distance and desire

When you doubt the world
look at the undivided darkness

look at Wheeler Peak
cliffs like suspended prayers

contemplate the cerulean
the gleaming limestone

the frozen shades
the wildflowers

look at the bristlecone pine
a labyrinth to winding wonders

listen to the caves
sing silently

remember the smell of sagebrush
after a thunderstorm

that Lexington Arch
is a bridge of questions

in the solitude of dreams
that here

distances disturb desire
to deliver a collision of breaths

the desert echoes
in this dark night sky

stars reveal the way
a heart can light a world.
—  Nathalie Handel, “Accepting Heaven at Great Basin”

A Ninth House Quest ~

The sacred trial through the unconscious has been undergone in the eighth house. And the ninth house suggests a mental conquest, as it does long distance travel, it also desires intellectual excellence, not the recognition in the tenth, but the nourishment of knowledge and wisdom so the individual can achieve a higher state of spiritual awareness.
The ninth house is a temple, one which rests within but may be found through external pursuits. All forms of scripture, gospel, cosmic law, and Akashic Record are found in the ninth house. The sort of philosophy, religious order, spiritual pathway or undertaking the individual recognises must resonate with eternal Truth ~ that which is indestructible ~ and so he facilitates intimacy with his immortality. Here is a place you can laugh with all of the God’s, and secret symbols are available to those who undertake the ninth house quest.
The keys of astrological mythology are revealed in the ninth house, the translation of godly archetypes through each of the signs and planets. This is the temple where the connection between humanity and the universe is unveiled in cosmic harmony, intricate earthly systems, theological investigation, reverent alchemy, cultural wisdom, and astrology is written in gleaming symbolism. The 8th house is a labyrinth of spiritual seas and deep penetrating
connections with others, a place where the harmonies and tranquility of Libra are shattered into a million pieces and the jigsaw pieces
are that of another soul you are melding into. And suddenly you are awakened, in the ninth house, refreshed with the opportunistic eyes of Sagittarius. So what does this all mean? That’s why we take a quest in the 9th house. We want to conquer our curiosity, and understand on every level what did these messages pertain? What was our archetypal
power trying to symbolize through fate and unconscious leaks of intuitive wisdom? What is the truth of all this. And what is my philosophy.



“What? Is this some kind of secret code or something? Who the fuck sent this?”

“There’s nothing on the blog either… What could this mean?”

over time
i have become magnificent
like an abandoned castle
on a hill
should i only be admired
from miles away
should there not be
who might dare to walk
the meandering distance
who desires to enter
the labyrinth of rooms inside
just one person
who craves reprieve
seeking shelter from life’s
most viscous storms

to create a home
within the chamber
of my soul

Brie •castle•