Y/N followed him out into the hallway.

A few weeks had passed and Draco had kept up his antics. He flirted with Y/N whenever he could. She liked to brush it off, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that Draco was being nicer to people. He’d notice her paying attention and he’d purposefully do something nice. If someone needed extra ink or parchment, Draco was always the one to offer. He had stopped making fun of people and to Y/N’s knowledge seemed to be holding up his end of their bet.

Until one day - after Draco had relentlessly flirted with her throughout the entire Potions test and she had let his arm touch hers and his fingers travel down the small of her back - did she see that Draco wasn’t holding up his end of the bet. They had made their way into the hallway. Y/N was walking slowly behind the big group of students heading who knows where when she saw Draco shoving his way through the crowd. She picked up her speed until she was a safe distance behind the boy. A small first year Gryffindor had accidentally bumped into the tall boy and he grabbed the boy by the collar of his robes.  

“Watch where you’re going, Mudblood! Why can’t you lot just keep to yourselves? I’m so sick of bumping into you with every corner I turn.” Draco shouted at the child. Y/N gasped as a circle started to form around the two. A pair of blue eyes met her E/C ones. Draco’s hand dropped the first year’s robes and his mouth formed an “o” shape.

“Y/N, I- I- I didn’t mean it. I was just upset because of the test week took I-“ he stuttered. She ignored his out of character stuttering.

“Save it, Malfoy. I knew you couldn’t change! Don’t ever talk to me again. The bet is off.” she interrupted and pushed her way through the gawking crowd. Draco watched as she walked away from him and out of his life. How did he always mess up everything good in his life?

Two months had passed and Draco’s attempted flirtations had stopped. At first, he’d tried to keep it up, but she pushed him away every time he tried. Y/N was currently making her way down a hallway and towards the library. There were two people blocking her path and a third leaning against the wall.

She sucked in a breath as she saw the tall blond boy. It was the first time she’d looked at him in weeks. He was paler than usual and his eyes were downcast. His hair stuck up in a few places. His arms were crossed and his lanky figure was leaning on the wall with one foot raised and pressed against the wall. Crabbe and Goyle were in a sumo wrestling position in the middle of the hallway. Her feet came to a stop and she hugged her books to her chest. Turning around, she was determined to find a different way to her favorite spot. Crabbe and Goyle had different plans.

“Hey Y/L/N, where are you going?” Crabbe shouted after her. Draco’s head snapped in her direction. She turned around and glanced at him before setting her sights on the hallway in front of her. She’d just go to the library this way. They already saw her and avoiding them seemed stupid now.

“I’m going to the library to get smarter. You should try it sometime.” she replied making her way past them. Before she could safely cross, a hand came out and knocked the books from her hand.

“Can’t get smart without your books, now can you?” Goyle laughed as he kicked one down the stone hallway. Crabbe snickered and kicked two more in the opposite direction. Y/N sighed, annoyed by their boyish actions.

“Leave her alone, you bloody idiots! She’s smarter than the two of you combined. Now go find food to stuff your faces with and don’t bother coming back!” Draco barked. The two boys jumped at the loud voice. Their eyes widened and they backed off down the hallway.

“If you think that defending me is going to make me forgive you, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to defend me, I’m fine all by myself, thanks.” Y/N replied. She bent over to pick up her books while Draco made his way to retrieve the one Crabbe had kicked earlier.

“It was one time, Y/N. I slipped up. I was having a bad day.” Draco tried explaining. Y/N paused in her walk down the opposite end of the hallway.

“So who’s to say that you wouldn’t snap like that if I dated you?” she asked, picking up the book that Goyle had kicked earlier.

“Because I’m so bloody into you I can’t see straight! That’s not a reason, but these months without talking to you or touching you have killed me. You keep me sane, Y/N! Don’t you understand?” he yelled and she jumped. The hallway was void of anyone but the two teenagers. The two stared at each other without a word for awhile. Finally, Draco crossed the distance between them. He handed over her books and she put them all in her bag - a lesson she wouldn’t have to be taught again.

His hands slowly reached out towards hers. She let him intertwine their fingers. She looked around the hallway before settling her gaze on his face.

“Are you sure you can’t forgive me? I promise I’ll be better… and you can punish me if I start being mean to people again.” he winked and she laughed.

“How about we give it a try? If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.” she suggested and his eyes lit up. He grinned.

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes, I’m being serious. Now kiss me, you git.”  Draco grabbed Y/N’s face with his hands and their lips met. Y/N felt sparks she didn’t think she would feel. She hoped she had made the right choice. Draco was glad that he had been so persistent. If he hadn’t taken a chance, where would they be now? Pulling away, Draco spoke.

“By the way, I think I win the bet.”

Matters of the Heart.

AH/AU. A Klaroline historical story.

This is the first of this type I have tried my hand at. I hope you all enjoy it! It took forever to get this thing done.

Thank you, Ashleigh and Eve, for keeping me going during this whole process! You girls are the best!

This has a few NSFW moments.

Please excuse any mistakes. 




Caroline’s stockinged foot slid up his back, wrinkling his waistcoat with each upwards and downwards pass. Her naked bottom sat perched on her tall cushioned stool with his fingers pressed firmly in its soft flesh. Her rose colored dress fanned out behind her while the front was clutched tightly in her fist. Only one of her long stocking covered legs and the man currently feasting on her nether regions were laid bare to the morning sunlight filtering in through the window.

Her chest heaved within the confines of her corset as her other hand gripped and pulled at his long blonde hair that had long since been pulled from its tie.

A deep throaty hum vibrated against her core at her tug pulling a gasp from her lips that turned into a soft whining moan as his hot tongue slithered around her throbbing clit.

He pulled back just a hair, his heated breath warming her center, “Shh Love. Your Lady’s maid will hear.”

Her rosy cheeks deepened in color as she realized she had forgotten herself, as she so often did when it came to him, yet again.

Her hips undulated, seeking out the friction and pleasure only his mouth could give her. She felt his chuckling breath puff over her soaking core a mere second before his lips closed around her throbbing nub.

His suction combined with the rapid flicking of his sweet tongue had her gripping his hair tighter, her head falling back as her climax rushed over her trembling body. Caroline’s mouth fell open with a soft cry as he continued licking her vigorously, his calloused hands pulling her hips closer to his face as he extended her high.

The sudden sound of a rapid knocking at her door had her scrambling with a gasp of surprise. Glancing down in fear she was met with equally frightened gray eyes.

“My Lady, are you all right?” The voice of her Lady’s maid inquired at the same time the handle on her door began to turn.

Thinking quickly, she flung her obscenely large skirt and petticoats over his form effectively hiding him from view just as the door creaked open.

“Is everything alright My Lady? You look a touch flush.”

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